February 2010                                                                 ASH WEDNESDAY AND LENTEN SERIES
                                                                               February 17th, Com-     Community Soup &           March 17th
                                                                              bined Ash Wednes-        Worship Lenten Se-         TBA
                                                                              day Service with First   ries ;
                                                                              Christian Church.        Feb. 24th                  March 24th
                                                                              Soup & Bread Supper      First Congregational       First Methodist Church
                                                                              in Social Hall 6 p.m.;   UCC 6 p.m. (we are
                                                                              7 p.m. Traditional       hosting)                   See Deacon article for
                                                                              service of ashes and                                more details about
                                                                              the burning pot in       March 3rd                  Lenten services.
                                                                              Sanctuary.               Calvary Lutheran
                                                                              See Deacon article
                                                                              for more details         March 10th
                                                                              about Lenten ser-        First Presbyterian
                                                                              vices.                   Church
                                                      The Window Newsletter
Eureka First Congregational United Church of Christ

                                                                              The Vitality Task Force    Come share the joy of:        the number of people
                                                                              will be presenting The                                   actively participating in
                                                                              Secret Life of Ministry       INNOVATIVE                the life of the church.
                                                                              on Saturday February 6,       MINISTRY                  Presentation by:
                                                                              2010 from 9:00 am to          ATTRACTING                Pastor Carlotta, Sharo-
                                                                              12:30 pm.                     GROWTH                    lyn Hutton, Janet Foos,
                                                                              There will be a full          INTENSIVE                 Phil Smith-Hanes, Dora-
                                                                              breakfast to start the        NEW                       lee Smith, Rafael Leon
                                                                              seminar at the Plaza          ENGAGEMENT                and Roberta Duggan.
                                                                              Grill View Room in the
                                                                              Jacoby Storehouse, Ar-     Join the Vitality Task
                                                                              cata.                      Force as we continue
                                                                                                         our quest to increase

                                                                                                                    A monthly publication of Eureka First Con-
                                                                                                                    gregational United Church of Christ
                                                                                                                     900 Hodgson Street Eureka, Ca 95503
                                                                                                                     (707) 445-5488
                                                                                                                     Carlotta Vallerga, Pastor
                                                                                                                     Ted Adams, Editor
                                           Pastor’s View
February is a mixed month of litur-     schedule for those five weeks can       and weakens the health of our
gical themes. For the first two         be found on another page of this        community. We must work to
weeks, but only one Sunday, we          newsletter.                             push the door back open.
are in the season of Epiphany after
which we start the season of Lent.       The image I suggest us is for this     We are called to bring light into the
The comment was made at choir           season of Lent is the image of a        darkness – may our light shine
practice “can’t we just stay in         door, for doors open and lead us to     brightly.
Epiphany, the season of light?”         places we haven’t know before
The thought of entering Lent            which can bring us spiritual growth.    Blessings,
seemed to bring on an image of          Doors can also close which can
darkness and gloom; but then we         cause pain or distress but the clos-    Pastor Carlotta
remembered that every Sunday in         ing can open a door to bring heal-
Lent is a small Easter. While Lent      ing. I will draw from author, Joyce
calls us to a time of inward reflec-    Rupp’s book, Open the Door, in this
tion and a journey of spiritual         season of Lent as we strive to open
growth, we are reminded we do           the door of our hearts in order to
not do this alone. We are re-           grow in our faith and discover new
minded that we embark on this           understandings of ourselves.
Lenten journey with stories,
prayers and companions that will        This week I experienced the closing
provide the gifts of “milk and          of a door that gave me concern for
honey” to nourish us during the         the well-being of our community. I
days of questions and reflection.       attended a Clergy for Choice meet-
When we gather on Sunday morn-          ing at Planned Parenthood and dis-
ing, we will reflect on the week’s      covered that St. Joseph Hospital
journey and celebrate God’s loving      has “uninvited” Planned Parent-
presence as we journey toward           hood to be part of the Community
Easter.                                 Health Fair therefore closing the
                                        door to an important part of our
Your journey this year can be en-       communities options for health
riched by participation in the Ash      care. I can understand that PP
Wednesday Service and the com-          does not meet the mission and the-
munity Lenten series. Ash Wednes-
day will bring us together for a
                                        ology of the Catholic faith, but this
                                        is a community event put on the
soup supper meal and then wor-          only hospital in the Eureka commu-      Reflections on Wednesday for
ship in our Sanctuary. Every            nity. I believe that Catholic theol-    February 6 p.m. in the Narthex; a
Wednesday evening during Lent we        ogy cannot dictate our health and       light dinner will be served
will gather at other congregations      care options. PP does a great deal      February 3rd: Lectionary Study
for the same type of meal and ser-      of work in the area of education,
vice. Our congregation is hosting                                               February 10th: Acts Bible Study.
                                        mother/daughter and father/son
the first gathering on February 24th;   classes, parenting classes for new      Please read Acts 8:26-40.
which means we must provide ten         parents, medical tests and mam-
or twelve kettle of soup and lots of    mograms for women. To exclude
bread to feed everyone who comes        these from the health fair because
as well as planning and leading the     the Bishop in Santa Rosa decided to
half hour worship service. The          exclude them is a tremendous loss

 Page 2                                                                           T HE W IND OW NEW S LET T E R
Life’s Intersections                   ministries. Just as we discussed
                                       in our most recent Coffee House
In past issues, I have written about
                                       Service, there is no part of the
our journey together and about
                                       body that is not important to its
detours and sign posts along the
                                       functioning. We need every per-
way. We have reached another
                                       son in our fellowship to prayer-
intersection in the life of our
                                       fully and logically consider this
church as we consider together
                                       particular intersection. Based on
the future of our facilities. We
                                       the input from the informal con-
must decide whether to go for-
                                       gregational meeting following the
ward and somehow find the
                                       service on Jan. 31, the steering
money for needed repairs, stay put
and hope for the best, or go in an-    committee will offer a definite
other direction, yet unknown.          plan for financing needed renova-
                                       tions and repairs at a congrega-
As a fellowship striving to follow     tional meeting immediately after
the teachings of Christ, we know       the service on February 7. With
we are not unique in making such
decisions --- historical markers do
                                       everyone’s creativity and com-
                                       mitment, we will determine our
exist. Even Jesus reached an inter-    best route.                               Meeting
section when he had to decide
                                       Christ told his disciples he would   This Sunday, Feb. 7th we will
whether to go forward with his
                                       be with them always, even to the
ministry. He knew what awaited                                              be voting on the proposal for
                                       end of the age. (Matt. 28:20).
him, but today we worship to-                                               building and grounds repairs
                                       We are among his disciples to-
gether because he chose to take
                                       day, so as we journey into the       and improvements. Last Sun-
the road to Jerusalem. His early
followers had to make difficult        Lenten season, let’s trust that      day, Jan. 31st, the congrega-
                                       promise and God’s spirit that        tion took a straw vote which
choices and the people in the early
                                       leads us forward on our journey.     indicated they were in ready
churches often struggled with
keeping their fellowships united in    In Christian love,                   to approve Priority List 1 and
sharing the love of God. Again and                                          a $75,000 credit line. Now it
again in Scripture, the disciples
                                                                            is time to move ahead and
wrote to those early Christians to
“love one another, ... uphold each                                          make the decision official. It
other,... work together,... be one                                          is important for every mem-
body,... travel together on the                                             ber to come this Sunday and
same road together,... pray                                         vote. As a congregation, God
together.” Today, the disciples                                             has given us a beautiful cam-
could be writing to us at First Con-
                                                                            pus which requires upkeep.
gregational United Church of
Christ as we seek God’s leadership                                          God requires us as a congre-
in being good stewards of our                                               gation to be good stewards of
buildings and grounds and main-                                             what we have been given (1
taining and expanding our many                                              Cor. 4:2).

 T HE W IND OW S N EW S LET T ER                                                                    Page 3
                                 February 2010
  Church Office
     Hours:          SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI                                           SAT
                                   1          2           3         4        5            6
    Carlotta:                               MAC         Lunch                         IMAGINE
 Tues, Wed. Thur.                          Sign up      Bunch                          LEADER-
  2:00 pm till...?                        with May-   ROW Lec-                           SHIP
                                            belle      tionary                          EVENT
                                           Tai Chi      Study                         Plaza Grill
Home: Available at
                                          3:30-5:30     Choir
 any time if needs
                        7          8          9          10         11       12           13
                                           Tai Chi      ROW                WOW    1
    Christine:                            3:30-5:30   Acts 8:26-             PM
      MWF                                             40 Choir
    3:30 - 5:30                                         7:30

                        14         15        16          17         18       19           20
                      VALEN-     Office    Tai Chi    Ash Wed      Book                Church
                      TINE,S     Closed   3:30-5:30    Service     Group              Improve-
                     DAY All                          Dinner 6     7 pm                 ment
                      Church                          Worship 7                          Day
                      Ministry                          Choir                           9:30 -
                       Day                                                              Noon

                        21        22           23        24         25       26           27
                                          Tai Chi 3:30 Lenten                           Spring
                                            to 5:30 Series here                       Gathering
                                            Council     6pm                           Mill Val-
                                              6:30      Choir                         ley 11-3


  Deacon of the

  Pete Vallerga
                                     February Lectionary
February 7                           February 21                           ROW:
Isa 6:1-8, (9-13);Ps138;             Deut 26:1-11; Ps 91:1-2, 9-16         Reflections on Wednesday for Feb-
I Cor 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11           Rom 10:8b-13; Luke 4:1-13             ruary:
Into the deep                        Wilderness Companions
                                                                           6 p.m. in the Narthex;
February 14                          February 28                           A light dinner will be served
Ex 34:29-35; Ps 99                   Gen 15:1-12, 17-18; Ps 27
2 Cor 3:12-4:2                       Phil 3:17-4:1; Luke 13:31-35          February 3rd: Lectionary Study
Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)                 Strong and Tender
Astounding Glory                                                           February 10th: Acts Bible Study.
                                                                           Please read Acts 8:26-40.

                              Birthdays & Anniversaries
2/4    Mona Conner                   2/9   Mary Bawden                     2/25 Claire Seidell
2/4    Austin Thomas                 2/13 Christine Tomascheski            2/27 Amy Ziegler
2/5    Ted & June Speier             2/14 Pete Vallerga
2/6    Zoe Helton                    2/15 Reg Kennedy
2/7    Janet Griffith                2/15 David Walkley
2/8    June Speier                   2/18 Joe & Neva Sobolik
2/8    Betty Moore                   2/18 Neva Sobolik
2/8    Rafael Leon                   2/22 Diana Renner-Noyes

        Book Group                                                   Editor
February 18th at Pastor Carlotta’s     We have had an exciting year in      ture is bright and with faith in God
home @ 7 PM.                           2009 with the celebration of our     we will continue to see God mov-
Book to be discussed is:               150th year. God has blessed us       ing us in new, wonderful and ex-
Olive Kitteridge                       with the message of love and         citing ways. (Jer.33:3)
                                       grace for everyone. Like any fam-
by Elizabeth Strout.                                                        Ted Adams
                                       ily we have our disagreements
                                       from time to time, but we love
                                       and care for each other. The fu-

T HE W IND OW S N EW S LET T ER                                                                            Page 5
                                  Fellowship Committee
Fellowship news for February            One very important goal of this      the overall vitality of our fellowship
This year proves to be very exciting   congregation is to attract new        time together. When the calendar
for the fellowship ministry as well    members and if new people are         is packed with sign-ups the fellow-
as the Church as a whole. This year    able to observe a vital congrega-     ship ministry can relax and spend
I am very pleased to welcome 3         tion that works in synergy they will  our time planning fun activities in-
new members to our ministry,           be much more interested in mak-       stead of making coffee and thaw-
Sandi Little, Mj Goble, and Phil       ing this their Church home.           ing out cookies. If you are inter-
Smith-Hanes.                                                                 ested in helping with coffee hour
                                       A well presented coffee hour will     but have questions please see Kim
Sharolyn mentioned the word syn-       also go a long way towards attract- Pinches.
ergy the other day and as I reflect    ing new members. Coffee hour
on the role of the fellowship minis-   provides an opportunity for the       I am very excited to move into
try that word comes to mind. Here      congregation to socialize and meet 2010 with this congregation and to
is why: Each of our ministries must    and greet people new to our           experience the synergy that I know
be able to work together in order      Church. It is for this reason that we we are capable of.
to be the most effective at our        still rely on volunteers to do coffee Kim Pinches
tasks. When we act in synergy we       hour whenever they are able. Peo- Fellowship Chair
will be much more able to accom-       ple willing and able to do coffee
plish our goals                        hour make a big contribution to

                                        Other Ministries
Christian Education has some excit-  for more help with MAC, particu-
ing things this year. We look for-   larly with childcare during the
ward to seeing our children serving  meetings. We are also looking into
God through drama.                   starting a PFLAG here at the
Outreach & Social Justice Ministry Any of our ministries welcome
is in discussion with Fellowship     ideas and assistance from anyone
about a neighborhood barbeque in in the congregation.
early May. Maybelle is still seeking

                                Into your hands, O God
Please keep the following people       laker’s parents, Enisha Clark, Pat
in prayer:                             Ritacco (Janet Foos’s sister), Grace
Emerson Family (Meg Walkley’s          Copper (Mary Bawden’ aunt),
Cousin), Rene Moody (Friend of         Harry and Luella Garrett.
Linda Shapeero), Bryan Scobey &
Family, Sabrina, Susan Burger &
Family, Janet & Glenn Griffith,
Doug Hanson, Libby Yee’s parents
in Honolulu, Mary Huber Wal-

 Page 6                                                                         T HE W IND OW NEW S LET T E R
                            Deaconate Newsletter Article
The 40 days of Lent start with Ash      of the Wednesday evenings follow-         ( and sign
Wednesday on February 17th. We          ing Ash Wednesday to share a soup         up to receive the daily devo-
will have a soup supper in our Fel-     supper and a short meditation. Our        tional. These messages come to
lowship Hall at 6 pm, followed by       church will host the first of these, on   your in-box each day and are a
a short but very meaningful wor-        Wednesday, February 24th, in our          great way to help you get into
ship service in our Sanctuary at 7      Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary. We         the Lenten spirit.
pm. If you haven’t been to an Ash       will need at least 10 soups plus
Wednesday service, plan to come         breads in order to have enough for        Janet
this year. The palm branches from       everyone who comes from all the
last year’s Palm Sunday were            other churches. Look for sign up
saved and burned to make ashes          sheets on the Sunday’s in February
that Pastor Carlotta will place on      so that you can indicate your will-
your forehead or your hand (as          ingness to bring soup or bread on
desired.) The service is a contem-      the 24th.
plative one. You have the oppor-
tunity to think of all your worries,    ROW, Reflection on Wednesday,
things left undone, things you          with not occur during Lent. Instead,
were sorry for, folks who are sick,     a group will be encouraged to go to
etc. You may write that down on         the other churches on Wednesday
a small piece of paper or several,      evenings to share with them in soup
that you will then take up to burn      and worship. Even if you travel
in the firepot – giving all the worry   alone to the other churches, you will
and concerns over to God. It is a       know that there will be familiar
wonderful way to get us all started     faces from our church there.
into Lent.
                                        The Deacons hope you take the op-
The churches in the Eureka area         portunity to go to the UCC website
will again gather together on each

                                          Treasurer’s Corner
This financial update covers the  Tables and chairs fund update.
period January through December   During November and December
2009.                             we added $340.25 to this special
Total income:          $83,785.66 on-going fundraiser. The total in
                                  this fund is now $669.93.
Total expenses:        $89,428.91 The complete financial statement
                                  is available for your review in the
Pledge update: The pledge amount Church Office during normal office
received through December 2009 hours and in the 2009 Annual Re-
is $47,706.00. This is 94% of our port.
expected pledge for 2009.          Reg Kennedy

The Windows Newsletter                                                                                  Page 7
            Serving in Worship for December & January
Deacon of the Month:                       Sunday, February 14th:                Sunday, February 28th:
Pete Vallerga                              Greeter: Sara Pillow                  Greeter: Mary Bawden
                                           Reader: Janet Griffith                Reader: Fred Jewett, Jr.
Sunday, February 7th                       Children's Sermon:                    Children's Sermon:
(Communion Sunday)                         Roberta Duggan                        Ted Adams
Greeter: Neva Sobolik                      Acolyte: Jordan Schmidt               Acolyte: Emma Pinches
Reader: Janet Griffith                     Ushers: Reg Kennedy,                  Ushers: Judie & Lew Norton
Children's Sermon:                         Tom Schmidt
The Pitts Family
Acolyte: Emma Pinches                      Sunday, February 21st:
Ushers: Stan and Phil Smith-               Greeter: Kim Pinches
Hanes, Dexter Luther,                      Reader: Jim Falls
Howard Willson                             Children's Sermon:
Communion Servers:                         Michele Fell-Casale
Lois Willson, Rafael Leon, Janet           Acolyte: Jennifer Schmidt
Foos, Judie Norton                         Ushers: Dexter Luther,
                                           Lew Norton

                                                Hygiene Kits
The First Christian Church invites     To assemble a Hygiene Kit you         will be added to Hygiene Kit ship-
us to join with them in the collec-    will need:                            ments just prior to shipment to
tion of the items below for Hy-                                              Haiti. Seal all items in a one-
giene Kits. We will ship the kits to        One hand towel measuring        gallon plastic bag with a zipper
"Church World Service," who will             approximately 16" x 28" (no     closure.
then ship them to Haiti.                     fingertip or bath towels)
We already have a huge box of               One washcloth
Ziploc bags, 24 washcloths, 12              One wide-tooth comb
hand towels, and five tooth                 One nail clipper (no metal
brushes.                                     files or emery boards)
                                            One bar of soap (bath size in
Please bring whatever you can.               wrapper)
All items should be new. This is            One toothbrush (in original
an ongoing project. Cash dona-               packaging)
tions for shipping are welcome.             Six Band-Aids®

                                       Please do not add toothpaste to
                                       the Hygiene Kit. Toothpaste that
                                       has an extended expiration date

 Page 8                                                                                    THE WINDOW NEWSLETTER
                                          Golden Gate Association
The Golden Gate Association                 Directions:
Spring Gathering will be meeting  From Hwy 101 - Take the Tiburon
on February 27 from 11-3. They    Blvd. (Ca 131) E. Blithedale Ave.
will be presenting “A Wonderful   exit - Travel west on East Blithedale
Harmony: Transforming Lives,      for 2 miles to downtown Mill Valley
Churches, Communities”            - Turn left onto Throckmorton Ave.
The meeting will be at the Commu- and travel .2 miles - Watch for the
nity Church of Mill Valley        Community Church sign on your
                                  right under the redwood trees.
8 Olive Street, Mill Valley, CA
Phone: 415-388-5540

                               Unclutter Your Life                                            Scrip
Learn to identify and eliminate             information and to register. The      Remember that Scrip is available
clutter, reclaiming your space --           cost is $48 plus a one-time $5 ma-    each Sunday and is the no-cost to
and your life -- in the process. Join       terials fee.                          you Fundraiser!
professional organizer Claire Jose-                                                Abruzzi
phine, author of The Spiritual Art                                                 Wildberries Market
of Being Organized, Saturday                                                       Ramone’s Bakery
mornings from 10 to noon                                                           Shafer’s Ace Hardware
throughout the month of Febru-                                                     Moonstone Grill
                                                                                   Co-op
ary. Offered by the Center for
                                                                                   Murphy’s Market
Spiritual Living. Contact Claire at
                                                                                   Papa Murphy’s Pizza
268-8585, or email her at Claire-                                                  Plaza Grill, for more                                                    McDonald’s

                                                   Thank You
United Church of Christ,                    County, which has increased 25-
We at Food for People would like            30% within the last year. The pas-
to thank you for your generous              sion and dedication of community
donation to Food for People this            -groups like yours is essential to
holiday season. The United Church           reaching our goal of a hunger-free
of Christ recently donated 132              Humboldt County.
pounds of food to those in need.
This is just one donation in a long         Warmest thanks to everyone in
history of support. Your donations          your congregation for their gener-
help us meet the growing need for           osity! It is very much appreciated.
food assistance here in Humboldt            D. Holcomb Executive Director

 T H E W I N D OW S N E W S L E T T E R                                                                         Page 9
Eureka First Congregational
United Church of Christ
900 Hodgson Street
Eureka, CA 95503


            The                At First Congregational United Church of Christ
                               we gather to worship God. We know ourselves as
           Window              a Christian community through worship, learning,
          Newsletter           fellowship, and service. As part of the Body of
                               Christ, we seek to express, receive, and share
 Eureka First Congregational   spiritual wholeness, strengthen our knowledge of
    United Church of Christ    God’s love for us and for all people, cherish indi-
                               viduality, and to be aware of and respond to the
900 Hodgson Street             needs of all God’s people.
Eureka CA 95503

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