Course in Conservation Biology by fqy94797


									                                                                                           1 November 2005
Dear Student

Course in Conservation Biology.
Thank you to the many that has already confirmed their participation in the course. I have also noted the
various wishes for changes between classes. I will do my best to full-fill these – and by Friday, 4th Nov.
everyone will be notified.

                                         NB NB NB NB:
 Need feedback by email (to at latest 3rd Nov (Thursday) from those of you that
         hasn’t confirmed their participation and those that can move classes (see below)

Right now, we have a relatively overcrowded class 1 (Red), so I’m looking for people that are willing to
move to either class 2 (Green) or better yet class 3 (Blue). Remember a lower student:teacher ration in lab
exercises is preferable to a higher one, so there are good reasons to move to a less crowded class.

Those of you that like to form groups and have “Eksperimentiel Økologi” and have requested to be joined in
Class 1 – please consider to be joined in class 2 instead. The rest of you that has no conflict in teaching-
schedule, please consider moving to Class 3.

I still haven’t heard any feedbacks from the below listed people. Please check the names to see if you know
any of them, and remind them that they need to provide a feedback to me as to whether they will participate
or not in the course. Those I do not hear from before the deadline will be assigned to a class of our choice
with no option to move. That is, those that do report back will be given highest priority with regard to
fulfilling wishes concerning placement in a certain class.

Ahrenfeldt, Erica Juel               Ibsen, Peter                             Pedersen, Jonas Klinck
Burchard, Sebrina                    Jørgensen, Jacob Hjorth                  Pedersen, Thomas Daugaard
Demant, Helle                        Kirkegaard-Sørensen, Camilla             Petersen, Heidi Mary
Drumm, Kirstine                      Kofoed, Tanja Marie Nybo                 Petersen, Rene
Ejbye-Ernst, Anders                  Larsen, Janni                            Simonsen, Caroline Ernberg
Engraff, Maria                       Larsen, Morten                           Svenné, Susanne
Esposito, Alfonso                    Nielsen, Torben Peiter                   Tastesen, Hanne Sørup
Filskov, Jonathan                    Nyby, Anne-Mette Staack                  Villumsen, Jan
Halle, Louise Hebert                 Pedersen, Dorthe                         Winkelmann, Inger
Henriksen, Payana Becker             Pedersen, Jakob Morten Bøllund

Everyone, to enable us to organize the most optimal course, it would be nice, if those that has not confirmed
their participation yet, do so. If nothing else in respect to their fellow students that has reacted!

Looking forward to see you all at the course,

Carsten Rahbek
Professor, “Kursus”-ansvarlig

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