PPP PFI Projects in the Market - 5 November 2004

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					Contracted PPP Projects – 28 October 05


New South Wales State Government
New Schools Project #1                             Lane Cove Tunnel

Cross City Tunnel                                  Parramatta Transport Interchange

Western Sydney Orbital                             Sunshine Electricity Company Co-generation

Alternative Waste Technology Facility              Chatswood Transport Interchange

Northern Territory Government
Darwin City Waterfront
Redevelopment/Darwin Convention and
Exhibition Centre

Queensland State Government
Southbank Education & Training Precinct

South Australia State Government
Regional Police Stations & Courts Administration
Authority Facilities

Risdon Prison Redevelopment

Victoria State Government

County Court                                       Wodonga Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Project
Film and TV Studios                                Casey Community Hospital
Echuca Rochester Wastewater Treatment Plant        Spencer Street Station
Enviro Altona                                      Mobile Data Network
Correctional Facilities                            Mobile Metropolitan Radio
Emergency Alerting System Project                  Eastlink
Royal Women’s Hospital Redevelopment               Royal Melbourne Showgrounds Redevelopment

Western Australia State Government
CBD Courts Complex
PPP Projects in the Market – 28 October 05

                PROJECTS                                          EST TIMING

Commonwealth Government of Australia
Defence Headquarters Joint Operation Command      Request for Final Revised Offers – December
Facility                                          2005
                                                  Project delivery – early – mid 2008

Mulwala Munitions Factory Redevelopment           RFT close – March 2005
                                                  Outcome expected in 2006

New South Wales State Government
Bonnyrigg Living Communities Project (Social      EOI close – 30 March 2005
Housing) PPP                                      RDP issue – September 2005
                                                  RDP close – February 2006

Forensic Hospital                                 RDP close – December 2004
                                                  Contractual close – second half 2005

Mater Hospital, Newcastle                         RDP close – December 2004
                                                  Contractual close – second half 2005

Newcastle Port Multi-Purpose container terminal   EOI close – February 2003
                                                  RDP close – August 2005
                                                  Contractual close – early 2006

Newcastle Community Health Centre                 RDP close – 19 November 2004
                                                  Financial close – second half 2005

RailCorp Rolling Stock                            EOI close – 13 October 2004
                                                  RDP close – October 2005
                                                  Contractual close – mid-2006

New Schools (second batch)                        EOI close – May 2005
                                                  RDP close – September 2005
                                                  Financial close – early 2006

Queensland State Government
Townsville Industrial Recycling                   NM Rothschilds & Sons (Australia) announced as
                                                  preferred partner for PPP in June 2005.

                                                  Subject to market confirmation, Rothschilds will
                                                  build, own and operate the recycling project.

North South Bypass Tunnel
                                                  Two shortlisted consortia have been invited to
                                                  submit detailed tenders by December 2005.

                                                  EIS approved by Queensland’s Coordinator-
Townsville Ocean Terminal                        Preferred developer announced – September 2005

                                                 Contract finalisation - December 2005

Gold Coast Marine Development Project            EOI release – October 2005

                                                 EIS commenced October 2005

Victoria State Government
Melbourne Convention Centre                      EOI Close 9 November 2004
                                                 Release of RFP March 2005
                                                 Contractual Close End 2005
                                                 Construction commence April 2006
                                                 Facility completed 2008

Barwon Water – Biosolids Management              EOI Close: 5 June 2005
                                                 Release of RFT: Oct 2005
                                                 Contractual Close: May 2006
                                                 Facility completed: November 2007

Central Highlands Water – Ballarat North Water   EOI Close: June 2005
Reclamation                                      Release of RFT: August 2005
                                                 Contractual Close: February 2006
                                                 Facility completed: March 2008
National Public Private Partnerships Forum                                  October 05

Potential PPP Projects 28 October 05
(All Projects considering PPP delivery)

                      PROJECT                      Possible Release (to the market)
                                                          < 12 months ()
                                                           < 24 months *
Commonwealth Government of Australia
Single Living and Environment Accommodation                       

New South Wales State Government
Health related projects
Water supply projects

Queensland State Government
New Queensland Drivers License                                    
Airport Link (North South Bypass Tunnel Stage 2)                  
Very High Speed Broadband (Project Vista)                         
Lockyer Water reliability
Gold Coast public transport

Victoria State Government
Melbourne Wholesale Market Redevelopment                          
Housing Sector
Supreme Court Redevelopment                                       *
Hospital Sector
Research Facilities
Water Sector
Aged Care

Western Australia State Government
Office Accommodation                                             
Health Infrastructure
Public Housing