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January 26, 2006                                            Mitchell Technical Institute
                                                                                        TREK                           Vol. 16 No.11
      Mark Your Calendar For Spring Job Fairs                                                          Health Fair
     Graduation is just around the                      There is a minimal charge to off-
 corner. Are you prepared for your                      set the expenses of this event - $5           Scheduled for
 job search? Janet Greenway, Ca-                        for pre-registered individuals, $10            February 4
 reer Services Coordinator, would                       at the door the day of the Job Fair.         The thirteenth annual "Health
 like to remind you of services                         To pre-register, contact Janet           Fair Extravaganza" will be held Sat-
 available and inform you of up-                        Greenway. Registrations must be          urday, February 4, from 8:00 AM to
 coming events that are geared to-                      in to Janet by 5 pm on Tuesday,          2:00 PM at the Palace Mall in
 ward assisting you with your job                       February 21.                             Mitchell. The theme this year is
 search. Three job fairs are sched-                                    March 2                   "Healthy Bricks in 2006".
 uled that will provide you real-life                              MTI Job Fair                      Students from the Medical
 experience, valuable exposure and                                  MTI Cafeteria                Laboratory Technology and Medi-
 networking opportunities to sell                                    1:00 – 3:00                 cal Assistant programs will be work-
 your skills.                                           Plans for the 11th annual MTI Job        ing at the fair, taking blood glucose
            February 23                                 Fair are underway. A list of regis-      readings. Radiologic Technology
           BIG Job Fair                                 tered employers are posted on the        students will be assisting with bone
     (Business/Industry/Govt.)                          MTI webpage under the Career             density tests.
  Sioux Falls Convention Center/                        Services link. (The MTI Job Fair             Several health screenings will be
           Sheraton Hotel                               Day consists of employer presen-         available as well as activities, dem-
            10:00 – 4:00                                tations to specific departments fol-     onstrations and more.
 Over 120 employers attend this                         lowed by a Job Fair in the cafete-           The Health Fair is sponsored by
 annual event. For information                          ria. Many employers also offer           the Health Services Committee of
 about employers registered for the                     summer employment opportuni-             the Mitchell Area Chamber of Com-
 event, check out the South Dakota                      ties for first-year students.            merce.
 Career Planning & Placement                                          March 22                       A special thanks to the MTI PBL
 Association’s website, www.                                                                     club for helping with publicity for
                                                          Black Hills Regional Job Fair You can also ac-                                                                  the Fair and to the staff and students
                                                              Rapid City Civic Center
 cess this website through the Ca-                                                               of the MLT, MA, and RAD pro-
                                                                  Noon – 6:30 pm
 reer Services link on the MTI                                                                   grams for volunteering to help at this
                                                             For more information on any
                                                                                                 important event.
 homepage—select BIG Job Fair                           of the above events, please contact
 under the Career Services link.                        Janet Greenway in Student Ser-               Special Presentation
 This website is updated daily.                         vices.                                       Tuesday, January 31
                                                                                                           10:30 AM
    SRB Plans Spring Semester Activities                                                                MTI Cafeteria
    A fun evening of swimming,                          money will kiss a pig for Valentine's
mini golf and games is scheduled for                    Day.                                      MTI will receive a special
Tuesday, January 31, at the Mitchell                        Other scheduled activities in-           recognition from the
Holiday Inn. All students are wel-                      clude a bowling party on February        Department of Defense for
come. You must show a student ID                        27; a spring DodgeBall tournament,        being a National Guard &
to participate. The event, from 7:00                    and a new event, a Texas Hold 'em            Reserve Supporter!
to 11:00 PM, is sponsored by SRB.                       tourney scheduled for April.             MTI Guard students & staff
Free pizza and pop will be served.                          See an SRB member or adviser              will be recognized.
    SRB has several other activities                    for details about any of these events.
scheduled for the spring semester.
    The annual Kiss-A-Pig                                                                               In front of Wal-Mart
      MTI S udent
fundraisertwill be held February 6-                                                                           996-2401
13. Use your dollars and cents to
vote for your favorite faculty or staff
member. The person with the most

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TECH TREK is a bi-weekly publication put out by
the Marketing Office. Distributed on alternate Thurs-
days during the school year, deadline for submission
of articles is the Wednesday before publication at
10:00 AM. Articles may be dropped off in the Mar-
keting Office. Let us know how we can serve you!
                                                                                               C        ounseling
                                                                                                        orner     Tips to make school and life
                                                                                                                         easier from the
                                                                                                                    MTI Counseling Office.
                                     presents the
                                 SUB BIRTHDAY CLUB!                                              CYA at a Party . . .
 Stop in the Subway store at 510 S. Sanborn for a free six-inch or four-
 inch round sandwich with the purchase of a 20 oz. or larger drink during
                                                                                                 Check Your Ages!
 your birthday month. Must present student ID. Offer good only at Mitchell Sanborn Street            It’s Friday night, and you’ve been
 location. Offer good for students and staff. One sub per person.                              invited to a house party. Sure, you’ve

                                           January                                             heard all the “Don’t Drink and Drive” lec-
                                                                                               tures, and you know you aren’t of legal
     26 James Jackson                                        29 Brandi Hunter                  age to drink, but hey, it’s your choice,
        Garret Bergeleen                                     30 Deb Giblin                     right? Well, this article is not about alco-
        Matt Bissell-Yale                                       Michelle Moller                hol. It is about age, and it is about being
     27 Steven Marshall                                      31 MaryBeth Morris                smart and protecting yourself from mak-
        Beth Walz                                               Joe Huber                      ing a mistake that could affect your fu-
        Wade Briggs                                             Keith Feldhaus                 ture.
        Myron Sonne                                                                                  So…you meet a girl (or guy) at the
                                         February                                              party and you hit it off. You didn’t know
                                                                                               this girl (or guy) before tonight, but she
     1  Mike Rotert                                          13 Amber Mengenhauser             (or he) is a lot of fun, and you are having
     3  Matt Waters                                             MaryAnn McDonald               a really good time. You start picking up
     4  Dennis Platz                                            Blake Blomstrom                some signals, maybe you have a little too
        Randall O'Laughlin                                   14 Tanya Schuh                    much to drink, and so does she (or he),
     5 Christopher Engbrecht                                    Christ Marcus                  and things go further then what you ex-
        Tina Nichols                                         15 Joshua Erfman                  pected. She (or he) is willing, there is no
        Kristopher Huber                                        Coleen Kirchhevel              rape, she (or he) knows what is going on.
        Matthew Barnhart                                     16 Andrew Letcher                 You got lucky…end of story, right?
        Jeremy Kaiser                                           Dan Haeder                           Maybe not. What if your one-night
        Morgan Dotson                                        17 Veronica Gomez                 stand turns out to be a 15-year-old girl (or
        Jim Grace                                               Tyler Juhnke                   guy) whose parents find out about your
     6 Lori Herman                                              Tyler Yusten                   night together. Guess what? You broke
        Lisa Mahoney                                         18 Corey Maier                    the law and could be charged with a felony
        Roby Bass                                               John Heemstra                  sex offense. SD Law 22-22-7 reads:
     7 Heather Ott                                           19 Heather Miller                 “Sexual contact with child under six-
     8 Jessica Scott                                            Tim Harford                    teen—felony or misdemeanor. Any per-
        Adam Anderson                                        21 Angela Feenstra                son, sixteen years of age or older, who
        Amanda Phillips                                         Cody Gossman                   knowingly engages in sexual contact
        Patty Hendrix                                        22 Matthew Muntefering            with another person, other than that
     9 Derek Millard                                            Clinton Biever                 person’s spouse if the other person is
        Bryan Lawrence                                          Ryley Sprik                    under the age of sixteen years is guilty
        Melinda Bamsey                                       23 Joshua Marottek                of a Class 3 felony. If the actor is less
     11 Heather Wagner                                       24 Scott McNinch                  than three years older than the other
        Tyrell Bennett                                       25 Jesse Spilde                   person, the actor is guilty of a Class 1
        Rebecca Kerr                                            Cole Iyotte                    misdemeanor. Notwithstanding § 23A-
     12 Ben Schulz                                           26 Jason Moke                     42-2, a charge brought pursuant to this
        Maria Gravatt                                           Charles Heiskell               section may be commenced at any time
        Melissa Cox                                          27 Nicole Intorn                  before the victim becomes age twenty-
        David Peterson                                          Michael Sestak                 five or within seven years of the com-
                                                                Griffith VanLeur               mission of the crime, whichever is
                                                             28 Tyler Allen                    longer”.
                                                                                                     Not only could you end up doing jail
         First Time Students Must Complete                                                     time, you could be declared a sex offender
                                                                                               and have to register as such for the rest of
              Loan Entrance Counseling                                                         your life anywhere you go. Is a one night
                                                                                               stand worth it? So, next time you’re at a
    Loans have been processed for                      forms, and return them to the Finan-    party and you meet someone, before you
students who started at MTI in Janu-                   cial Aid Office. The process is quite   contemplate any type of relationship (one
ary. If you are a first-time borrower,                 short, but required.                    night or longer), make certain you find
your first disbursement should ar-                          Remember this only applies to      out just who you are talking to. Ask the
                                                       new students who are first time bor-    person questions such as “Where do you
rive in the Business Office by Feb-
                                                                                               go to school?,” and “Where do you live?,”
ruary 3. Your second disbursement                      rowers.                                 or the obvious, “How old are you?” Ask
should arrive by March 6.                                                                      other people you know and trust to iden-
    Before you can receive any                                Movie Tickets                    tify this person. Perhaps the best advice
money from your federal Stafford                                                               is to get to know her (or him) much better
loan, you must stop by the Finan-
                                                                On Sale                        and away from the party before you start
                                                                                               a sexual relationship. And if you’re the
cial Aid Office to receive Entrance                           MTI Bookstore                    person having the party, monitor the
Counseling.                                                    $4.50 Each                      people present, and check IDs. High
    Please stop by the Financial Aid                                                           school students (or younger) do not be-
                                                               Good for any movie,             long at a college party.
Office at your convenience and pick
                                                                  any day at the                     Be smart. “Safe Sex” is about more
up the packet. You will need to re-
                                                                Luxury 5 Cinema!               than just using birth control.
view the information, sign the

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