WSHS STAFF PROJECTS AND POINTS Planning Playlists for next

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Planning Playlists for next day             25 points
                                                         -20 points for
                                                         -5 points for
                                                         email and
                                                         printe d copy

Per FCC regulations, we must have a record of what songs are played
each day. Because of this regulation, we’re going to plan ahead. You will
need to email me a copy of the playlist and also print a copy of it in order
to earn your points. No playlist, unless discussed with me, means you
don’t go on-air the next day.

Scree n CDs                                 15 points
Listen to new CDs sent to the station to see if all tracks are clean and
which tracks would be best for airplay and fill out review sheet for music

Program Production                          Variable points
Points will vary depending on length, frequency, and difficulty of
program—programs may change, but point values will be discussed ahead
of time.

News: 10 for writing, 10 for recording
Today’s Trivia: 10 points
Today in History: 10 points
CMJ Top 10: 10 points
Band Bio: 10 for writing, 10 for recording
Community Calendar: 5 for writing, 10 for recording
Music News: 10 for writing, 10 for recording
Sports Calendar: 5 for writing, 10 for recording
Concert Calendar: 5 for writing, 10 for recording
Darwin Awards: 10 points
Weird but True: 10 points
Stupid Crime: 10 points
Worst Case Scenario Survival Tips: 5 for writing, 10 for recording
Questions Too Embarrassing to ask your Doctor: 10 points
WSHS Prom otions                           Variable points
Includes the design and production of posters, fliers, tapes, bumper
stickers, business cards, stationary, etc.

Station Clean-Up                            15 points
General clean-up includes dusting, wiping down equipment, tables as well
as cleaning the windows.

Babysit the Board                      20 points per hour
Whenever WSHS is on the air, someone must be on the board. The board
must be manned for all remote broadca sts, including sports

Public Address Announcer                   25 points per e vent
Public address announcer for football, basketball, soccer, etc.

Sports Broa dcasting                      30 points per game
Play by play and color commentators are needed for all sports broadcasts.

D.J. Dance                                  50 points
Lots of fun but also lots of work. May include equipment set-up and

Public Speaking                             25 points per e vent
Occasionally WSHS is asked to make a presentation at a Middle School or
some civic organization. It’s a great chance to brag about yourself and
the station.

Videotaping                               25 points per e vent
Video tape a classroom presentation, auditorium presentation, or athletic

Editing the Tape                           50 points per e vent

Be Available                               Variable points
Many times extra hands, legs, and voices are needed for projects and
remotes and other cool stuff! Are you willing and available to help?
automatically receive 30 points for being in class every day for your
airshift, assuming that your playlist is completed. If you are absent, you
do not receive points for that day.
       The projects on this list represent additional work done outside of
the context of your normal class assignment. This list is not complete. If
you find yourself involved in a proje ct that y ou would like to
receive points for, be sure to check with your advisor.
       The points on this list are subject to the quality of the project and
the attitude with which the project was completed.
       Your grade in this class will mostly be determined by the points you
earn. Those students who work the hardest and do the best job will
receive the highest grades.

  ***As the website gets up and running, each hour may have
other responsibilities, such as gathering information that needs
   to be put on the site. These responsibilities will be a part of
     regular class grades, not additional points. However, if
  interested, there may be opportunities for extra points with
             regards to helping with the website.***