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									Capt. Mike Sundsted
441 Kelham Court
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

                         Checkpoints Class of 1993 Scribe Letter

       Good tidings to all this summer! I know this finds everyone ready for fun and

sun, well, except those of us in the colder climates. On to the news….

       I started off the New Year by being sent to SOS. I am sure most of you have been

by now, but we happened to have a great crowd of classmates there. Without sounding

like the lady from Romper Room, I’ll give it my best shot at remembering everyone. I

saw/spoke with/ran into/enjoyed seeing, etc: Jason MILLS, Vince DURANT, Dave






and Dan JONES. It was awesome to meet up with everyone in Alabama.

       Grant MCKENZIE is currently “wearing the red pants” as an instructor at

Squadron Officer School. He says it’s a great assignment for being settled and for seeing

classmates. Aaron FREED is complete with his desert C-12 tour and now on his way to

the mighty KC-10A! Let’s see Aaron, type rating, followed by a type rating, followed by

another type rating!?! If I can remember correctly Dave BOTTOMLEE and Randy

KOENIG both got Distinguished Graduate honors at SOS. In fact for Dave, the news

traveled back to his unit overseas, and the very next day (due to his expert briefing,

writing, and DG skills) found himself as the wing commanders executive officer. Vince
DURANT and I were in the same flight and had a great time whipping up on the general

public in Flickerball. A couple trips to the Varsity in Atlanta didn’t hurt either. He and

his wife are expecting another little one soon.

       The five-week course does take its toll though. If you go, you’ll know what I

mean. It definitely exceeded my expectations of what I though SOS would be like. My

old “roomie,” Jason MILLS is Columbus AFB bound ready and willing to fly the Tweet.

He was house hunting while at SOS. Larry TRITTSCHUH played host to a number of us

while we were down there. He had the misfortune of living in Montgomery and going

TDY to Maxwell AFB. He and his wife Christy are doing great enjoying life in their new

Mercedes Benz. Jason COUISINE is flying the C-5 around the globe keeping is acting

career on hold. No kidding, I was watching this movie with my wife and I see Jason’s

mug on the screen. Luckily it was a rental so I rewound the tape and sure enough – our

classmate is a star! It was great to meet your family Jason – take care and keep in touch!

       More from SOS…. Jeff HOLT spent the whole time at SOS trying to break every

AF record for running 3-miles. He was getting ready for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Judging by his 3-mile time at SOS – he’ll represent 93ers well! Andra VAN POPEL is

setting the A-10 world en fuego down in North Carolina. She was also a force to be

reckoned with on the volleyball court. All in all we had a great time with all the

graduates. Hopefully I’ll get some great emails that go into more depth on how everyone

is doing (Hint!)!

       Some miscellaneous check-ins from around the globe: Jeff, Kate and Maggie

VOETBERG finally got settled in Great Falls, MT. Lee SPECHLER found his way into

a bombing competition for Osan AB and wound up kicking some major you-know-what
for a new guy. He also spent two weeks snow skiing and then snorkeling, but not in the

same location. Lee is also Germany bound for his next assignment. Not bad Kimshee to

Kraut (I think it’s almost the same thing, but the beer is better in Deutschland!)

Congratulations on your new assignment to Spangdahlem AB!

       Speaking of Spangdahlem AB, Hank BUCK speaks out from this location. Brian

TURNER is back from his tour in Korea and now enjoying the cool temperatures of Hill

AFB, UT. He enjoys flying F-16’s, spending time with his family, and studying to be the

academic Zeus of the F-16 world. In fact, Brian won two of three awards given at

weapons school: the coveted Academic Award and the Outstanding Graduate Award.

Wow! His wife, Jane, was the one to let the news flow as we all know Brian is a humble

man. Other updates from Hank are that Mary LESTER works somewhere in the

Operations Group at Spangdahlem AB, Steve HORTON is an F-16 Viper guy, and

Donna (VINES) PETTY is the Civil Engineering Section Commander. Hank continues

to love his tour as the OG Executive Officer. His ultimate goal is to see a train station in

every European Country. One last update is that Paul MYRICK is stationed at San

Antonio working in Information Warfare stuff. He’s one of the brainiac cyberspace types

preventing the AF from being taken over by new versions of the PrettyPark.Exe virus.

On a more serious note, Paul happened to injure himself while rock climbing. News

from the SA area is that he will make a slow, yet full recovery. Thanks for the updates

Hank and many blessings on your recovery Paul!

       Andy TRAVNICEK sends a nice letter from the city of Pace, FL. He send

pictures from Joe WARD and Kari VAD’s wedding in September 1999. They had “an

awesome” wedding in the Catholic Chapel of our beloved alma mater. Joe and Kari
PCS-ed to Mountain Home, ID in December. Those at the wedding include the

following: Jade and Erin (FULLER) BEAM are loving the outdoor life in Anchorage,

AK. Jade couldn’t stop talking about his tail-dragging Cessna 180. Jade is now an

official Alaskan Bush Pilot and enjoying the photographic views of the largest state in the

Union. Rico PIETRYKOWSKI and Bill BOWMAN are both in the F-16 world of fun.

(**********Place Photo Number one here – No caption**********)

Also in attendance were Dave and Stephanie MORISEY and Liesl RADERER. Liesl is

still at Fairchild AFB. Rumor has it she ran in a marathon in Hawaii during 1999. She

also got engaged in October – Congratulations!

       Andy and his wife, Sandy (DUNLOW ’91) are living the life of the best kept

secret in the AF – T-34’s at a Navy Pilot Training base, NAS Whitney in Florida.

Thanks for the invitation to fly the T-34 Trav, but I think I’m in the airdrop line here at

McGuire! Travis had not been to USAFA since 1994 and says that it has changed

immensely. I guess the land across from I-25 is now completely filled with housing

developments. Eric SCHROEDER and his wife are expecting a little one soon at

Fairchild AFB. Mo BARRETT has made the Air Force Women’s Soccer Team this year

and enjoying her spare time flying C-5’s at Travis AFB. Ty and Nike HACHTEL are in

Cheyenne, WY with a new addition to their family – welcome to the family Kayla! One

more update from the TRAVNICEK’s is that Joel DUNHAM and Kari (GRASSHOF

’92) DUNHAM are also in the Florida area. Joel is doing some sort of financial

investment type thing in Pensacola and Kari is trying to keep the Navy pilots straight in

the T-34.

(********Picture 2, Caption, “The starting line-up in Joe and Kari’s wedding!********)
               I wish you all the very best during the summer season! Let’s continue

make my job difficult sifting through too much mail and e-mail. Thanks and God Bless!

Oh yeah, I can’t keep it a secret any longer. I’m going to be a pappa!!!! Lori and I are

both very excited! - Mike

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