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PBS Educational Media digital proposal for VALE Consortium by benbenzhou


									Digital proposal for VALE Consortium

PBS Educational Media is excited to present our digital catalog to the VALE consortium.
Included in our digital offering are 485 of our award winning programs from PBS
production units such as NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, Ken Burns as well as
PBS specials. We deliver fully encoded digital files in variety of formats including
MPEG1, MPEG4 and Flash.

The price per program is based on the size of the consortium membership based on the
total FTE and the number of files that make up the purchase. Most single hour titles are
one file, but longer programs are comprised of multiple files. The number of files per
program are reflected on the digital list. All digital files are sold as a one-time purchase,
alleviating the need for additional funding to retain the programs. Below is the proposed
price schedule for individual institution purchases for members of the VALE consortium.
The prices are per file. There is a minimum order of $3,500 per institution if you
members choose to purchase individually.

    Institution                                  1 - 25      26 - 75      76 - 100
   Enrollment          Tier   Baseline            files        files          files
      < 2,500           1           $250          $225         $210          $200
 2,501 - 5,000          2           $300          $270         $255          $240
 5,000-10,000           3           $350          $315         $290          $280
       20,000           4         $400            $360         $340          $320
                                Approx.           10%          15%           20%
                              Discount already applied.

 Consortia        Subscriber Base                  1-40 files       41-100 files      100+ files
 Pricing          200,001-300,000                          $1,000            $950            $900

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