SEI Conservative Monthly Income Fund

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					 SEI Conservative Monthly Income Fund

 Summary of Investment Portfolio
 AS AT MARCH 31, 2010
 The portfolio breakdown and Top 25 Holdings below are a reflection of the investments of the underlying funds held by
 this Fund. The Summary of Investment Portfolio may change due to ongoing transactions of the Fund. Quarterly
 updates are available at within 60 days after each quarter end.

 PORTFOLIO BREAKDOWN                                  TOP 25 HOLDINGS
Sector                  % of Total Net Asset Value    Holding                                          % of Total Net Asset Value

Canadian Fixed Income                      63.4%      Government Of Canada 3.000% 01-Dec-2036 Real Rtn Bd                   1.8%
Canadian Equities                          13.3%      Prov Of Quebec 4.250% 01-Dec-2031 Real Rtn Bd                         1.6%
US Equities                                 9.1%      Government Of Canada 4.250% 01-Dec-2026 Real Rtn Bd                   1.6%
International Equities                      8.2%      Canada Housing Trust No 1 Var Rt 15-Sept-2010 Ser 12                  1.4%
Global Fixed Income                         4.7%      Cash and Cash Equivalents                                             1.2%
Cash and Cash Equivalents                   1.2%      Prov Of Quebec 4.500% 01-Dec-2026 Real Rtn Bd                         1.2%
Total                                      99.9%      Prov Of Quebec Var Rt 10-Dec-2013 Mtn Ser 87                          1.1%
                                                      Prov Of Ontario 2.000% 01-Dec-2036 Real Rtn Bd                        0.9%
                                                      Toronto-Dominion Bank                                                 0.8%
                                                      Royal Bank of Canada                                                  0.8%
                                                      Bank of Nova Scotia                                                   0.8%
                                                      Government Of Canada 0.000% T-Bill 10-Jun-2010                        0.7%
                                                      Government Of Canada 1.500% 01-Jun-2012 Ser Ze72                      0.7%
                                                      Prov Of Quebec 4.500% 01-Dec-2021 Real Rtn Bd                         0.7%
                                                      Government Of Canada 4.250% 01-Dec-2021 Real Rtn Bd                   0.6%
                                                      Royal Bank Of Canada Var Rt 11-Mar-2018 Mtn                           0.6%
                                                      Toronto Dominion Bank Var Rt 30-Oct-2104 Reset Mtn                    0.6%
                                                      Government Of Canada 5.750% 01-Jun-2033 Ser Xg49                      0.6%
                                                      Prov Of ManitobaVar Rt 01-Dec-2036 Real Rtn Bd                        0.6%
                                                      Government Of Canada 8.000% 01-Jun-2023 Ser A55                       0.6%
                                                      RBC Capital Trust 4.870% 31-Dec-2015 Trucs 2015                       0.6%
                                                      Toronto Dominion Bank Var Rt 01-Nov-2017 Mtn                          0.6%
                                                      RBC Capital Trust 7.183% 30-Jun-2011 Trucs 2011                       0.6%
                                                      Scotiabank Subordinated Nts Tr Var Rt 01-Nov-2017                     0.5%
                                                      Government Of Canada 4.000% 01-Jun-2016 Ser Yb43                      0.5%

                                                      Total Net Asset Value                                         $43,273,082

 This fund invests in securities of other mutual funds managed by SEI. You may view the prospectus and other information about the
 underlying mutual funds on the internet at or on our website at