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									Thanks for such a great turnout for auditions! You are
an incredibly talented group of performers, and
casting was difficult because there were so many
deserving actors. All auditioners are invited to attend
the first rehearsal on Monday.

              I Remember Mama Cast List
                 (in order of appearance)

Katrin                          Rebecca Ahlers
Mama                            Tiara Wentz
Papa                            Sam Leonard
Dagmar                          Kim Ohrlund
Christine                       Jill Ahlers
Mr. Hyde                        Palani Permeswaran
Nels                            Ben Rann
Aunt Trina                      Kristen Ahlers
Aunt Sigrid                     Paige Otterson
Aunt Jenny                      Sarah Strub
Uncle Chris                     Kris Ohrlund
That Woman                      Domi Lempares
Doctor Johnson                  Sam Schroeder
Mr. Thorkelson                  Nick Manthe
Nurse 1                         Andrea Kelly
Scrubwoman                      Deanna Le
Orderly                         Rachel Parry
Doctor 2                 Becca Clay
Nurse 2                  Nikki Sluiter
Arne                     Michael Sauer
Nurse 3                  Channing Pick
Soda Clerk               Nate Irwin
Customers                Kailan Harms
                         Loyne Medrano
                         Abi Pelelo-Ray
                         Emma Gorden
Madeline                 Mackenzie DeJong
Dorothy Schiller         Kat Robotham
Bell-boy                 Brandon Dimmick
Florence Dana Moorhead   Jennifer Bates
Hotel Guests             Katie Frerichs
                         Yashila Permeswaran
                         Allegra Statema
Rehearsal Assistants     Loyne Medrano
                         Emma Gorden
                         Yashila Permeswaran
                         Rachel Parry
Student Director         Alissa Zink

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