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									                                                                                       Year 27, Issue 3 February 4 - 17, 2007

    A publication of Family of Christ Lutheran Church

                                            Come in from the Cold
          Nate Castens
           Senior Pastor                Maybe you’ve seen this statistic before: 80% of people who visit
      952/934-5659, ext. 13             a church do so because they were personally invited. It makes
       952/934-7870 (home)
                                        sense. We are more likely to try a new restaurant or health club
         Kristie Hennig                 or preschool if someone we know and respect has had a direct
Pastor of Outreach and Inreach          positive experience of it. An ad in the newspaper or a website
      952/934-5659, ext. 12             can be biased, of course, and even a review in the newspaper is
       651/699-4677 (home)
                                        basically the opinion of a stranger. But the recommendation of a           WELCOME
          Steve Olson                   friend or neighbor or family member — now there’s a viewpoint
 Resource Development Pastor            that really means something! Especially when it comes to finding
      952/556-5812 (office)             a church home.
       952/556-5813 (home)
steve@familyofchristonline.com          February is Open House month at Family of Christ. We’re flinging the doors wide
                                        open (figuratively anyway, in these days of below-zero temps), and we’re getting
           Director of                  ready to welcome a rush of guests. But we need everyone – adults, teens, kids – to
   Youth & Family Ministry              fan out in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces to get the word out about
        Tracie Peterson
      952/934-5659, ext. 20
                                        Family of Christ and invite people IN.
                                        Take a moment to think about your own circle of friends and acquaintances. Who
                                        do you know who doesn’t have a church home? Has anyone moved to your neigh-
       Faith Formation
                                        borhood in the past year? Do they know where you go to church, and why it is
      Leann Thompson                    important to you? Could you use a special occasion or “gimmick” to help you invite
     952/934-5659, ext. 24              them to join you for worship some weekend at FoC? Then try our special gift
leann@familyofchristonline.com          bags to introduce Family of Christ!

    Preschool Director                  Pick up as many bags as you can use to help you invite neighbors, friends, and
       Ann Warner                       relatives to church. You can’t miss ‘em; they’re on the Faith in the Fast Lane
       952/380-9838                     counter just inside the front doors. Tucked inside you’ll find printed information
                                        about FoC along with a bunch of little gifts that we hope convey a bit of the warmth,
                                        fun, and everyday faith that resonate in our church Family. Here are some ideas for
 Director of Worship & Music
       Melanie Hanson
                                        using them effectively:
     952/934-5659, ext. 23                   • As you hand out the gift bags, mention two or three things you value about
melanie@familyofchristonline.com                 your church home.
                                             • Mention Open House month and invite your friends for worship on a particu-
             Office                              lar weekend (not just in general).
          952/934-5659                       • Offer to carpool or caravan to church, and then go out to brunch afterwards.
       952/934-4250 (fax)
      Lois Groen, ext. 10               Whatever feels natural to do will be just right. You can reassure your friends that we
      Jolene Satre, ext. 11
                                        won’t embarrass them by introducing them in public, and there won’t be any
jolene@familyofchristonline.com         pressure EVER to become members of Family of Christ. We just want them to
       Teri Burns, ext. 21              know they are welcome to come in from the cold and warm up. Anytime, really…but
  teri@familyofchristonline.com         especially in February. God bless your asking!
                                                                         See you in church,
                              Worshiping Faithfully                                                          Praying Always

                                                                                           FAMILY PRAYERS Families with baptism:
                                                                                           Maja Moberg; birth; Mason; illness: Eric;
                                                                                           Jim; Brian; Lois; Chad; Jeanie; Joanne; Fran;
                       TUESDAY EVENING, DEC. 19
                                                                                           Nancy; Dori; other: Cyle & family; Kelly;
                                   6:30 PM
 AN UP-COMING BAPTISM of your child or yourself? Consider Easter Vigil (April              Ken; guidance for leaders; early & safe return
 7, 5 PM) as the time and place. It’s our “first Easter” service and unlike any other      of troops; strength & patience for military
 worship at FOC — families and the church Family gather ‘round for the baptism of          families; peace in Iraq.
 many (including adults), and then enjoy the fun of an Easter drama presented by
 students/adults. Talk with any pastor for more info if this sounds interesting.
                                                                                                          Serving Here and
                                Opening the Bible
LOOKING IN,                                                                                        CHURCH COUNCIL
LIVING OUT     ONE NEW FEATURE of the Lenten season at FoC this year is a                             NOMINA
                                                                                                      NOMIN ATIONS
               day-by-day devotional booklet written by FoC participants and avail-           Play a role in shaping the vision
               able in hard-copy, on-line, and daily by e-mail. If you’d like to receive      and future direction of FoC--join
               this devotional electronically each day (and you’re not currently on           Church Council! Positions avail-
               our Constant Contact notification list) be sure to send us your pre-           able: 1-year terms--Vice Pres.,
               ferred electronic address. E-mail Lois@familyofchristonline.com                Treasurer, & Financial Resources
 Lent 2007     with Constant Contact in Subject line.                                         Commitee; 2-year term--Secretary.
                                                                                              If you (or someone you know) feel
                     2nd Annual                                                               called to serve in one of these
                                                                                              positions, or if you have questions,
                     Mardi Gras Party                                                         contact Dave Maenke at 952-470-
                                                                                              1583; dave.dcs@earthlink.net.
                              Saturday, Feb. 25
                                6:30-8:30 PM                                               ELECTION OF A BISHOP is one element
                                                                                           of the Synod assembly May 31-June 2. FoC
   Help make this our youth’s biggest and best fundraiser! We’re looking for               may send up to four lay members of our con-
    acts to showcase their talents and entertain another enthusiastic crowd!               gregation to make decisions for our regional
   Please sign up (in the church narthex) before Feb. 14 to reserve a spot for             partnership of ministry in the Minneapolis
                                    your act.                                              Area Synod — AND may nominate a quali-
                                                                                           fied pastor for election as bishop. Speak with
     If you don’t want to participate, come to be entertained! The evening will
                                                                                           a pastor if you’re interested; overnight ex-
            include deletable desserts, great music and so much more.
                                                                                           penses at Gustavus College are paid by FoC.
                              Tickets go on sale soon.
                                                                                           ASSISTANT DRAMA COACH NEEDED for
                                                                                           the children’s musical Fish Tales. Rehears-
                                                                                           als are underway on Wednesdays from 5-
                                                                                           5:45 PM. Performance is May 20, 4:00 PM.
                                                                                           Director Laura Oman needs assistance
                                                                                           around the arrival of her twins. If interested,
                                                                                           contact Melanie Hanson (952.934.5659 or
                                                                                           NEEDED: SHARED MINISTRY VOLUN-
                                                                                           TEERS Can you help during worship? We
                                                                                           need ushers, communion helpers and read-
                                                                                           ers (especially on Sat. evenings). Contact
                                                                                           Lois at 952.934.5659.

                                                                                           COUPLES’ RETREAT FEBRUARY 9-11
                                                                                           Luther Crest Bible Camp, Alexandria, MN.
                                                                                           Sign up on the poster by the kitchen or on
                                                                                           the Welcome Slip. Program by Pr Nate and
                            “But other than that,                                          the American cinema. Questions? Contact
                      the youth retreat was a success.”                                    Bill or Susan Forsmark at 401-0306.
                                                    WEDNESDAY FAMILY DINNERS Served from 5:30-6:15 PM; pizza $2.00
                 Giving Generously                  per slice; Subway deli rounds $2.50. Sign up for meals (by Tuesday noon of
                                                    each week, up to 4 weeks in advance) on the kitchen bulletin board or by e-
                                                    mail at leann@familyofchristonline.com.
BENEFIT FUNDRAISER for Chad/Jodi                    LIVING IN COMMUNION Parents of 4th & 5th graders: Check “What’s Hap-
Henriksen, former FoC members now living            pening” on familyofchristonline.com for the link to Living in Communion and
in Waconia. Chad has many unreimbursed              at-home material for each week — including Opening the Bible and “home-
healthcare expenses due to an inoperable            work” for parents & students. This prep for the sacrament (or in-depth pastor-
brain tumor resistant to treatment. Spaghetti       taught study for those who now commune) culminates in early April with a
dinner, silent auction, and entertainment:          Seder Meal on Palm Sunday and First Communion on Maundy Thursday.
Saturday, March 3, 4:30-midnight. $25/per-
son. For more info, Kyle Heitkamp (952-474-                                NEWSBOYS, KUTLESS & SWITCHFOOT CONCERT
0027 or kheitkamp@hughes.net).                                             Sun. March 18, 6 PM, Target Center; $26.50/person
CELL PHONE RECYCLING Sr.                                                   (incl. transportation); grades 6-12. Newsboys are the
High Mission Trip youth are col-                                           popular band featured at the ‘06 National Youth Gath-
lecting cell phones & ink jet car-                                         ering--they’ve sold over 6 million records. ONLY 25
tridges to raise money for sum-                                            TICKETS, which will go FAST. Reserve yours by turn-
mer mission trips. Box is in the                                           ing in your money & medical release form to Tracie.
narthex. Questions? Contact
line and in the narthex on multiple counters        6th GRADE INTERACTIVE GAME NIGHT Sat. Feb. 10, 6:30-8 PM. Great
is a survey-form for your opinions, ideas,          music, video games (DDR, Guitar Hero & many others), regular games & so
observations, and recommendations about             much more! Sign up by Tracie’s office by Feb. 7.
our church space. This space needs analy-
sis as part of our Great-to-Wow! strategic          MIDDLE SCHOOL YOUTH QUAKE March 9-11, Chula Vista Resort, Wisc.
planning--addressing one key element that           Dells; $170. FIRST 10 TO REGISTER GET A $20 DISCOUNT. Must register
was identified last year as an area for re-         by Feb. 15. Christian music, intense workshops, group building activities,
view. Bill Forsmark (bforsmark@barr.com)            awesome speakers and a water park. Questions? Contact Tracie or check
is team leader. Thanks to a Thrivent Finan-         out the website at www.youthencounter.org/quakes.
cial grant, the cost is $0 for Family of Christ.

CHECK ONLINE for the most up-to-date FoC                                     SENIOR HIGH
monthly calendar and volunteer schedule:
    www.familyofchristonline.com                                SR HIGH SKI TRIP March 2-4, Giant’s Ridge Ski Resort; $150/
                                                                person. Sign up by Feb. 15. Join us for 2 days of skiing north
                                                                of Duluth. We’ll stay right at the base of the mountain. Break-
                                                                fast and lunch are included--bring money for dinner each night.
                                                    For more info, check out www.familyofchristonline.com. Our 25 spots are
                                                    going fast!

  Classes for ages 2-5; two, three, and four        4, 4:30-6 PM. Everyone is expected. We’ll discuss expectations & what
  days per week. We have low ratios, an             we’ll experience. DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING.
  experienced staff, and are the only area
                                                    WAY TO LIVE: SR HIGH SUNDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP All youth grades
  preschool that is NAEYC accredited.
                                                    9-12 are invited for an evening of friends, discussion and great games from
  10% discount for sibling. Option of Lunch
                                                    6:30 – 8 PM. Look what’s coming up next:
  Bunch & Stay & Play.* Contact Ann
                                                            Feb. 4            Super Bowl party at Eric’s home
  Warner, Director, at 952.380.9838 or
                                                            Feb. 11           Game Night--DDR, Guitar Hero
  651.442.5043. COME FOR AN INDIVIDU-
                                                            Feb. 18           NO Youth Group
  ALIZED TOUR. Registration forms avail-
                                                            Feb. 25           Mini-golf
  able in the Narthex.
  *stay for lunch and/or play in the afternoon on   30 HOUR FAMINE Feb. 24-25; $60 suggested donation
  designated days                                   (prizes for those who raise more!); grades 9-12. Do you
                                                    know what it’s like to be hungry? What’s the longest you’ve
 NICK & WILLY’S BUY-ONE-PIZZA-GET-                  gone without food? Here’s your chance to experience hun-
 ONE-FREE CARDS! FoC Preschool is                   ger in a small way, while raising money to help those who
 selling 10-punch cards for $10--what a             truly are starving. Watch the website and mail for details.
 deal! Contact Ann at 952.380.9838.                 Sign up by Feb. 14.
FAMILY OF CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                          Non-Profit Organization
2020 Coulter Boulevard                                                                                     U S Postage Paid
Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317                                                                               Chanhassen MN 55317
                                                                                                            Permit Number 36



                                 Life in the Church Family
                                                   FAMILY LIFE ACTIVITIES

                  WEEKEND WORSHIP                                              WEDNESDAY EVENING ACTIVITIES
                                                                                           Feb. 7 & 14:
           Feb. 3 & 10: 5:00 PM--Traditional                                        Christos -- 5:00 & 6:00 PM
           Feb. 4 & 11: 8:00 AM--Abbreviated                                  Praise Unlimited (3-6 grade) -- 5:00 PM
                  9:00 AM--Traditional                                            Thrive (3-5 yr. olds) -- 5:25 PM
               10:45 AM--Contemporary                                                K2 (K-2 grade) -- 5:25 PM
   Sing & Serve Sunday — Feb. 4                                                  FAMILY DINNER -- 5:30-6:15 PM
   River of Joy Rehearsal — Feb. 4, 12:00 PM                                         Lux Aeterna -- 5:45 PM
   Way to Live--Sr High — Feb. 4 & 11, 6:30 PM                                       Confirmation -- 6:30 PM
   Men’s Bible Study — Feb. 5 & 12, 6:18 AM
   Staff Meeting (offsite) — Feb. 6, 10:00 AM                        FoC School of Music Recital — Feb. 11, 2:30 PM
   Women’s Bible Study — Feb. 6 & 13, 1:30 PM                        Financial Resources Meeting — Feb. 12, 7:00 PM
   Preschool Music — Feb. 7, 11 AM; Feb. 8, 9:15 AM                  Staff Meeting — Feb. 13, 9:30 AM
   & 12:45 PM                                                        Church Council — Feb. 13, 7:00 PM
   Couples’ Retreat — Feb. 9-11                                      Chapel Chats — Feb. 14 & 15, 9:15 AM; Feb. 15, 12:45 PM
   Women’s Bible Study — Feb. 9 & 16, 9:30 AM                        Praise for Him Rehearsal — Feb. 15, 7:30 PM
   Preschool Staff Mtg — Feb. 9, 11:30 AM                            Quilting — Feb. 16, 1:00 PM
   6th Grade Game Night — Feb. 10, 6:00 PM                           Feed My Starving Children — Feb. 17, 9:00 AM

  We are a family of Christ dedicated to nurturing, strengthening, and affirming one another in Christian faith.
                             God calls us to serve others who touch our daily lives
                   in our neighborhoods and communities, in school, at work, and beyond...

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