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Most claim professionals at some point in       Therefore, you must:                            carl Van
their careers, will need to make presenta-                                                      Owner, President & CEO
tions. In this class, we outline many helpful   E	   Introduce the subject.           
hints of effective presentations:               E	   Discuss (do not dictate) the importance.   leiann Dunford
                                                E	   Explain the presentation process.          Executive Vice President
Presentations where the goal is to              E	   Explain how you will test for
pass on knowledge or understanding                   understanding.                             Dave Vanderpan
                                                                                                Director of Claims Training
                                                E	   Discuss how attendee will use knowledge.
Most People want information that:              E	   Discuss steps taken to develop             co-Publishers
                                                     information.                                Carl Van
E	   Is important to them.                      E	   Discuss management’s buy-in.                President & CEO
E	   Can be used now (practical).               E	   Discuss what you will expect them to
E	   Is relevant to their needs.                     know and do. K                              Harry Rosenthal
                                                                                                 Publisher Claims Magazine
E	   Relates to real life experiences.                                                 
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