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Florida District of Circle K - DOC


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									       Florida District of Circle K         ARTICLE III                                    given to the Circle K Club and their          Section 4. All officers shall assume
                Bylaws                      Divisions                                      sponsoring Kiwanis club for the               their official duties as outlined in these
                                                                                           purpose of appeal to the District Board       District Bylaws.
                                            Section 1. The Board of Officers may           of Officers.
ARTICLE I                                   create suitable administrative divisions                                                     Section 5.
Name and Territorial Limits                 with the approval of the Kiwanis               Section 6. Any club considered "not in        Governor’s Duties:
                                            District Board. There will be a                good standing" can correct the                a. The Governor shall have the duty
Section 1. The name of this                 Lieutenant Governor for each division          situation by following the procedures            of furthering the objects of Circle
organization shall be the Florida           who will also be a voting member of            outlined in the Circle K International           K International and promoting the
District of Circle K International.         the District Board.                            Bylaws or the Florida District Bylaws.           interests of Circle K clubs within
                                                                                                                                            his/her district. He/she shall work
Section 2. The territorial limits within    ARTICLE IV                                     ARTICLE V                                        closely with other International
which this district shall function shall    Membership                                     Officers                                         and district offices to strengthen
be co-extensive with the territorial                                                                                                        and expand Circle K.
limits of the Florida District of Kiwanis   Section 1. Each Circle K club situated         Section 1. The voting officers of the         b. The Governor shall be the chief
International. This district shall be       within the territorial limits of this Circle   district shall be the Governor, the              executive of the district, shall
sponsored by, but not a part of Florida     K district shall be a member of the            Secretary, the Treasurer, the Editor,            appoint all standing and special
District of Kiwanis International.          district.                                      and such Lieutenant Governors as                 district committees, and shall
                                                                                           deemed necessary by the Circle K                 preside at the Circle K District
ARTICLE II                                  Section 2. Any member club more                District Board of Officers and the               Convention, Leadership Training
Objects                                     than thirty (30) days in debt to Circle K      Kiwanis District Board of Trustees.              Conference, District Officers'
                                            International, its district or its             These officers make us the District              Training Conference, and at all
Section 1. The objects of this district     sponsoring Kiwanis club shall be               Board of Officers.                               meetings of the District Board
shall be:                                   considered "not in good standing."                                                              and the Florida District
                                                                                           Section 2. The officers of this district,         Presidents' Council.
To accept and promote the Objects of        Section 3. Any member club having              as defined above in Section One of             c. He/she shall attend the
Circle K International;                     failed to file an official monthly report      Article V of these bylaws, shall be              International Convention and all
To coordinate the projects of member        for each month of the current                  elected at the annual district                   meetings of the International
Circle K clubs;                             administrative year at least two               convention.                                      Council, the Kiwanis District
To strengthen and extend Circle K in        weeks prior to District Convention                                                              Convention, and the Key Club
the district;                               shall be considered not in good                Section 3. The Governor, Secretary,              District Convention.
To increase the fellowship and              standing.                                      Treasurer, and Editor shall be defined        d. The Governor shall be
cooperative efforts of the clubs within                                                    as the executive officers of this district.      responsible for the leadership
the district;                               Section 4. Any member club must be                                                              training of club presidents, the
To provide the goods and services           considered in good standing with               Section 4. Lt. Governors shall                   updating of the president's and
necessary for the welfare of the clubs      Circle K International to be                   represent the division in which they             vice-president's manuals, due no
and individual members;                     considered in good standing with the           serve. Should a Lt. Governor transfer            later than the fall conference, as
To promote participation of the clubs       District.                                      to a club outside of the division they           well as ensuring proper training is
within the district in the general                                                         represent prior to the end of their term         provided for other club officers, for
objects, programs and policies of the       Section 5. Any member club not in              in office, they may retain their position        workshops which will be held at
district and of Circle K International;     good standing with this district shall be      as Lt. Governor with a two-thirds (2/3)          the district convention; and for
and                                         denied all rights of a Circle K club in        vote of the District Board. This vote            developing all communication with
To accept and promote the Bylaws            good standing as bestowed by the               must occur prior to the Lt. Governor             clubs for the purpose of bringing
and Policy Code of Circle K                 Florida District provided four (4)             transferring their membership to their           administrative aid to said clubs.
International.                              weeks notice of such standing be               new club.
e. The Governor shall work closely              to date on the condition of the          District Mailing List. The District        a detailed Club Status Report
   with the Kiwanis District Circle K           clubs.                                   Mailing List shall include all             at the Summer and Winter
   administrator on all matters                                                          District Board Members and                 Board meeting with the current
                                           c.   The Lieutenant Governor shall
   dealing with the operation of the                                                     Committee Chairs, Circle K Club            dues paid membership,
                                                also work with the Governor,
   district.                                                                             Officers, The Kiwanis Committee            potential dues paid
                                                District Administrator, District
f. The Governor shall work to                                                            on Circle K, The District Boards           membership (as informed by
                                                Club Building Committee,
   increase the membership of the                                                        of the Florida District of Kiwanis         the club treasurers, Lt.
                                                Kiwanis Lieutenant Governors
   District and to increase the                                                          and Key Club, the International            Governors, and presidents),
                                                and area Kiwanis clubs on the
   quality and number of service                                                         Director and the International             and the financial well being of
                                                building of new clubs and the
   projects in the District.                                                             Councilor, the President and               the clubs in the Florida District
                                                rebuilding of inactive clubs.
g. The Governor shall also work                                                          Secretary of the Florida Circle K          of Circle K International.
   with the District Administrator,        d. The Lieutenant Governors of each           Alumni Association, the               b.   The Treasurer shall submit a
   District Club Building Committee,          division shall also be responsible         President and Executive Director           membership report at all
   and Lt. Governors on new club              for assisting the Governor with the        of the Florida Kiwanis                     regular meetings of the District
   building and the rebuilding of             leadership training of vice-               Foundation, and the Florida                Board and such times as the
   inactive clubs.                            presidents and presidents all club         District Kiwanis Committee on              Governor, the Board of
h. The Governor shall make no                 officers, as needed and                    Key Club, as well as the District          Officers, or the Kiwanis District
   fewer than one visit to each               requested.                                 Administrators of Builder’s Club,          Board of Trustees may
   division. He/She shall attend as                                                      K-Kids, and Aktion.                        require.
                                           e. This person shall also perform
   many club or divisional events as                                                f.   The District Secretary shall also     c.   The treasurer shall facilitate
                                              such other duties as may be
   possible and should attempt to                                                        be charged with the leadership             and encourage dues
   visit each club in the District at         assigned by the Governor or the            training of club secretaries, as           submission by each Florida
   least once.                                district board of officers.                well as the updating of the club           District Club.
i. He/She shall serve as an ex-                                                          secretary's manual, the club          d.   The Treasurer shall be
   officio member of all District          Section 7                                     Monthly Report Form, and the               responsible for the leadership
   Committees.                             Secretary’s Duties:                           Monthly Report Form Manual,                training of club treasurers, as
                                           a. The Secretary shall keep all               due no later than the fall                 well as the updating of the
Section 6                                     records of the district convention         conference.                                club treasurer's manual and
Lieutenant Governor’s Duties:                 and of all meetings of the district                                                   club fundraising manual, due
a. The Lieutenant Governor shall              board of officers.                    Section 8                                       no later than the fall
    assist the Governor in the work of     b. The Secretary shall submit a          Treasurer’s Duties:                             conference.
    the district. This person shall           report at such times as the           a.     The Treasurer, under the            e.   The District Treasurer shall
    represent the Governor and have           Governor and the district board of           supervision of the District              serve as Director of the
    full responsibility under the             officers may require.                        Administrator, shall present             Outreach Program.
    direction of the Governor in           c. This person shall submit to the              the district budget to the          f.   The District Treasurer shall be
    supervising the district executive        proper officials and committees all          district board at the summer             responsible for keeping track
    work in his/her respective division.      communications received from                 board meeting for approval.              of the status of donations
b. The Lieutenant Governor shall be           Circle K International.                      The accounts shall at all times          made from the clubs and the
    charged with encouraging clubs         d. The Secretary shall cooperate                be open to inspection by the             Florida District for any
    within the division to increase           with the Governor in forwarding all          Governor, the board of                   financial initiatives developed
    their membership while working            official reports required by Circle          officers, the District                   by International as well as the
    with the Club Building                    K International.                             Administrator, Kiwanis District          Florida District.
    Committee, complete worthwhile         e. The district secretary shall be              Board of Trustees, and any          g.   The District Treasurer for be
    service projects, and remain up           responsible for maintaining the              authorized auditor. The                  responsible for the
                                                                                           District Treasurer shall report          development of any district
        fundraisers, as well as             said officer immediate notice of the          member of a Circle K club in good            Circle K not less than fourteen (14)
        assisting the district              scheduled hearing of the District             standing.                                    days prior to each meeting.
        committees and clubs with           Board of Officers as well as the
        any grants or fundraising           allegations presented. A minimum of           Section 2. The management and                Section 7. In the absence of the
        efforts as needed.                  fourteen (14) days clear notice must          control of the affairs of the district not   Governor from a meeting, the Board
h.      The Treasurer shall also            be given to the Board of Officers, the        otherwise provided for in these bylaws       of Officers shall designate a member
        perform such other duties as        accused, and the District                     shall be vested in the Board of              of the Board of Officers to act as
        may be assigned by the              Administrator of the time and place of        Officers, subject to the direction and       chairperson for that meeting upon
        Governor or the Board of            a hearing. Consideration shall be             approval of the Kiwanis District Board       recommendation of the Governor
        Officers.                           given to the facts and reasons why the        of Trustees, through the District            and/or the District Administrator.
                                            office should be declared vacant. The         Administrator, as well as the Circle K
Section 9                                   officer shall be afforded the                 International Board of                       Section 8. A majority of the voting
District Editor’s Duties:                   opportunity at that hearing to explain        Representatives.                             members of the Board of Officers shall
a. The Editor shall have complete           or refute the allegations. In the event                                                    constitute a quorum, and a majority
    charge of, and responsibility for,      that the district board of officers shall     Section 3. The District Board of             vote of those present shall decide any
    the issuance of a minimum of six        find the alleged facts to be true, by a       Officers shall hold a minimum of five        question, with the exception of those
    (6) issues of the district newsletter   vote of two thirds (2/3), the District        (5) meetings annually; one of which is       questions for which a greater
    Circle Kapers, subject to the           Board of Officers shall have the power        to be held during the period between         proportion is specifically required by
    control and discretion of the           to declare such office vacant, and the        academic years.                              these bylaws.
    district officers as stated in these    vacancy will be filled in accordance
    bylaws.                                 with the provisions contained in these        Section 4. The Secretary shall notify        Section 9. Within fifteen (15) days
b. The Editor shall be responsible for      bylaws.                                       each member of the district mailing          after any special or regular meeting of
    the leadership training of club                                                       list, in writing, of the time, place         the Board of Officers, the Secretary
    editors, as well as the updating of     Section 11. No elected district officer       (including directions), and the date of      shall distribute the meeting minutes to
    the club editor's manual and            may hold an International office or           all meetings of the Board of Officers        members of the District Mailing list.
    annual club treasurer's manual,         club office in addition to his/her district   not less than fourteen (14) days prior
    due no later than fall conference.      office.                                       to each meeting.                             ARTICLE VII
c. The Editor shall also perform such                                                                                                  District Standing Committees
    other duties as may be assigned         ARTICLE VI                                    Section 5. A special meeting of the
    by the Governor or the Board of         Board of Officers                             board of Officers may be called by the       Section 1.
    Officers.                                                                             Governor, the Secretary or two-thirds        The Membership Development and
                                            Section 1. The Board of Officers of           (2/3) of the members of the Board of         Education Committee:
Section 10. A district officer may be       this district shall consist of the            Officers.                                    The Membership Development and
removed from office for just cause by       Governor, the Secretary, the                                                               Education committee shall cooperate
a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all voting    Treasurer, the Editor, and the                Section 6. The Secretary shall be            with all of the clubs in this district to
members of the District Board of            Lieutenant Governors. All district            responsible for sending a tentative          assist them in the maintenance of an
Officers duly elected and serving at        committee chairs and directors shall          agenda, as prepared and approved by          adequate membership of appropriate
the time. Whenever there appears to         serve as non-voting members of the            the Governor, for these meetings to          standards, in the proper education
be sufficient cause for such action, as     board. The District Administrator shall       each member of the Board of Officers,        and induction of new members, in the
determined by the District                  serve as a non-voting ex-officio              the club presidents, the Kiwanis             utilization of all members, assist in
Administrator or a majority of the          member of the board. The Immediate            Governor, the Kiwanis Governor-              updating the club officer manuals, and
voting members, the Governor (or the        Past Governor shall also serve as an          Elect, the Kiwanis District Treasurer,       in the promotion of the concept of
district secretary if the governor is the   ex-officio non-voting member of the           the Kiwanis District Secretary, the          regular attendance at club meetings.
accused) shall notify the accused           board providing he/she is a current           District Administrator, and members of
officer of the allegations and shall give                                                 the Kiwanis District Committee on
Section 2                                 Section 4                                   Lieutenant Governor of the                     the International Convention
The K-Family Relations Committee:         The Legal Committee:                        division in which a club is being              annually.
a. The K-Family Relations                 a. The Legal Committee shall review         built.
   Committee shall work to improve           the District Bylaws annually, and     d. The committee shall work to                Section 8
   the relationship between all              shall submit recommendations             assist in the attainment of the            The Director of Technology
   Kiwanis and Kiwanis sponsored             concerning revisions thereof to          minimum membership                         a. The Director of Technology shall
   organizations.                            the District Board. Should the           requirements, as defined in the               be in charge of maintaining the
b. It shall be responsible for               revisions be accepted as                 International Bylaws.                         district website, making updates
   developing projects and                   proposals, the proposals will then                                                     as requested or necessary.
   educational programs to expand            proceed through the process to        Section 6                                     b. The Director shall distribute to
   and strengthen the bonds                  be voted on at the annual             The Projects Committee:                          each club a website template and
   between these organizations.              convention, as outlined in these      a. This committee shall promote                  instructions on how to build a
c. The committee shall also be               bylaws and the Bylaws and Policy            projects within the District               website, and shall be available to
   responsible for promoting Circle K        Code of Circle K International.             supporting the International               answer any questions clubs may
   within Kiwanis.                        b. The Legal Committee shall also              Service Initiative, the International      have about their website.
                                             be responsible for the answering            Service Partners, the International
Section 3                                    of questions that are concerning            Fundraising Initiative, and the         Section 9
The Awards Committee:                        parliamentary procedure, when               Governorʼs Project.                     The Public Relations Committee
a.    The Awards Committee shall             asked or when appropriate.            b. It shall plan and execute any district     a. The Public Relations Committee
      annually review the rules for       c. The committee shall, 120 days               projects.                                  shall work to promote Circle K
      club awards and recommend              prior to District Convention, send    c. It shall provide any resources which          International to the community
      any needed changes to the              out an official call for submission         would be beneficial to clubs in the        and to the college.
      District Board.                        of bylaws amendments to all                 execution of projects, including        b. The Public Relations Committee
b.    The committee shall cooperate          clubs in good standing.                     but not limited to an annual club          shall also assist and provide
      with the board to draft proposed    d. The committee shall also assist             projects manual, due no later than         resources to help each club
      changes.                               any clubs with the establishment            the fall conference.                       improve its internal and external
c.    The committee shall revise the         of club bylaws.                                                                        public relations.
      Awards Manual accordingly,                                                   Section 7
      should any changes be               Section 5                                The Con/Con Committee:                        Section 10. The Governor shall
      approved. Any such change in        The Club Building Committee              a. The Conferences and                        appoint the chairs of all district
      the Awards Manual shall             a. The Club Building Committee              Conventions Committee shall plan           committees, with the approval of the
      become effective the following         shall be responsible for building        and execute all conventions, and           District Board of Officers.
      administrative year.                   and rebuilding clubs within the          shall prepare any mailing or
d.    A copy of the Awards Manual            Florida District.                        materials necessary to promote or          Section 11. A district committee chair
      reflecting any and all changes      b. The committee shall implement a          operate the convention.                    may be removed from office for just
      shall be transmitted to each club      plan to achieve the club building     b. The Convention Committee shall             cause by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of
      not later than sixty (60) days         goal set by the District Board.          transmit registration information          all voting members of the District
      following their taking effect.         This goal shall be the net growth        and forms no less than sixty (60)          Board of Officers duly elected and
e.    A copy of the Awards Manual            in number of clubs, net growth           days prior to the registration due         serving at the time. Whenever there
      will be sent to each club at           being the number of new clubs            date to the established district           appears to be sufficient cause for
      least 120 days prior to the            chartered and clubs reactivated          mailing list.                              such action, as determined by the
      District Convention.                   minus the number of clubs falling     c. The Conference and                         District Governor or a majority of the
                                             inactive or losing their charter.        Conventions Committee shall                voting members. The Governor shall
                                          c. The committee shall coordinate its       serve to promote attendance at             give said chair immediate notice of
                                             efforts with those of the                                                           the scheduled meeting of the district
Board of Officers. A minimum of            to everyone on the district mailing list    c. An address by the International               Board, providing a one-half
fourteen (14) days clear notice must       an official call to the annual              Representative, if in attendance;                (1/2) quorum of the division's
be given to the Board of Officers, the     convention not less than ninety (90)        d. Workshops for the purpose of                  active Circle K Clubs are
accused, and the District                  days prior to the dates of the              stimulating enthusiasm, motivating               represented. If a quorum is not
Administrator of the time and place of     convention.                                 and educating membership, training               achieved, the procedures for
a hearing. Consideration shall be                                                      newly elected club officers, developing          filling a vacancy between
given to the facts and reasons why         Section 4. The Board of Officers shall      leadership potential, increasing                 conventions, as outlined in
the office should be declared vacant.      have full supervision and                   awareness of International theme and             these bylaws, shall be followed.
The committee chair shall be               management of all conventions, in           emphasis areas, and increasing             b.    All Lt. Governors must be
afforded the opportunity at the            consultation with the District              service activities;                              enrolled at a club within the
meeting to explain or refute the           Administrator. The District                 e. Nomination and election of officers           division they are representing,
allegations. In the event that the         Administrator, or representative of the     for the upcoming year;                           for the year they are serving,
District Board of Officers shall find      administrator selected by the Kiwanis       f. Installation of the newly-elected             unless appointed in the manner
the alleged facts to be true, by a vote    District Board of Trustees, shall           district officers;                               outlined in Article IX, Section 3
of two-thirds (2/3), the District Board    handle any contractual arrangements         g. A presentation promoting                      of these bylaws.
of Officers shall have the power to        necessary for the district convention.      attendance at the upcoming                 c.    All Lt. Governors shall be voted
declare such office vacant, and the                                                    International Convention; and                    on after all Executive Officers
vacancy will be filled in accordance       Section 5. Each accredited delegate         i. Presentation of club and district             are elected.
with the provisions contained in these     shall be entitled to vote on each           awards.                                    d.    In the event of a tie, voting shall
bylaws.                                    question submitted at any convention.                                                        continue until a majority of the
                                           There shall be no voting by proxy.          Article IX                                       division’s vote is reached. If the
ARTICLE VIII                                                                           Elections                                        division remains deadlocked
Conventions                                Section 6. In the absence of the                                                             after three votes, the district
                                           Governor from any district convention,      Section 1. Each member club in good              board, by majority vote, shall
Section 1. The annual convention of        the Board of Officers shall designate a     standing shall be entitled to three (3)          decide the Lt. Governor.
this district shall be held at the time    member of the Board of Officers to act      voting delegates and three (3)             e.    Lieutenant Governors shall be
and place mutually agreed upon by          as Presiding Officer of the convention.     alternates at the district convention.           elected by the club delegates as
the Florida District Board of Officers,                                                The delegates and their alternates               well as the delegate-at-large
the sponsoring Kiwanis District Board      Section 7. A quorum for any district        shall be active members in good                  currently serving as Lt.
of Trustees and the Board of               convention shall be the official            standing of the chartered clubs they             Governor in the division in
Representatives of Circle K                delegates present and representing          represent. The Governor and other                which they represent. Executive
International. The dates and site of the   not less than one half (1/2) of the total   elected district officers shall be               Officers serving as delegates
convention shall be submitted to the       member clubs in good standing with          delegates-at-large at the district               at-large are not eligible to vote
Director of Circle K International not     the district.                               convention. International officers shall         in Lieutenant Governor
less than ninety (90) days prior to the                                                not be considered delegates unless               elections.
proposed convention dates, and the         Section 8. Each district convention         certified as representatives of their
Director, acting for the International     program shall include, but not be           home club within the Florida District.     Section 3. Each accredited delegate
Board of Representatives, may              limited to, the following:                                                             shall be entitled to vote on each
approve the dates and site.                                                            Section 2. Lieutenant Governors,           question submitted at any convention.
                                           a. An address by the governor of the        unlike the other Executive Officers,       There shall be no voting by proxy.
Section 2. The Governor shall appoint      sponsoring Kiwanis District or a            shall be elected under the following
(a) convention committee chair(s) as       representative of the Governor;             conditions:                                Section 4. A quorum for any district
outlined in these District Bylaws.         b. An address by the Governor of the        a.     They shall be elected only by       convention shall be the official
                                           Key Club district or a representative of           members of their division in a      delegates present and representing
Section 3. The Secretary shall e-mail      the Governor;                                      manner suitable to the District     not less than one-half (1/2) of the total
member clubs in good standing with        approval from the Board of Officers        received the prior approval of the         provided that changes do not alter
the district.                             must be made, in writing, within           sponsoring Kiwanis District Board of       the effects of the bylaws so altered.
                                          fourteen (14) days of the appointment.     Trustees. Such approval so granted
Section 5. The District Board of                                                     does not constitute official
Officers shall be prohibited from         Section 3. In the event of an officer      endorsement of such activities by
lending either active or verbal support   vacancy, the Governor shall request        Circle K International or by Kiwanis
to any candidate running for district     names of potential appointments at         International. Any lottery, raffle,
office.                                   least fourteen (14) days prior to the      drawing, or game of chance so
                                          appointment.                               approved must not contravene any
ARTICLE X                                                                            laws, mores, customs or traditions of
Vacancies in Office between               ARTICLE XI                                 the country, state or province in which
Conventions                               Revenue                                    the fund raising activity is to be held.
                                                                                     The district shall not directly or
Section 1. In the event of a vacancy in   Section 1. Each member club shall          indirectly engage in any activity which
the office of Governor between            pay to the district for every active       may impugn or reflect unfavorably on
conventions, the District Secretary       member annual dues of $10.00.              the good name of Circle K or of
shall become acting Governor; he/she                                                 Kiwanis.
shall then call a Board Meeting within    Section 2. Assessments in excess of
the following thirty (30) days where      the annual dues may be made only           ARTICLE XI
the Board of Officers shall elect a       upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all        Parliamentary Authority
voting member of the Board of             delegates attending the district
Officers or the Immediate Past            convention or by a two-thirds (2/3)        Section 1. The current edition of
Governor to serve as Governor for the     vote of all clubs in good standing in      "Robert's Rules of Order Newly
remainder of the unexpired term. The      the district between conventions, and      Revised" shall be the parliamentary
Immediate Past Governor may only          must be approved by the Kiwanis            authority for all matters of procedure
be elected if he/she is a current         District Board and the Circle K            not specifically outlined in these
member of a Circle K club in good         International Board.                       Florida District Bylaws or in the
standing. Such action shall be                                                       Bylaws of Circle K International.
communicated by the Secretary in          Section 3. The Kiwanis District Board
writing to the International Director     of Trustees shall determine the official   ARTICLE XII
and members of the district mailing       depository for the Circle K district.      Amendments
list. In any year in which the district
convention is not held, the Board of      Section 4. Each check shall carry the      Section 1. The bylaws of this district
Officers shall elect a qualified member   signature of the District Administrator    may be amended as outlined in the
of a club in good standing to serve for   or other individual designated by the      International Bylaws and Policy
the upcoming administrative year.         Kiwanis District Board.                    Codes.

Section 2. In the event of a vacancy in   Section 5. Revenue may be derived          Section 2. The District Board shall be
an office, the Governor shall, with       from other sources in such a manner        authorized to make corrections in
approval of two thirds of the District    as may be determined by the board of       grammar, spelling, punctuation,
Board of Officers, appoint a qualified    officers. The district shall never         wording, and numbering within the
member of a club in good standing         sponsor or participate in any manner       District Bylaws in order to bring these
with the district and Circle K            in a lottery, raffle, drawing or game of   District Bylaws up to date with
International to serve for the            chance in connection with any fund         International Bylaws and Policy Code
remainder of the unexpired term. Such     raising activity unless the district has   or to make them grammatically sound

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