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Summary of qualifications
   Ten years of experience developing user, programmer, training, and marketing
   A career that spans hardware and software companies
   Document design experience
   Experience converting documents for on-line use and crafting them into interlinked systems
   A proven ability to learn new technologies quickly and communicate them to others
   FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, RoboHelp, Web Works Publisher Professional, Corel Draw,
    Corel Photo-Paint, Microsoft Word, Homesite, and raw HTML skills

Experience highlights
   Wrote API documentation in Javadoc and doxygen formats, editing source files in Emacs.
   Wrote and updated documentation for complex server software using FrameMaker, Web
    Works Publisher, and Homesite.
   Designed a context-sensitive help system using FrameMaker and Web Works Publisher
    Professional. Learned macro language, added code-generated “breadcrumbs” feature.
   Migrated a set of paper documents to an integrated on-line PDF library. Added new
    documents and additional hypertext features incrementally to manage resources. Designed
    system so that users could get the most out of legacy documents while the latest documents
    received layouts, formats, and organization designed for on-line usability.
   Led a cross-functional software team to produce software releases and collect customer
    information, putting the emphasis on user needs.
   Designed, developed, and maintained on-line and hardcopy user documentation for a laser-
    based rapid prototyping machine with proprietary hardware and software.
   Designed and wrote a heavily graphical hardcopy user’s guide with every two-page spread set
    up as a distinct topic.
   Wrote 47 model railroading feature articles in HTML format while maintaining web links,
    discussion forums, and user relations as the Model Railroading Guide for About.com.
   Developed documentation standards for technical writing teams.
   Wrote hypertext in HTML, PDF, Microsoft HTML Help, and Windows Help formats.
   Implemented an internal, on-line documentation library using HTML and PDF formats so that
    all members of the company could access released documents.
   Created training courseware and delivered training for a 20-application client-server database
    environment using the Unix-based NEXTSTEP operating system.
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   Maintained documentation sets for multiple object-oriented software applications in a product
    set through many design changes, under tight deadlines.
   Co-authored a marketing document in Windows Help, the Dell Directory, which won Best of
    Show in the 1993-94 statewide computer-based medium competition of the Society for
    Technical Communication.

Employment history
Dates                        Positions                             Company
Sept. 2003-present           Contract Technical Writer             Motive Communications

Oct. 2002-June 2003          Contract Technical Writer             Spherion at Dell Computer

1998-Oct. 2002               Started as Senior Technical Writer; 3D Systems, Inc
                             later added Software Team           (formerly DTM Corporation)
                             Lead role                           Austin, Texas

Aug. 2000-Sept. 2001         Model Railroading Guide               About.com
                             (part-time)                           New York, New York

Sept.1996-Dec. 1997          Project Manager                       PSW Technologies
June 1996-Aug. 1996          Technical Writing Team Lead           Austin, Texas
Sept. 1994-June 1996         Technical Writer

1992-1994                    Information Developer I,              Dell Computer Corporation
                             Information Developer II              Austin, Texas

   B.A., Plan II Liberal Arts Honors Program, University of Texas at Austin
   National Merit Scholar

Society for Technical Communication: Public Relations Committee Chairperson, 2002-2003

References and writing samples
Available on request.