Sample Attendance Certificate - DOC by keithmurray

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									                                  Sample Attendance Certificate

                                              This is to certify that:

                                      GP'S FULL NAME
                               (GPs QA&CPD Reference number)

                                           Attended / Completed** the

                                              ACTIVITY TITLE
                                            ACTIVITY NUMBER

                                                     held by

                               PROVIDER NAME & PROVIDER NUMBER


                                                   DATE/S **

  Allocated ……. (Category 1/Category 2) points in the RACGP QA & CPD Program for the 2008-2010 triennium

(Indicate if the activity has been approved for Procedural Skills Training or Emergency Medicine Grants and/or a
                                                 specific topic area)

  ** Please note. Active Learning Module certificates should say ‘Completed’ ONLY when a GP has completed
                        all parts of the module, not simply for attending one part of it.
                Category 2 activity certificates should indicate how many hours the GP attended.

** The date given on the certificate should always match the date submitted to the RACGP on an attendance list

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