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					              Residence Don(s) Position Description
As Mount Allison University’s strategic statement states,”Our mission is to work together to
make the Mount Allison experience a unique and creative one…” Residence Don(s) play a key
role in residence life, and have the opportunity to contribute significantly to student
development. Through regular interaction with residence students, Residence Don(s) share in
the task of developing the whole person, helping to create a comfortable and nurturing residence
environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and academic success. Interaction
with students is both on an individual basis as well as in groups.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:
• Responsible for the academic, social and physical well-being of the residents of the House
during the academic year
• Provide information, assistance, mentoring and guidance to/of students, referring more serious
problems, issues and programs.
• Supervise and direct Assistant Don/ Senior RA and Residence Assistant team as well as other
residence life positions within the residence.
•Conduct regular meetings with team to discuss residence operations, problems, issues and
• Attend all training, orientation workshops, and meetings with the Director,Student Life as
• Review and approve to their satisfaction, completed Student Event Risk Assessment forms
prior to submission to Student Life.
• Encourage student participation in academic, social, and athletic events to promote fellowship
within the residence.
• Attend all House meetings as an advisor.
• Responsible for discipline and order within the residence, working through the Assistant Don
and/or Resident Assistants or directly with students.
• Eat a minimum of seven meals per week with residents at Jennings Hall.
• Serve as Residence Fire Marshall.
• Report and monitor damages and/or maintenance problems while maintaining open
communications with residence’s custodial team.
• Interview candidates for Assistant Don/ Resident Assistant positions for the next academic
• Ensure all appropriate forms are completed by the students upon entry to residence in August
and room inventory check lists are completed for check out in April.
• Other related duties may be assigned or required from time to time by the Director, Student
Residence Don(s) must be available and may be called upon at any time, day or night, weekdays,
weekends or holidays while university students are living in residence. A private unfurnished
apartment within the residence is provided. Amenities include local telephone, cable, high speed
internet services, refrigerator, stove and utilities. Residence Don(s) also have access to the dining
hall during the academic year. These benefits are considered taxable income.

   •   Qualifications for Residence Don(s) include a Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent of
       other post secondary education, excellent communication and interpersonal skills,
       experience leading and facilitating large groups of people, an ability to respond to
       concerns and situations in a professional and diplomatic manner, a good mix of friendless
       and firmness, and an ability to work both independently and as part of a team of service
       providers. A valid standard workplace first aid certification effective July 1/10 – June
       30/11. Residence Don(s) must have a genuine interest in the academic and personal
       growth of students and must have an understanding of residence life at Mount Allison
       and its importance to the University’s mission.