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									                       MULTI-BAY BATTERY CHARGER
     “Lenovo” & “ThinkPad “are trademarks of Lenovo Inc.
                           FOR SELECT THINKPAD®
                        NOTEBOOK AND TABLET PCS
                            Model # DS-16BY-BC-LN-A

 Datamation Systems is pleased to introduce an advanced UL-listed battery charger that can recharge and maintain
 any combination of up to 16 batteries for the following ThinkPad™ tablet and notebook PCs:

                  •   ThinkPad™ X60/X61 8 Cell and 4 Cell Tablet Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad Z60m/T60/R60/SL 400/500 Series 9 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad T60/R60/SL 400/500 Series 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad X60 Series 4 Cell Enhanced Capacity & 8 Cell High Capacity Battery (not tablet)
                  •   ThinkPad Z60m 6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad X41 Tablet 4 & 8 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad X40 Series 4 & 8 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
                  •   ThinkPad R/T500 Series Batteries
                  •   ThinkPad T61 Intel Core 2 Duo Battery
                  •   ThinkPad X60 Series 4 Cell Slim Line Battery

 Working with engineers with more than a decade of battery technology experience, we can now provide a compact,
 effective recharging strategy for organizations that want to maintain extra batteries for classes, training facilities,
 etc. This new charger makes use of the ThinkPad batteries’ smart charge and quick-charge features and contains
 two bays that can be used to completely re-calibrate batteries, helping preserve their effective life and optimum use.

         For more information: 1-800-724-4339
                                                                                                    “ThinkPad” is a trademark of Lenovo Inc.

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