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                                                     and Volunteer opportunities

Join an SDAR committee and help shape the
future of your Association and your industry.
SDAR is the largest, most progressive association in San Diego
and one of the most cutting-edge associations in California!
We accomplish this with members like you who volunteer
their time and expertise.
                                                                         Housing Opportunities Committee
 Budget & Assets Committee*                                            Identifies and encourages home ownership opportunities; develops
Prepares and submits a proposed SDAR annual budget and                  strategic relationships and partnerships with community-based
annual dues amount; reviews financial statements; studies               organizations and housing assistance programs; and promotes fair
economic trends and their potential impact on SDAR; and                 housing, fair lending practices, and cultural awareness of the local
reviews accounting procedures. David Kvendru (858) 715-8036             demographic environment. Liz Saidkhanian (858) 715-8038
 Bylaws Committee*                                                      Information Systems Committee*
Reviews SDAR bylaws to keep current with California Corpor-             Directs and oversees SDAR information systems and technology;
ation law, as well as approved national, state and association policy   makes recommendations for funding for software, hardware, and
and procedures; and reviews committee formats to ensure bylaws          consulting; and works in an advisory capacity with Sandicor on
compliance. Betty Graner (858) 715-8006                                 MLS and lockbox issues. Beto Juarez (858) 715-8010
 Communications Committee                                               Membership Committee*
Promotes communication among the association, the membership,           Recruits and retains SDAR members by actively promoting
and the community; advises on public relations and publication          the benefits of REALTOR® membership; researches new
content. Molly Kirkland (858) 715-8026                                  benefits, incentives, and programs; reviews new applicants to be
                                                                        recommended for approval. Shirley Carroll (858) 715-8041
 Education Committee
Provides continuing education programs at SDAR that serve                International Council**
members in the license renewal process and their real estate            Provides educational and networking opportunities, develops
practice; and helps expand course attendance to increase members’       international business, encourages cultural diversity, and supports
knowledge and professionalism. Shirley Carroll (858) 715-8041           international real estate business for real estate investors inside and
                                                                        outside the U.S. Michael Harris (858) 715-8003
 Government Affairs Committee**
Represents SDAR membership on governmental issues affecting              Young Professionals Network Committee
the real estate business; meets with local policy makers and            Assists career-minded young real estate professionals stay abreast
key government staff; and recommends association policies on            of the latest industry tools, resources, and technology, as well
political and legislative issues. Scott Molloy (858) 715-8012           as focuses on networking, standards, education, and mentoring
                                                                        opportunities. Lita LaGuire (858) 715-8005
 Grievance Committee**
Reviews complaints seeking disciplinary action in accordance with       * Must be a REALTOR® member to serve on this committee.
the C.A.R. procedures. Kate Speir (858) 715-8022                        ** Additional prerequisites. Contact staff liaison for details.

I want to make a difference! Please contact me regarding the volunteer opportunities checked above.
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                                                                                                                 4845 Ronson Court, San Diego, CA 92111
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                                                                                                      Phone:     (858) 715-8000 or (800) 525-2102
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