Danny Lima Resume by jau80560


									                234 Hibiscus Crt., Newmarket, Ontario
          Cell 416-435-5539 email danny@dannylima.com
   Hair Blond       Eyes Blue        Height 5’10” Weight 170

     The Gathering                  Credits             Spenser: Small Vices
American Pie Beta House                                       Pushing Tin
       The Hulk II                  Crime Spree                 Mind Prey
      Rent-A-Goalie                    Absolon             Total Recall 2070
       The Rocker                    The Recruit        Storm of the Century
       Fire Serpent             A Christmas Visitor          The Corrupter
      Shoot-Em Up                   The Tuxedo         Family of Cops 3: Under
 X-Men: The Last Stand                  Monk                    Suspicion
         16 Bocks                    Odyssey 5        The Pooch and the Pauper
        Silent Hill             Undercover Brother    Naked City: Justice with a
      The Sentinel               My Sisters Keeper                Bullet
          Jumper                         Narc         Universal Soldier 2: Broth-
        Regenisis                   Brian Candy               ers in Arms
         The Poet                 Darkness Falling           Urban Legend
      Dresden Files                   Jane Doe                 Johnny 2.0
        Outlander                     Mutant X                 Dirty Work
       Victor Davis              Don’t Say a Word               Blackjack
         The Man                Who Is Cletis Tout?         The Last Don 2
     1-800-Missing                 Boss of Bosses      My Date with the Presi-
      Four Brothers            Freddy Got Fingered         dent’s Daughter
    Land of the Dead                    Driven        The Taking of Pelham One
           Kojak                Drive Time Murders             Two Three
       The Pacifier                   The Circle       Moonlight Becomes You
            Doc                 A Friday Night Date   Real Kids, Real Adventures
Resident Evil: Apocalypse   RoboCop: Prime Directives Universal Soldier 3: Unfin-
      Direct Action                Bless the Child          ished Business
The Day After Tomorrow                  X-Men              The White Raven
      Left for Dead             On Hostile Ground               Blackhear
   The Good Sheppard             The Highway Man        On the Second Day of
         Godsend                  Mail to the Chief             Christmas
        Mean Girls                  The Crossing              Once A Thief
  Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye                The Skulls                   Mimic
   The Prince and Me                     Fall               The Wrong Guy
     Aurora Borealis         In the Company of Spies        Murder at 1600
    Dawn of the Dead                Relic Hunter             The Boys Club
        Runaways                    In Too Deep       Breach of Faith: Family of
  Misterio Galindez, EL        The Boondock Saints               Cops 2
                           Danny Lima cont’d
   La Femme Nikita                                               Durant
        The Relic                 Senior Trip               Back in Action
      Double Take               The Wharf Rat                 Soft Deceit
       Pale Saints                To Die For                  No Contest
        Sabotage          A Pyromaniac’s Love Story         Family Pictures
The Long Kiss Goodnight       Johnny Mnemonic             Survive the Night
    F/X: The Series           The Android Affair          Deadly Matrimony
         Bogus                   Tommy Boy                 To Catch a Killer
      The Stupids         In The Mouth of Madness             Quiet Killer
     Silent Trigger           Johnny and Clyde         Kung Fu The Legend Con-
    Beyond the Call             Jungleground                     tinues
         Crash                      No Exit                   Body Parts
     Two If By Sea           Trapped In Paradise          The Hidden Room
   Expect No Mercy            The Santa Clause         Abraxas: Guardian of the
     Escape Clause               Getting Gotti                 Universe
The Legend of the Gator              PCU                        Top Cop
          Face                    Due South                  Littlest Hobo
          Spill                 Fearless Tiger              Seeing Things
      Iron Eagle 5         Car 54, Where Are You?
Down Came a Blackbird     Darkman 2: The Return of

                              Actor Credits

                          Victor (2007) (TV) (Stoner #1)
                16 Blocks (Russian) (New York Times Critic Pick)
              “1-800-Missing” (2005) (Michael Renault) (Episode 2)
                         Bulletproof monk (2003) (Merc)
                          Say Nothing (2001) (Goon #1)
                    Who Is Cletus Tout? (2001) (Cletus Tout)
                       “Code Name: Eternity” (2000) (MIB)
                     The Famous Jett Jackson (2000) (Marco)
                                      Fall (2000)
                          “Relic Hunter” (1999) (Rudolfo)
                    The Big Hit (1998) (Aaron, the limo driver)
                             Blackheart (1992) (Cop #2)
           Universal Soldier 3:Unfisnished Business (1998) (File pusher)
                       “Earth: Final Conflict” (1997) (Peter)
                         Maximum Risk (1996) (Guard #3)
                                 Electra (1996) (Matt)
                           First Degree (1996) (Gunman)
                      Gridlock (1996) (TV) (Perpetrator #1)
                      TekWar (1994) (TV) (Hockey Android)
                       Survive the Night (1993) (TV) (Biker)
                        Police Academy (1984) (Bar Patron)

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