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					IQ Calendar
Group Scheduling for Government
About IQ Calendar
Keeping the doors open to the people you serve can be chal-          Create Individualized Schedule Reports that
lenging – especially when your constituents are competing for        Keep Everyone Informed
attention. Schedules are limited by time and resources. To provide
the most access to the most people requires logistical planning      When it comes to scheduling, what you print out can be as
that far exceeds the capability of most desktop calendar products.   important as what you put in. IQ Calendar offers a wide variety
Intranet Quorum® (IQ) recognizes that a government office is         of schedule reports designed to meet the specific needs of each
an organization, not a single person, and that on any given day,     individual. Reports can be organized by day, week, or month.
multiple events are happening at the same time.

Group Scheduling Lets You Track
Overlapping Events
In a group scheduling environment, events always overlap.
A team approach has to be adopted if you want to cover every
one of them. IQ Calendar lets you assign multiple people to
the same event or multiple events to the same person.

Link Events to People to Simplify Meeting
Because a database of people and organizations provides the
                                                                     Detailed Event Records Make it Easy
foundation of the IQ system, events can be easily linked to
                                                                     to Generate Related Correspondence
people. For example, before Mr. Smith’s appointment, the             Correspondence before and after an event is quick and easy.
scheduler can quickly check Mr. Smith’s record for contact           Confirmation letters, thank you notes, and memoranda detailing
history, special codes, and interests by simply clicking on a        action items can be generated directly from the event record.
link to the IQ People record. As a result, meeting preparation       A history of events is stored and can be accessed quickly.
and follow-up is quick and easy.
                                                                     Download Schedules Easily to Keep Them
Define Events Precisely to Better Prioritize                         at Your Fingertips
                                                                     For added convenience, IQ Calendar exports your schedule to
Not all events are equal. With IQ Calendar you can identify          Microsoft® Outlook where you can download it directly to the
each event according to its type, priority, topic, location, date,   most popular personal digital assistants on the market today.
and status. Events can be entered into the system as private or
public; approved or unapproved; for an individual or a group.
Flexibility is the rule.

Integrated Features Promote Efficiency
                                                                                       Turning Data into Knowledge
and Productivity
                                                                                       and Knowledge into Action
IQ Calendar is integrated with IQ Workflow. Workflow templates
can be designed to initiate scheduling of an event. This means       Contact Us Today for More Information
that when a business process requires a meeting, the event can       about IQ Calendar
be created automatically. This level of integration promotes
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efficiency and productivity. It’s that simple.
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