1. The maximum length of statements is designated as 750 words by the Committee on Nominations &
   Elections. Statement length is determined automatically by Microsoft Word (or equivalent word
   processing software) Version 6.0 and candidate statements exceeding 750 words will be returned to
   candidates for editing. A recent 5x7 color photo, head and shoulder pose, is required for publishing
   along with the candidate statement. Use of ACS versus spelling out the American Chemical Society
   should generally follow C&EN style, spelling out the full name of the Society at the first mention,
   followed by the abbreviation, ACS, on subsequent mentions. As an abbreviation, ACS is not preceded
   by the article, “the.”

2. Editors will retain the right to correct grammar (such as verbs agreeing with subject of a sentence) and
   parallel phrasing within a sentence, or parallel phrasing among various bulleted, boldface, or italic items
   within a grouping. The C&EN editors will not rewrite or substantially modify candidates’ statements.

3. C&EN style will apply to text in relationship to capitalization, spelling, and general grammar usage (see
   example provided). The one exception: When referring to the American Chemical Society, the word
   “Society” may be used in upper case. Headings to set off subsections of candidate statements may be set
   off in italics or boldface--written as phrases or complete sentences--depending on the preference of the
   candidate. However, once such a style is chosen, the candidate must be consistent throughout that series
   of subsections. Bullets may precede these italic or boldface words if the candidate wishes, but C&EN
   editors will have the final authority in deciding if bullets are to be deleted, depending on the context.
   However, to use italics or boldface to delineate subsections, the statement must make clear that these are
   subtopics by preceding these subsections with a general statement identifying what will follow as
   examples. Candidates should not submit a statement consisting only of bulleted paragraphs without an
   introductory sentence explaining what the bulleted paragraphs should mean to the reader. Regardless of
   which of these styles is chosen, the text of these subsections will run the full width of the C&EN column,
   with only the first line of each subsection indented as a paragraph. Each such subsection heading, be it a
   word, phrase, or full sentence, will end in a period, per C&EN style.

4. Text of statements should be submitted as continuous narratives, not in outline form or a series of
   bulleted phrases or sentences. For example, use of roman numeral I, followed by subset A, followed
   by subset 1, followed by subset a, with each subset indented from the previous item is not a
   narrative form and cannot be used.

5. Use of all-capitalized and underlined words will not be permitted for emphasis. A candidate may
   use italics or boldface words within a sentence to emphasize such words, but these must be used
   sparingly. Excessive use will be subject to editing.

6. Icons or other graphic elements are not permitted as part of a candidate’s statement.

7. All candidates will receive a galley proof of their statements for review prior to publication in C&EN.
   Any questions or concerns should be addressed immediately and directly to the Committee on
   Nominations & Elections via the staff liaison. The Committee will work with both candidates and
   C&EN to address all issues.

Revised by the Committee on Nominations and Elections, Anaheim, California -- 3/04 -- FINAL

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