ASSIGNMENT Because of Winn-Dixie by hkn69139


									ASSIGNMENT: Because of Winn-Dixie
Opal has just given you a Littmus Lozenge. Please
eat it. What does it taste like? Be specific. Give
examples. Use similes and metaphors. Can you
taste the secret ingredient? Why, or why not?

Opal gave this candy to me at Gloria Dump’s house.            I met Opal at the park, and she gave me the candy. It
It is interesting. It tastes like a minty spearmint forest.   tastes like a minty Swedish candy. Yes, I can taste
I cannot taste the secret ingredient because it is            the ingredient. The secret ingredient is it is a little
sadness, and I don’t really have a lot of sadness in my       sour and sweet at the same time. The color of the
life. My life is wonderful. When I tasted this candy,         Littmus Lozenge is dark red, white and light red.
it tasted like I had just brushed my teeth. The candy         Opal was kind to give me the Littmus Lozenge.
also looks like a forest. It is white and green and it        When I ate it, I thought about when my popa died. I
has a round shape. It had all of that in one candy. I         am really sad that he died.
liked the candy so much I want another one.
                                                              JULIANA GOLDMAN
MADISON KALTER                                                Second Grade
Second Grade
                                                              Opal gave me a Littmus Lozenge. I met her at Gloria
Opal gave me a candy, and I met her at Gloria                 Dump’s party. It tasted just like butterscotch!
Dump’s party. It is very smooth and slippery to my            Winn-Dixie was laying in the middle of the floor,
tongue, but it smells like a flower that just blossomed.      hogging the fan. The Lozenge makes my back shiver
It is something unimaginable. Winn-Dixie was                  and my mouth water. I feel like a star in the sky
jumping up and down when I tasted it. It was red and          when I first put it in my mouth, and it tastes like a
white. It was sweet and minty, indeed it was. When            treasure chest piled high with gold. It’s a
you had it in your mouth for a long time, it would            sensation!!! I do believe that there is a secret
start making cracks in the middle. This is as sweet as        ingredient because it’s not just plain butterscotch;
candy cane. It becomes very thin. I can taste the             there’s something else, something different, but
secret ingredient. It is love. That’s why I liked it so       what? I know! Guava. No, not guava. Grape! No,
much. The reason I could taste it was I have had love.        not grape. Watermelon! No, not watermelon.
It made me feel like a big heart. The candy was like          Lime! It’s not lime. I got it! I know what it is. It’s
getting a hug on Valentine’s Day. When I get another          love! But I also taste sorrow. The sorrow in the
candy from Opal, I will give her a big thanks.                Lozenge that I ate is now inside of me, and now I
SAHIL SETH                                                    feel it. It makes me remember the day my
Second Grade                                                  grandfather passed away. I never met my
                                                              grandmother. She left before I got a chance to meet
Opal gave me a round, purple, smooth candy at the             her. That is how the Lozenge tastes to me.
Herman W. Block Library while Winn-Dixie was                  NICOLE PLANKEN
sleeping and hogging the fan. I put the candy in my           Second Grade
mouth, and it tasted like sweet grape, and it tasted a
little sour. I asked Opal what the candy was called,          I met Opal at Gertrude’s Pets while I was buying cat
and she told me it was Littmus Lozenge. Then I                food. She gave me this candy called a Littmus
noticed the most peculiar taste: it was the taste of my       Lozenge. Its flavor is butter, and it was a round
grandmother falling down the stairs and the hot water         candy, and I couldn’t taste the secret ingredient.
bottle breaking and hot water spilling on her and my          Opal had told there was a secret ingredient inside it,
dad rushing to the hospital. I tasted my grandmother          and I asked her what it was. She told me it was
in the hospital and an ambulance moving her to                sorrow, and I couldn’t taste it because I have never
another hospital. It was as scary as the worst                had any sorrow in my life.
nightmare in the whole world. Then I asked Opal if
there was anything different about this candy, and she        SUCHIR MISRA
told me there was a secret ingredient and that                First Grade
ingredient was sorrow.
                                                              I met Opal at Ms. Franny Block’s Library. I was
UMA ALAGAPPAN                                                 getting books, and Opal came up to me and gave me
Second Grade                                                  a Littmus Lozenge. Then Winn-Dixie sniffed the
                                                              wrapper and smiled. Then he sneezed. The Littmus
I was at Gertrude’s Pets when I saw Opal sweeping             Lozenge tasted like caramel and my brother having
the floor to get her leash and collar from Otis. When         food poisoning. It was like an animal having a cake.
Opal saw me, she gave me this candy and said to try           It tasted sweet but sorrow. Also, it was a small
it. I tried it. It tastes like a Sour Patch with hard         circle, and it had another carved circle on it. It was
bumps on it, and instead of sour, it was sweet. I could       light brown. It was as sweet as sugar itself.
taste the secret ingredient - melancholy. It tasted like
not having a dog and a pet cricket.                           AYLA LERNER
                                                              First Grade
Second Grade

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