GOSTR Conformity Certificate is a document, confirming by keithmurray


									GOSTR Conformity Certificate is a document, confirming correspondence of goods to the
standards set in Russian Federation. Conformity Certificate can be issued ONLY if other
certificates required for that specific commodity type are already available – Hygienic
Certificate, Veterinary Certificate, Fire Safety Certificate and other that are applicable. In
such case, the Conformity Certificate shall include reference numbers of all of these
supporting certificates as applicable.

Below you will find a chart that can help to determine appropriate type of certification
(translated from www.vniis.ru)

                                   Look through                    Analyze the                       Check if your product falls under
                                   the State                       stock list for                    “special conditions”, when a
                                   Customs list            Yes     certification        Yes          certificate can not be provided
Should the product
be certified for
                                                                                                     The product does not fall under
conformity?                        Is your product                 Is your product                   “special conditions” and requires
                                   included?                       included?                         a certificate?

                                   No                              No                                   No                              Yes

                              Certificate not necessary          Certificate not necessary           Certificate not necessary
Declaration of                while importing *)                 while importing *)                  while importing *)
Compliance should     Yes
be issued for a               Analyze the list and stock
                              list “for the Declaration”
                              Is your product included?                                      Select the Certifying Agency (CA)
                                                                 confirmation of             Apply to CA with the set of necessary
                                                                 compliance is
                                                                 not necessary               documents **) for certification process
Chart and additional info taken from www.vniis.ru -
                                                                                             Does the product comply with the
All-Russia Scientific and Research Certification
                                                                                             specified requirements?
*) If necessary, consultation can be given at the mutual
working group of Gosstandart of Russia and State                                        No                                              Yes
Customs Committee (Tel (095) 253-00-78; e-mail
kpvniis@gost.ru                                                                     The product cannot be                   Certificate of
**) For some goods and products Federal documents are                               imported into Russia                    Conformity
required (such as – sanitary &epidemic conclusion,
veterinary certificate, etc.), according to the Rules of
homogenous goods certification.

     Number of                                                          Description
certification scheme
                         «for a specific contract» - used for the goods imported during certain period, usually for a
№ 2, 7                   year or two (scheme # 2), or in the quantity, specified in the contract (scheme #7);

                         This Certificate is called “for serial manufacturing” or “for the manufacturer” (is issued
№ 3, 3 а
                         for the period of one to three years, depending on goods, results of tests and other factors)

Scheme is chosen by the certifying agency based on available documents.
   Number of certification scheme                              Documents needed
                                            1. Company registration certificate, tax inspectorate registration
                                            2. Contract for shipment;
                                            3. Invoice or specification to the contract; consignment note
                                            4. Manufacturer’s certificate
                                            5. Passport (operating instructions), with technical
№ 2, 7                                      characteristics (compulsory – photo, outward appearance);
certifying imported products                6. In some cases label for the goods is necessary (for cosmetics,
                                            electronic equipment, etc.);
                                            7. Sanitary-epidemiological certificate;
                                            8. Documents, received earlier – protocols, certificates ;
                                            9. Official details of the applicant, including Director name;
                                            10.       Full address of the manufacturer.

                                            1. Range of goods manufactured by the company, including
                                            models (catalogs, advertising brochures and other) ;
                                            2. Technical descriptions and typical parameters (Техническое
                                            описание продукции и параметров типовых представителей
                                            (compulsory – photo, outward appearance);
                                            3. Passport (operating instructions), with technical
№ 3, 3 а                                    4. In some cases label for the goods is necessary (for
certifying imported products (in case if    cosmetics);
imported represents foreign                 5. Manufacturer’s certificate (ISO);
manufacturer on the Russian market)         6. Power of attorney from the manufacturer, with the original
                                            7. Official details of the applicant, including Director name;
                                            8. Full address of the manufacturer ;
                                            9. Sanitary-epidemiological certificate;
                                            10.      Documents, received earlier – protocols, certificates ;
                                            11.      Document, confirming the applicant’s legal status.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certifying body should receive copies of documents, stamped by the applicant’s seal
and translated into Russian.
Sample certificate (compulsory

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