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					                                                                  Booking Agreement
                                                               Dennis Hahn's DJ Services

                            For Dennis Hahn                                                             For John Hamilton
                         211 South Wyoming St.                                                                202 E 6th
                         P.O. Box 1594, Leoti, KS                                                             Hays, KS
                           Cell (785) 821-1050                                                          Cell (719) 342-3779
                                                                                                       Home (785) 899 7285
                         Home 888-4DJ-HAHN

                                                                      (888) 4DJ-HAHN
                                                                          Toll Free
      Thank you for booking your event with Dennis Hahn’s DJ/VJ Services. After completing the form below,
      please take a moment to fill out your wedding information. This information can be filled out at following
      These forms better help use prepare for your event. As time goes on and things change you can re-fill out
      the form with updated information.
   Client agrees to provide a venue for the event, all necessary permits and licenses to lawfully conduct the event. _______(initials)

   Client understands that all music and music videos are edited to FCC government standards. _______(initials)

   Client recognizes & is willing to allow photography by DJ at event for promotional purposes. _______(initials)

   Events inside Ellis County are excluded from mileage charges. All events are first come first serve. Payments/
   deposits by credit card can be made at under the Book Your Event link. Dennis Hahn’s DJ
   Services withholds the right to deny any event without notice!

                                                                           Deposit of $100.00 paid when contract is signed. Refund requests must be received 200
                    Event Information                                      days prior to arrival date or deposit/payments are forfeited. Deposits checks must be made
                                                                           out to Dennis Hahn and received before or at the same time of the initial booking of your
   *Venue Name                                                             event. Failure to comply will result in removal of your event from out books.

   Venue Address                                                           Remainder amount must be paid before event starts, no exceptions. Checks must be made
                                                                           out to DJ who is performing your event. Failure to correctly complete will void you from all
   *City, ST Zip                                                           discounts and/or void agreement. Find out your DJ at For
                                                                           DJ J-Blaze, please make remainder out to John Hamilton. For DJ DiZzY, please make
   *Event Date                                                             remainder out to Dennis Hahn If you wish to make payments for your event please make
                                                                           payments out to Dennis Hahn.

   *Client Name                                                                                    Private Event Signup Form
                                                                           Sign up for:                                               Start/End Time                     Price

   *City, ST Zip
                                                                                 4 Hour Base Rate (required)
   *Email Address
                                                                                                                                                                    $75.00 /hr
                                                                                 Extra Hours

                                                                                 April event                                                                       $200.00 /hr
   *Cell Phone
                                                                                                                                                                 $50.00 /event
                                                                                 Music Video/Karaoke Setup
Method of Payment                                Visa Online                                                                          2 hour’s before start       $0.00 /event
                                                                                 Setup/Tear-Down (3 hours)                            time.
       Discover Card Online                      MasterCard Online
       Check (please send with                   American Express Online         Outdoor/Smoking Environment
       Booking Agreement)
                                                                                 *Mileage from Hays Kansas                            $1.00 / 1mile
 For security reasons please make credit card payments online at:                                                                                                                     Total:

Client agrees to above                                                                                                  Please send Booking Agreement to:
                                     Signature                                    Date

                                                                                                                                      Dennis Hahn
DJ agrees to above
                                     Signature                                    Date                                                P.O. Box 1594
                                                                                                                                     Leoti, KS 67861
Note: Both signatures are required to Validate Booking Agreement.