Make sure you know the following:
   Humanism
   Humanist scholars – how differed from medieval scholars
   Lorenzo Valla
   Machiavelli/The Prince
   Renaissance art
   Why rich people sponsored art
   95 Theses
   Martin Luther’s central teaching
   Luther’s response to the German Peasant’s War
   Difference between Calvinism and Lutheranism
   Reformation in England
   Results of the Council of Trent
   Price Revolution
   Most Catholic King
   Why Spain declines
   English Queen who ended religious conflicts and stopped the Spanish Armada
   Why does Philip II want to invade England
   Henry IV and “Paris was worth a mass”
   Thirty Years’ War caused by
   French policy during the Thirty Years’ War
   Peace of Westphalia
   Religious wars of the 1500s/1600s were both religious and
   James I/Divine Rights of Kings
   English Civil War
   Gov’t of Oliver Cromwell
   Restoration
   Glorious Revolution
   “I am the State”
   Most absolute monarch
   Louis XIV’s universal monarchy
   Cause and result of the War of Spanish Succession
   Peter the Great’s domestic goal
   Galileo was condemned for
   Francis Bacon
   Voltaire/”Crush that horrible thing”
   Women and the Enlightenment
   Pragmatic Sanction
   Diplomatic Revolution
   What led to the Seven Years’ War
   Winners of the Seven Years’ War
   What does France want after the Seven Years’ War
   Enclosure movement
   English Game Laws
   Enlightened absolutist who started the partition of Poland
   Causes of the French Revolution
   Why was the Estates-General convened
   Voting structure of the Estates-General
   Third Estate/National Assembly
   Tennis Court Oath
   Attack on the Bastille
   Declaration of the Rights of Man
   Women’s march to Versaille
   Civil Constitution of the Church
   Louis XVI’s attempt to flee France
   What happens to Louis XVI
   Jean Paul Marat
   Committee of Public Safety
   Robespierre
   What ended the Reign of Terror
   Edmund Burke
   Levee en Masse
   Achievements of Napoleon
   Battle of Trafalgar
   Napoleon’s Continental System
   Quadruple alliance against Napoleon
   Invasion of Russia
   Why Napoleon’s Empire collapsed
   Battle of Waterloo
   Congress of Vienna
   Goals of the Congress of Vienna
   Problem with the Congress of Vienna/ignored
   Principles of Intervention and Legitimacy
   Prince Klemens von Metternich
   Concert of Europe
   Where does the Industrial Revolution start
   Reasons of the Industrial Revolution in Britain
   First industry affected
   Key invention
   Responses to the Industrial Revolution
   Luddites
   Zollverein
   Ideas of Karl Marx
   Utopian Socialists – why Marx didn’t like them
   Characteristics of Romanticism, liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, and socialism

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