Nail Technician Course Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails Nail Art

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					                                                                          LOCATION: Buccan, Queensland, 4207

                      Nail Technician Course
                            Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails & Nail Art
About the course
This course is designed to educate people who are interested in becoming a nail technician,
wanting to enhance private nail care techniques and learn to create nail art.

The eight week course delivers practical based training accompanied by helpful theory which
provides students with a comprehensive reference of all the content covered during the course.

Classes are run for three hours per week during the day and night time, with a maximum number
of six students per class. The small class structure has been specifically designed to provide a
comfortable learning environment and give students the opportunity for one-on-one contact with
the teacher.

The classroom has been installed with a professional workspace for each student. The course
provides students with fully equipped starter kits.

Students are invited to bring a guest to class each week to put their studies into practice. This
allows students to gain an understanding of what occurs after application, refills, and how to
manage client expectations.

On completion of the course students are awarded an Acrylic Nail and Nail Art Certificate to
display their achievement.

Course content
Background Education                               Manicures And Acrylic Nails
• Understanding nails                              • Understanding manicures
• Nail diseases and disorders                      • Shaping nails
                                                   • Nail care
Health And Safety                                  • Acrylic nails over tips and procedure for
• Client service record and health record card       natural nails
• Work place health and safety notes               • Light-cured gel procedure
                                                   • Hints on temporary nails
Client Consultation
                                                   Work Space
Product Use                                        • Setting up a nail technician’s work space
• Working with mix ratio practice cards
• Product requirements for acrylic nail tips and   Nail art
  overlays                                         • Transfers and stripping
• Guidelines for liquid and powder application     • Removing nail art
• The importance of refills and repairs            • Design and polish

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                PRICE (including Starter Kit & Study Guides): $550 (GST inclusive)

Starter Kit
• Cut Out Tips Assorted 100’s
• Fr. Tip White 100 Assorted
• Nail Glue 2gr Tube
• Glass Dappin Dish
• Pure Red Sable Brush Size 6
• 20gm Pink Acrylic/Glass Dappen
• 20gm White Acrylic/Glass Dappen
• Regular Bonding Liquid 50ml
• Nil Lift Primer w/brush 15ml
• Manicure Sticks (wood)
• Cuticle Oil 15ml
• Goldie File
• Harbour Brisge Grinder 120/220
• White Block Buffer
• Satin Buff (large)
• Nail Clippers (large)
• Nail Scrub brush
• Training finger (insertable)

About the Teacher
Nellie Stewart has twenty years of experience in the beauty industry as a nail technician.

Prior to opening her own nail course studio, Nellie was a nail technician teacher with Queensland’s
TAFE Institute (Logan Campus).

Over the course of 3 years, Nellie has devoted herself to creating a professional environment where
students can learn to master professional practice of nails in a friendly, relaxed and practical

Nellie’s passion for teaching, extensive knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’ contribute largely to
the invaluable experience this course provides.

contact details
Mobile Phone: 0404 077 558

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