Roles and Responsibilities of the Call Center by yhz16267


									Roles and Responsibilities of the Medical Imaging Call Center

     Correlate referring physician need and the appropriate medical imaging service or
      staff required to support that need
          o Troubleshoot physician requests
          o Use decision making skills to recognize the appropriate medical imaging
              service or staff needed to address physician requests
          o Identify and initiate the appropriate escalation procedures when needed

     Direct, coordinate and facilitate communication between referring physician and
      medical imaging staff
         o Page or call directly the required medical imaging personnel needed by
              referring physician
         o Transfer physician calls to the appropriate medical imaging staff
         o Locate medical imaging staff/radiologist for referring physician and
              provide location to physician if needed (consultations of images)

     Provide working knowledge of the medical imaging departments, responsibilities,
      procedures and locations
         o Provide answers to basic questions regarding medical imaging
             responsibilities, procedures and bookings

     Facilitate access to booking departments
         o Expedite and facilitate access to booking departments for referring

     Development and maintenance of quality assurance processes
         o Assist in the development of appropriate quality assurance mechanisms
         o Maintain appropriate documentation of the quality assurance records in

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