Ride Calendar for February Thurs the McDonalds McGraths Hill

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					Ride Calendar for February 2007.

Thurs the 1st . McDonalds McGraths Hill 10am. Up the Putty road to Broke.
Ian Hurley 9628 8039

Sun. the 4th 9am. McDonalds Dural. Ride up the Galston gorge over Berowra ferry and onto
the old Pacific Highway. Morning tea at Mount White. Wisemans ferry for lunch. Return via
Cattai. Dave Williams 9639 6690

Thurs. the 8th . Mobile Beroera.10am. Catherine Hill Bay.
Addrian Chin

Sat.10th and Sun the 11th . 9am McDonalds McGraths hill for a weekend away to a Pub
Some where. Roger Bates. 9316 41 42 John Hooker 9613 38999.

Thurs. the 15 th . Mobile Berowra 10am. For a run to Morpeth.
Jeff Mayfield 9451 2113

Sun. the 18th . McDonalds Eastern Creek M4 Westbound. To Oberon for lunch. Return via the
Bells line of Road. Denis Smithson. 9686 8205.

Thurs. 22n d. Mobile Berowra 10am. For a ride around Lake Macquarie.
Frank Malone 9736 1896

Saturday the 24th . 11.30 pm. Sydney Markets club for the Annual Midnight ride.

Sunday the 25th. 10am. McDonalds Heathcote. An impromptu ride for those not wishing to go
on the midnight ride.
Ride Calendar for March 2007.

Thurs March the 1st. 9am. McDonalds McGraths Hill. Ride to Sofala
Peter Nagiel 8814 7115

Sunday the 4th of March. 9am Heathcote McDonalds . An easy ride around the south coast
lookouts. Fish and chip lunch at Shell Harbour.
Dennis Paulin      9522 4073

Thurs March the 8th. 10am Mobile Berowra. Ride to the Ellalong pub
Phil Davies. 9440 4299

Sunday the 11th of March 9am Heathcote BP. Come and join us on a joint ride with the St
George branch to Sofala.
Roger Bates 9316 4142

Tues 13th Wed.14 th and Thurs the 15 th . The Snowy ride with the mid weekers.
Leave McDonalds at McGraths Hill at 8am
Ross Steele 9810 0839.

Sunday the 18th of March 9am Mobile Berowra. Come one come all for a Dave Williams
adventure to Morpeth.
Dave Williams 9639 6690

Thurs. the 22 n d of March. 10am. Mobile Berowra. Four Ferries ride.
Bob Yonge 9977 3761

Sun. 25th of March. 10am McDonalds we st bound Freeway at Eastern Creek.
An easy ride with Jeff to Warragamba .
Jeff Newton 9862 8815.

Thurs. 29th of March. 10am Mobile Berowra to Norah Head Lighthouse.
Don Chick 9918 6843.
Ride Calendar for April 2007

Sun. the 1st of April. 10am. Caltex Casula. Come and join us on an adventure to the Southern
Highlands via Patonga and Bathurst, ride definitely on, it will be exciting but easy, all welcome.
Roger Bates 9316 4142.

Thurs. the 5th of April 10am McDonalds at Dural to Nepean Lakes via Springwood.
Les Welch 96122 5470

Sunday the 8th of April. Its Easter Sunday, behave, go to Church and confess your sins.

Thurs. the 12 th of April 10am. Mobile Berowra to Mannering Park.
Gary Molan 9817 4625

Sun.15th of April. 9am McDonalds West bound on the freeway at Eastern Creek.. Come
and join us on a meet and greet ride with Eastern Creek.
Denis Paulin 9522 4073.

Thurs 19th of April. 10am Mobile Berowra. Explore the Yarramalong and Dooralong valleys
Gary Higgins

Sunday the 22n d of April. 8am McDonalds at Heathcote. Come and get lost with Roger on a
long ride to Crookwell. Long way there, quick way home via the freeway.
Roger Bates 93164142.

Thurs. the 26 th of April. 10am Mobile Berowra. To Nords Wharf
Frank Malone. 9736 1896

Sun. the 29th of April. 10am. Mobile Berowra. Come and explore the central coast with
Dennis. Lunch at The Entrance.
Dennis Smithson 9686 8205.