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					Reference Guide to Services 2008-2009                                                       University Chaplaincy

                                 University Chaplaincy

University Chaplaincy                                         Honorary Chaplains:
The University Chaplain, Rev Di Williams,
and Chaplaincy team offer confidential, non-
                                                              Sheikh Mohammed Yasin (Muslim)
judgemental support to students and staff for
                                                              Edinburgh Central Mosque
when you are dealing with life’s questions,
                                                              50	Potterow
explorations, ups and downs or times of crisis.
                                                              Tel:	0131	667	1040
Chaplaincy Offers:
•     welcome & hospitality
•     an inclusive multi faith environment                    Christian:
•     personal & spiritual support
•     learning resources and opportunities                    Church of Scotland: Rev Dr Richard Frazer
                                                              667	6610
Programme 08-09 includes:                           
•       Exploring Spiritual Practise
•       Spa for the Soul                                      Anglican:
•       International Students Gathering                      Rev Frances Burberry
•       Walking the Labyrinth                                 Home	Chap	Tel:	0131	667	4537	
•       multifaithCOLLOQUY                                    Office:	0131	650	9502
•       Staff lunches                                         Email:
•       Drop-in
                                                              Father Tim Calvert
The main Chaplaincy Centre in Bristo Square – at
                                                              Home:	0131	6500903
the hub of University life – is for your use. It is a
                                                              Mobile:	07766	816678
relaxed, comfortable, friendly, social and community
space where
•       groups of friends & student societies meet            Father Bruno Clifton
•	      theer	is	quiet	space	for	study	&	reflection           Home:	0131	650	0900	
•       tea, coffee, newspapers and books are                 Mobile:	07726	657075	
        available each weekday                                Email:
•       you can drop in with your lunch
Chaplaincy also has Muslim prayer rooms at King’s             Methodist:
Buildings and Moray House and the Edinburgh                   Rev Geoffrey Baines
Labyrinth in George Square Gardens.                           Mobile:	07940	348121
Contacts:                                                     Free Church of Scotland:
University Chaplain: Rev Di Williams                          Rev Bob Akroyd
Office	650	2596,	mobile	07779922268                           Home:	0131	664	6306                                             Email:
Associated University Chaplain Dr MaryCatherine
Burgess                                                       Baptist:	to	be	confirmed	
Office	650	2597                                Orthodox:
                                                              Rev Archimandrite John Maitland Moir
Chaplaincy Reception                                          Tel:	0131	667	0372	
Office	650	2595,	fax	650	9111                                 Email:                                           Father Raphael Pavouris
                                                              Tel:	0131	667	0372	
Kings Buildings: Contact via Careers staff                    Email:
Office	650	5773

Guiding and Supporting Students: A Handbook for Directors of Studies                                          7
University Chaplaincy                                                          Reference Guide to Services 2008-2009

Acting Honorary Chaplain Rabbi David Rose
Edinburgh Synagogue
Phone	:	0131	668	1279
Edinburgh Buddhist Centre
10	Viewforth,	Edinburgh	EH10	4JF	
Tel:	0131	662	6699	
Tim Maguire
Mobile	0777	0555	224

Check the web-site for more details about Honorary
Chaplains and other useful contacts www.

Particular points for Directors of Studies:
The University Chaplain and Honorary Chaplains
are	 happy	 to	 be	 contacted	 outside	 normal	 office
hours - and are prepared to visit students at their
own residences.
Chaplaincy Centre
1	Bristo	Square

The Chaplain can offer support to staff and students
• Personal problems (bereavement, loneliness/
moral/religious questions (values, ‘meaning of
• encouragement in new and challenging

8                                               Guiding and Supporting Students: A Handbook for Directors of Studies