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                                               What is All Kids?
The All Kids program is a complete healthcare program for every child in Illinois. Illinois is the first state in the
nation to ensure that every child, regardless of medical conditions or income, has access to healthcare.

  KidCare Monthly Income Qualification Levels
        You may qualify for these services if your monthly income is at or below these figures:
FAMILY          ALL KIDS                 ALL KIDS                 ALL KIDS                  ALL KIDS                ALL KIDS
 SIZE            ASSIST                   SHARE                  PREMIUM 1                 PREMIUM 2               PREMIUM 3*
               Up to $1,200           $1,201 - 1,354            $1,355 - 1,805            $1,806 - 2,708          $2,709 - 3,610
    1           per month               per month                 per month                 per month               per month
               Up to $1,615           $1,616 - 1,821            $1,822 - 2,428            $2,429 - 3,643          $3,644 - 4,857
    2           per month               per month                 per month                 per month               per month
               Up to $2,029           $2,030 - 2,289            $2,290 - 3,052            $3,053 - 4,578          $4,579 - 6,103
    3           per month               per month                 per month                 per month               per month
               Up to $2,444           $2,445 - 2,756            $2,757 - 3,675            $3,676 - 5,513          $5,514 - 7,350
    4           per month               per month                 per month                 per month               per month
               Up to $2,858           $2,859 - 3,224            $3,225 - 4,298            $4,299 - 6,448          $6,449 - 8,597
    5           per month               per month                 per month                 per month               per month
 *For each unborn child, add one to the family size. For complete income eligibility and cost information, visit

Attention Uninsured Par-                                              How Does it Work?
ents:                                                                 All Kids will cost most families a lot less than private
                                                                      insurance. For instance, a family of four that earns
FamilyCare offers health insurance to parents living
                                                                      $50,000 a year will pay $40 a month for each child
with their children 18 years old or younger who are
                                                                      plus a $10 co-pay for each doctor visit. A family of
enrolled in All Kids. FamilyCare also covers relatives
                                                                      four that earns $29,000 a year has no monthly pay-
who are caring for children in place of their parents.
                                                                      ment and pays a $2 co-pay for each visit.
Parents can get FamilyCare to cover a variety of med-
ical services if they live in Illinois and meet the Fam-
ilyCare income limits. They must be U.S. citizens or                  What if my children have
meet immigration requirements.                                        health insurance?
What Does All Kids Cover?
                                                                      If your children have health insurance and your fam-
                                                                      ily income qualifies for All Kids Share, Premium or
All Kids covers all the healthcare a child may need.                  Rebate, you now have a choice. All Kids Rebate
All Kids pays for doctor visits, hospital visits, dental              helps to pay for your children’s health insurance pre-
care, vision care, prescription drugs, medication                     miums or you can enroll in All Kids Share or Pre-
equipment, mental health services and much more.                      mium (depending on income) to help cover services
                                                                      for your children that your current plan does not
For more information or for an All Kids or FamilyCare application, call Local 881 at 847/294-5064, ext. 407, call the All Kids Hotline
           toll-free at 1-866-4-OUR-KIDS, or visit Applications are available in English and Spanish.
                          *AllKids is a trademark of the State of Illinois used by permission.

                                                                            United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 881
                                                                            10400 W. Higgins Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018-3705
                                                                            *Revised April 2009

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