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					                        MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SESSION
                         OF THE LONGVIEW CITY COUNCIL
                        HELD THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1999

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Mayor Leber.

The flag salute was led by Councilman John Crocker.

Present:                  Mayor Ramona Leber
                          Councilwoman Karen Bergquist
                          Councilman John Crocker
                          Councilman Mark McCrady
                          Councilman Ron St. Jean
                          Councilman Thuy Vo
                          City Manager Ed Ivey
                          City Attorney Dave C. Spencer
                          Deputy City Clerk Ann Davis

City Staff Present
Phil Hofmann, Director of Personnel Services; Bob Gregory, Director of Public
Works; Bob Burgreen, Police Chief; Rudy Weyland, Fire Chief; Ed DeVries, Director
of Planning & Building; Brenda Cooper, Director of Information Services; Marion
Otteraaen, Librarian; Kurt Sacha, Assistant Finance Director; Tom Baylis, Fleet

Mayor Leber announced that the election of the new Councilmember would take
place at this point of the meeting. She described that the Council had accepted
applications in December and interviewed twelve applicants on January 7, 1999.
Tonight the Council has the tough task of selecting one Councilmember out of
twelve qualified candidates. Each Councilmember can nominate one candidate;
nominations do not need to be seconded. After nominations are closed, voting will
proceed until one candidate successfully garners a majority of votes. Voting will be
by a show of hands.

Councilman McCrady nominated Lois Huffman; Councilman Crocker nominated
Susan Stockard; while Councilman St. Jean nominated Andrew Hamilton. There
were no other nominations; therefore, nominations were closed at 7:05 p.m.
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 2

During the first round of voting, voting for candidate Lois Huffman were
Councilmen Vo and McCrady; for Susan Stockard were Councilmembers Bergquist
and Crocker and Mayor Leber; and for Andrew Hamilton, Councilman St. Jean. No
candidate received a majority of votes.

Voting for candidate Huffman in the second round were Councilmen Vo and
McCrady. Voting for candidate Stockard were Councilwoman Bergquist,
Councilmen Crocker and St. Jean and Mayor Leber. Mayor Leber declared Susan
Stockard the winner and offered her congratulations.

The Mayor thanked all the candidates who applied for all their good work, and
expressed her hope they would stay interested in government.

On behalf of the Council, Councilman Vo thanked the applicants for applying. He
observed that there will be future openings on the Council, and they should not be
discouraged. He remarked that some of the candidates were very qualified.

Judge Robert Altenhof administered the Oath of Office to Susan Stockard.
Following a round of applause, Mrs. Stockard took her position on the Council dais.

On a motion duly made and passed, the reading of the minutes of the
regular Council meeting held December 10, 1998, and the minutes of the
Special Council meeting held December 23, 1998, copies of which had been
submitted to the Mayor and members of the City Council, was waived and
the minutes were approved as if read.

Mayor Leber announced that Item 13.B, under the City Manager’s Report, would be
set over to the next Council meeting, January 28. Jeff Rasmussen was unavailable
tonight to make his report on the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.



A. Miscellaneous Suggestions.
John Jacobs, P O Box 311, Longview, suggested changing the name of Tennant Way
between Columbia Ford and the freeway to “Wet and Wild,” since the traffic on this
road is dangerous. He reported that trucks routinely do 60 miles an hour, with cars
weaving in and out, and the lighting in the area is terrible. He hoped that someone
would take a look at this situation before someone gets killed out there.
                                                              City Council Minutes
                                                                  January 14, 1999
                                                                            Page 3

He further reported that he was fortunate enough to hear the President of Lower
Columbia College speak at noon today. He observed that he hoped the Council was
doing everything in its power to help the college progress. Lastly, he wanted to be
on record as supporting Governor Locke.
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 4

B. Situation Resolved.
David Straub, 5438 Oriole, reported that he had had success in putting a stop to
hunters shooting out by Memorial Park Drive. He felt this was too close to City
limits, and the area residents were fearful of the shooting nearby. He made a few
phone calls and got in touch with the trustee for the property owner, who was
appalled to learn that people were shooting on the property. The trustee was going
to have the hunting stopped immediately and the property posted “No hunting.”
Mr. Straub noted that he wished all problems were this easy to solve.

C. Feedback on the Traffic Circle.
Ken Spring, 1618 Florence, voiced his opinion that the traffic circle at 20th and Fir
was unsatisfactory, since he had a difficult time negotiating the circle in his large
four-wheel drive vehicle. He believed a simple four-way stop would do the job more
effectively, and stated that the circle is confusing to drivers.

Ron St. Jean remarked that the traffic circle installation is a trial. He said he has
been contacted by homeowners and other confused people; he believed that
educating the public and/or better signage would alleviate the problem.

Councilwoman Bergquist advised that she lives nearby, and has spoken with all of
her neighbors about it. While she acknowledged that change can be very difficult
for people, she felt her neighbors would continue to be cooperative during the trial
period. She suggested more communication with the public about the circle,
perhaps an article in the paper, would help educate drivers about how to negotiate
the device.




A. Ordinance No. 2717, Accepting Gift.
An Ordinance accepting a gift of $632,580.90 in cash, from a Trust created by
Ernest J. Kuntz and C. Arlene Kuntz, was introduced and read by title only.
Commenting that this was a wonderful gift, Mayor Leber explained that the gift
from the Kuntz trust was dedicated for use by the Parks Department for parks and

Councilman McCrady moved adoption of the foregoing ordinance which
motion was seconded by Councilwoman Bergquist.
                                                               City Council Minutes
                                                                   January 14, 1999
                                                                             Page 5

Responding to Councilman McCrady’s inquiry whether plans were being made for
these funds, City Manager Ivey stated that some ideas had been presented, but no
plans have been made. Council can discuss ideas at their upcoming retreat. Mr.
McCrady expressed his desire to see the funds utilized to truly reflect the
community’s gratitude for a gift of this magnitude. No specific uses were decreed in
the trust -- only that the Parks and Recreation department utilize the funds.

Councilman St. Jean said that he grew up behind the Kuntzes, and mentioned that
they were the type of people who would decorate their back yard so the
neighborhood kids could watch. He stated that this is an incredible gift from a
wonderful family.

On a vote duly held and recorded with 7 "Aye" votes by Mayor Leber and
Councilmembers Bergquist, Crocker, McCrady, St. Jean, Stockard and Vo,
and no "Nay" votes, the Mayor declared the ordinance adopted and passed,
affixed her signature of approval thereon and the ordinance was assigned
the No. 2717.


A. Presentation of Teen Council Planning Committee.
Mayor Leber asked Jennifer Leach to bring the Teen Council Planning Committee
forward to present their report. Ms. Leach introduced David Flanders, 229 - 25th
Avenue. An R. A. Long student, Mr. Flanders stated he was a member of the
planning committee and that his group was here tonight to present to Council their
report. He had his fellow committee members introduce themselves: Tosha
BigEagle, Angela Griffith, Anne-Marie Kendall, Miji Hubert, Becky Severson, and
Rachael Gruber, all of R. A. Long High School.

Mr. Flanders stated that the Teen Council Planning Committee is preparing a
presentation to Council, which they plan to present after Council has had an
opportunity to read and digest their report. This presentation is tentatively
scheduled for the January 28 Council meeting.

Expressing his desire to discuss this matter in a workshop setting rather than a
regular Council meeting, Councilman McCrady suggested scheduling the
presentation for January 21, 1999. This date had been previously set aside for a
Council workshop, but, due to the number of January commitments on the Council
Calendar, Mr. Ivey explained that nothing had been slated on that date. With the
assistance of Sgt. Danny Jacobs, the committee believed they could be ready by
Thursday to make their presentation to the Council. Mayor Leber commented that
it’s not necessary to polish their presentation; the Council will listen to whatever
they present.
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 6

There being no items the Council wished removed from the Consent
Calendar, a motion was duly made and passed approving the items on the
Consent Calendar as though acted on individually.

A. Board & Commission Minutes
     1)    Planning Commission Minutes, 12/2/98

B. Liquor License Applications
Councilman Crocker, by previous action, voiced the only objection to the following
liquor license application(s):
                                                            City Council Minutes
                                                                January 14, 1999
                                                                          Page 7

      1)   From: Alex Woodrow McDonald, d/b/a Grumpy’s Tavern
           To:      Pamela Marie McDonald, d/b/a Grumpy’s Tavern
                    Grumpy’s Tavern, 3051 Ocean Beach Highway

      2)    From: Robin J. Broy, d/b/a The Club Tavern
            To:      Reids Sportsclub (Jeanette M. Reid and Christopher
                     Reid, principals)
                     Reids Sportsbar, 1251 Commerce

      3)    From: Plainview, Inc., d/b/a Sizzler Family Steakhouse
            To:      E & I Inc. (Ejaz Hanif Chaudhry, principal)
                     Sizzler Family Steakhouse, 936 Ocean Beach Highway

      4)    From:    Van Fossen, Ray Oliver, d/b/a Foxx Bowl
            To:      Foxx Bowl, Inc. (Van Fossen, Ray Oliver & Janet L. Van
                     Fossen, principals)
                     Foxx Bowl, 1652 Commerce

      Change of Corporate Officers
      5)   Casa Azteca, Inc.         Pastor Garcia
           1124 Washington Way

      Special Occasion License
      6)    Toutle Ranch Lake Guild
            Date: January 23, 1999; Time: 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
            Location: McClelland Arts Center, 951 Delaware

C. Business License Applications
Ed DeVries, Director of Planning /Building, and Erika Anderson, Deputy City
Clerk, indicated that upon their review per Ordinance No. 2140, the following
businesses would not have a significant impact on the community. They
recommended that the business licenses be exempt from the requirement of a
Community Impact Statement and, further, that the licenses be approved by the
City Council:

      Lava Flow - 1518 Commerce
      Interwest Consulting Group, Inc. - 959 11th Avenue, Suite B
      BIK’s Income Tax Service - 1518 Commerce, Suite 205
      Linda Hoffman - 3174 Ocean Beach Highway
      Primerica Financial Service - 1339 Commerce Avenue #302
      The Pyle Group, Ltd. - 580 Industrial Way
      ABC Printers, Inc. - 1291 Industrial Way
      Tamca & Associates, Inc. - 1152 Third Avenue
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 8

      American Telephone Technology, Inc. - Seattle, WA
      U.S. West Wireless, LLC - Denver, CO
      MWI Veterinary Supply - Nampa, ID
      Cascade Machinery & Electric, Inc. - Seattle, WA
      Penhall Diamond Products - Worcester, MA
      Sky-Comm., Inc. - Vancouver, WA
      Capital Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. - Olympia, WA
      The J. Thayer Co., LLC - Tigard, OR
      Able Construction, LLC - Longview, WA
      Cascade Enterprises - Kelso, WA
      Television & Entertainment Magazine - Vancouver, WA
      Fido Beta Kappa - 914 Crestline Drive
      Kyong H. Kim, D.O.P.S. - 3921 Ocean Beach Highway #207
      Klein Maintenance - 1226 9th Avenue
      Maloney’s Janitorial Services - 627 22nd Avenue
      Chars - 4406 Constitution Lane
      Ana’s Housekeeping - 2005 Hudson Street, #1
      Cori Olsen - 1052 16th Avenue
      Spic-n-Span Cleaning Service - 1105 10th Avenue
      Susan Buck, Independent Distributor of Market America - #5 Browning

D. Liability Claims
The claim(s) for damages listed below was/were received by the City and have
been/are being researched and/or reviewed by Washington Cities Insurance
Authority (WCIA) and claim status is as noted:

      1)     Jackie Keller, Personal injuries - unspecified damages
      2)     Paul Semler, Property damage - unspecified damages
      3)     Eloise Peaslee, Property damage - $900.00
      4)     Bonnie Sandberg, Property damage - $66.29
      5)     Alberta Scowcroft, Personal injuries - unspecified damages
      6)     Susan Kaipi, Property damage - unspecified damages

      Settled Claims:
      7)    Helen Larson, Personal injuries - $200.00
      8)    B. J. Blankenship, Property damage - $204.44
      9)    Kathleen Johnson, Property damage - $9,252.91

      Denied Claims:
      10)   Danny Mesford, on behalf of Chase Mesford, a minor, Personal
            injuries - unspecified damages. Claim tendered to School District.
                                                                 City Council Minutes
                                                                     January 14, 1999
                                                                               Page 9

      11)    Daniel Rodriguez, Property Damage - $451.92

E. Accounts Payable
Based upon the authentication and certification of claims and demands against the
city, prepared and signed by the City’s auditing officer, and in full reliance thereon,
it is moved and seconded as shown in the minutes of this meeting that the following
vouchers/warrants are approved for payment:

      Third Claims Period December, 1998, A/P Claims $7,366.47 (Check Nos.
            132068 - 132075, inclusive)
      Fourth Claims Period December, 1998, A/P Claims $494,260.52 (Check Nos.
            132076 - 132437, inclusive)
      Second Half December, 1998 Payroll $948,515.37 (Check Nos. 152563 -
            152959, inclusive)


A. Public Meeting: Notice of Intention to Commence Annexation Proceedings (10%
Notice Certification) - Area Lying Southerly of Roy Morse Park.
City Manager Ivey stated that this is the first in a multi-step process to annex the
approximate 44-acre parcel south of Roy Morse Park. The property owners of
80.15% of the affected property have signed the Intent to Commence Annexation
Proceedings. If the Council wishes to proceed, the meeting tonight is to determine if
the City will accept the proposed annexation, the adoption of a proposed zoning
regulation, and require the assumption of existing City indebtedness by the area to
be annexed.

Councilman Vo moved acceptance of the proposed annexation, adoption of
proposed zoning regulation, requiring the assumption of existing City
indebtedness by the area to be annexed, and directing staff to prepare a
60% petition for circulation. The motion was seconded by Councilman

During discussion on the proposed annexation, it was acknowledged that annexing
public and residential property costs the City money; however, it was felt that the
annexation is desirable for the good of the community and for enhancing the long-
term relationship with the Longview School District.

Upon a vote duly held, and unanimously carried, the motion was

B. Report on Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.
As noted earlier, former Councilman Jeff Rasmussen was not able to be here
tonight to present his report. This item has been set over to January 28, 1999.
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 10

C. Appointments to Lodging Tax Advisory Board.
Recalling that new state legislation last year directed the Council to create a
Lodging Tax Advisory Board to advise Council on distribution of the funds
generated by the tax, City Manager Ivey stated that the terms of the appointees
were for one year only. He recommended the Council reappoint the present
members of the committee, all of whom had indicated a willingness to serve another
year, to-wit: Cheryl Spencer, Chamber of Commerce; James Murphy, Columbia
Theatre; and Blake Peacock, Monticello Hotel. Jerry Stephens of Holiday Inn
Express is working in a different capacity for his organization and will not be
available to attend meetings; therefore, the Council needs to choose another Board
member to represent the hotel/motel industry.

The Board must be composed of two tax generators (hotels), two tax utilizers
(Chamber and Columbia Theatre) and one Councilmember, who shall also act as
chairman. City Manager Ivey stated Councilman McCrady had earlier volunteered
and subsequently been appointed to assume Jeff Rasmussen’s place on the Board,
and he further recommended Councilman McCrady be reappointed in this capacity.

Councilwoman Bergquist moved approval of the City Manager’s
recommendation, which motion was seconded by Councilman McCrady.

Councilman Vo questioned whether Councilman McCrady could second a motion
where he was being appointed to a position. City Attorney Spencer replied that
seconding the motion was acceptable; however, a Councilman could not make the
motion appointing him to a position.

Upon a vote duly held, and unanimously passed, the City Manager’s
recommendation was approved.

D. Bid Review: Sewer Department Equipment.
City Manager Ivey explained that four bids were received in response to a Call for
Bids for the purchase of a Jet Rodder/Sewer Cleaner. When reviewing the bids, it
was discovered that the lowest bidder did not meet all mandatory specifications.
The bid of the second lowest bidder was examined, and their proposed equipment
did satisfactorily meet all necessary specifications. City Manager Ivey
recommended rejecting the lowest bid, and awarding the bid to the lowest
responsible bidder, the second lowest bidder, Enviro-Clean Equipment, for its bid of

The bids submitted were as follows:

      General Equipment Co., Portland, OR           $192,813.00
                                                                City Council Minutes
                                                                    January 14, 1999
                                                                             Page 11

      Enviro-Clean Equipment, Estacada, OR                 $209,752.00
      Ben-Ko Matic Brush & Equipment, Portland, OR         $219,090.00
      Pacific Utility Equipment Co., Portland, OR          $227,240.00
      Amount Budgeted                                            $210,000.00

Councilman Crocker moved acceptance of the City Manager’s
recommendation, which motion was seconded by Councilman St. Jean,
and upon a vote duly held, was unanimously approved.

Responding to questions posed by Councilman McCrady, Fleet Manager Tom Baylis
explained that this piece of equipment is a multi-purpose truck, which can vacuum
as well as high-pressure wash, and in fact, an operator could even excavate with it -
- the machine is that strong. The city’s trade-in was inoperable, worth only $3,500.

Taking a moment to interject an editorial comment, City Manager Ivey expressed
how well the consolidation of the Longview and Kelso equipment maintenance
functions is progressing under the management of Tom Baylis. Mr. Ivey also stated
that a more complete status report on the consolidation efforts will be given at a
later date.

E. Traffic Report: Virginia Way Speed Humps.
City Manager Ivey turned the microphone over to Director of Public Works Bob
Gregory, for a report on the traffic situation on Virginia Way. Mr. Gregory stated
that he was going to assist Traffic Engineer John Bean in his presentation, which
deals with his proposal to install a traffic calming device to slow motorists down.

Mr. Bean advised the Council that he keeps track of all the collisions in the City,
and stated that there has been a 10% reduction in collisions over the last year. In
1997, he was asked to study Virginia Way at Glenwood Drive. While no accidents
have been reported at this location, vehicle volume is approximately 3,000 per day
and vehicles are traveling at significant speeds. In order to slow drivers down, he
studied different types of traffic calming devices and determined the installation of
speed humps would be most effective for that purpose. Homeowners in the area
were surveyed, and 31 out of 32 supported the project. Mr. Bean explained the
differences between speed bumps and speed humps, and identified the advantages
and disadvantages of each. He noted that the humps would be painted for visibility
and marked with a “BUMP” sign.

Mr. Bean’s recommended the Council install two speed humps on Virginia Way,
which materials would be paid for out of the Arterial Street Fund, with work
performed by City staff. This should save the City a significant amount of money.
An additional recommendation presented by Mr. Bean was to establish a policy on
installing traffic calming devices and adopt a policy for funding these devices,
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 12

through the formation of LID’s, contributions from the General Fund, or a
combination of these two sources.

When asked whether a third hump might not be necessary, Mr. Bean replied that
he believed that two humps would be sufficient; however, if it is not, it would be
easier to add a third hump than to remove one. He further explained that certain
sections of the roadway would be strengthened to take the extra pounding produced
by vehicles hitting the humps.

Mr. Bean advised that traffic humps are not new devices, although they have been
receiving a lot of publicity lately. In fact, they have been referred to as “sleeping
policemen,” because they are the best traffic-calming devices for the dollar.

Councilwoman Bergquist moved to accept the Traffic Engineer’s proposal
to install two speed humps on Virginia Way, which motion was seconded
by Councilman Vo, and upon a vote duly held, unanimously approved.

Councilwoman Bergquist expressed her excitement and complimented staff for
sticking their necks out and trying new solutions. Now that growth is reaching our
community, we have to learn to deal with traffic problems that other areas have
been grappling with for years.

F. Library Building Project.
After the unsuccessful bond issue, City Manager Ivey recalled that the matter of the
upgrade and renovation of the Library building was put on hold until after the
completion of the 1999-2000 budget process, in order that available funds could be
identified. The Library building is old and is in dire need of renovation. An
expansion of the space is very desirable, and updates to the building to allow for
ADA compliance are necessary.

The voters rejected the last proposal to fund the entire $12.4 million renovation and
20,000-sq. ft. expansion of the library, to be funded by a $6.9 million non-voted bond
issue and $5.5 million voted bond. Since the voters declined to fund the full project,
city staff developed funding options for a pared-down project -- an $8.7 million plan
which would add 34 parking spaces, make the library ADA-compliant and ready for
future expansion. Mr. Ivey outlined four options for funding the $8.7 million library

No.                         Funding Allocation                                   per
 1.   Taxpayers assume entire obligation - $8.7 million voted bond issue        $0.45
                                                                City Council Minutes
                                                                    January 14, 1999
                                                                             Page 13

 2.   City pays $3.2 million; voted bond issue of $5.5 million                 $0.28
 3.   50/50 Split: City pays $4.35; voted bond issue of $4.35 million          $0.22
 4.   City pays $5.2 million; voted bond issue of $3.5 million                 $0.18

On an overhead, Mr. Ivey pointed out funds available in the building replacement
fund and the capital projects funds in the amount of approximately $501,000;
however, he cautioned that using this $501,000 for debt service would decimate all
other capital projects. In the past Council had made an effort to put these funds
away; if they are diverted, it will take years to find new revenues to replenish that
fund. He reported that, at this juncture, staff needs a policy decision from Council
on how to proceed with the library project. Mr. Ivey felt the Council would want to
present the most attractive issue possible to the public, keeping in mind the impact
on the General Fund. He felt the Council would possibly be interested in pursuing
either option No. 3 or No. 4.

Councilman Crocker stated he would hate to see the Council tie its hands for up to
twenty years, and he is in favor of the 50/50 split, option No. 3.

Mayor Leber noted that even funding option No. 3 would deplete portions of
building replacement funds.

Commenting that the voters rejected the $0.28 tax levy in the last election,
Councilman McCrady stated he thought option No. 3 was a good choice, since the
City’s portion can be funded with cash flow. He felt it would be an insult to the
voters to return to the polls with the same $0.28 tax rate. Stating he believed the
50/50 option stands a better chance for passage, he said that was his favorite choice.

Councilman Vo agreed that the 50/50 package might have a chance of voter

Councilman McCrady moved to commit to option No. 3 of the proposals
before the Council, for an $8.7 million renovation, funded 50/50 by the City
and voted bond issue, with an election date of May 18, 1999. The motion
was seconded by Mr. Crocker.

Councilwoman Bergquist expressed her belief that if Council commits to support
this plan, Council can go to its February retreat and determine to fund the capital
improvements fund in other ways, noting the Council has been creative in the past
when dealing with financing sources.

Expressing his support for the motion, since he didn’t see any viable alternative,
Councilman St. Jean stressed that the City also needs the capital projects
improvement fund. He envisioned a City Council ten years hence cursing the
current Council for leaving them with this unfunded indebtedness, as the present
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 14

Council inherited the problem of funding the Fire Pension Fund. However, he felt
option No. 3 had a reasonable chance of success and would support it.

Upon a vote duly held, and unanimously carried with 7 “aye” votes by
Councilmembers Bergquist, Crocker, McCrady, St. Jean, Stockard, and Vo,
and Mayor Leber, and no “Nay” votes, the motion was approved. The
Mayor specifically asked that the record indicate she voted in favor of the

City Manager Ivey stated that the next step on the library project is to determine
who is doing what. He felt he believed the Library Board was expecting Council to
be in the driver’s seat; there had been some confusion regarding leadership during
the last election campaign.

Discussion ensued regarding what the Councilmembers can and cannot do to
support the project. As Councilmembers, they cannot be actively involved in
supporting the bond issue. However, if acting as individuals, they can work on the

Roger Albin, 2246 Cascade Way, who is Vice Chairman of the Library Board, came
to the podium to thank the Council for its support. He stated that there is an active
committee ready to go, pending the Council’s decision tonight. The committee is
presently without a chairman, but that position will soon be filled. He stated that
as long as the Library Board knows that the project has the council’s full support,
the committee will be able to take the lead in organizing and orchestrating the

It was unknown what other ballot items, if any, might be on the May 18 ballot,
although the preferred date had been communicated to the School Board.


A. Approval of Two Proposed Letters.
Mayor Leber asked the Council’s opinion on the two letters passed out at the
beginning of the meeting. The first was a proposed letter supporting passage of
Geologic Hazard Mitigation Assistance legislation that would provide expertise and
technical assistance to local agencies. The proposal would provide DNR circuit
riders specializing in geology to travel throughout the State and assist local
governments in reviewing development proposals.

Director of Public Works Bob Gregory agreed that passage of this legislation would
create a resource that would be a real asset to our area. He recommended the
Council support this legislation.
                                                                 City Council Minutes
                                                                     January 14, 1999
                                                                              Page 15

Councilman St. Jean expressed a desire to alert the Lower Columbia Contractor’s
Association of the Council’s support of this legislation, although he surmised they
might not be against it since they don’t have to pay for it. It was agreed to furnish
this organization with a copy of the letter.

The second letter was a proposed endorsement letter urging reauthorization of the
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, which would renew grant funds
for local schools. The Mayor had been asked to contact the U.S. Conference of
Governors to request their support, and she sought Council feedback before sending
this letter out on City of Longview letterhead.

There was no opposition to either of the proposed letters.

B. Council Photo.
The Council agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. before the February 11 Council meeting for
a group photo session.

C. Vietnam Association: Request for Flag Flying at City Hall.
Councilwoman Bergquist announced that the Vietnam Association had again
contacted her with the request to fly the Flag of South Vietnam at City Hall to
acknowledge the Day of Sorrow on April 30. Last year, the flag-raising was
solemnized with a brief, early morning ceremony. In addition, this year, the
Association asked for permission to leave the flag flying for one week and for use of
City Hall for a longer ceremony on May 1. Mrs. Bergquist reported that she had
consulted with the City Attorney, who advised that it is permissible to fly a foreign
flag, as long as protocol for doing so is followed.

Councilman McCrady moved to approve the request, which motion was
seconded by Councilwoman Bergquist.

When asked about City policy for use of City Hall by outside groups, City Manager
Ivey acknowledged that the policy is not without some flexibility. Normally, a
building custodian must be present to secure the building, and there is a charge for
this service. Requests that are not clearly associated with a city activity are usually
turned down; however, requests presented by Councilmembers are referred to the
Council for a decision.

Clarifying that this activity is not sponsored by the Ethnic Support Council,
Councilwoman Bergquist stated the Vietnam Association is willing to pay for
custodial time if required. Another request voiced by the Association is the
presence of the Mayor or her designee at the ceremony.
City Council Minutes
January 14, 1999
Page 16

City Manager Ivey volunteered to come to City Hall on the morning of May 1 and
secure the building.

Upon a vote duly held, and unanimously approved, permission was
granted to the Vietnam Association to fly the flag of South Vietnam at City
Hall to acknowledge the Day of Sorrow.

D. Request for Agenda Items.
Reminding Council that their workshop with the Longview School Board is coming
up on February 1, 1999, at the School District, he asked them to forward him items
to include on the agenda.

E. Request for Excused Absence.
Councilwoman Bergquist requested an excused absence for the January 28, 1999,
meeting, although she may be able to make it.


Meeting Reminders
      Regular Meetings:
      Thursday, January 28, 1999 - 7:00 p.m., Regular Council Meeting
      Thursday, February 11, 1999 - 7:00 p.m., Regular Council Meeting
      Thursday, January 21, 1999 - 7:00 p.m., Training Room, City Hall -
           Workshop with Teen Council Planning Committee
      Monday, February 1, 1999 - 7:00 p.m., Workshop with Longview School
           Board, at Longview School District Office
      Friday, February 5, 1999 - 6:00 p.m. and
      Saturday, February 6 - 9:00 a.m. - Training Room, City Hall

There being no further business to come before the Council at its regular session,
the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

                                             THE CITY OF LONGVIEW

                                             Ann Davis, Deputy City Clerk
                    City Council Minutes
                        January 14, 1999
                                 Page 17


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