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  VOLUME 2 NUMBER 7                                                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2006

TTUHSC Statline is a monthly     Message from the president ANSWERING THE CALL OF DUTY
e-newsletter publication.
Deadline for the next issue is
Sept. 15. Submit news items      The recent security changes in air travel are a stark reminder of how the
to Julie Toland,                 war on terrorism affects our daily lives.
communications supervisor,
                                 Today, there are countless American heroes serving
Office of Communications
and Marketing:
                                 in our military both at home and abroad. Some of         the most heroic carry a stethoscope instead of a gun.
                                 There are legions of medical military personnel
                                 performing lifesaving feats and bringing great honor
Upcoming events                  to their profession. TTUHSC is very proud of our
                                 talented and diverse group of alumni and faculty
AMARILLO:                        who are serving their country.
                                      In June, Daniel L. Hurst, M.D., Department of
Hablando de la Salud de la                                                                Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, M.D., left, commissioned 2006
                                 Pediatrics professor, received the 2006 Proficiency
Mujer                                                                                     School of Medicine graduates Lt. Sonya Brock, M.D., Capt.
                                 Designator award from the U.S. Army Medical              Jesse Gorley, M.D., and Capt. Jeremy Granger, M.D.
Day-long conference
                                 Department. This award is one of the highest honors
Sept. 23 at Amarillo Civic                                                               Texas Medical Rangers, or Texas State Guard
                                 offered by the unit and recognizes professional
Center; Theme is “Simple                                                                 Medical Reserves Corps, who play a key
                                 excellence and exemplary achievement. Few
Pledges: Building Blocks                                                                 role in homeland security and public health
                                 officers attain this level of excellence, and we
for Healthy Living”                                                                      preparedness. Eldo Frezza, M.D, Department of
                                 commend him for his remarkable record of service.
                                      Numerous TTUHSC faculty, staff and students        Surgery professor, is commander for the West
LUBBOCK:                         from all of our schools have previous military          Texas region.
America’s Walk for Diabetes      service or are serving their country now. With               TTUHSC also has demonstrated a
8 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Sept.          honor and a sense of duty, they use their education     commitment to our students when they are called
23 at Mackenzie Park;            to become leaders in every branch of the military. In   to duty. Julie Macrae, B.S.N., a second lieutenant
TTUHSC and Texas Tech            May, we held commissioning ceremonies for three         in the Army Nurse Corps, was deployed to
Physicians sponsoring            graduating medical students: Lt. Sonya Brock, M.D.,     Germany in January. Through the creativity of
Health and Fitness               U.S. Navy; and Capt. Jeremy Granger, M.D., and          our nursing faculty, she continued her studies
Pavilion                         Capt. Jess Gorley, M.D., U.S. Air Force. In addition,   from a distance and graduated in May.
                                 Michael J. Keller, LTC, CA, a program director and           We are extremely proud of all of our
Faculty Awards                   assistant professor in the School of Allied Health      graduates, but we especially applaud the men
Convocation and                  Sciences is currently on mission in Afghanistan as      and women who not only provide patients with
presidential State of the        commander of the 413 Civil Affairs Battalion.           quality health care but also proudly serve their
University address                  TTUHSC also serves as headquarters for the           country by providing care for America’s finest.
5 p.m. Sept. 26, locations
to be announced
                                 El Paso School of Medicine founding dean named
Lecture Series on Healthy            EL PASO – Robert M. Suskind,                            Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, M.D., Health Sciences
Aging                            M.D., was named the founding                            Center interim president, said Suskind’s experience
5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Sept. 28        dean of the El Paso School of                           comes from a long career of institution-building
in ACB 110; “Challenges          Medicine and will begin his duties                      and innovation, both in the United States and
of Aging: Spiritual              on Oct. 27.                                             internationally.
Dimensions,” Christina M.             His position as founding dean                          “Suskind will serve a vital role in establishing
Puchalski, M.D.                  for the medical school will include                     the first four-year medical school on the U.S. –
                                 developing a four-year accredited                       Mexico border. His medical education background
A Time for Women Expo            medical school from the present     Suskind             as well as his past leadership at prestigious schools
 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 3        two-year regional school in El                          in this country will help lead us to the next phase
at Civic Center; TTUHSC          Paso. Suskind also will oversee the development         of growth,” Mittemeyer said.
and Texas Tech Physicians        of a new and innovative medical curriculum, the             Zenaido Camacho, Ph.D., associate dean at the
will sponsor Healthy             development of research centers of excellence, and      Health Sciences Center at El Paso and Founding
Living Pavilion                  the recruitment of additional departmental chairs,      Dean Search Committee chair, said Suskind was
                                 teaching and research faculty.                          clearly the committee’s choice.
     STATLINE | 2                                                                         VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5

Gallardo joins                  Web-based assessment system WEAVEonline to kick off
faculty in El Paso                 LUBBOCK -- WEAVEonline, a web-based assessment
  EL PASO – Mark J. Gallardo,   management system, will be introduced at the Health
M.D., an El Paso native, has    Sciences Center this month. This exciting new tool
joined                          will enable all academic and administrative programs
                                to capture, manage, archive and track assessment
faculty                         information for regional and disciplinary accreditation,
as an                           strategic planning, program reviews, annual reporting
assistant                       and program improvement.
profes-                            “The terms ‘planning’ and ‘assessment’ can send
sor and
                                some people straight to the nearest watering hole,”
of the                          jokes Sharon Kohout, director, Office of Institutional
Division                        Planning & Effectiveness (OIPE). “But to a greater
of Ophthalmology.               extent than ever before, higher education is being
 Gallardo recently complet-     asked to demonstrate a cycle of quality improvement
ed a glaucoma fellowship
from the University of Texas
                                in both its academic and administrative programs.
Southwestern Medical Cen-       WEAVEonline will provide us with a consistent way
ter in Dallas. He is the only   to plan, gather and review data, assess our results,
glaucoma fellowship-trained     and document actions taken for improvement. Since
ophthalmologist in El Paso.     WEAVE is so user-friendly, the process is relatively easy.”
 Before completing his
residency in ophthalmology
                                   One of the important benefits of WEAVEonline is that it will enable TTUHSC to demonstrate its
at the University of Texas      commitment to institutional effectiveness - a major requirement for its upcoming reaffirmation with the
Health Science Center in San    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). “Institutional effectiveness is really about two
Antonio, he did a one-year      things: ensuring that all of our academic and administrative programs are supporting the TTUHSC
transitional internship at      mission; and continuously reviewing our programs with an eye on where we can make improvements.
TTUHSC at El Paso. Gallardo
received his medical degree
                                Once we all become familiar with the system, WEAVEonline will enable us to do both.”
from TTUHSC School of              Planning and assessment training for all TTUHSC programs began earlier this summer and will
Medicine in Lubbock.            continue through the fall. Now that WEAVEonline is “live,” information on its use will be available soon
                                from the Office on Institutional Planning & Effectiveness, (806) 743-2918.

Jenkins to serve as                                                                                    Volunteers needed for ‘No
regional chair                                                                                         One Dies Alone’ program
  AMARILLO – Michael                                                                                      LUBBOCK – Health Sciences Center faculty,
Jenkins, M.D., has been                                                                                staff and students are invited to participate in a
appointed regional chair
                                                                                                       joint project with University Medical Center in
of the
Psy-                                                                                                   providing companionship to dying patients who
chiatry                                                                                                would otherwise be alone.
De-                                                                                                       In the program, “No One Dies Alone,”
part-                           Group members, from left, are Stephanie Leeper, M.D., Family and
                                Community Medicine and Internal Medicine; Cynthia Raehl, Pharm.        volunteers may sign up to be available during one
                                D., Pharmacy Practice; Sarah Rejino, Social Services; Dennis Zoller,   or more weeks of their choosing. To provide 24-
in the
                                M.D., Family and Community Medicine; Charles Wright, M.D., Family      hour coverage, a team of volunteers will be on call
                                and Community Medicine; Gracie Mubarak, Social Services; Eric
of                              MacLaughlin, Pharm. D., Pharmacy Practice; and Rodney Young,           each week ready to serve at the bedside. Health
Medi-                           M.D., chair, Family and Community Medicine. Not pictured Steven        Sciences Center faculty and staff are required to
cine.    Jenkins                Berk, M.D., dean, School of Medicine at Lubbock.                       use personal time for their volunteer activities.
                                                                                                          All companions first must undergo a
has been a member of the
Amarillo psychiatric com-
                                Amarillo group earns award                                             background check and take part in an orientation
munity and TTUHSC clinical         AMARILLO – The Geriatrics Assessment Group                          session where they will learn the simple art of
faculty for more than 20        was honored with a “Texans Caring for Texans”                          being compassionately present at the bedside
years.                          award at the recent recognition event. Members                         of a dying person. Once UMC nursing staff has
   “The psychiatry clerkship    of this dedicated team of physicians, faculty                          identified a patient in need of an end-of-life
has consistently been the
highest-rated clerkship
                                and staff work for the schools of Medicine and                         companion, a phone coordinator will check the
by our students,” said          Pharmacy at the Amarillo campus.                                       “No One Dies Alone” database to activate that
Rush Pierce, M.D., interim         Each year participating state agencies nominate                     week’s team and schedule times according to
regional dean at the School     employees who go above and beyond in carrying                          volunteers’ availability.
of Medicine. “Dr. Jenkins       out their duties. The Geriatrics Assessment Group                         No nursing skills are necessary to participate. To
has been one of our main
teachers, and we are
                                provides invaluable services and treatment to                          volunteer or for more information, call 775-8680
excited to now have him         elderly patients through the Senior Assessment                         or call Larry Cothrin, director of pastoral care,
serve as our regional chair,”   Clinic, the Amarillo Alzheimer’s Association and                       at 775-8672. A sign-up opportunity also will be
Pierce added.                   other related programs.                                                offered during the fall in the UMC cafeteria.
                                        VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5                                                                     STATLINE    3
                                                                                                                              STATLINE || 3

Professor earns            Board of Regents honors Way with Professor Emeritus title
    EL PASO – Henry         LUBBOCK – Anthony Way, M.D., Ph.D.,
T. Uhrig, M.D., profes-    founding member of the School of Medicine and
sor in the Department      faculty member for more than 33 years in the
of                         Department of Family and Community Medicine,
Radi-                      was honored with the title of Professor Emeritus
ology,                     by the Texas Tech University System Board of
has                        Regents.
been                         During his tenure at the Health Sciences Center,
select-                    he was chairman and professor of the Department
ed for                     of Occupational and Preventive Medicine, which
fellow-                    would later merge with the Department of Family       From left: Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, M.D., interim president of
                                                                                 TTUHSC, and former dean of the School of Medicine Ted Hartman,
ship     Uhrig             and Community Medicine. Way also served as the
                                                                                 M.D., honor Anthony Way, M.D., and his wife, Barbara, at his retire-
in the                     founding residency director of General Preventive     ment reception in November.
American College of        Medicine and assistant dean for Graduate and
Radiology (ACR), one       Undergraduate Medical Education.                      president of the Health Sciences Center, said
of the highest honors        He served as director of Public Health for          Way is well deserving of the honor of Professor
that can be conferred      the Lubbock City Health Department, medical           Emeritus. “Dr. Way’s tireless efforts in education,
upon a radiologist.        director of the Preventive Medicine Center at         clinical service and research have paved the way
Only about 10 percent      University Medical Center, graduate faculty of        for future generations of medical students to
of the members of the      the Department of Anthropology at Texas Tech          learn and prosper at the Health Sciences Center,”
ACR are selected.          University, as well as numerous other positions.      Mittemeyer said.
                             Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, M.D., interim                  Way retired in November 2005.
 Palmieri chosen for
teaching program           OB/Gyn faculty expand practices in Odessa, look to Midland
   LUBBOCK – Patrick         PERMIAN BASIN – With an eye on the future, department Chairman R. Moss Hampton, M.D., and the
Palmieri, assistant pro-   OB/Gyn faculty at the Permian Basin have expanded their practices to the Tanglewood
fessor in the School of    location in northeast Odessa. The area is presently experiencing a high population growth
Nurs-                      rate, and the department saw a definite need for more services to these residents. “We
ing,                       saw an opportunity to expand our clinic operations to reach out to our patients by being
was                        more accessible,” Hampton said. In addition, the department has clinical sites at the main
recent-                    campus in Odessa and will expand in Midland later next year.
ly ac-                       This proactive move will give patients easier access to the department’s many services
cepted                     which include: high-risk pregnancy and genetic counseling; level III ultrasound; and
to the                     infertility and gynecologic oncology. This expansion will also give the department faculty Hampton
Post                       an opportunity to grow their patient practice.
Masters                    Hampton and other faculty physicians began seeing patients on Aug. 1 at the new location. The faculty
Teaching Education         will continue to have administrative offices at TTUHSC and will supervise the resident physicians.
Program at the Uni-          “We will continue to provide a quality higher education to our residents, prepare our faculty to
versity of Pennsylva-      accommodate third- and fourth-year medical students and we will be an integral piece in establishing and
nia.                       growing our patient practice with the upcoming Midland clinical expansion,” Hampton said.
   The program is a
12-month course de-
signed to help students    Department of Urology established on Lubbock campus
develop the skills nec-      LUBBOCK – The Health Sciences Center in             urologists, as well as conducting research and
essary to effectively      July established a new Department of Urology in       providing quality clinical service in the field,” de
teach and participate      hopes of providing more physicians in this field.      Riese said.
as active members of         Because of our aging population, the number           The Department of Urology also provides
the faculty.               of persons older than 65 will increase by 100         urology care for University Medical Center and
  “I believe this pro-     percent between the years 2000 and 2030.              the Veterans Administration outpatient clinic.
gram will give me the      Werner T.W. de Riese, M.D., Ph.D., chairman of          Other faculty and physicians of the Department
excellent foundation       the new department, said the increasing aging         of Urology include: Bernhard T. Mittemeyer,
I need to become an        population is causing a demand for urologic           M.D.; Jonathan S. Vordermark, M.D., specialist
effective teacher and      services nationwide.                                  in pediatric urology; and David Van Buren, M.D.,
faculty in the School        “This age group is the primary user of urologic     specialist in kidney transplant surgery. Other
of Nursing,” Palmieri      services. As an academic health institution, the      faculty and physicians coming include: researcher
said.                      Health Sciences Center must meet our primary          Stephanie Filleur, Ph.D.; Allan Haynes, M.D.; and
                           mission of teaching future doctors, in this case      Thomas Nelius, M.D.
     STATLINE | 4                                                        VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5

Division of Forensic
Pathology gets new            High school student interns test waters of research
faculty, director                AMARILLO – Six local high school students,
  LUBBOCK – The               under supervision of their mentoring physicians
Health Sciences Center        and researchers, investigated a variety of health
recently announced the        issues as part of a summer internship program
faculty appointments of       sponsored by the TTUHSC Women’s Health
Thomas R. Beaver, M.D.,       Research Institute of Amarillo. The students
and Thomas R. Parsons,        presented their projects and findings in July.
M.D., to the Pathology            The program was established in 2001 to provide
Department’s Division of      the opportunity for select area high school and
Forensic Pathology. Both      college students to join researchers at TTUHSC at
will serve as assistant       Amarillo each summer and participate in research Participating students, from left: Eric Bravo, Frances
professors.                   projects.                                          Withrow, Justin Berk, Ashton Hutches, Donna Raef and
   Beaver took over the          A total of 36 students have completed the       Aaryn Cathey.
duties of director of the     program since its inception.                       Ph.D., School of Pharmacy; Celestin Youan,
Division of Forensic              Participating researchers included Marjorie    Ph.D., School of Pharmacy; and Margaret Weis,
Pathology on Aug. 7 and       Jenkins, M.D., School of Medicine; James Stoll,    Ph.D., School of Pharmacy.
will serve as Lubbock
County medical examiner.
  Both came to Lubbock
from Daytona Beach,           Texas Senior Trails receives Award of Excellence
Fla., where Beaver              LUBBOCK -- The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and Pfizer Inc., has awarded the
was the chief medical         second annual Award of Excellence in Adherence Management to Texas Senior Trails of Dallas. The
examiner and Parsons          award acknowledged the pioneering work of Texas Senior Trails toward reliable case management
was the associate             outcomes.
medical examiner for            Texas Senior Trails is a consortium of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Texas Tech
Volusia County Medical        Physician Associates and TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, which are coordinating an integrated health
Examiner’s Office.             care delivery pilot project for beneficiaries in West Texas. The organization was selected in July 2005 by
                              the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as one of only six organizations nationwide to operate
 Academy honors               a three-year demonstration project to help Medicare beneficiaries improve their quality of life while
 pediatrician                 reducing medical expenses and Medicare program costs.
    EL PASO – The               The award includes $1,500 from Pfizer that Texas Senior Trails will use for future training needs of
 American                     staff in Dallas, Lubbock and Amarillo.
                              Texas Rural Health Association honors Hastings
 salutes                        EL PASO – The Texas Rural Health Association (TRHA)
 Alison                       recently presented the 2006 Marion Zetzman Award to Jim
 Days,                        Hastings, associate director of the Office of Border Health at El
 M.D.,                        Paso.
 assistant Days                 The Zetzman Award is presented annually to an individual
 professor                    who has “made a significant difference in improving the health
 in the Department            of rural Texans.” The award is named in honor of the late
 of Pediatrics, for her       Marion Zetzman, first director of the Texas Office of Rural
 efforts on behalf of the
                              Health Initiatives and a lifelong advocate of rural health.
 nation’s largest practice-
 based research network
                                Hastings was recognized for his work with border and rural
 -- Pediatric Research in     communities in development of emergency care infrastructure,
 Office Settings (PROS).       continuing education opportunities for rural health professionals
                                                                                                  Celebrating at the awards ceremony with Hastings,
    Through Days’ efforts     and development of community health worker programs.
                                                                                                  center, are his daughter, Emily Hastings and Jerry
 and hard work over             The award was presented at the TRHA annual conference in          Carbajal, TRHA board member.
 the past two years,          Austin by Don McBeath, managing director of telemedicine and
 PROS has been able to        rural health at TTUHSC and former TRHA president.
 continue its work in
 examining unanswered         Abilene health center officially becomes part of Texas Tech Physicians
 questions in pediatric
 primary care. The
                                The Hendrick Family Health Center officially         who are in their second and third year studying
 results of the network’s     became Texas Tech Physicians of Abilene Sept. 1.      family practice.
 projects have changed          The doctors at the clinic are TTUHSC medical          Hendrick has agreed to financially support
 policy and the way           school residents and faculty members. Residents       TTUHSC’s Abilene residency program for three
 pediatricians practice.      at the center are medical school graduate students    years.
                                                    VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5                                                                      STATLINE | 5

New faculty:
     LUBBOCK – James Gutheil,
                                      Faculty Clinical Research Unit established to aid projects
M.D., Department of Orthopaedic         AMARILLO – On Sept. 14, the School of Medicine
Surgery, returns to TTUHSC where      will host the grand opening of its Faculty Clinical
he completed
his residency.                        Research Unit (FCRU). This new unit has been
Prior to his                          developed to assist TTUHSC faculty, residents and
return, he                            students in the development of new investigator-
a fellowship                          initiated clinical research projects.
in pediatric                              The FCRU staff will be available to assist faculty,
orthopaedic                           residents and students to convert a research
surgery at
Orlando                               idea into a research project, provide guidance
Regional                              and development with the project and ensure
Medical         Gutheil               compliance with TTUHSC research policies.
Center. He
received his medical degree from          The FCRU is an outreach of the Amarillo
Ohio State University College of      School of Medicine Faculty Development Office,
Medicine and Public Health.           which was established to help faculty not only
     LUBBOCK -- Piro Rjepaj, M.D.,                                                                Staff members, from left: Thomas W. Hale, Ph.D., Melissa Lock-
is the program director for the       develop a foundation in clinical research, but also         man, M.S., Anne Denison, R.N., B.S.N., M.S., and Pam Farmer, R.N.
Psychiatry Residency Training         assist them with facilitating collaborative projects
Program for the Department of         with other departments, schools and disciplines.            School of Medicine. “We are focusing on faculty
Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral
Sciences. He received his medical     Stephanie C. Leeper, M.D., of the Department of             and residents who have never done research.
degree from the University of         Internal Medicine’s Division of Geriatrics and the          We hope to help them develop projects and gain
Tirana, Faculty of Medicine,          Department of Family and Community Medicine,                confidence and expertise in clinical research.”
Albania. He                           serves as the associate regional dean for faculty              The FCRU currently has a staff of four
completed                             development.                                                and a faculty scientific advisory committee of
his residency                             “We are very excited and have great hope                senior-level medical scientists to assist with the
at Finch
University                            this new unit will help our faculty, residents and          coordination of inpatient and outpatient clinical
of Health                             students develop new clinical research projects,”           research projects. Thomas Hale, Ph.D., has been
Sciences/                             said Rush Pierce, M.D., interim regional dean,              named the new director.
University of Rjepaj
Medicine and
Science, The Chicago Medical
                                                                                                                                 A new look
School.                                                                                                                          LUBBOCK -- The Department
     LUBBOCK – Benjamin J.                                                                                                       of Ophthalmology and Visual
Williams, M.D., Ph.D., is an                                                                                                     Sciences hosted an open house
assistant professor in the                                                                                                       Aug. 18. The department is now
Department of Neuropsychiatry,                                                                                                   located on the second floor
with emphasis on neurology with                                                                                                  of the Health Sciences Center
research interests in stroke and                                                                                                 and provides general eye care
Alzheimer’s Disease. He received                                                                                                 for adults and children. Also
his Ph.D. in zoology from the                                                                                                    featured is the Optical Shop,
University                                                                                                                       where Karen Smith of the Office
of Texas,                                                                                                                        of Research and Graduate School
Austin, and                                                                                                                      of Biomedical Sciences checked
his medical                                                                                                                      out the merchandise during
degree from                                                                                                                      open house.
the University
of Texas
Galveston. He
                                      School of Nursing certified for promotores training
completed his Williams                  LUBBOCK – The School of Nursing has been                Promotores also act as liaisons between health
residency at                          certified by the Texas Department of State Health          agencies and the community, serve as case
the University of California, San     Services to provide training for promotores, or           managers, assist with school activities and help
                                      community health workers.                                 distribute information. Anyone motivated to help
Wingate, M.S.N., R.N., G.N.P.-          The school is only the ninth organization in the        their community can become a promotor(a).
C., has joined the School of          state to offer a certified training program and is           In addition to earning certification, those who
Nursing faculty as an assistant
professor and course facilitator
                                      the only such program on the South Plains. Other          complete training improve their job skills and
for pharmacology. She                 certified programs are predominantly based in              broaden their opportunities to be hired, as well
completed her gerontological          South Texas cities and El Paso.                           as improve interpersonal, communication and
nurse practitioner degree at
the University of Texas Medical
                                        The major service promotores provide to the             organizational skills.
Branch in Galveston and her           community is education, said Debra Flores,                  The School of Nursing will offer a 160-hour
master’s at the University of Texas   certified instructor and faculty associate in the          curriculum required for certification of promotores,
at El Paso. She earned her B.S.N.
from TTUHSC at the Permian
                                      School of Nursing. “The people who choose to              as well as continuing education courses required
Basin.                                become promotores are natural helpers,” she said.         for renewal of certification. Flores said the school
                                      “They just want to learn and to help others.”             hopes to begin offering courses by October.
      STATLINE | 6                                                              VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5

Boswell interim chair
of anesthesiology
   LUBBOCK – Mark V.
                                                                                                                   LUBBOCK – Class of 2010
Boswell, M.D., Ph.D.,
                                                                                                                   entering medical students took
was named interim
                                                                                                                   part in the White Coat Ceremony
chair of the Depart-
                                                                                                                   Aug. 18, a time-honored
ment of Anesthesiol-
                                                                                                                   tradition of receiving a white
ogy. Boswell currently
                                                                                                                   coat to signify the beginning of
serves as a professor of
                                                                                                                   their medical training. Shown,
anesthesiology in the
                                                                                                                   from left, are Kevin Barnes,
department as well as
                                                                                                                   Marianne Ebrahim, Jared
the director of the Pain
                                                                                                                   Heathman, Jessica Baima, Jarod
Medicine Fellowship
                                                                                                                   Roland and Amy Lay
  Boswell replaces Mi-
chael Badgwell, M.D.,
who stepped down
from the position in Au-
gust. Badgwell began
as department chair in
March 2005. He will
continue to teach in the              NIH researchers join School of Medicine in Amarillo
department and focus
on the educational                      AMARILLO – The Department of Internal Medicine
residents program as                  welcomes Zonghan Dai, Ph.D., and Yunxia Tao, Ph.D.,
well as reactivate his                two National Institutes of Health-funded researchers
research program.                     whose grants total $1,945,000.
  Steven Berk, M.D.,                      Dai is concentrating on research to elucidate the
dean of the School of                 mechanism associated with metastasis, the ability of a
Medicine, said a nation-              cancer cell to spread from its site of origin to other sites
wide search for a new                 in the body. The research focuses on an oncoprotein
chairperson will begin.               named Bcr-Abl, a causative agent for greater than
                                      95 percent of human chronic myelogenous leukemia             Dai                    Tao
                                      cases and approximately 20 percent of human acute
                                      lymphocytic leukemia cases.
                                         Approaches are being taken to determine how Bcr-Abl-expressing cells override normal regulatory
PA students compete,
                                      machinery that controls cell adhesion and migration and become metastatic. The outcome of these
join in conference                    investigations will further understanding of the mechanisms by which Bcr-Abl induces leukemia, which
Cloud, Elisa Hernandez, Jeff          will shed light on the development of novel therapy for the treatment of human leukemia.
Limbacher and Stephen Lummus,             Research conducted by Tao focuses on the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of kidney
attended the 34th Annual Ameri-       diseases, in particular, polycystic kidney disease and von Hippel-Lindau kidney tumor. Currently, she is
can Academy Phyisican Assistant       investigating the role of apoptosis and HIF/VEGF signaling pathway in the development and progression
(AAPA) Conference recently in
                                      of these diseases.
San Francisco.
   Cloud, Hernandez and Lim-              Tao’s research is performed using molecular biology approaches as well as cell culture and animal
bacher participated in the Stu-       models. The results from these studies should provide leads to development of novel therapies for these
dent Academy of the American          diseases.
Academy of Physician Assistants
(SAAAPA) National Medical
Challenge Bowl and won the first      Hernandez, Ramirez earn lactation educator certification
round for the competition.              EL PASO – The Planning Program for                 how and why to breastfeed, and emotional
   Hernandez represented the          Promoting Breastfeeding through Baby Friendly        and practical support to families interested in
TTUHSC PA students in the SAA-        Steps - Phase III has honored several health care    breastfeeding.
APA Assembly of Representatives       professionals for completing all requirements to        In addition, they offer encouragement through
where she presented a resolution
recommending SAAAPA help
                                      be recognized as Certified Lactation Educators        the duration of breastfeeding, companionship,
coordinate student relief efforts     through the Childbirth and Postpartum                and an experienced point of view. They are
in the event of a natural disaster.   Professional Association.                            also trained to recognize difficult breastfeeding
   Lummus was student member            Among those earning certification are Lorenza       situations, which will then be referred to a board
of the AAPA House of Delegates        Hernandez of the Office of Border Health, and         certified lactation consultant.
and was present for some lively
debate about the future direction
                                      Maribel Ramirez, senior business assistant in the       Funding for this opportunity was made possible
of the PA profession.                 Department of OB/Gyn.                                by Begin at Birth, an initiative of the Paso del
                                        These individuals provide information on           Norte Health Foundation.
                                                  VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5                                                              STATLINE | 7

Nursing has new HSC establishes McCrary Chair in Addiction Medicine
organizational    LUBBOCK – According to national studies by
                the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
structure       Administration, half of the U.S. population older
   LUBBOCK – In an effort to         than age 12 drank alcohol in the past 30 days and
focus on faculty development, as
well as enhance communication
                                     23 percent had engaged in binge drinking in that
between students and teachers,       time period. In 2001, approximately 75,000 deaths
the School of Nursing is             were attributable to excessive alcohol use.
changing its organizational
structure. Departmental chairs
                                        With alcohol and other substance use disorders
now will oversee the various         affecting so many, the Health Sciences Center has
graduate and undergraduate           made addiction medicine a focus in the Department
   “This will allow us to develop
                                     of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences by
future nursing education leaders     creating the Giles C. McCrary Endowed Chair in
here within the Health Sciences      Addiction Medicine.
Center, as well as enhance                                                                                                Gregory W. Schrimsher, Ph.D.
mentoring opportunities among
                                        Gregory W. Schrimsher, Ph.D., assistant professor
our faculty,” said Alexia Green,     in the department was named as the Endowed Chair          chair will allow us to examine the cognitive effects
dean of the School of Nursing.       in Addiction Medicine. One focus of his work will         of substance use and how these effects impact our
She noted that a maturing nurse
educator work force is one of the
                                     be to assess the substance use treatment needs in         treatment efforts. Also, we will examine whether
greatest challenges facing the       the area, including rural counties in the area and to     the effects can be reversed or whether they
field of nursing.                    attempt to implement treatment programs to best           place people at risk for future problems such as
    “This organizational model
is more in line with the other
                                     meet these needs. His major area of research interest     dementia.
schools within the Health            is the relation between alcohol and substance use           Schrimsher served as a staff psychologist
Sciences Center,” said Patricia      and its short- and long- term impact on cognitive         at the G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical
Allen, R.N., Ed.D., associate dean
of the Undergraduate Program.
                                     abilities and functioning.                                Center in Jackson, Miss., and a clinical assistant
She noted that the new structure        “Cognitive abilities are affected by alcohol and       professor in Psychiatry and Human Behavior at
also is similar to that of most      substance use, and the size and duration of the           the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He
nursing schools across the
                                     effect depends on how often, how much and for             received his doctorate in clinical psychology from
   Donna Owen, R.N., Ph.D., is       how long someone has been using,” Schrimsher              the University of Houston. Additionally, he has a
assuming the role of department      said. “These effects can be especially strong with        doctorate in neuroscience from the University of
chair of the traditional Pre-
Licensure Program within the
                                     regard to memory and attention. This endowed              Florida College of Medicine.
undergraduate division. Cathie
Collins, R.N., M.S.N. and Ph.D.
candidate, will serve as acting                                                              Visiting professorship awarded
chair of the non-traditional
undergraduate programs – R.N.             Statline goes monthly!
to B.S.N. and the Second Degree                                                                LUBBOCK – In an effort to learn improved health
Program.                                  The Statline e-newsletter will now be              communication techniques, Pfizer Inc. has awarded
   Under the leadership of                                                                   the Department of Family and Community Medicine
Barbara Johnston, R.N., Ph.D.,            distributed monthly to all TTUHSC
associate dean of the Graduate                                                               a Visiting Professorship in Health Literacy/Clear
                                          faculty, students and staff.                       Health Communication, said Michael Ragain, M.D.,
Program, soon-to-be-named
departmental chairs will oversee                                                             department chairman.
Leadership Studies, as well as
Nurse Practitioner Studies within
                                          The next issue will be distributed                   Lorraine Wallace, Ph.D., University of Tennessee
the graduate division.                    on Oct. 1, and the deadline for news               Graduate School, will meet with TTUHSC physicians
                                          items is Sept. 15.                                 and staff as well as community leaders during a
                                                                                             three-day workshop Sept. 26-28. TTUHSC School
Chavez in new                                                                                of Medicine is one of 10 medical centers or medical
                                                                                             schools nationwide to receive this grant.
position                                 Charitable campaign launch                            “The use of clear health communication is an
  LUBBOCK – Roxanne Chavez,                                                                  important part of a patient’s ability to understand
R.N., M.S.N., has been named                                                                 instructions from his physician or other providers,”
instructor and                           13th Annual State Employee Charitable               Ragain said. “This is especially important for
director of                               Campaign September 1 – October 31
undergradu-                                                                                  patients who have a hard time understanding
ate programs                                                                                 medical terms. Our hope is that the Pfizer visiting
in the new                              Please consider participating in this year’s         professorship can give us new tools to communicate
Department of                                   campaign. Check with your                    with our patients. We will be extending this
Student Affairs                         departmental coordinator for more details            invitation to other public health organizations in our
and Admissions                            or learn more about the campaign at:
in the School of Chavez                                                                      area.”
Nursing. She will                                                                              For more information on the workshops, contact
be responsible for all undergrad-                          Yan Zhang, Ph.D., assistant professor, Health
uate programs.                                                                               Services Management, at 743-6984.
        STATLINE | 8                                                              VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5

 Residency program
 in 100 percent club
 psychiatry residency                                                                                                LUBBOCK -- Steven Berk, M.D., dean
 training program has joined                                                                                       of the School of Medicine, was honored
 the American Psychiatric                                                                                              with a welcoming reception Aug. 23
 Association’s (APA) 100 Percent
                                                                                                                     in the Academic Classroom Building.
 Club. The club was established
 to encourage residents                                                                                            Shown with Berk are his wife, Shirley,
 throughout the United                                                                                             and his son, Justin. Not pictured is the
 States and Canada to in turn                                                                                                         Berks’ son, Jeremy.
 encourage medical students to
 join APA.
    “I am delighted to announce
 that all the residents of the
 psychiatry residency training
 program have recently
 become members of APA,”
 said training director Piro
 Rjepaj, M.D. “APA journals and
 other educational materials
 provided by this prestigious
 organization in the field of
 psychiatry will be an additional     National Constitution Day presentation slated Sept. 15
 resource to our residents. This        LUBBOCK – In celebration of National                     Program. Bard also is an adjunct professor in
 will provide our residents with      Constitution Day, the Department of Student                the School of Medicine.
 contemporary educational
                                      Services will host the presentation, “The                    The event will take place at 11:30 a.m. Sept.
 updates and information in the
 growing fields of psychiatry         Constitution and Medical Privacy” by Jennifer S.           15 in the Academic Classroom Building, room
 and neuropsychiatry, as well         Bard, J.D., M.P.H., professor of law at the Texas          110. A light lunch will be provided afterward
 as provide them opportunities        Tech School of Law and director of the Health Law          for students on a first come, first served basis.
 to network with other                                                                           A taped preamble will be read by Colin Powell
 psychiatrists at the local,
 national and international           Allied Health programs excel                               and all regional campuses will be techlinked to
                                                                                                 the event. The TTUHSC Student Government
 levels.”                               Programs in the School of Allied Health Sciences
                                      continue to earn top honors and excellent pass rates       Association will conduct a discussion panel, as
 OB physician,                        among students.                                            well. For more details, contact Student Services
                                        In addition to the Physician Assistant Program’s top     at 743-2300.
 department honored
  EL PASO – University of New         achievements and the Speech-Language Pathology
Mexico resident physicians in the     graduates who all passed the Praxis National Exam
Department of Family Practice         this spring on their first try, students in several other
Residency Program have selected                                                                         Announcing
the TTUHSC at El Paso obstetrics      Allied Health Sciences programs also have recently
rotation as the Best Off-Service
Department/Rotation. Con-
                                      achieved 100 percent first-try pass rates on certifying                   Double T
                                      exams, including: Doctor of Audiology students,
gratulations to Jose Gonzalez,
M.D., and Bahij Nuwayhid, M.D,        who boast a 100 percent pass rate for the last four                 Health Service Corps
regional OB/Gyn chairman.             years; Master of Science students in the Molecular
Gonzalez also was selected to         Pathology Program, who have had a 100 percent
participate in a project of the                                                                                                       Students
                                      pass rate for the last three years; Master of Athletic
American College of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists. His specific       Training students, who all earned Texas licensure;
project includes the conduct of       and Master of Occupational Therapy students who                                              Communities
residency review sites for OB/GYN
residency programs in the region.     all have earned certification except for one student
He attended training in Washing-      who has yet to test. The Clinical Laboratory Science
ton in August.                        Program graduates missed a 100 percent pass rate by
 Soto earns certification             one student who will retest.
  EL PASO – Gloria Soto, unit co-
ordinator in the Research Division
of the Department of Emergency
Medicine, has passed the Society
                                        “It is particularly reassuring to note that these high
                                      levels of academic achievement were accomplished
                                      by students in all three of the clinical departments
of Clinical Research Associates       of the School of Allied Health Sciences,” said Paul
Examination. With this certifica-     Brooke, Ph.D., dean of the school. “In addition,
tion, Soto is now designated a        with the highly successful re-accreditation of our           The Double
Certified Clinical Research Profes-
                                      Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Program for the          T Health Service
sional (CCRP). As a CCRP, she
has achieved an internationally       maximum eight-year period, all academic programs             Corps is a student organization focused on stu-
accepted standard of knowledge,                                                                    dents serving communities. To find out more and
                                      in the School of Allied Health Sciences are accredited
education and experience, and                                                                                                    .
                                                                                                   to get involved, contact the F Marie Hall Institute
will enjoy recognition as a profes-   for the maximum periods allowed by their respective          for Rural and Community Health at 806.743.1338.
sional in medical research.           accrediting agencies.”
      STATLINE | 9                                                              VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5

Professionally                      Lactation station makes regional campus ‘Mother Friendly’
Speaking . . .                         EL PASO –What does an employer do when an            • Access to nearby, clean safe water source and
                                    employee decides she wants to continue to breast        sink for washing up
  Francisco Agullo, M.D., chief     feed after returning to work?                           • Access to hygienic storage alternatives in the
resident in the Department
                                       If that employer is TTUHSC at El Paso, they make     workplace for the mother’s breastmilk
of Surgery, TTUHSC at El Paso,
recently attended the 18th          it easy by providing a comfortable place to pump          TTUHSC at El Paso HR policy No. 0.8 was
Congress of the International       milk, refrigerate it and even lending out whatever      signed by Regional Dean Jose Manuel de la Rosa,
Society of Aesthetic Plastic        equipment is needed to express milk.                    M.D., Sept. 1, 2000, and a lactation station was
Surgeons in Rio de Janeiro,           Many employers may not know that Sept. 4 - 8          opened. TTUHSC at El Paso is one of only two
Brazil. Agullo was selected to
                                    is National Breast Feeding at Work Week. Indeed,        organizations in El Paso designated “Mother
present “Decision Making on
Abdominoplasty.”                    many employers in Texas may also not know that          Friendly.”
     Sharon Decker, professor,      their place of work can be designated “Mother             The Department of OB/GYN has donated the
and Sandra Caballero, faculty       Friendly.”                                              space for the six years it has been operational.
associate in the School of             As part of House Bill 359, enacted in September of      The station is so busy, said Libby Berkeley,
Nursing, presented “Simulation
                                    1995, the “Danburg Breastfeeding in Public Places”      a certified lactation consultant at TTUHSC El
as an Alternative Clinical
Experience” in June at the 11th     act, a business may use the designation “Mother         Paso, that “sometimes we have three employees
Biennial North American Learning    Friendly” if it develops a policy supporting the        coordinating their schedules to use the room.
Resource Centers Conference in      practice of worksite breastfeeding that addresses:      The station is especially popular with resident
Philadelphia. At the conference,    • Work schedule flexibility                              physicians taking time out of their busy schedules
Decker also gave a poster
                                    • Provision of accessible locations allowing privacy    to express milk for their baby.”
presentation on “Simulation
and the Development of
Critical Thinking: A Qualitative
Exploration.” She gave the same
poster presentation in May at the
24th Annual International Nursing
Computer and Technology
Conference in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada.                                                                                                              LUBBOCK -- First-year medical
                                                                                                                      students received their scrubs
Ramirez presented                                                                                                   recently at a party hosted at the
humanism award                                                                                                       home of Drs. Brad and Priscilla
  PERMIAN BASIN – Henry                                                                                            Snodgrass. Students from left are
Ramirez, M.D., resident in the                                                                                      Lance Martin, Sarah Bourgeois,
Department of OB/Gyn, recent-                                                                                     Vanessa Costilla, Patrick Shepherd
ly was awarded the 2006 Gold                                                                                                 and Jenny Chua-Tuan.
Foundation Humanism and
Excellence Award on the occa-
sion of the Student Clinician’s
Ceremony at the Texas College
of Osteopathic Medicine.
  With this honor, Ramirez is
now a member of the Gold
Humanism Honor Society,
a national society with 54
established chapters at medi-
cal schools throughout the
country. The distinguished          Pediatric residents awarded in poster competition
award honors residents, among
                                      EL PASO – Two residents in the Department of          the section for literature review and received
others, who have “demonstrat-
ed excellence in clinical care,     Pediatrics received awards in the Texas Pediatric       honorable mention for her evidence-based
leadership, compassion and          Society electronic poster competition. The winning      guideline on screening magnetic resonance
dedication to service.”             posters are available in the Resident Section on        imaging in autism spectrum disorders. She also
                                    the Texas Pediatric Society website (http://www.        received the Department of Pediatrics’ Resident
Brashear earns                     of the Year Award in the category for first-year
scholarship                           In the section for hypothesis-driven project,         resident for the academic year 2005-06. The
  EL PASO – Terri Brashear,                                                                 winners will be recognized at the 2006 Annual
                                    Oscar Ingaramo, M.D., a third-year resident, and
senior business assistant in
the Department of Pediatrics        Marie Leiner, Ph.D., research assistant professor,      Meeting of the Texas Pediatric Society in Dallas in
Residency Program, received         were recognized with an honorable mention for           September.
a $500 Association of Pediatric     their research on the impact of the health care           “We are very proud of our winners and
Program Directors Coordi-           environment on the effectiveness of educational         of all pediatric residents who completed
nator’s Scholarship to attend                                                               research projects and submitted posters for this
                                    videotapes. Ingaramo also is one of the pediatric
the association’s 10th Annual
Fall Meeting in Reston, Va., in     chief residents.                                        distinguished competition,” said Ralitsa Akins,
September.                            Bibiana Restrepo, M.D., is the only winner in         M.D., Ph.D., of the Department of Pediatrics.

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