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   Continuous News Service                                                                                                                                                                              Undergraduate News Organ

              For 48 Years                                                                                                                                                                                           of M. 1. T.

Vol. XLIX-No- 87                                                             CAMBRIDGE, MASS., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22,1930                                                                                                 Price Five Cents

                                                                        II                                                                  s
RELAY OPPONENTS                                              In Memoriam
                                                                                                  A.E.S. RECORDS                                SENIOR ENDOVVA4ENT
 FOR PROUT GAMES                                       In memory of those of us-un-                 TELL OF GLIDER                                 INSURANCE, POLICY
                                                    lucky or otherwise, as you will
   ARE DESIGNATED                                   -who are soon to emerge from
                                                                                                      MEET IN FRANCE
                                                    the Technology atmosphere into
                                                    a more brawn-than less brain-
                                                    fagging world, we weep.       Oh,
                                                                                                                                                      PLANS ANNOUNCED                                   41-
Mile Team to Meet Dartmouth                         how we weep! Whether absence                  Prizes Were Won in Successful
     College in the Open                            from the limestone sweatshop                     Competitions With Tufts
         Relay Event                                be self-induced or faculty-empel-
                                                    led, weeping is our privilege and
                                                                                                          And Harvard                             Was Recently Elected                                   'STRAIGHT-LIFE'

                                                                                                                                                  General Manager T. E. N.
                                                    we're sticking to it (sob); for
                                                    exam time is approaching and                  NOW MAKING NINTH SHIP I                                                                                  TYPE CHOSEN AS
                                                    the heavy handed headsman                                                                I-
Boston College, Holy Cross and                      hacks horribly.
                                                       To those of you who survive
                                                                                               Following in the footsteps of the
                                                                                          pioneers who founded the Aeroiiantical
                                                                                                                                                                                                              BEST AVAILABLE
        Harvard Will Oppose                         the ordeal we extend congratula-       Engineering Society and flew its first
                                           I        tions, premature though they           gliders, tile present iiienibers are still
             Two-Mile Team                           may be; and to all of you we,         engaged in buildin.-I and flyin.-l- a Tech-                                                         4Comr.nittee Accepts Proposal of
                                           I        the retiring Managing Board of         iiology glider.
    Three men have already been                     THE TECH, extend out adieux                Way back in 1910 when the Insti-                                                                         The Northwestern Life
picked for the one-mile relay tr,,am. that          and the assurance that the start       tnte was "Tech on Boylston St.,- stu-                                                                               Insurance Co.
will oppose Dartmouth at the Wil-                    of the next term and that of          dents built and flew a glider and did it
liam Prout Memorial gaines next Sat-                the next Volume will be as en-         so well that they won a trophy offered                                                               1
urday night in the Boston Garden'                    couraging as they are simultan-       by Mr. Sylvester of the Bostozi and                                                                  LOW FIRST COST - $9.78
The remaining vacancy will be filled                eous.                                  Maine Railroad in a competition with
from among the four men left in the                                                        Harvard, Tufts and a private entry                                                                        Witli bope,; of accuLmilathil- for the
competition by elimination trials this                                I                    froin the Boston Y. .11. C. A.                                                                      I111,4itute it Class girt of $75,000, the
week.      In the Varsity two-mile, the
competition for places oil the team
has narrowed down to six men, while
                                                PLAN BASKETBALL                                      Compete With Harvard
                                                                                               Later in 1910 Teclinolo1gy and Flar-
                                                                                                                                                                                                Senior lEndowmeiiL Insurance Commit-
                                                                                                                                                                                               Itee lias cimserl tlie 1)1an of the iNortli-
the freshman competition has six men                                                       vard iiiet informally at Squantuni.                                                                  westerii Alutual Life Insurance Com-
left in the field.
       Stiff Opposition in Two-Mile
                                                 DANCE NEXT MONTH                          There was built one of the few devices
                                                                                           of its kind in the world. a glider                                                                   paily. Their decision. lias been made
                                                                                           lamichin-1- hichiie. This incline. xvith                                                             I
                                                                                                                                                                                                two montlis earlier tlian tliat of any
    Boston College, Holy Cross, and                                                        the Iii- ii end thirty feet above the                                                                preceding class, and flie committee
Harvard will oppose the Englineer two- Party in Walker Follows Game .around' had tracks on which ran a
,mile team in the Garden race on Sat-                                                                                                                                                            hopes that this fact %vill increase the
                                                  With Brocklyn Polytech                   large platform with wheels to carry
urday. Of these three, the two first                                                       a glider. It is said that Edward P.                                                                   popularity of their I)Iaii.
named teams took part in the relay                       Or, February 28                   Warner used to ride his bicycle up and                                                                     On Friday FebruarN 2Stli there will
 carnival held hi Brooklyn, last Sat_-I                                                    down tile ranip but unfortunately it                                                                Ibe a meeting of the Senior Class, tit
urday night. In the race in which               Dancin- in the -Main Hall of Walker was never used for its intended pur-
these two colle-es were entered, the .11emorial will follow the Basketball pose.
                                                                                                                                                        RICHARD R. KROPF '31                     -,which time Frederick Bernard '17 will
                                                                                                                                                                                              I explain the details of the plan to the
 contestants were New York Univer- garne scheduled with the Brooklyn                           in 1922 Prof. NVarner, E. T. Alleni
sity, Holy Cross, Boston College, and Polytechnic Institute teani on Febru- and Otto C. Koppen took two Tech
                                             ary 28 according to the announcement
                                                                                                                                                                                                 class. Alr. Bernard is special agent
 Georgetown. The runners from the
 colleg'es finished in the order named. of tentative plans made by Richard France and Gerniany. During the in-
 the NT. Y. U. team flashing across the H. Yate-, '31. TNIanager of Basketball.
                                                                                            --liders abroad for competition in
                                                                                                                                                  The J ounget                                   of the cornpaily.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      The plan incepted by the commit-
 line in the exceptionally fast time of         Little is definite about the party ex- ternational ineet at Clermont, Ferrand,                                                                   tee is for a "straight-life" policy of
    minutes, 24 seconds.
                                                                                                         Iglider         the
                                             cept the (late, but it was stated that the Tech Allen. under first expert Iguid-                     The story oil the missing page, the $1000 to be taken out by each member
                                             it would probably be very similar in ance of                         held         place until
             Phil Edwards Fast
                                             character to the dance which was run           injured by a collision 'with spectators Lounger wislies to explain, is easy of of the Senior Class, aiid is purchasable
    Phil E dwards, of N. Y. U., did his after the Nor,,,vicli -ame on the tenth v.,hile tahing off. The three Tech inen explanation; Otis is iio-,%- in the act with an initial payment of $9.7S. It
 quarter in the race in the fast time of of this month. Run purely as an ex- worked hard and re-built this glider IIof repapering- his room and hit upon is pointed out by the Committee that
 49 3/5 seconds to aid his team in perinient to try to increase the attend- but tire jud-es ruled that it was a new all aesthetic and economical solution.
 victory. Of the four colleges named, ance at the ganies, the past affair was entrant and cancelled the previous "Tlie public lie danined," said Otis in it is likely that the graduates will
 the Engineers will meet the first three a hu-e success. and drew an attend- records. However, we finished fifth bis, frimal zeal. and now "Phosplionis, want to take out insurance at this
 during the season-N. Y. U. at the ance of over 35ij couples. 'Music was and won a plaque of honor.                                            be dainned," howl the indi-iiant, frosh. time anyway, and that participation iii
 Millrose -allies in New York city on turnislied by the Harvardians.                            At present the A. E. S. is working I                                                              the plan will briiig them the ordinary
 February 8 and Holy Cross and B. U.            Due to the popularity of the dance. on what is called Glider No. 9. This                          Word comps to the Loun-ger that benefits of insurance togetlier with
 at the Garden next Saturday evening. t1here have been fears aroused aniong- is kilown as a training type glider. Papa Hayward strode from Iiis bird- the benefits accruint-.1 to the Institute.
    Positions gained by the Engineer the student body that admission prices wei-Iiiii- nearly 250 lbs. with a wing I ca-e recentIv and placed a liorizon-                                              Institute Receives $208 Per Man
 entries hi the Pi-out games will de- will be raised as usual. However. ac- area of approximately 221) sq. ft. The tal component under One of his roll-                                               The plan provides that on the
 termine the entries picked for the B. cordin- to 'Mailager Yates' present meinbers of the Society %villhave the ers. Tut-tut, the laws of mechaiiies twenty-fiftli anniversary of the class
 A. A. games in Boston oil February plans, these fears are entirely un- --lider ideally for its first flights of the are not so easily upset. Papa; let us there will. be a total of $208.00 paid to
 15. In this meet each college is al- founded.                                              T929-30 year before the Spring Recess I have no new theories until finahi are the Institute per man. Tlie assi--gii-
 )owed onlv two entries.        Phil Ben-                                                   NvIlen they plan to talize it down to the ov er.                                                      iiient gives the Institute an interest of
 jamin, who will rejoin the teani with                                                      Cape. possibly to its former testing,1;
 the start of the spring terni is prog-                alker Library                                                                               11 is rumored that sOllie lillsophisti- $100 in the event of death, and furtlier
                                                                                                                                               cated idiot stole a set of exam papers directs that dividends payable oii each
                                                                                          t --roillid" ,       ellfleet.
 ressing favorably in his daily work-
 outs at the track juniping pit. He will                  0 Z>e Furnished                              Builds Primary Type                     from Drisko's bulletin board. What anniversary (late of the policy be paid
 compete in the Prout '.%,leniorial games                                                       The 'Soeiety i, confiiiiii-pl- itself maiii- a fool t1iis mortal is: t1iott-gli lie study to the Institute. These dividends are
  tinattached.                                               With Cata.logue                ly to thi's primary type glider, partly and ponder Iiis loot from now 'til then invested by the Institute to accumu-
                                                                                            because of limited funds and parth be- 'twill (lo no good: next term be'll be late at interest until such thrie as the
     Harvard and Yale will run a spe-                                                       cause of the fact that just about the further up the w. Ii. creek. They say accumulated dividend fund would ap-
 cial relay race in the B. A. A. games New Indexing Systern Calc-u- thne a man becomes skillful enough I Drisko never forp"ets.                                                                 I proximate      $100. at w1iich time the
 thus breaking up the annual race be-                                                       to pilot a more advanced type suit) lie                                                             i assignment is discharged.
 tween Technology and Harvard at                 lated to Facilitate Finding
 these -allies.    This puts a break in
                                                                                            ,111tiduates or otherwise leaves the Iii-              Alore power to Ray Underwood, says                 The total gift of each member to
                                                           Of the Books                     stitute.                                           the Loinill-er.       What, ymi liaven't Tecliiiolo,(,,Y is $9S, accraing from with-
 all 'neutral competition that has con-
                                                                                           I It' the 1-lidiiil- this year warrants, it. heard?               Two disgruntled 'baggers held dividends.                    Each -graduate will
 tinued for the past seven years.               At the insulation of President Strat--Ifire A. E. S. plans to start Nvork on an IIstuffed the problem box Nvitli Pi-of. have fulfilled Iiis oblig-ations in that
                                             ton the staff of the Central Library is, 1advanced type (1dider or sail-plaue next t Men's calling, cards: the Lomiger respect at the end or ten years. Dur-

 VARSITY WRESTLING                             I
                                             con-ipiling a catalogue of the books in1year.                                                      Ilopes the situation is cleared up sliort- ing the first ten years. theii the policy-
                                              the reading roonis of Walker Memo-                Concentrated work on the recon- ]Y.                                                                holder j,, cliarged the 1gross premium,
        MEET IS POSTPONED rial. Siiice no inventory of the vol- -truction of the --lider has practically 7I                                                                                        $19.1S. Beginning, with the eleventh
                                              unies in the NValker library has beenI cea-,ed Until after exani %veek,and all 1 out from under the bushel shines I year, liowever, the iiet premium is
     Alanager Northrop of the wrestling taken since it was organized ten years i would-be or prospective glider pilots fol-til 111idson's light at last. Hol(Iiii---; Only $11.07, and from that tinie o1i the
  teani announced last iii.-Ilit that the ago, it is the President's ivish thatt are requested to atteiid the first t forth upon the lethal qualities of 'lec- iiet premium will be consistently re-
  meet with Norwich which was scbed- such action be tahen now, and thatt smolier which will be lield early in I tricity, lie recounted to his ea,,,,-ei- ,,tii- duced.
  uled to take place in the Hangar this a directory be compiled in a f orni1 February hi order that they may iii- dents his experiences as chief elec-                                                      Various Options Offered
  evening Probably will be postponed. available to the student body. The3 foriii themselves on the progress of f trocutioner for the S. P. C. A. I-p-
  This action seemed advisable, due to staff has been several months at workc thc --lider. The iiiana.--hig, board of f to-date niethods, as introduced bx the                                         Anticipating the demand for options
                                                                                                                                                                                                   in type of hisurance, the Committee
  the fact that two or three of the men on this inventory, and it is intendedI the Society ,valits it understood that t I)rofessor have resulted in the astound- state-, that the plan may be had trader
  will be unable to participate.              to have the material ready for publi- those who wish to fly the -g-lider will I ilig output (Or put-011t) of two-buildred various terms. WIdle the polie-y is the
     The next contest oil the schedule for cation before the end of next term. have to help hi the rebuilding                                   cats per 11011r. Ili,,             'grace ap- so-cdled "straiglit-lire." either, an eii-
  the Varsity grapplers is the ineet with i The completed catalol-lue ,vill be aL The nioney available for g lider con-i- peared later: when the bell refused to
                                                                                         I                                                                                                                            . or   pal
  Brooklyn Polytech, which will be lield pocket size edition. and will hide-, struction has be,-n niaterialli
                                                                                         1:                                                                                                        dowment policN                d-up life may
                                                                                                                                                Hill- foi, oil(, of the hour. lie very be liad.                 Tlie endowment policy re-
  (Turing the vacation oil February 1. all volunies on tlie shelves of this li- creased by a check from T. C. Reddig kindly explained the lurking, dangers quires fault tlic, purcliaser pay gross
  Durin- the month of Ji'ebriiary the brary.                                                 '29 who is now i-ith Leollin.-                     of pullinIp- the chain while standing, in pi-eillijillis for t1iiity-seven years. at
  team is listed to meet C. C. N. Y.,           At present all this book-s are ar- The, soeiety. in addition to prelfinin-,-Ithe bath fail) whem, that is. flie elec- wlik-h fail(-, the (,asli value of Iiis I)ol-
  Columbia, Nortliwestern, Chicago U., rang-ed accordin- to -,,Object inatterr ary Nvork oii the plider Has hold                                tric light ch'i ill ). To Prof. Hildsoll. iey is S1000. Under tile, ollier Option,
  und Springfield College.                                                               1.
                                                     there is a systeni of indexin.- Pral informal smokers. Amon- their V t'lic, 1,01111ger", he'll-tioll thanks. Ili- the (,radimte will liave a Imid up life
                                              maintained. However, in the absence speakers have been Capt. Stronime I -idiolls, this 'Iectrieity.                                                  policy ',IL 1110 klld    Of twenty-seveii.
  TECHNIQUE SIGNUPS                           or flie librarian it is sometimes quite U. S. Army Air Corps. and Lieweil-I-
                                              difficult to fear(] the desired voltime. Itt ants Towiier. Schroeter. and liarris,                    Discovtlred: it iiev.- inothod of weigfii-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   yea r-,
         BEGIN FEBRUARY 10 is the belief of those coliductin- Ulf-,                      Iall Air Corps Reserve Officens.                                 ( Continueti or Pagge 4)                 Ii
                                                   reorganization thwart the ne-%%, index sy_,-
 Sports Writeups-, in 1930 Year-                   tein (coupled -,with a catalogue will to                                                                                                              I I Frosh!              You Any
                                                   a great extent overcome this incon-             "Keep Eyes on Ground" Is Advice of HVidely                                                                      P.T. C-Ut's 0 I"'Take Up
        book are Uv-to-Date
    'Beginning Regisiration Day. Alon-         Bequest Increases Co!1ection                          Known Sci--.-ztist to Aspiring R--s--arch Worher                                                            Frosh! have you made up those
                                                                                                                                                                                                              P.T. cuts? The last opportunity to
 day February 10. Ttchiiique will offer    The library in '\Valler -Memorial iiI                                                                                                                              end "he term with a clear record
 signups to the student body. A sio-n- made possible by the Cilley Bequest Dr. Willis R. Whitney 1-las Con-                                       I ('11 - th.   Dill-ilig,   the   NY-al.   ho   was   1.1
                                                                                                                                                I member    of t h (-- N'a va I Con s IIIt iii:g-II           in P.T. will be at 11 o'clock this
 up consists of a deposit of one dollar Ia trust fund of $70.000. the inconiE eI
                                                                                     tributed Many Inventions                                                                                                 morning when the final class will
 as a promise to purchase the year- of -\Nhicb is to be eased in purchasineI  II                                                                I Board and later a nieniber of tile, Sli I)-
                                                                                                                                                  marine Safet- Committee.                                    be held.   All freshmen who have
 book when it makes its appearance. books, casts, and objects of art. Thil,   s              To Progress                                                                                                      not made up all cuts by that time
 The signups represent a Savings as provides sufficient flinds annually tc    0                                                                       He)ps Make the Submarine Safe                           will receive a failing grade in the
 the men who airline them to obtain increase the collection by betweer11 Dr. Willis R. 11,11iftney '90, director
                                                                               I                                                                     hi file fall of 1928 Dr. WhitneyNvas                     course.   Freshmen who wish to
 their Technique will pay a dollar less eil-lit hundred and a thousand vol. of the Research Laboratoryanda vice-
                                                                              I-                                                                  appoiuted by the Navy Department to                         substitute some sport for regular
 than men who do not.                    times.                                  president of the Genenil Electric Com-                           a committee of which Pi-esident Stiat-                      P.T. next term must signup in '
    Aniong--, the new features embodied    At the present time the Walker Li. pany qt Schenectady. is NvidelY known
                                                                              i-                                                                  ton is chairmaji to investigate sub-'                       P. McCarthy's office before no 0 n to,:
 in the 1930 Technique will be thei brary consists of front eight to ninte for his Contribution-, to science.                                     marine safety devices under a Con-                          day. Only those who have a clear
 bringing of the sports writeups up to thousand volunies, most of which ar(- Amon- his achievements are the (le-
                                                                              e                                                                   :gressional appi-opHation of $200,000.                      record this term need apply.      P.T.
 date. Previously these writeups have in the t-wo readhil- roonis. About o velopment of hicandescent and are
                                                                              aI                                                                     This group of thi-ee engineers and                       will be held for ten weeks next
 been for the year preceeding, but the 0--iousand books are held in Roon 11 li-liflim the invention of the "talkin-
                                                                               I                                                                  two retil.ed admirals for over a year                       term and will start immediately
 1930 volume will contain notices of .2-240, the library of the Eng.1lish De, I)ook," and a study of the effeets of                               have been examinin- hundreds of de-                         after school opens.
 1930 teams.                             partnient.                              Hertzian waves of very low wave-                                           (Continued on Page 3)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -I      I
                    Page Two                                                                                                                   THE      TECH                                                           Wednesday, January 22, 1930
                    RCord          of                                                                                               The examination plan for finals on           A plan which calls for a series of
                                                                                                                                 the University of Danver campus will          weekly visits to different fraternity
                                              0                               IUndergrduae                                       undergo changes this year. Exramina-          houses by faculty members for the
                    New ervsSrice                                                                                                tions formerly lasting three hours            purpose of coming in contact with
                    For 48 Years                                                                                                 will now be only two, and the ex:am-          undergraduates, has been approved
                                                                                                                                 ination period is to be shortened             by a large number of fraternities at
                               MANAGING BOARD                                        OFFICES OF THE TECH                         from seven to four days.                      the University of Michigan.
                    D. T. Houston '30 ............          General Manager     Walker Memorial, Cambridge, Miass.                                                         I
                    W. Howard '30 .................
                    C. Connsable '30
                                              ............. Managing Editor
                                                                               News and Editorial-Room 3, Walker,
                                                                                        Telephone Univ. 7029

                     Smith '30 ..............
                    G.                                   Business Manager           Business-Room 302, Walker,
                                                                                        Telephone Univ-. 7415
                                ASSOC IATE BOA D                   R          Printer's Telephone  HANcock 8387 - 88
                    R. Davis '31 .................              News Editor  SUBSCRIPTIO.N PRICE, $2.50 PER YR.
                     W. N. Currier '31 ..............
                    E. Hubbard '31 ............ Features Editor
                    E. Worden '31 ............
                                                               Sports Editor

                                                             1Make-up Editor
                                                                               Published every Monday, Wednesday
                                                                                and Friday during the College year
                                                                                  except during College vacations
                                                                                                                                                    AMarkdown Sale
                    G. Roddy '31 ...........
                      M.                           Advertislng Ma nager        Entered as Second Class Mattar at the
                                                                                         Boston Post Office                          I
                    R. T. Truax
                     K. Minami '31 ...........
                                                     Business Service Mgr.
                                                     Circulation Manager
                                                                                  Member Eastern Intercollegiate
                                                                                       Newspaper Association
                                                                                                                                                  Young M~en's SUITtS                                                      We don't likie to say too
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         much in praise of our young
                          EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT
                                Editorial Board
                    L. Verveer, Jr. '30  W. B3.Schneider '31
                                                                                                         Department          I                     and OVERCJOATS                                                        men's clothing; sounds pre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         judiced !
                                                                        W. Holst '32          J. Valverde, Jr.,        '321
                              NEWS AND: SPORTS
                                 DEPARTMENTS                            R. T. Hodgdon '33          G. H. Ropes
                                                                                     C. M. Thayer '32
                                                                                                                      '33 I                                   VWere $55-Now $47                                              Yet, on the other hand, it
                                   N ight Ed itors                                                                                                                                                                       is hand-tailored of all-wool,
                  J. W. Bah~r '31                 M. F. Burr        '31      Assistant Circulation Managers                                                  Were SO Now 43                                              f abrics;
                  F. C. Fahnestock '30 E. W. H. rmon                 30 W. MI. Moore, Jr. '32'    J. J. Winkler       '32
                  A. H. Feibel '32
                                   News Writers
                                             S. R. Fleming          '32
                                                                                    E. D. McLeod '32                                                         Where 45-Nozv 39                                              It is styled with meticulous
                  M. S. Hathaway '32         E. P. New man         '3 9,      Circulation Department Staff
                                                                   '32 L. Cianciolo '32            W. B. Pierce       '3''                                                                                               care in the prevailing mood.
                    O.W. Burtner '31 E. F. McLaughlin
                              G . H. Sistare,Jr.     '32                             S. L. Johnson '32                                          All made in Our O)wn Workrooms-in a                                      and-
                                Photographic Staff
                  P. H. Bonnet        '31        J. P. Elting      '31
                                                                                Advertising Department
                                                                             Assistant Advertising Managers
                                                                                                                                                variety of fine patterns. Sizes 35 to 40.                                  It is reasonably priced.
                                  Sports Writers                        R. H. H~aberstroh '31 W. H. Barker             '32
                    O.C. Chapman '31
                                               P. A. Robert        '32 W. B. Simonds '32             A. S. Ellis
                                                                                   M~. D. Triouleyre '32
                                                                                                                      '32                        High Pile Ulsters-Were $95-Nor$69                                         But woe won't mention all
                 H. Kamy    '31                J. H. Coenen        '3.3                                                                                                                                                  that; just invite you to drop
                    P. --
                        E.Dai     '33             _3 E. Shea      '33                                                                                   Youlng Men's Departmeitit-20nd Floor                             in and see for, yourself !
                 W. L. Sheppard '33         C. W. Sweetser        '33 L. C. Bond '32         C. E. McCormack          '32
                 J. L. Friedman '32           D. H. Clewell       '33 A. Jewell '32                E. F. Moran        '32
                 W.     V.   Skees '33            R. J. Dunlavey '32    T. E. Sears, Jr. 32          K. G. Bell       '33
                    A.G. Bowen '33                    J. T. Groff133 A. L. Berry '33              M. L. Brown         '33
                                                                                    J R. Henshaw '33
                                        Adlios: Houston, Howard, Connab~le and Smith                                             I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ROGERS PEET COMPANH
                                                                                                                                                                LMF1ITED                                                            formerly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Macullar Parker Company
                                                             "AU 'VOIR"                                                                               336 to 340O Washington Street, Boston                               Tremont Street at Bromfield
                T ODAY we sib-down to the                            loyal typewriter for the last time,
                and co-itate. more even than usual. To express ideas well                                                                L
              hard enough in any event, but to speak for the retiring Man- I
                   Board of Volume XLIX is particularly so. To give the
                                                                                                                              L                                                                                   i
       -reactions      to foulr years full of varied experiences is no small
      X       ~Along with the elation at release from responsibility there
       -is     a feeling of sincere regret. To the Senior who looks back
            over his years at Technology, his work on the activities is what
            stands out. It is thro-ugh them that he has made most of his
           friends, both among the undergraduates and the faculty. It is
           in them that he has found outlet for what initiative and creative
       -genius      he may have. Very likely contacts made while doing
       ~*his extra-curricular work will lead to a position when he leaves
           the Institute.
              We on THE TECH appreciate to the fullest extent all these|
           advantages. We have enjoyed our work, and will probably
           pester the new men with senile ideas. As MacGregor Jenkins,
       <r       the editor of "The Atlantic Monthly" told us Saturday evening,
       -} "When once printers' ink gets into your blood, it is there to
                stay."         And of course THE TECH agrees with "'The Atlantic
        :'Frankly, we ar e proud of this last Volume. Forty-eight
          boards have no doubt made that statement, and with lreasons of
          their own. Ours ar e these: primarily, we have done our best to
                aid in the "Use Walker" campaign.                                      Throughout last spring
                and this fall THE TECHI has recorded the vcarious steps in the
                program, and has urged the students to greater enthusiasm. At
Ar              present, with a student committee at work on the possibilities
          of changes, there is high hope for an adequate Walker Me-
       -tmorial, This problem and others we have presented to Tech-
       ;>nology               graduates in the "Alumni Issue", which carried the
 It       important events of the past two years. We have watched the
       -I ise of Technology in athletics, and have chronicled the sue-
          cesses of the T. C. A. In carrying out the policy "First with the
          Latest", we have changed the time of publication from morning
       tK until nloon, with great benefit to all concerned.
            !With              the knowledge that the paper is in good hands, we re-
                tire, with regret, pride and joy.                             The best of luck for 1930!

                                  MUTUAL BENEFITS
           Cl ARRYING out a sincere attempt to assure the success of its
                plan, this year's Senior Endowment Insurance Commrittee is
       -aannouncing its choice of an insurance policy before the mid-
           term examinations. After careful consideration of the merits
       -,of    the various propositions submitted byr all insurance com-
            panies operating in Massachusetts, the committee has decided
       jto    accept that of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Com-
                pany of Milwaukee.
                  The group feels that it has wisely solved a weighty problem,
                                                                                                                                                      Rel-Dov ini ental arriers
                and the Class of 1930 will no doubt agree. There are several                                                                                                                      representative. He is invited to sit down
                matters of prime importance in choosing a plan which will give                                                                    In the Bell Telephone System mten are
       tvmutual               benefits to the men and the Institute.                            First of all is the                            constantly studying new ways to make the           comfortably and discuss his business. Cer.
            necessity for general acceptance. This implies a low premium                                                                       customer's dealings with the company               tainly more satisfactory than standing at a
        iand     varied options as to type of insurance. It is likewise im-                                                                    easy and pleasant. The new "counter-               counter.
            portant that the company will make every effort to sell the idea
       -'to    the Seniors, and to keep the policy in force during the                                                                         less" idea, now being introduced in the               This single instance represents a point
            twenty-five years. Furthermore, it is a help if the salesman                                                                       telephone company's business offices, is a         of view which telephone men think is im-
       -and his methods appeal to the members of the class.                                                                                    case in point.                                     portant. Telephone service calls for engi-
              The selected plan admirably fills allI thlese qualifications. The                                                                   Here the customer is placed at once on          neering skill and more-it needs human
            thousand dollar straight life policy has a lower premium than
            any other kind of insurance. In f act, it is as low as that for                                                                    a friendly personal basis with the company         understanding.
       !group                insurance, such as the Institute carries for its staff. The
           Northwestern's plan affords several options: the policy may be
           continued as a "whole-lif e" policy; it may be matured as a paid
           up life policy at the end of twenty-seven years; or it may be
           matured as an endowment policy after twenty-seven years. As
                                                                                                                                                                       'BELL SYSTEM
          for the company's representative, he is Frederick Bernard '17,                                                                                           nation-wvide system of inter-conneccting telephoner
           a man actively interested in Technology affairs and one who is
           able to appreciate the student's point of view.
             At a cost of less than a hundred dollars per man in dividends
       -withheld     during the first ten years, the plan will bring to the
       -iInstitute $208 from, each policy-holder on the class' twenty-f-ifth
           reunion. During all this time the men are receiving the bene-
       -fits of a $1000 policy. It is an opportunity none can afford to
          miss.                                                                                                                              " O UR     PIO NE E RITNG                    WO RK           H AS         J US T       B EG UN "
                            Wednwesday, UAcuary 22, 1930L
                                                                                                                                                                                  T HE T E CH                                                                                                             Three
                            Head of G. E. Research Laboratories (
                                     Advice to The InquirintrResearc) W orkneetr
                                                                    Ofer                                                                                                                         ON 16 CYLINDER CAR|
    lII                      Dr. Willis R. Whitney Has Con-I        I
                                                                     ganizations. He is a no                                                                           ||Adam                       K. Stricker '29 to Speak |@.
    I                            tributed Many Inventions fessor of Chemical Reon-resident Pro-
                                          To Progress                Institute and until ret
                                                                     I                          ecentyarch at |th.e._                                                                            Friday on New Cadillac i -
                                                                     member of the Corporat.t o n ..
                                                                                                  i   ...
                                     (Continued from Page 1)              Says "sKeep Eyes o
                             vices to increase the safety of naviga- In an Aldred LecturE
                             tion below the surface of the ocean. Institute some years ag( Dr. Whitney|
                             With two ships available for the testscommented upon the u:
                                                                                                              ,o.                                                                          Moto ars kthe(
                                                                                                                                                                                                C2Copay wil spta to
                             for the raising of disabled submer-which the man engage
                             sibles, the submarine S-4 was dropped holds in Vie world.
                             to the bed of the ocean in December ''Tie
                                                                             ideal research ma]
                             1928, one year from the date of its tive child of nature, unk vinie positio °fl
                                                                                                                                                               ~       S>                 Socityo of Atothisver'            sionv.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Engmoineer                               t                   UPRukD
                                                                            ignorance and
                             sinking off Cape Cod. "Pad eyes" and uses non-existenlt humanne.All his-     r es,,Me.XA1artil
                                                                                                                     criin                                                                tile V-16 Cvadi:fllac in a metgta

                             a number of other new devices were
                             fastened to its sides in an effort to engineer

                             ing cables or pontoons
                                                                                 is uising a fini
                             determine a means of quickly attach-tested laws and substaD
                                                      to similar dis- tory may be- his inventc  nturaistor.         He
                                                                                                                         h| e~~es               1 on     the       i            F 8 yIn
                                                                                                                                                                                            vr   hitalkb     Stricker foille
                                                                                                                                                                                                           tob pui             s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   g         a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ive   (le-r
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  r-|                       :
                             abled craft in rescue operations.
                                                                      flies he mlls! keep both
                                                                      groulld. The researcher                                                                                   a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~srpin ovnshie
                                                                                                                                                                                                        f          .tv sixncalindet arils
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tlec                                    a             |RS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           p          -
                                Since the foundation of the research finite actual Stock, sees
                             laboratory at Schenectardy extensive interestirg unexplol ed 1
                             experiments have been carried on in wants to test new laws,                           l I~~ere k      1s    DO i                E      |ha5 beento tthatC has beeuny sei      the
                             radio telegraphy and telephony and materials and find and
                             on the behavior of waves of the very viously hilexpncted hum;a
                             high frequencies.    Under the direc- you read, ae li'~es of men                   ing Bybefore action of the Dean,
                                                                                                                         the      al                               the     of         yer' auoobl
                                                                                                                                                                                        .i                   s         ,wsg                                      \wF             U        FUtlMstD        .n^o
                             tion of Dr. Whitney a vacuum tube Faradayt )am~in, Watt, anford                                                               f     u Anv articlelllypbiato                                Z§                                        \\brld
                             was constructed by the General Elec- son and g teinretz youI
                             tric Company and made to deliver 15 to have IintEase intere.
                                                                                                                                                                             by Strickere forvllrlt lastve issue|
                                                                                                                                                                                                  te                           hC                                                    to        Kere
                             kilowatts of power at a wavelength of it is a One than which                       n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o n                ntehad
                                                                                                                                         pae ththe:IgeCtni                   Treon whc apeae e.\
                                                                                                                                                                               E. N.                                                                                       AL

                             six meters. During the operation of greater. ,
                             the set some interesting phenomena                                        e    iespprnam     tote        tdetseaesn                          30 Haymrket Squae of
                                                                                                                                                                            car is                                      Iite                                                                         9X Oro
                             were discovered.                                                 andrintory.  Hg edio         wilb"hsnfoqaoll6PalStet                                                 tI01\\a                                                                                                                    I
                                                                      Abbe    Dest Dimmet, produvhc~hm    nee                     nominatin         powe                              ca ebdissay                 e
                                    Cold Bar Blisters Hand          French iter in speakiz I~~~~beprom satisfy                                                      1lO3Wsingtosin andtreet1iI\W
                                                                                                                                                                   feaure botht                                                                                                                                     H
                               A copper bar lying on the floor group of udelts at Sta                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*114
                                                                                                             If                                               clan         gSwants                             \ \\ati3
     i            lthough
                            blisters the hand that picks it up even er ity a d them to be
                                     the metal is cold, an incandes-
                          cent lamp of neon tube lights bril-
                                                                          andstonitting othei likePaseur
                                                                          wasinguabe, time or Kelvin,_°Edi-                        <
                                                                                                                                           ben i
                                                                                                                                             fo .B
                                                                                                                                                       _ _

                                                                                                                                            uin sevray ea
                                                                                                                                                           _ _ W    11           site
                                                                                                                                                                          t3 Aascyliudert
                                                                                                                                                             S it heet boa
                                                                                                                                                                                                       cAreu is ap-w
                          liantly when touched by someone near           thigs      eand to cultil
                          the apparatus, and electric meters are            an Ive thought;I se tha F5/50A~7a
                                                                               r                   woi~                               toie of the Cadillac Cotreet         1an1d,,*,
                          m:ade to read even though there is no met urtstatEd that the
                          direct connection to the device. Men should               Mad carefully;a
                          standing near transmitter have noticed ently as Age of history
                          a warming efect and then an increas- much c ~be gained.
                          ing pain in limbs and points. Medical I-
                          observations made on men stationed
                   ,near           a radiating antenna showed that
                          the blood temperature rose to nearly
                                                                                         j               T(
                          1'00 degrees m -about 15 minutes.                                         Jv
                              Dr. Whitney, in commenting upon I
                          the value of the machine to therapeu-
                          tics said, "No one can safely predict wi11lil                 nT,-
                          or promise a utility for such new
                          things, but it is clear that further ex-
I                    'may
                           perimients must be carried out. It
                                   be assumed that if we had a per-
                          fectly harmiless method for ovary ing                                         | ach 81g - sT N 93
                                                                                                             \V n              ass Ae  :|1215 Commonwelth                   jvenu
                          the blood      it might have value, because,
                           fevlers are sometimes artifically pro-
                          duced in order to start convalescence."
                          Eggs, sausages and cookies lvere
                                                                                     -          EDOSIFDLL DRESS sCUTWAYs ZSHIRTSz1ETC.L                                                                _             _II
                           cookied successfully in a glass tube
                          hung -at one end of a short wire strung                 Is            And~~~~~~~~~~~    ~           m                                                      mm__
                   'parallel           to the radiating antenna.       I         t,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -4
                  5                 ~~~Invented "Talking Book"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I
              i              ~~Dr. Whitlley's ver satility is well il-
                          lustrated by his invention of the "talk-
                   ting         book" wrhichl is still in the labora-
                          tory stage. Designed to banish eye

                    'strain         and to increase the spveedl of the
                          reader the device employs a filnl con-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .m
                          taining several transmitting tracks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I
                          and set in an instrument which looks
                          like a camiera. A detecting device
                          picks up the vibr, ations from the film
                          and conveys them throllgl an ampli-
                    ,fier         to a loudlspeakter. The strip un-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In
                          wvinds in about 15 minutes, wvlereulpon           Lw
                          the strip automatically r everses and
                          continues to provide entertainment for             i
                          about two hours with a speed of read-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                IS
                          ing considerably greater than that of
                          the visual form.                                         .f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                i    i
                             Born ill Jamestown, News York. Dr.
                  a         Wllitnley r'eceived hils early edllcationl
                        in the local schools of that cityN. After                  i;1                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (7t
                        graduating, from the Institute in the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            lM
                        course ill chlemistry he was appointed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1-.i
                        to the instructing staff. Except for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IX&
                  ,two        years of study in Paris and at
                        the University of Leipzig where he
                        received his doctor's degree, lie has                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   i
                        been continuollsly connected with the
                        Institute lentil lie r esigned to become
                  ,director       of the Schenectady laboratory.
                                                                                                                                                                   =S                                                                                                                 ,..                      11~~~~~~TO
                        It was here that lie engaged in many
                        electro-chemica1l and technical electri-
                        cal problems, including the develop-
                        ment of incandescent and arc light-
                        ing. Here also he perfected a sub-
                        marine detector which wvas used dur-
                                                                                          KI~r /
                                                                                           i                  ///7--    -.                                         iS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~oi
                         ing the latter part of the war at the
                        Nahant Station of the United States
                                                                                         I R~lf
                                 Receives Medal for Resarch
             , ......... In recognition of his many contri.
                 :t.......butions to science Dr. Whitney wvas
                           presented witll the Pertzin Medal by
                                                                                                       "XtI                   !
                                                                                                                                                          OEI-ISrMS                                                        eIWSL                        L.TOM
                 les.......the American Section of the Society
                 .......of Chemical Industry. In his address
          l .........of acceptance he said that one of the
                 b;.......most significant steps in chemistry
                           had been the doubling of the number
                           of available medals thus allowing for
                           the development of many alloys.1.He
                           stated that "One of the biggest things
                            in chemistry lies in agriculture. It
                            is admitted that we need more and
                                                                                                1'Nevr!99crie        Nell, bound to the rails, her eyes

                                                                                                Rlazing with defiance. "Death is preferable to a life with                                                             w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         f     °                 6       #
                  i.......better fertilizers.-We want synthetic
                  .......ammonia and we get it because, dur-
          | ......... ing the war we were forced to adopt
          l .........      production methods derived from for-                                  do
                                                                                                Aow       hyou          ."k
                  '.......eign chemical research.                                                                             tt out?" hepurred.                                                                                       X
                              Dr. Whitney was awarded the Wil-
                  '.......lard Gibbs Medal by the Chicago sec-
                           tion of the American Chemical So-                              IIIH rasping voice suchas yours would make life a living
                           ciety. He is now a director of this
                           society of which he was president in                           I~~1,           she answered
                            1909, and was appointed by it to
                           organize the National Institute of                                                                 e I'll listen to reason."
                           Chemistry. He served as president of
                   j.......the American Electro-chemical So-
                   fi.......ciety in 1912 and is a member of the
                   i.......Society for Testing Materials, the
          4 .........      American Institute of Mining Engi-                            AEST CROWINC
          i .........
          1 .........
                           neers, the American Academy of Arts
                           and Sciences and other scientific or-
                                                                                                   W   ~-
                                                                                                                                        *CIGARff TE I N H STORY.                                       NOTA COUGH NA CARLOAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                I                                                                                               l
          I                                                                               II,

Page Four                                                                                                      THE           TECH                                                                        Wednesday, January 22, 1930
                                                             L   s   -    -    -   -   -   s;~      I                                s                                                                                                   -   -Ih     I

                                                                                                                                                        that within less than a wee! these                tion to and from Jaffrey, N. H., and
                                                                                                         T. C. A. Makes Final
                              CALENDAR                                                                      Arrangemeants For
                                                                                                                                                        vacancies would be filled.
                                                                                                                                                           Professor Frederick K. Morris of
                                                                                                                                                                                                          board and lodging for three days, as
                                                                                                                                                                                                          well as transportation from the sta-
                                                                                                                                                        the Department of Geology, i: among               tion to the Ark and back. The party
                                                                                                                                                        those who are making the trip this                will leave on Saturday, February 1 and
                        Wednesday, January 22                                                                  Midawinter Outing                        year. Professor Morris was geologist              return Tuesday night February 4.
 7:00-Tech Show Rehearsal, Walker Gym                                                                                                                   of the Third and Fourth Asiatic Expedi-              Announcements of the trip have
                        Thursday, January 23                                                            Professor Morris to Take Trip                   tions of the American Museum of Na-               been sent to all the Fraternity houses
                                                                                                                                                        tural history. During the nearly eight            and have also been posted on the
 7:30-Meeting of Tech Show Cast, WVest Lounge, Walker Memorial.                                           To White Mountains With                       years which he spent in Mongolia he               dormitory bulletin boards.
                            Monday, January 27                                                                  Undergraduates                          has lived through many interesting exr-
                                                                                                                                                        periences about which he will tell dur-                                                          I
 6:30-Alumni Council Meeting, Faculty Dining Room.
                                                                                                                                                        ing the trip.
                          Wednesday, January 29                                                            Announcement was made yesterday
                                                                                                        at the T. C. A. office at the last meet-           The total cost oi the outing, not
 8-11-Tech Show Rellearsal, Walker Gym.                                                                                                                 counting incidentals, which depend en-
                                                                                                        ing of the Association's executive
                           Thursday, January 30                                                         board that it was definitely decided            tirely upon the tastes and means of
                                                                                                                                                        the individual, does not run higher
 8-11-Tech Show Rehearsal, Walker Gym.                                                                  to hold the proposed mid-winter out-
                                                                                                        ing. This decision was made in view             than $20. This includes transporta-
                                                                                                        of the fact that 7 men had already                                                                    WIRES and CABLES
                                                                                                        signed up at that time. Since then 6
                   UNDERGRADUATE                                                                        more men have applied for reserva-
                                                                                                        tions thus bringing the total up to                                                                                    *****
            MID-YEAR       OUTING                                INFIRMARY LIST                         13.  Only 18 men can be accommo-
                                                                                                        dated and therefore      the number of
   Tile T. C. A. executive council an-                     In Homberg Infirmary                         vacancies is now down to five. Wallace                                                                 INSULATED WITH RUBBER
nounces that the mid-year outing will                Miss R. Dobbins                                    M. Ross, General Secretary of the
                                                                                                        T. C. A. held the opinion yesterday                                                                       PAPER OR VARNISHED
be held. Thirteen men have to date                   Mrs. C. Edwardson
signed utp, and the total will be lim-               Charles B. P. Hodge '31                                                                                                                                                CAMBRIC
ited to eiglhteen. Candidates for the                Julian J. Klein '33
remaining places are asked to sign up                Ricardo E. Serrano '33
                                                     Lambert G. Snow '33
                                                                                                                                                               B~etter Transportation                                          *****
in the T. C. A. office.
             SENIOR PHOTOS                               In Homeopathic Hospital                                                                                 A More Successful
                                                     John K. Campbell '32
  The proofs of all Senior pictures
for 1930 Techniqlue must be returned                         FOUND            IN ARMORY                     "THE FORTUNE TELLER"
                                                                                                                                                                   Social Season                                  SMPEX              &RE&ClE
during this week. Any member of the                                                                             THE MAJESTIC                                          U-DRYVIT                                               aInuf.aturers

                                                            The caretaker of the Armory has                                                                                                                      201 DEVONSHIRE ST., BOSTON
class who has not had his picture
taken may have it done this week.                        found a grey overcoat, made in Lan.                   Third in the cycle of Victor Her-           AUTO RENTAL CO., Inc.
For appointment, get in touch with                       caster, Pennsylvania, which was left bert revivals is the "Fortune Teller" ii Your Satisfaction is Our Success
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BRANCII OFFICES
the Institute Photographic Service,                      here by some freshman at drill recent- which opened Monday night at the                               6 BELVIDERIE ST., BOSTON
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CHICACO          SAN FIRAXCISCO
Room 4-304.                                              ly.                                                Majestic. This comic opera is not                   Boston Automobile Club                           NEV    YonRK          CLEVELAND
                                                                                                           as well klonrown to many as the two                             Park Square                                    JACKSONVILLE
                                                                                                            which have preceeded it but it is iden-                         HEN. 5203
                                                        ies run flronl 150 to 300% of invest- tified with the "Gypsy Love Song,"                                                                                                                          I
                                                        ment.       The Lounger pondelrs, have even today a favorite number.                             I                                                 a,                                            .

                                                        these youthful prodigies earned the                    Eleanor Painter Is featured and
                                                        title of Big Stink Men fronm Cam- rightlyv so for she fills the exacting                             .. 1 _ -
                                                                                                                                                           5;-               .a ..     -
                                                        bridge?                                            conditions of her prima donna role de-
                                                                                                                                                                         ,~ol JoPdnMar~sh
                                                                                                           lightfully and nlore than that is ever en-
                                                           Printing circles are agog with news trancing in the three roles
                                                                                                                                           which the                                           d"-Gompan~~~~~~~~an,
                                                                                                           plot of the opera requires of her. First
                                                       ofr receilpt of an order by one of their                                            desired of
                                                       number for 500 copies each of 5:otes as Irma, the Ballet dancer,                                                                                                                              u
                                                                                                           an impoverished count because of her
                                                         6, 10 and 14. It is quoted on good au-
          (Continued from        page 1)                 tllority that this is an increase of 14%          fortune and sweetheart of Lanislas an
 ing watelr. Wrearied of slifting valves over last year's sales; that the trend officer, then as her twin brother a
 and recording gross and tare in the has been definitely established as up- deserter and again as Musette the
                                                                                                                                                                                     An Example
solitudes of the basement, a well-mean- ward;                      that demand fal exceeds sup- gypsy fortune teller whom the count
 ing Senior with an inventive turn of ply. There is some talk around Mer- takes for Irma. She flits from role
 mind shut off both discharge valves rill's office of enlarging the clerical to role with so much grace that in II
                                                                                                                                                                            of Smart Footwear
 with the firm intention of weighing force to handle this increased volume spite of the rather inane proceedings
 the janitor's mops, wet and dry, after -approximately 82% of the Faculty that attend the development of the i                                         i                        for Men
 the experimeent was ended. A practical and instructing staff are to receive I plot her infectious vivacity never
 difficulty (in all fairness to the said bonuses in recognition of their work ceases to entertain.
 Senior. hlie was unaware of it) lay in in furthering the cause.
 the shot'tage of mops; most of the
 overflow wsas left to evaporate over-
                                                                                                         I A chorus that is modestly adequate
                                                                                                           and might be characterized as one
                                                                                                            picked with an eye to the vocal qual-
                                                                                                           ities conforms to the standards set
                                                                                                                                                                     Stetson Oxfords
    Prof. Hudson. again. Says he, "No
          dleserves to graduate from the
 Institute unless lie can answer cor-
rectly every question ever asked him."
 Let Hudson correct the Lounger's
                                                                                                           by the previous productions.
                                                                                                           Bair as the torrid Mlle. Pompom did
                                                                                                           some rather pleasing singing with Eric
                                                                                                           Titus in "In the Play." Philip Con-
                                                                                                            yers as Sandor the gypsy lover cuts
                                                                                                           a splendid figure and has an excellent

                                                                                                                                                           1.               The Century meets every demand of
                                                                                                                                                                          correct Style and enzduring Quality

                                                            Co-eds at Ohio W/esleyan Univers-
 finals-"I don't know" is correct as
hours to say so.
                                                                                                           basso but the applause which the
hell, Madam, and it doesn't take three. ity have been ordered by the dean "Gypsy Love Song" elicited must be
                                                         of women to quit smoking cigarettes
                                                                                                                                                                                          $12 50
                                                         in public eating houses and other attributed in great part to the popular-
    Good old Eames, lie of the scrawny                   places where the public may gaze on ity of the number.
                                                                                                         Iil                                                       In tile new dart 1)row-n calf this street oxford is in perfect
beard-none other, popped a nifty at them.
 those poor Course Six creatures. After                                                                                                                            color hlarmony with your new brown suit-also in black.
                                                                                                                                                                    calf if prefelrrel    . . . The toe is slightly higher than last
 cornering and disarming them, under                        Six hundred women out of a thou-                     As We See the Movies                               mason and the curve of the sole modified for walking
 pretext of an Englislh Lab final. he sand were declared ineligible for
quizzed them at length upon Hydraulic rushin1g at the University of Minne-                                              --                 --
                                                                                                                                                                    col mfort.
Rams, their properties, propensities sota as                        a result of poor grades at the
and propagation. Leave it to Eames, end of the fall quarter. This has
                                                                                                          I              LOEW'S STATE                                   Other Stdson Oxfords $12.50 and $14.50
these boys haven't had the experiment caused much feeling against the de-
on the aforesaid rants; Eames must ferred rushing system instituted there "Their Own Desires", now playing at
                                                                                                               Norma Shearer's latest picture,                        | TI-IE LOmER FLOOR OF THE STORE FOR MEN
have been wool-gathering.                               this year.

   A horse fell down on the 'Stute
                                                                                                           the State. is one whicll is good in
                                                                                                           spots. Norma does some remarkable
                                                            Sororities, according to official rat- acting in the more serious parts of the
                                                        ings top the fraternities. as evinced story, but when it comes to acting the
                                                                                                                                                       I   I                                                                                     --

driveway yesterday; Course X stu-
dents had difficulty in restraining Rob- by the figures of two weeks ago. Co- familiar flapper, her art is rather
bie Robinson from launching forth eds have nearly equalled their schol- forced.
into the glue business. Anent "stinks," astic ratings 1)by the extent of their                                 Tile story is that of an author in his
the Lounge- has more to say about outside work.                                                            plrime, and rather tired of his good,
;these Clhem Engineers. The Seniors                                                                        but dowdy wife, meets someone that is
responsible for devastating the atmos-                      Student dances and other social af- a bit too much for hlim. Norma has
phere of Building Two these many fairs at the University of Arizona been a real pal to her dlad, and even
months past have now reached the have been cancelled because of a though hier mother is no shining light,
rosy status of big promoters-annual threatened epidemic of mumps which she can't see his deserting her. Never-
profits on their projected stink factor- has invaded that campus. Four stu- theless lie does, and loses his girl.
                                                         dents are seriously ill with the dis- Then she meets the son of the sophis-                        I
                                                                                                                                                               d "               Wall
                                                         ease in Tucson hospitals and many ticated lady whvo has attached herself                                ~arle-,I
          I ~

                         J Ill
                                                      I others are confined to the university to Norma's father.
                                                         infirmary. The outbreak is thought to
                                                         have originated in the Phi Delta falls in Iove witIz hlim, with the result
                                                                                                                                      Naturally, she
                                                                                                                                                               ntv                      ~~~~~~~~~~g
                                                                                                                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       V.
                                                                                                                                                                            B~~~~~~~~~~MBB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~va, --
                                                                                                                                                                                    pT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~~    ·s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.&
                       2 Summllller St.

                                                         Theta house.

                                                            As soon as plans have been worked good, but Norma's mother makes a
                                                         out. the University of Chicago is to poor showing
                                                                                                           that there was a mess caused that it
                                                                                                           took the remainder of the story to
                                                                                                           straighten out. Some of it is rather             gooa                                                   · `

                                                                                                                                                                  You realize th wvide, wide gulf that separates song-plugging from
                          TO RENT                                                                                              at acting the grief-
                                                        receive 2,000,000 dollars from John D. stricken mother lwho is about to lose
                                                         Rockfeller. Jr., for an "International her danglhter.
                                                                                                                                                                  singing vwhen ,ou hear Ruth Etting sing!
                                                         House- which will provide dormito-                                                                           This new Columbia record of hers gives you two popular hits,
                                                                                                               In general, the acting really was as
                                                         ries and     club house facilities for 500 good as the circumstances would per-                          colored with jist the right tints of pep, sweetness, and melody-and
                                                         |oreign students attending the univ- mIit, the principal cause of the show's                             that somethirg else that is Ruth Etting's charm.
                          rUXEDOS                        ersity.                                           not being a first rate picture'was that                    Sample Ruh's latest today,land hear these two fine steppers as

                                                                                                           it suffered from poor dilrecting. The
                                                            Lehigh rooters clairm to hold the sulpporting cast w;as excellent, with
                                                                                                                                                       I          well . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                      Record No. 2073-D, 10-inch, 75c
                                                         record for the fastest touchdown ever Lewis Stone as the father and Robert                               IF HE CARET: (from Motion Picture "Devil
                                                         made. The touchdown was nlade in MIolntgomery as the leading man.                                             Mayt Care"X                                         Vocals
                              :.AND ONE                  the Lehigh-Navy game of 1896. Don Stone was really good, but Mont-
                                                         Fugitt, left tacele for Lehigh, kicked gomery suffered the handicap of lav-                              CRYING FOR THE CAROLINES (from Motion                            Ruth Etting
                                 PRICE:                                                                                                                                Picture "Sring Is Hiere")
                                                         off to Richardson, Navy fullback. who ing to play the part of a Princeton
              Colllllete Outfitters
                                                         cauglht the ball on his own five-yard                                                                                        Record No. 2066-D, 10-inch, 75c
                                                      i line. Jack Gass, Lehiglh quarterback, ]nan.            Eugene Dcnis, higlhly proclaimed as                THE SHEPHlRD'S SERENADE (Do You Hear Me                  Waltz
                                                         reached Richardson just as the ball t.he only living perfect psychic )1ro-                                    Calling You) (from Motion Picture "Devil            Ben Selvin and His
                                                         struck him on the clest and rebound- vided some interesting moments by
         C(Efielp    b         ari
    An Eating Place of Particular
                                                         ed. Gass caught the ball at full speed answeringg weird personal questions
                                                         and went over for a touchdown. that were popped at her from the
                                                         From kick-off to goal line was then audience. Some of her answers ap-
                                                                                                                                                                       May Care')
                                                                                                                                                                  CHARMING from Motion Picture
                                                                                                                                                                       "Devil AVay Care")
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Fox Trot

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
   Excellence Invites your Pntronage                      55 yards, and Gass was considered a peared to be earnest, whether or not                                                    Record No. 2067-D, 10-inch, 75c
      l,un1hcicn 35c
                               Dinner 50c
                                                         fast sprinter. The estimated time of the questioners were "planted", but
                                                          the touchdown is seven seconds.           .I      when a middle-aged man asked her
                                                           _ _ _ _ _~ _ _- _ _ _r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I what his name was, she retorted that I
                                                                                                                                                                   WaHY Do 3ou SUPPOSE (from "Heads Up!")
                                                                                                                                                                   MY MAN IJON THE MAKE (from -Heads Up!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fox Trots
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Knickerbockers

    EVERMY SU;NDAY                         75c
                                                                                ' FOR TECH                  he ought to know by this time.
      12 FIRAVILAND ST., BOSTON                             5PRlSNTINRa                      TkB
                                                                                  A (£TIVITMIE£
                                                                                                                Harryi Langdon furnished another
                                                                                                            addition to the program, in a crazy
                                                                                                                                                                                               ffa&,ic           Notes "

   off Mass. Ave., near Boylston St.                                    FRANKX~al FACEY                icomedy entitled, "The Head               Guy".
    Not connected with any other
            Restaurant in Boston
      Specq5iatl Tables for Students
                                                                              · FRAN^~aceY    ^Imagine
                                                                :3i Prospect St., C:amlb)rilgle
                                                                    T<'el.550         ('ntil      Sq.
                                                                                                                       him trying to take care of a
                                                                                                             railroad station while the chief goes
                                                                                                             to look at newly acquired twins.
                                                                                                                                                                 Vxva- tcnal Recording
                                                                                                                                                                                                  g- e Records'Athout Scratch
                                                                                                                                            D. T. H.

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