Chemicals, explosives narcotics detection by sjw10519


                 Chemicals, explosives & narcotics detection

Biosensor Applications
BIOSENS             TM
• Up to 16 substances simultaneously
• False alarm rate below 1%
• Sensitivity: 1 - 100 ng
• Analysis in less than 40 seconds
• 3 sampling solutions depending
  on the nature of the sample

                                               Based on a unique Biotech process, this portable system is designed for on-field
                                               analysis of dangerous or illegal substances (Explosives and Narcotics). It perfectly
                                               meets the needs of forensic laboratories, polices, airports, customs...
   • Screening of passengers                   The BIOSENSTM (Vapor and Trace Detection System) is built on Biosensor’s unique
   • Cargo verification                        combination of collection and analysis systems :
   • Boat and containers Inspection
   • Remove doubt about suspicious                • The Collection System is optimised for sampling a range of objects from
     objects ...
                                                    bags to trucks using different collection techniques.

MILITARY / POLICE                                 • The Analysis System, using an unique antibody technology, provides indus-
   • Roadblocks control                             try leading performance.
   • Securisation perimeter
   • Delivery area control ...
                                               The system has a proven Probability of Detection (POD) in detecting the most pre-
                                               valent narcotics such as amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, THC and ecstasy and/
                                               or explosives such as TNT, PETN, RDX, NG and more with outstanding selectivity
   • Confirmation of detection
     by sniffer dogs                           (rate of false alarms in the order of 1%).
   • Vehicle and cargo inspection
   • International deliveries arrivals zones   The system also has a low False Alarm Rate (FAR) under field conditions due to its
   • Control of persons and illicit drugs
                                               antibody technology which is designed to only react with target substances rather
                                               than other chemicals which may be present in the sampled environment.

              The sampling system involves several solutions:
                 • Screening inspection: ultra sensitive detector for checking your luggage, parcels,
                   visitors to the parlor ...
                 • On-site Inspection: mobile solution of particulate sampling (Backpack).
                 • Detection of narcotic consumption : sampling by rubbing the skin or mouth.

               TECHNICAL DATA
               ANALYSIS SYSTEM
               Substances detected                           Amphetamines including meta amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, opiates, THC.
                                                             Explosives: TNT, DNT, tetryl, PETN, RDX, NG
               Detection Technology                          Response to highly specific antibodies by crystal quartz microbalance
               User Interfacer                               Indicator lights, display and printer output
               Analysis time                                 Variable, < 60 seconds
               Memory Capacity                               40 GB, 3 KB per analysis. Adjustable limit
               Data Transmission                             RJ45
               Dimensions                                    50 x 45 x 25 cm
               Weight                                        Approximately 17 kg
               Getting started time                          About 5 minutes cold and 1 minute hot
               Power required                                100/240V AC, 50/60 Hz
                                                             12V power supply or independent 12V rechargeable battery.
               Temperature interval use / storage            From +5° to +40°C
               Air relative humidity                         Max 90%, noncondensing

                                                                                                                                                With continual development of our products HTDS reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.
               COLLECTION SYSTEM
               Type                                          Side channel pump with filter and vacuum
               Sample filter collector                       Fiber glass with plastic handle, specially designed for narcotics and explosives
               Dimensions                                    30 x 20 x 10 cm
               Weight                                        5.6 kg
               Power supply                                  NiMH rechargeable battery
               Battery charger                               100 – 240 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz
               Temperature interval use / storage            +0° to +40°C
               Air relative humidity                         Max 90%, noncondensing

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