Virtual World Design Consultants Needed by yew20072


									Virtual World Design Consultants Needed
Middle school minority youth at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, NY, are
creating the Virtual Hall of Science in a universe of virtual worlds called EDUni-NY. The
Virtual Hall of Science is an NSF-funded career development project for future scientists
and science educators. The project aims to put the medium of virtual worlds into the
hands of the kids who love it and empower them to use it to create fun science-related
experiences for each other. Their exhibits will be shared with students and teachers
around New York State, who will take Virtual Field Trips to this virtual museum from
computer labs in their schools.

These development teams need your help and your moral support. Join their Design
Advisory Board.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Add this to your resume for less than 8 hours of volunteer time.

Sign up to:

   1. spend two hours inworld with the creative teams on Saturday, April 3rd
          a. the teams will share their prototypes and ideas with you through chat in
             the virtual world
   2. post your thoughts to the social networking site set up for the project
   3. return in avatar on Saturday May 1 to see what they have accomplished and
      celebrate their progress

If you or any of your friends are interested (any Cornell student is welcome to
participate), contact Margaret Corbit,, 589-6359 for more
information. All you need is the time to join in and access to a PC (sorry, no Macs) on
the Internet and rights to install a version of the Active Worlds browser.

                  Virtual Human Digestive Tract Maze in EDUni-NY

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