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					                        Status of Fluid Dynamics AP

                                January 17, 2001

Raymond R. Cosner
Senior Technical Fellow
Boeing, Phantom Works
St. Louis, MO
(314) 233-6481

 • Boeing has taken responsibility for leading development of an
   ISO-STEP standard for archive and exchange of digital data in
   fluid dynamics
         - Initial Boeing decision taken in February 1998
         - Briefing to SC4/WG3 at their meeting in January 1999
         - This effort is being led within Boeing by Ray Cosner

 • This effort is based on the existing CGNS standard for CFD

              Background and Related Activities

 • CGNS was developed as a CFD data storage and exchange
   standard by NASA, Boeing, and (then) McDonnell Douglas
         - CGNS = “CFD Generalized Notation System”
         - Work was performed 1994-99, largely funded by NASA
         - The CGNS Steering Committee was established to coordinate the
           further development of this standard.

 • CGNS is gaining support
         - Commercial vendors have committed to support: Fluent, Adapco,
           Numeca, ICEM-CFD, Intelligent Light, Pointwise
         - Major aerospace organizations are participating: Boeing, Rolls Royce
           (UK, US, GE), British Aerospace, USAF, NASA, UTRC
         - CGNS users in every ISO SC4/WG3/T9 P-member country
         - CGNS Steering Committee now operates as a subcommittee of the
           American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
         Differences between ISO-STEP and CGNS

 ISO-STEP is based on…
 • Strong link to Product Data Management
         - Record of all data sources, persistent links if possible.
 • Commonality and re-use of existing data structures to
   maximum extent possible
         - E.g., re-use data structures from AP203 (geometry), AP209 (finite
           element analysis), and AP232 (technical data exchange)
 • ASCII data exchange
         - We will need to extend ISO-STEP to provide binary data exchange as
           an option

         CGNS Registered Users
                    P-Member Countries

                           May-99   Apr-00   Oct-00
          Australia             2        3        3
          Canada                3        7        9
          China                 2        5        5
          Czech Republic        0        0        2
          France                7       13       20
          Germany              10       32       43
          Italy                 0        4        5
          Japan                 3        6        8
          South Korea           1        1        3
          Netherlands           0        2        3
          Norway                0        2        3
          Portugal              0        1        2
          Russia                0        2        3
          Spain                 1        6        7
          Sweden                1        2        2
          Switzerland           0        7       11
          United Kingdom        8       21       26
          United States        81     151      181

 • Adapt CGNS as the kernel of an ISO standard for storage and
   exchange of digital data in fluid dynamics
         - Utilize current CGNS structure and concepts to the maximum extent
           that is practical
         - Use current CGNS user base as core supporters for the ISO Fluid
           Dynamics AP development

 • Utilize a two-stage strategy
         - First: Establish an AP for CFD data
            • Build on existing CGNS, which is fairly mature for CFD
         - Second: Extend the AP to other types of fluid dynamics data
            • Wind tunnel, flight test, hydrodynamics, etc.

                       Operating Relationships

                                  Fluid Dynamics
         ISO Standards               Standards               CGNS Steering
          Organization                Initiative              Committee

   • Integrate the fluid       • Map the CGNS content   • Intellectual content of the
     dynamics standard           into the ISO process     CGNS standard (SIDS)
     requirements with other   • Build international    • ADF libraries
     ISO standards               support                • Mid-level libraries

         We will work with on the existing CGNS Steering Committee, and the
         users they represent, to build international consensus for the
         proposed standard.

                                 Scope (AP FD)
 • digital data on structured and unstructured grids describing steady or
   unsteady fluid dynamics flowfields
 • data describing the fluid dynamics model including grid description, grid
 • boundary conditions, and modeling parameters
 • data from solutions of equation sets commonly used in fluid dynamics
         - Navier-Stokes equations, Euler equations, linear and nonlinear potential flow
           equations, small-disturbance equations, boundary layer equations, and stream
           function equations
 • single-phase flow of a liquid or a gas
 • laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow (direct representation of
   turbulence, or represented by Reynolds-averaged data)
 • incompressible or compressible flow
 • unsteady flow
 • perfect gas, or variable chemical composition (equilibrium flow, frozen flow,
   or finite-rate chemical reactions)
                                Scope (AP FD)

 • data regarding the exchange of energy by molecular transport
   including convection and conduction
 • rotating flowfields (e.g., turbomachinery)
         - inertial and rotating frames of reference;
 • Newtonian transport laws;
 • reference to product geometry;
 • administrative information necessary to track the approval and
   configuration control of the analysis of a product

                        Out of Scope (AP FD)

 •       representations of geometry
 •       gross flow in networks (e.g., piping and ducting)
 •       the use that application programs may make of the data
 •       the means by which application programs modify the data
 •       the form in which the data is stored internal to an application
 •       The validity, accuracy and completeness of the data for a
         particular purpose are determined entirely by the applications’

                 Out of Scope – for the present

 NOTE : The following are outside the scope of this edition of this part of ISO
   10303 but are expected to be within the scopes of later editions of this part:

 • two- and three-phase flow
 • free surface flow
 • non-continuum flow (e.g., direct simulation Monte Carlo data)
 • data from non-analytical sources (e.g., experimental simulation such as
   wind tunnel or water tank testing, and product test such as flight test or sea
 • data regarding the exchange of energy by radiation
 • non-Newtonian transport laws
 • electro-magnetic interactions with a fluid
         - Plasmas; MHD

                           Existing Documents

 • AP FD
         - Current draft of the AP for Fluid Dynamics
 • IR 5w – Numerical Analysis and Support
 • IR 5s – Mesh-Based Topology
         - Harmonizes overlap between CFD resources in 5w and EACM
           resources in 5x
             • Defines structured and unstructured meshes
             • Expect to be used by AP-FD (Fluid Dynamics), EACM, and Part 209

 • These documents will be restructured to conform to ISO
   objectives for modular standards
         - Draws on material from AP203, AP209, AP232, Part 21, Part 50, others
         - Five new documents: AP2xx, Part 1xx, Part 5a, Part 5b, Part 5x
         Structure of the Fluid Dynamics Standard
                                                 Part 209           AP2xx
     NEW              Usage Guide                                                       Part 203
                                              Finite-Element   Fluid Dynamics
                       for AP2xx                                                        Geometry
                                                 Analysis            Data

                                                                 Part 1xx
                                                                CFD Models

                        Part 50                   Part 5a         Part 5b               Part 5x
                      Mathematical              Mesh-Based       Numerical            Mesh-Based
                       Constructs                  Data           Analysis             Topology

                                                                  Part 21
   Each of the new parts must be carried                                        Extend to include
   individually through the approval process.                                   binary data
   The lower-level parts will lead the way.

                                 Major Events
                                     Since June 2000

 • Review draft ISO-STEP standard with CGNS Steering Team
   members (July 6-7, Seattle, WA)
         - General approval of then-current state; some issues identified
 • Initial draft of standards documentation completed (Sept 2000)
         - Work mainly accomplished by Peter Wilson (Boeing – Seattle)
         - Incomplete, but contains all technical content of CGNS SIDS as of
           August 2000
 • ISO meeting (October 16-20, Charleston, SC)
         - Presentation to Change Management Board
             • Focused on scope, component parts, schedule of the Fluid Dynamics AP
 • Technical Workshop (December 11-14, Seattle, WA)
         - Define the structure of the Fluid Dynamics AP
         - Continue defining the organization and content
                         ISO Organization


                                  TC 184
                                             TC 184 – Industrial Automation    ...
                                             Systems and Integration

                         SC    SC 4 – Industrial Data                          ...

            WG2                WG3               WG4              WG8
                              Product         Qualification
         Parts Library                                        Mfg. Mgmt Data
                              Modeling        & Integration


         STEP Standards Development Life Cycle

                                                                               Amendments or
                                                                   6         Technical Changes
                                                        5                Standard
                                                             Final Draft
                                             4            International Std
                                               Draft International
                                  3                    Std

                                      Committee Draft       June - Dec 2001

                          Industry Review
                                                 Feb – June 2001
              2                Draft

                  New Work Item       Feb 2001
       Preliminary Work
                          Nov 1999

                     Current Plans and Schedule
These plans are tentative, as Boeing budgets for 2001 have not been finalized.

               2001 Q1                 2001 Q2               2001 Q3              2001 Q4         2002 Q1

AP 2xx             Information Rqmts                                  WD Review       CD Ballot
                            ARM Validation Rpt

Part 1xx                                 WD Review            CD Ballot

Part 5x       CD Ballot

Part 5a     WD Review     CD Ballot

Part 5b     WD Review     CD Ballot

                              Things to Watch

 • Need to keep working on international support
 • Need to keep the current CGNS users engaged
         - Work with the CGNS Steering Committee to accomplish this

                       No problems visible that threaten
                           success of this project.

            CGNS and ISO-CGNS documents are available at