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									       LYLAB Network Consulting, EqualLogic & VMware

           Virtual World - Real Results
                                         Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

                                      Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Ctr.
                           2300 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717-299-5500)

     Analog to Digital to Virtual—Technology is evolving to meet the demands of businesses like yours.

 Did you know that leveraging advanced virtualized storage and server technologies can dramatically reduce the cost and
complexity of your IT environment? We are offering a free technical Seminar to discuss how EqualLogic’s PS Series and
VMware’s Infrastructure 3 is the integrated solution that will enable you to: increase your ability to simply adapt, manage
 and grow your storage and computing infrastructure. Learn how to reduce downtime through automation—withstand
                failures, protect and recover important data and overcome network resource constraints.

 Time, money and resources, more than ever, need to be properly leveraged for success and growth. Join us to learn about
    the tools LYLAB, EqualLogic and VMware have available which will enable you to be more successful than ever.

               Buffet Lunch provided. Door Prizes. Seating is limited — RSVP by September 19th

       LYLAB Network Consulting 53 North Duke Street         Lancaster, PA 17602 717.735.5115

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