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					Second Semester Final Exam Study Guide
Identify the transitive or intransitive verbs by writing beside it. The first five verbs have been darkened to
assist you.
1. Wilbur and Orville Wright built the first successful airplane.
2. They took it to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, for its first flight.
3. The winds at Kitty Hawk blew steadily that day.
4. The twelve-horsepower engine sputtered.
5. Wilbur Wright ran alongside.
6. This first flight lasted only twelve seconds.
7. The Wright brothers made three more flights that day.
8. Few newspaper carried news about the first flight.
9. The brothers made improvements on their airplane and flight techniques.
10. Airplane technology grew quickly.

Identify the appositive or appositive phrase.
11. Washington’s picture is on a coin, the quarter.
                  a.                                   b.
12. Adams’s wife, Abigail, was well-read and outspoken.
                  a.        b.                                  c.
13. Monroe was president when the United States acquired Florida, a populous territory.
                            a.                         b.                               c.
14. John Quincy Adams, the son of the second president, served only one term.
                  a.                          b.                                        c.
15. Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, led the country during a bloody civil war.
          a.                         b.                         c.

Using the sentence below, identify the different parts of speech.
Ants are social insects that live in organized colonies.
a.   b.                           c.    d.

16. adjective
17. linking verb
18. preposition

Using the sentence below, identify the different sentence parts.
Communication is essential in complex communities. (None present)
         a.           b.   c.                 d.                                e.
19. simple subject
20. prepositional phrase
21. predicate adjective
22. intransitive verb
23. transitive verb
24. abstract noun
25. action verb

Answer the following research questions:

26. Francis Maloney wrote a book about her life story. That would be called a/an
a. biography
b. fiction
c. autobiography
d. science fiction
27. In order to avoid plagiarism, you should do all of the following except
a. document where you got your information
b. use the same sentence structure as the source
c. us the same general information as the source
d. avoid the use of the exact same words as the source.

28. A bibliography is defined as
a. a footnote or an endnote
b. a list of source material
c. a history of a famous person
d. a reference book about geography

29. Where can Amy find the publication date of the book she is reading?
a. index
b. glossary
c. title page
d. bibliography

30. If you want to find out which country has the most mountain ranges, which would be the best source to
a. an atlas
b. a thesaurus
c. a dictionary
d. an almanac

31. Which is not usually the purpose of a research project?
a. to prove
b. to define
c. to entertain
d. to persuade

32. Which source would have information about when telescopes were invented and how they were used?
a. almanac
b. atlas
c. dictionary
d. encyclopedia

33. While taking notes for a research project, if you restate in your own words a passage written by
someone else, you are
a. outlining
b. analyzing
c. skimming
d. paraphrasing

34. Which is a good method for taking notes for a research paper?
a. write information on note cards
b. photocopy pages from a printed source
c. memorize information from videotapes
d. print information right off the computer

35. Which is the first thing you should do when writing a research paper?
a. create an outline
b. choose a topic
c. take notes
d. select sources
Use the sentence below to answer the following questions

Raise your hand if you can hear the music.

36. What is the purpose of this sentence?
a. declarative b. imperative c. interrogative d. exclamatory

37. Who or what is the subject of the sentence?
a. your b. you c. Sally d. music

38. How many action verbs are in the sentence
a. one b. two c. three d. none

39. What part of speech is “if”
a. verb b. interjection c. noun d. conjunction

40. How many nouns are in the sentence?
a. one b. two c. three d. four

Use the sentence below to answer the following questions

Mr. Patel, our Spanish teacher is nice, so we will have a party on Friday.

41. There is an appositive phrase in this sentence?
a. true b. false

42. How many verbs total are in the sentence?
a. one b. two c. three d. four

43. What is the linking verb in the sentence?
a. on b. have c. is d. our

44. The word “nice” is a
a. predicate noun b. predicate adjective c. direct object d. object of the preposition

45. This sentence is
a. simple b. compound c. complex d. compound/complex

Answer the following question about poetry

    46. Alliteration is the repetition of consonants at the beginning of a word.
     a) True b) False

    47. The ice went “crack” when the man stepped on it.
    This sentence contains ________________
    a) onomatopoeia b) metaphor c)alliteration d) consonance

    48. Larry liked to be laughed at.
    This sentence contains ________________
    a) simile b) metaphor c)alliteration d) consonance

    49. A Haiku has __________syllables
    a) 14 b) 12 c) 15 d) 17

     50. A comparison that uses “like” or “as” is a _________________
   a) simile b) metaphor c)alliteration d) consonance

    51. A paragraph in a poem is called a ___________
    a) simile b) metaphor c) stanza d) consonance                            Know the plot and characters of the Secret Garden!