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     Certified Scrum Master                                                                                                      Ett kurssamarbete
        Agile project management is as radically different from traditional project management as agile                            Softhouse och
     processes are different from traditional methodologies.                                                                           Nohau

     Course: Certified Scrum Master                     Day(s): 2

     Agile project management is as radically different from tra-                The first day is dedicated to the Why and the Philosophy the
     ditional project management as agile processes are different                Meaning of Scrum. The second day hands you over the tools
     from traditional methodologies. Rather than plan, instruct                  and the How of Scrum.
     and direct, the agile project manager facilitates, coaches and              Using anecdotes and experience, teaching the Scrum met-
     leads.                                                                      hodology, and how to use it to be an effective Agile project
     This person is called a Scrum Master in the Scrum agile pro-                manager - you will learn to be a ScrumMaster.
     cess to denote the difference and remind the person filling this
     role of the new responsibilities. Accepted participants learn               Graduation
     how to be a Scrum Master and how to make a development                      Upon Graduation As a result of their successful completion of

     team, a project, or an organization agile.                                  the program, each participant received an individual license
                                                                                 and copy of the Scrum methodology, Scrum training materi-
     Goal                                                                        als, and Scrum software.
     Each individual is trained to be able to assume the following               In addition, Certified ScrumMasters are authorized to par-
     responsibilities:                                                           ticipate in “open” development of the Scrum methodology
       •	 Remove the barriers between development and the custo-                 and software, ensuring a growing body of knowledge from a
          mer so the customer directly drives development;                       qualified, competent group of certified professionals.

       •	 Teach the customer how to maximize ROI and meet their                  They are also listed as Certified ScrumMasters at Certified-
          objectives through Scrum;                                              Scrum.
       •	 Improve the lives of the development team by facilitating
          creativity and empowerment;                                            Course Material
                                                                                 Participants will receive printed and bounded material on the
       •	 Improve the productivity of the development team in any
                                                                                 first day of class.
          way possible; and,
       •	 Improve the engineering practices and tools so each                    The material is in English and will change from Training class

          increment of functionality is potentially shippable                    to training class.

                                                                                 The material will be enhanced by more slides, videos and
     Training – Methodology
                                                                                 other pictures in case the trainers will find this useful during
     The training is done with a lot of exercises. Be prepared to
     do hard work. The training will give you the feeling of Scrum


     Fundamentals of agile and Scrum,                The agenda for the class is:                      •	 Day in the Life of a ScrumMaster
     running Scrum projects, planning                •	 Complexity                                     •	 Product Owner
     and scaling Scrum projects, offshore            •	 Agile Manifesto                                •	 Scrum Teams and there environment
     development using Scrum, bidding on             •	 Agile Overview                                 •	 Managers
     fixed price/date contracts, and ensuing the     •	 Scrum Overview                                 •	 Meetings
     adequacy of engineering practices.              •	 Roles in Scrum                                 •	 Sprint Termination
                                                     •	 “DONE”                                         •	 Release Management
                                                     •	 Planning                                       •	 Scaling
                                                     •	 Retrospective                                  •	 Scrum and CMM, Scrum and XP

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