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					                                  CourSe In environmental science
                                                    (wildlife and
                                            conservation biology)

Get your hands
dirty with extensive
hands-on and Field
experienCe and
a taste oF what liFe
will be like aFter

the Course
                                      Deakin’s course in Wildlife and Conservation            FaCilities
bachelor of                           Biology is the only course offered in Victoria with a
environmental science                                                                         Deakin students have access to first-class facilities
                                      major focus on wildlife and conservation biology.       and infrastructure including the Geographic
(wildlife and
conservation biology)                 The course features real-world problem solving          Information Systems lab and wildlife trapping
Melbourne Campus                      and applied solutions for wildlife and conservation     and tracking technology. At Burwood they are
at Burwood                            issues, preparing students to make a contribution       also within easy reach of numerous government
Three years full time,                to the dynamic field of study and management of         organisations and a diversity of ecosystems within
part time available                   wildlife in Australia and overseas.                     southern Victoria.
VTAC Code: 14171 (CSP),
14173 (Int. Fee)                                                                              industry and proFessional
                                      Fieldwork and Camps
                                                                                              work plaCements
prerequisites                         Wildlife and Conservation Biology has a strong
                                      focus on hands-on fieldwork with a major field          All students enrolled in Wildlife and Conservation
units 3 and 4 – a study score
of at least 25 in english (eSL)       studies camp running at every year level. Students      Biology are required to undertake professional
or 20 in any other english.           also gain valuable hands-on practical experience        work placements with an environmental agency
                                      as part of regular weekly or fortnightly practical      of their choice. Volunteer work experiences
                                      classes and in intensive blocks during teaching         are strongly encouraged from first year and by
                                      breaks. This hands-on experience, combined with         graduation students will have gained a wealth
                                      theoretical knowledge, provides students with           of experience with environmental organisations
                                      the necessary skills to gain employment after           and be well prepared for employment in the
                                      graduating.                                             environment sector.
CourSe In environmental science
(wildlife and conservation biology)

baChelor oF environmental sCienCe (wildliFe and Conservation bioloGy)

 1      TrImeSTer 1      ecology and
                         the environment
                                                    A Global Perspective
                                                                                elective                    elective

        TrImeSTer 2      The Physical               Techniques in               Biology:                    elective
                         environment                Conservation Biology        Form and Function

 2      TrImeSTer 1      Society and
                                                    Wildlife ecology            Animal Biology              elective

        TrImeSTer 2      research methods           elective                    elective                    elective

 3      TrImeSTer 1      ecology of Pest Plants
                         and Animals
                                                    Landscape ecology           Professional Practice       elective

        TrImeSTer 2      Wildlife Conservation      elective                    elective                    elective

Students must choose three elective units from: Vertebrate Structure, Function and evolution, Bushfire management, Biogeography,
Wildlife Field Studies, Australian Vegetation and its management, Geographic Information Systems, Introduction to Parks and Wildlife
Conservation, ecotourism and Interpretation

Teaching staff members in Wildlife and            international exChanGe                            Career opportunities
Conservation Biology are active researchers       Students are actively encouraged to               » Wildlife officers
in their field and have strong connections        pursue a trimester of study at an overseas        » Wildlife managers
to industry. This means that students also        university of their choice. recent students
have the opportunity to gain real-world                                                             » Project officers
                                                  have chosen universities in Canada, the
experience and form their own professional        uSA and South America as their exchange           » Wildlife biologists
networks throughout their studies.                destinations. International exchange              » Landscape ecologists
                                                  students from areas including europe, the         » Conservation officers
Flexibility                                       uK, the uSA and Asia provide an additional
                                                                                                    » Park rangers
A degree in Wildlife and Conservation             world-view to our classes.
Biology is a broad qualification that                                                               » research scientists
combines the skills for a specialised career      tropiCal bioloGy assoCiation                      » Conservation biologists
with more generic skills that give graduates      The School of Life and environmental
job flexibility and broad career options.         Sciences is a member of the Tropical
Graduates will gain the knowledge and             Biology Association (TBA). This non-
skills to be managers of all facets of the        governmental, non-profit organisation
natural environment.                              works in partnership with environmental
                                                  institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, uganda,
related Courses                                   madagascar and malaysia. The TBA
Dean’s Scholars Program, environmental            provides practical training for conservation
Science (environmental management),               biologists and practitioners with the
environmental Science (Freshwater Biology         potential to have a significant impact on
and management), environmental Science            biodiversity management and research.                 Further inFormation
(marine Biology), Bachelor of Science with        Students benefit from this membership                 For further information
environmental Science major sequence,             by receiving priority access to places on             and applications:
Biological Science with evolutionary              TBA field courses at reduced rates.
Biology major sequence.                                                                                 phone +61 3 9244 6699
                                                  Further information is available at