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April 15, 2008

To:    The University Community

From: Stephen J. Toope
      President and Vice-Chancellor

Re:    Development of the UBC Aboriginal Strategic Plan

In June 2007, a Steering Committee for the Development of the UBC Aboriginal
Strategic Plan was established with a mandate to identify key issues/areas that the
Aboriginal Strategic Plan should address, formulate questions to guide the development
of the Plan, and recommend a process for the Plan’s development together with
communication strategies and timelines. The Steering Committee provided its Report
(link) to me in January 2008. The Report recommends a process for the development of
the Plan which includes the establishment of a broadly-based Working Group with
representation from UBC-V and UBC-O campuses as well as external Aboriginal

I am pleased to advise that the President’s Aboriginal Strategic Plan Development
Working Group (ASPD) has been established; membership is as noted at the end of this
announcement. Dr. Linc Kesler and Dr. Anna Kindler have kindly agreed to co-chair the
Working Group, and I anticipate the Group will provide me with its report by the end of
the year. I am most grateful to all the members for taking on this important task.

The Working Group will consult extensively both within the UBC community and with
external Aboriginal communities. Consultation will be inclusive of both Aboriginal and
non-Aboriginal members of the UBC community. The Working Group will be supported
by a Project Manager, and consultation will be facilitated through the setting up of a
dedicated web site on UBC’s home page; communication through UBC Reports and
broadcast emails to the community; and outreach to Aboriginal communities and
organizations, and to UBC Aboriginal alumni.

I invite you to contribute to the deliberations of the Working Group. You will hear of
opportunities to participate over the next few months.

The President’s Aboriginal Strategic Plan Development Working Group

Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Provost, UBC Okanagan
Dr. Jo-ann Archibald, Associate Dean Indigenous Education, Faculty of Education
Mr. Ethan Baptiste, graduate student, UBC Okanagan
Dr. Gordon Christie, Director, First Nations Legal Studies, Faculty of Law
Dr. Tirso Gonzales, Indigenous Studies, Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences,
UBC Okanagan
Mr. Graeme Joseph, Aboriginal Student Recruiter and Advisor, Enrolment Services
Dr. Linc Kesler, Director, First Nations Studies Program, Faculty of Arts (Co-Chair)
Dr. Anna Kindler, Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Academic Affairs (Co-
Ms. Leigh-Ann Matthieson, undergraduate student, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Mr. Darrel McLeod, Chief Negotiator, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Mr. Stephen Owen, Vice President External, Legal and Community Relations
Dr. Jack Saddler, Dean, Faculty of Forestry
Dr. Kay Teschke, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine
and School of Environmental Health, College for Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Richard Vedan, Senior Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs and Director,
First Nations House of Learning, School of Social Work, Faculty of Arts

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