Now that you have a list of potential partners you are ready to engage them in your financial literacy classroom and reinforce
the greater impact it has on the community. The following is a step-by-step guide for initiating written communication with
the potential partner. Text provided for the sample letter merely serves as a suggestion so that you can ultimately tailor your
message in a way that will be the most meaningful to your prospective partners based on how you want to cultivate the
relationship. If possible, try to address the letter to the specific manager or person in decision-making power that you are
reaching out to. The following text contains suggested paragraphs and key points for ways to personalize your letter.

Sample Opening Paragraph
Dear Ms./Mr./Dr. ______:

I educate our community youth as a financial literacy classroom educator from (insert school name here) at (insert school
district name here). Each year I teach over (insert number of students you teach annually) students and integrate personal
finance concepts in every class. I would like to tell you about the many ways that the classroom leads to a ripple effect impact
with helping students, families, and our community. Financial education helps stimulate our local economy with workers
who are more informed and able to make better choices about their cash management ultimately improving their
productivity, their confidence, and ability to teach their families about the importance of money management. I invite you to
join me as a partner with this incredible opportunity to build a better community together.

Depending on the nature of your relationship with the person, the following is a list of other points to consider when crafting
your opening paragraph.
   Reference the name of the person who connected you with the prospective partner, especially if you were referred by a
   parent or student from your program.
   Acknowledge past working relations you have had with the individual or organization as it relates to your class.
   Provide your full school name and possibly the school district name depending on the size of your community and
   geographic proximity of the location relative to your school.
   Include information about the number of students you have taught over the years or if you have not been teaching for
   long then write about the number of students you will impact annually through your financial literacy class.

Sample Body Paragraphs
The materials I use to teach our youth are free-to-download and extremely well developed, saving me time and money as a
classroom educator. The Take Charge America Institute at the University of Arizona is nationally renowned for family-
centered, research-based education outreach programs and provides curriculum materials that are made available free to
download to over 18,000 educators impacting more than half a million students every year. Family Economics and Financial
Education (FEFE), the cornerstone of Take Charge America Institute, provides premier training for classroom educators
with ongoing support through the year.

FEFE gives me the opportunity to provide interactive lessons for students that truly make a difference because they appeal to
multiple learning styles and provide a comprehensive memorable learning experience. It is because of these amazing materials
that I am able to give our youth a much more impactful educational environment that stimulates their critical thinking and
reading skills in order to become more self sufficient as consumers and ultimately better contributors to society.

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Here are a few more points to consider when you develop the body of your letter.
   Draw the reader in by explaining why the potential partner would want to be part of the students’ learning with a
   personal story while also including some objective facts.
   Show the reader how you build a better learning experience by providing examples:
            Describe a project you use in class and past results.
            Explain how you get parents involved in the students’ learning.
            Incorporate a story about your students or alumni who have returned to tell you how your class made a positive
            impact on them.
   Provide a statistic that illustrates where there is a great need for personal financial education and how your classroom is
   helping to mitigate the problem through giving hope and empowering youth as future community leaders.
   State overall results about the number of students you have educated in your career.
   Explain how your administrators provide you with support.
   Provide an example of how you are already partnering with others in the community.
   Keep in mind how potential partners can provide support and you may want to be candid and specifically state it in the
            If you are asking for support with attending the FEFE National Educator Training then here is a sample
            sentence to include, “Training is a key component for learning how to be a better educator so it is for this reason
            that I would like to be part of the 9th Annual National Family Economics & Financial Education Educator
            Training this year.”
            If you are asking for support with classroom supplies or teaching tools, then here is sample sentence to include,
            “With your help I can afford to purchase classroom tools that are not provided by my school, but will help
            further enhance the learning opportunity and provide meaningful teachable moments that have a greater long-
            term impact on students’ lives and their future decisions about money.”
   Explain how the support will benefit you and your students.
            For example, “By attending the training I will experience a unique training opportunity for educators by
            educators, creating networking opportunities for exchanging best practices, and connecting classroom educators
            with industry and research experts to discuss cutting-edge research and trends. With your help, I will gain the
            tools needed to successfully teach (insert number of students) students to become self-sufficient and learn to
            make more educated financial decisions.”

Sample Conclusion
Join me in the opportunity to foster an interactive and meaningful learning environment for our community’s youth as they
develop leadership skills to be future leaders, consumers, and contributors for our local economy. I would like to arrange a
meeting to talk with you about ways to partner for classroom opportunities and how this can be a mutually beneficial
experience together. I can be reached at (insert email) or by phone at (insert phone number). Your support will truly make a
difference with building better lives through financial literacy.

Your Signature

Your name
Your school or organization name

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Close your letter with a powerful message about the long-term impact that the future partnership will have on students and
the community by providing additional supporting statements.
       You may want to re-state the number of students you have impacted and do so in a way that reinforces the number
       of families and households that you have helped through your financial literacy class.
       Explain how the potential partner can benefit from the relationship based on the number of people impacted from
       your classroom.
       Reinforce the value of the relationship by offering to extend follow-up correspondence by a specific date.
       Use verbiage that shows how you are both partners in the educational experience together with phrases such as “I
       invite you to be part of…” or “Join me in the opportunity to develop young leaders in our community…” or
       “Together we will build our local economy…”
       If you plan to send the letter electronically, then be sure to provide your email signature with contact information.
       If you will send the letter by mail, then use your school letterhead and provide your direct contact information.
       You may want to include a supplemental page with photos of your students demonstrating what they have learned
       through a project or participating in an interactive classroom activity.

The conclusion of your letter is the guiding link for fueling your next steps in the relationship building process. Be prepared
for the possibility that you may not receive a follow up phone call or email immediately. With the reality of extreme
economic conditions, decreased funding for community relations and a reduced workforce with increasing workloads you
may experience a slow response to your inquiry. It is for all of these reasons that financial literacy is needed now more than
ever to help drive change in our communities and the marketplace. Do not feel afraid to reach out and maybe place a follow
up phone call or friendly yet brief email to touch bases and see if the person received your letter. At a recent university
meeting we learned that one of the most successful faculty members seeking financial support secures an average of one out
of every eleven grant requests. This message is not intended to discourage, but rather to illustrate the value of perseverance
with taking continuous steps in the relationship building process. We are all in this together as we seek creative ways to
expand our pool of resources and build new networks for exchanging support.

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