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					                                            CITY OF CAMPBELL
                                    CIVIC IMPROVEMENT COMMISSION
                                         CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA
                                              October 9, 2008

PRESENT:           Vice-Chairperson Kupras, Commissioners Baker, AhSing, Jewett & Davidson
                   (Commissioner Davidson from Fraser Suites, 75 Stanhope Gardens, London,
                   England via telephone) (Two Vacancies)
ABSENT:            None

1. Public Works Director, Robert Kass, provided the Civic Improvement Commission with
   background information on the Civic Center East Master Plan beginning with the Library Needs
   Assessment that took place in January 2007. In November 2007, Council authorized the Public
   Works Director to Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for development of a Civic Center East
   Master Plan and execute a consultant services agreement for the work. Staff issued the RFP in
   December 2007 and interviewed qualified candidates the following February. Based on the
   proposals, presentations and reference checks, staff determined Group 4 Architects to be the
   best-qualified candidate to complete the master plan.

   Group 4 Architects presented to the Commission a review of the program scope, site and parking
   recommendations, preliminary site analysis, urban design evaluations, landscape considerations,
   parking structure options and a preliminary cost model.

   Commissioner Jewett raised a question of using some of the parking garage as office space to
   increase the functionality of the parking garage. Commissioner Jewett also asked the question,
   “With the proposed library being 45,000 square feet, when would we max out?” Group 4
   responded that it would be 20 years and it’s a good size for Campbell and will meet all
   generational needs.

   Commissioner Baker would like to see the under library building parking with the least amount of
   height that also maximizes parking. He feels it is also important to have a community room and an
   Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

   Commissioner Jewett liked the more pleasing view to the townhomes on Harrison Avenue and, he
   would like to see retail space.

   Commissioner AhSing likes the under library building parking concept.

   Commissioner Jewett complimented staff and Group 4 and thought this was, as always, a well-
   done project. Commissioner Jewett likes the new facility, guidelines, maximized parking, flow
   underneath (no dead space), and would like to see the addition of retail shops to maximize value
   for revenue augmentation; the overall concept of the project appears workable.

   Commissioner Baker would like the height of the parking structure minimized, with a landscape
   buffer and easy access to Downtown.

   Commissioner AhSing would also like to see easy access to Downtown and as much green space
   as possible.

   Vice-chairperson Kupras liked the park feel of the Civic Center East Master Plan.

   Mr. Kass advised that the next steps in the process of the Civic Center East Master Plan are a
   Study Session with City Council on October 21st and Council‘s final approval of the Civic Center
   East Master Plan scheduled for the November 18th meeting. Mr. Kass thanked the Commission for
   their time and comments.

Vice-chairperson Kupras thanked Group 4 Architects and Mr. Kass for the presentation.

2. Due to the vacancy of former Chairperson Hofstrand, the timing for an election of the new
   chairperson and vice-chairperson was discussed. It was determined that Vice-Chairperson Kupras
   would continue as the interim chairperson and that it was not necessary to elect a new
   chairperson/vice-chairperson at this time. Election of the new chairperson/vice-chairperson will
   take place in January 2009.

M/S Jewett/AhSing To approve the Minutes of the July 10, 2008 meeting as submitted. Motion
                  approved unanimously with Commissioner Baker abstaining as he was not
                  present for the July 10, 2008 meeting.

Thank you letters were received from the Teen & Family Counseling Center and The Health Trust for
on-going support provided to their programs.

A News Flash from the Capitol was received advising the status of SB 1516. Due to the dire budget
situation, the library bond measure is dead for the year.

There were no oral requests.

1. Karen Lange, Senior Museum Specialist: Announced that she has returned from maternity leave.
   Museum Educator/Volunteer Coordinator/Wedding Coordinator, Kerry Perkins, had a girl, Hazel
   Naomi Perkins. Kerry will be out on maternity leave until January 2009.

   A new school program at the Ainsley House called History Detectives has been recently
   implemented and is being well received. This program is geared toward 3rd and 4th graders and
   meets California Social Studies Standards. Children fill out a clue sheet as they tour the Ainsley
   House and then they have activities in the Carriage House such as making a fruit label, making a
   dried fruit necklace and packing fruit on a mini-conveyor belt (a la I love Lucy). The program
   started this week and so far, the evaluations have all been positive.

   Family Fun Day is scheduled for October 19th from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Historical Museum
   with hands-on activities for families.

   The fourth annual Spooky Night will also take place at the Historical Museum, again hands-on
   activities and crafts for families will be a focal point. A grant received from Target allows the funds
   necessary for the Historical Museum to have a face painter from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

   Staff is getting ready for the holidays at the Ainsley House when designers, stagers and
   decorators each take a room of the house and decorate it. This year’s theme is Winter

   Tea and Tours will take place December 4th thru December 14th while evening open houses will be
   held from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. on December 18th and 21st. The Ainsley House is also open every day
   from December 1st thru December 21st. Normal hours for the Ainsley House are Thursday thru

                                Minutes of 10/09/08 Civic Improvement Commission Meeting – Page 2
   The City received a $90,000 grant from the Historic Heritage Commission of Santa Clara County
   for painting the Campbell Water Tower. Building Maintenance will begin work on the Water Tower
   in spring 2009.

   Staff is currently taking bookings for the 2009 wedding season. The 2008 season has been going
   very well with 37 weddings and or events held in the garden.

   The Summer Concert Series was a huge success. The Museum Foundation raised over $25,000
   in concession sales. All proceeds benefit the museum.

2. Al Bito, CIC Staff Representative: Mr. Bito reminded the commissioners of the upcoming
   Commissioners’ Dinner to be held on Thursday, October 23rd at Villa Ragusa. He also reminded
   the Commission that RSVP’s were due to the City Clerk’s Office.

1. Melinda Cervantes, County Librarian. Ms. Cervantes reported that the new PC network (over 800
   computers and servers) is up and running and library patrons seem to be enjoying the full range of
   features available on the new system such as MS Office software and various plug-ins. One of the
   most important features of the new system is county library greater network stability. Ms.
   Cervantes took this opportunity to thank all of the staff for their efforts and expressed her
   appreciation for their involvement with the conversion to the new system and for making sure
   everything happened in a smooth and seamless manner.

   Ms. Cervantes also reported that the Silicon Valley Library System has merged with three other
   Bay Area library systems to form the nine-county Pacific Library Partnership System. This move
   will allow greater opportunities to promote and advocate for libraries. Efficiency of operation was
   one of the primary reasons for this merger.

   The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Library Joint Powers Authority Board will take place
   on October 23, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. at the County Library Administration Offices in Los Gatos. The
   Board will be considering the Fiscal Report for fiscal year ending 2008, the lease for the new
   Milpitas Library and the acceptance of numerous donations and grant awards.

Vice-Chairperson Kupras thanked Ms. Cervantes for her report and welcomed Ms. Houts to her new
position of Campbell Community Librarian.

2. Cheryl Houts, Campbell Librarian. Ms. Houts first thanked Karen Armor for serving as the Acting
   Community Librarian during the months of July through September.

   Adult Programs: There were 121 adults signed up for the Summer Adult Reading Club. About half
   of this group used the new on-line registration process. Over 70 book reviews were received from
   the participants.

   There were twelve attendees for the basket making craft program held on August 2nd and thirteen
   attended the tie-dye t-shirt craft project on September 6th. The October 4th weaving program which
   was held on a very wet morning, only had three attendees. On November 1st, the craft project will
   be creating a stuffed animal.

   The monthly travel program is very popular and started again in October. There were 45
   attendees for David Couzens presentation about the Rajasthan area of India. The November
   program is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st and will be about Iceland.

                               Minutes of 10/09/08 Civic Improvement Commission Meeting – Page 3
   Teen Programs: In August, ten participants attended the book release party for Breaking Dawn
   and 18 participants took part in the Guitar Hero Gaming Program. Over half of the 123 teens who
   signed up for the book club finished.

   A series of two workshops targeting college bound teens on successfully entering college was
   held in September and October. The focus of these workshops is on what colleges are looking for
   in prospective students and tips on selecting the right college and application process.

   There is a new Campbell Teen MySpace page created by Marlene Iwamoto with the assistance of
   the library pages. You may also want to come to the Library and see the very eye-catching display
   for banned books that has been created. It includes some very realistic looking barbed wire.

   Children’s Programs: The children’s summer program ended with a very wild and wacky musical
   concert by Andy Z on August 7th. Andy Z drew a very large audience with some participants
   following Andy all the way from San Carlos to see the performance.

   There were 455 participants in the summer reading club. 196 participants reached their goal for
   the summer.

   The library is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of the “Picturing America” initiative from the
   National Endowment for the Humanities. As part of this grant, the library will be able to offer
   programs throughout the year based on the actual paintings or themes represented by the
   paintings. There are two drop-in craft programs planned for school age children at the end of
   October and the beginning of November on making paper quilts using “Quilts: 19th through 20th
   centuries” as the guide. Various paintings will be on display throughout the year for library patrons
   to enjoy.

   A special musical family story time will be held on Wednesday, November 5th, at 7:15 p.m., called
   “Green Golly & Her Golden Flute,”presented by Flute Sweets & Tickletoons. It is a tale loosely
   based on the story of Rapunzel that introduces children to classical music.

   Other Items: Janet Howard, library clerk, retired Thursday, September 4th after 30-plus years
   working at the Campbell Library. Ms. Houts stated they were sorry to see her go and will miss her
   enthusiasm for the job and the wonderful rapport she had with library patrons and staff.

   Cheryl Houts ended her report by expressing her thanks to Karen Armor for an excellent job
   during the transition period after Terri Lehan’s retirement. Ms. Houts also took the opportunity to
   acknowledge Terri Lehan as a mentor and thanked her for her years of service to the Campbell

Vice-Chairperson Kupras thanked Ms. Houts for presenting her report.

Mr. Bito advised the Commission to refer to Council Policy 10.2 Commemorative Activities and
Landscape Memorial Fund for guidelines regarding Commissioner Jewett’s request for a memorial
scholarship in honor of former councilmember and mayor Rusty Hammer, who passed away earlier
this year.

Commissioner Jewett wanted to know if the Council would consider an exception to the policy.
Commissioner Jewett also wanted to know if the Council would be amenable to begin a process to
honor Rusty Hammer so that it would be in place and ready to implement when the two-year period
requirement is met. Commissioner Jewett plans to present a memo at the next meeting to make this

                                Minutes of 10/09/08 Civic Improvement Commission Meeting – Page 4
Commissioner Jewett reported on the Conceptual Community Unity Day project. He indicated that he
is still trying to align the proposed event with a currently sponsored City event such as the city-wide
garage sale or a museum event.

There was no other business.

The regular meeting of the Civic Improvement Commission adjourned at 7:35 p.m. to Ristorante A
Bellagio for a social activity.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission will be held on Thursday, November 13,
2008, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, 70 N. First Street, Campbell California.

Respectfully submitted,

_______________________________                            _____________________________
Sherrie Doherty                                            Al Bito
Recording Secretary                                        Staff Representative

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