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Thank you letter - Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake by yhz16267


									Thank you letter – Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake

I would like to that this opportunity to thank you for supporting the ______________ fundraiser,
that generated $____ toward the new Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake.

As the population of York Region swells, so does the need for expanded health care services. For
the past 10 years, Southlake Regional Health Centre has worked hard to bring the highest level
of health services closer to home for the people of York Region and south Simcoe County. An
exciting outcome of this effort is the designation of Southlake as the site for a new Regional
Cancer Centre.

More than one in three Ontarians will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives and
almost half of all cancer patients will require radiation as part of their treatment. Currently,
Southlake’s Cancer Care Program provides diagnostics, surgery, chemotherapy and support to
hundreds of cancer patients and their families in a compassionate and caring environment. Yet
cancer patients in our community are forced to endure long and stressful trips – often on a daily
basis – to downtown Toronto to receive the radiation treatment they require.

With support from the provincial government and in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario,
Southlake has designed and planned for a new Regional Cancer Centre offering comprehensive
cancer care services including radiation therapy to be built on the on the west side of the
Hospital’s campus. Slated to be completed by late 2007, this new facility will cost $65 million to
build and equip.

Your support of the <name of the event> will help pay for the community’s share of the building
construction costs and provide your friends, family and neighbors with access to quality,
comprehensive cancer care closer to home.

Thank you for your support and generosity. Through contributions such as yours, we are closer
to meeting these needs and together we are creating a world-class health centre.


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