GLOSSARY by keara


									GROUP 1
I Match the explanation on the right-hand side with the appropriate term on the left-hand side,
adding its left out letters.
see below

II Fill in the missing word choosing the appropriate one from the box below
see below

III Rewrite the following sentences using the word or phrase in italics in your answer.
for example:
1. We managed to arrive on time even though the traffic was heavy. in spite of
We managed to arrive on time in spite of the heavy traffic.

U7 p. 90; Internet WB 41 42 ComparisonContrastReinforcementSENT

IV Complete the sentence using infinitive or the appropriate preposition and the gerund of the verb
given in brackets:
    1. Why do you insist ______ _____________________ them? (invite)
    2. He made me ___________________ (risk)
Internet: folder: GRAMMAR: INFINITIVE OR GERUND sva vezbanja sa inf. i ger.

V Write down how you would say the underlined numbers in each of the following pairs of

1. a There’s an afternoon flight that gets in at 18.25.
   b The surcharges mean the cost will go up by 18.25%.

U8 p106 + Internet: U8WB Numbers with Answers Marija Drpa

VI Translate from Serbian into English:
Types of message U4 p. 44, 45, 46, 47 + Types of Messages stated below under Ispitno
pitanje VI

I Quote the price (say how much each part of the holiday would cost and what the total would be.
How much would it cost, with bed and breakfast, going and coming back in May and staying for about 3 weeks?
I'm travelling alone, so I would need a single room.
U8 p107, 108 + Internet file: Ispitno pitanje WB p47 Price Dudic M; U8 p103 Calculate the Price
Hotel KingSolomon’s Palace K Pocuca;

VII Write a reply to the following letter of complaint using the following clues:
p.53, p.54, p55 + Internet U4 ComplaintsLetters + Listening Comprehension p188: Three
Complaints; Language Focus 2: Responses to Complaints/Suggested Responses

Ispitno pitanje I
      compartment, track, steam, platform, mileage, couchette, engine
      (locomotive), exit, tachograph, luggage locker, restaurant car, return ticket,
      tax cab, buffet, tunnel, limousine, escalator, refreshments, sleeper, rail pass

      1. Section of a train carriage (11)
      2. Metal line of rails (5)
   3. The oldest trains used this form of power (5)
   4. Pavement in a station next to the track (8)
   5. Distance travelled in miles (7)
   6. Sleeping berth on a train (9)
   7. Machine that drives the train (6)
   8. Way out (4)
   9. Device in lorry showing details of distance travelled and time of journey
   10.Secure container in which you can leave your suitcase or bag (two words:
   11.Part of a train where meals are served (two words: 10, 3)
   12.Ticket from one place to another and back (two words: 4, 3)
   13.Car with driver that you can hire (two words: 4, 3)
   14.Snack bar in a railway station or on a train (6)
   15.Underground passage through which a train or car can travel (6)
   16.Large luxurious car (9)
   17.Moving stairs (9)
   18.Snacks and drinks (12)
   19.Train which has beds (7)
   20.Special card which allows someone to travel free or cheaply (two words:
      4, 4)
QUERY (enquiry/inquiry) – a question that you ask to get information, asking about official
QUOTE (price) – to give a price, especially one that will be charged for doing a piece of work

OUTSTANDING = not yet done, solved, or paid

TO FEATURE= to include or show something as a special or important part of something, or
to be included as an important part

FREEBIE - something that you are given free, usually by a company

GOODWILL = kind feelings towards or between people and a willingness to be helpful

SURCHARGE = money that you have to pay in addition to the basic price of something

SUPPLEMENT – extra cost or fee; an amount of money that is added to the price of a
service, hotel room etc (but you needn’t pay it)

DISCOUNT – a reduction in price

SAVER ARRANGEMENTS – special offers, savers

MILEAGE - distance travelled in miles
LEGAL ACTION/PROCEEDINGS -the use of the legal system to settle an argument, put
right an unfair situation; begin/open/take proceedings (against somebody) = to sue smb

ETIQUETTE - the formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group
strict rules of professional etiquette

COUCHETTE - a narrow bed that folds down from the wall in a train, or a comfortable seat
on a night train or boat (COUCHETTE – BERTH - BUNK)

SLEEPING CAR - a railway carriage with beds for passengers to sleep in

PLATFORM - the raised place beside a railway track where you get on and off a train in a
BUFFET – a snack bar in a railway station or on a train

CARRIAGE - (train) one of the parts of a train where passengers sit
American Equivalent: car

COACH = 1. (TRAIN) - [countable] British English one of the parts of the train in which the
passengers sit
COMPARTMENT - one of the separate areas into which a plane, ship, or train is divided:
a first-class compartment

TRACK -the two metal lines along which trains travel
ᅳsynonym railway line

REFRESHMENTS - [plural] small amounts of food and drink that are provided at a meeting,
sports event etc
Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

RESTAURANT CAR - a carriage on a train where meals are served
ᅳsynonym dining car

ENGINE/LOCOMOTIVE - a vehicle that pulls a railway train

CORRIDOR - a long narrow passage on a train or between rooms in a building, with doors
leading off it

PULL IN - if a train pulls in, it arrives at a station

PULL OUT - if a train pulls out, it leaves a station

DECOR - the way that the inside of a building is decorated

SEABOARD - the part of a country that is near the sea

LOUNGE - a public room in a hotel or other building, that is used by many people as a place
to relax
LINEN - sheets, tablecloths etc

REFURBISH - to decorate and repair something such as a building or office in order to
improve its appearance; renovate
ELIGIBLE - able or allowed to do sth, e.g. because they are the right age

Ispitno pitanje II
Type of messages Vukovic WB:

OUTSTANDING = not yet done, solved, or paid
We've got quite a few debts still outstanding.
an outstanding issue
The company demanded immediate payment of outstanding bills.

A few outstanding bills were paid, and the application by the master and matron for a testimonial was

There was no doubt that Hari would buy from the same supplier as the Grenfells and what if Hari had
an outstanding bill?

GO AHEAD phrasal verb = to start to do something, especially after planning it or asking permission
to do it
go ahead with
They've decided to go ahead with plans to build 50 new houses on the site.
go ahead and do something
I went ahead and arranged the trip anyway.
And the outstanding debt which excludes mortgages has seen a three-fold increase to £40

A borrower had a personal covenant with the lender who could still sue for outstanding debts.

Those in the higher socio-economic groups and consumers over 45 years old tend to have
higher net savings relative to their outstanding debt.

When some one died, the administrator collected all assets of the deceased and paid his
outstanding debts.

Continuing anxiety about the state of the economy forced families to pay off more
outstanding debt last month.

Aims are to reduce outstanding debt and achieve low interest payments.

At the end of his term abroad he sells the house and repays any outstanding debt.

The effect of the outstanding debt would be to prevent the cessation of trade for the purposes
of the section.

He is right that there are no outstanding issues with the Home Office.
The outstanding issue is using the resources that the police authority has effectively.

Immediately after the signing of the agreement, negotiators began discussions to resolve a
number of outstanding issues.

The key outstanding issues were said to be the establishment of a single army, modalities of a
ceasefire, and elections.

The 40-member steering committee was mandated to formulate agreements on all outstanding
issues and to draft legislation to formalize any agreements.

an enquiry/inquiry – a question you ask to get information; officially asking somebody about
a QUERY – a question that you ask to get information, or to check that sth is true or correct;
asking about official offer
Give us a ring if you have any queries about the contract.
Staff are always available to answer your queries .
I would be happy to answer people's queries if they write to me at my home address.
If anyone has a query I'll deal with it at the end of the meeting.
Menlo angrily replied to a query from a reporter.
One of the students raised a query about the marking system.
Since the TV programme the advice bureau has received lots of queries about maternity

On major and minor issues you should give fair answers to queries about the job to avoid
misunderstandings and resentment later on.
We can obtain top management replies to your queries.
I have already had queries about what will happen.
As we worked, the phone rang without stopping: press queries about the First Lady.
If you have query about information mentioned in a particular feature ask the person who
If you have a query about anything concerning the outdoor world why not write to us at
Outdoor Action?
It gives clear detailed instructions, answers queries and suggests ways to improve your
The Bank staff are there to help you, answer your queries or take details of your complaint.
Please note: We can not answer queries personally and no correspondence will be entered
Our advisory services answer thousands of queries from people all over the country.
Station and telephone enquiry bureaux can answer queries on individual services.
I should be grateful if you could answer a few technical queries for me.
It can be helpful to limit your reading time, allowing time for taking notes, or responding to
Some three weeks later they are still responding to queries and will continue to send out
The Orientalia Division of the Library of Congress promptly responded to my queries.
p. 45
QUOTE (price) – to give a price, especially one that will be charged for doing a piece of work
 navesti cene
But an estimator can call at the customer's home, take measurements and quote a price.
Spreads in the investment-grade market were quoted unchanged and junk-bond prices were
flat, traders said.
In quoting a price we have to work out everything needed to teach students.
The company quotes a target retail price of £300.
If he was willing to part with stock as well, the market-maker would quote a two-way price.
He would sometimes ask the runner directly, before quoting a price.
In practice, managers usually quote prices somewhere in that band, with a dealing spread of
about 6 or 7 percent.
Banks quote spot rates against the dollar.
The average quoted turnover rate still hovers at 10 percent in spite of worker bonuses, free
healthcare and rides to work.
To make these figures seem less alarming, banks prefer to quote rates on a monthly basis.

be a disgrace: used to say that something or someone is so bad or unacceptable that the
people involved with them should feel ashamed
The UK rail system is a national disgrace.
be a disgrace to
You are a disgrace to the medical profession.
absolute/utter disgrace: It's an absolute disgrace, the way he treats his wife.

BE ON THE HOUSE - if drinks or meals are on the house, you do not have to pay for them
because they are provided free by the owner of the bar, restaurant etc

COMPLIMENTARY: given free to people
There was a complimentary bottle of champagne in the hotel room.
I've got some complimentary tickets for the theatre tonight.

FREEBIE: something that you are given free, usually by a company
on a freebie
The company paid for the minister to fly out to Australia on a freebie.
freebie holiday/hotel/flight etc
A waiter was handing round freebie glasses of wine.


UNFORTUNATE = unlucky; regrettable

TO FEATURE: to delineate the main characteristics of, depict, outline
or: [intransitive and transitive]to include or show something as a special or important part of
something, or to be included as an important part
The exhibition features paintings by contemporary artists.
a cruise ship featuring extensive spa facilities
RUN n.
[countable] a continuous series of performances of a play, film etc in the same place
His first play had a three-month run in the West End.

SLOT: a long narrow hole in a surface, that you can put something into
Alan dropped another quarter into the slot on the pay phone.

   + an allocated, scheduled time and place for an aircraft to take off or land, as authorized
       by an airport or air-traffic authority: 40 more slots for the new airline at U.S. airports.
   + a place or position, as in a sequence or series: The program received a new time slot on
       the broadcasting schedule.
   + an assignment or job opening; position: I applied for the slot in management training.

to complain ABOUT


to receive service/ service received

to arrange holiday/holiday arranged  travel arrangements

happening or operating successfully, without any problems
smooth running/operation: Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of the sales
The new government has promised a smooth transition of power.

Inadequate professional services are services which fall below an acceptable standard, but are
short of negligent work
≠ parents who have very high standards
The rooms are of a good standard .
MISLAY - past tense and past participle MISLAID / -leɪd /
to put something somewhere, then forget where you put it
I've mislaid my glasses again.
Sometimes students' work does get lost or mislaid.

p. 54


reservedly (-) ≠ unreservedly (+)

to apologise unreservedly = completely and without any doubts
He apologized unreservedly.


1. kind feelings towards or between people and a willingness to be helpful
A fund was set up as a goodwill gesture to survivors and their families.
the season of goodwill (=Christmas)
the value that a company has because it has a good relationship with its customers
The sale price also covers the goodwill of the business.

In the years that followed it expanded operations without seeking local approval, earning little
goodwill in Guadalcazar.

It would be a right insult to them to back off, and as you say, their goodwill could be handy.

Janis's reaction felt familiar, a form of goodwill Helen knew how to accept.

Miss Fogerty was humbly grateful for her goodwill, but would never have dreamt of imposing
upon it.

Once again the goodwill is irrelevant to the minority interest.

U.S. troops arrived to find an enormous reservoir of public goodwill.

It's unlikely, unless the shop returns it as a gesture of goodwill.

On the dimension of the will, one may encounter ill-will as well as goodwill.

Some training is carried out as a goodwill gesture.

Would it be possible for us to send him a copy of 4 Gardens as a gesture of goodwill?

If this makes you uneasy, think about distributing a little preemptive baksheesh as a goodwill

In the past too much essential curriculum and materials development has occurred as a result
of goodwill rather than policy and planning.
p. 55

a situation in which something is prevented from continuing in its usual way

The strike caused widespread disruption.

The strike caused widespread disruption to flight schedules.

Such speech is still protected by the First Amendment unless it causes substantial disruption
or interferes with the rights of others.

There had been loss of shipping and sales of overseas assets, but there was no great disruption
and dislocation.

This is the altitude-related disruption of your autonomic breathing during sleep.

To support such action, officials would have to show that the publications caused or would
probably cause substantial and material disruption.

Yet the disappointed applicant had an unfettered right to extend the period of disruption by


to successfully deal with a problem or difficult situation
She went to a psychiatrist to try to sort out her problems . I'll be glad to get this
misunderstanding sorted out .
sort yourself out/get yourself sorted out
(=deal with all your problems) I'm staying with a friend until I manage to sort myself out.

be of poor/good/high etc quality
Much of the land was of poor quality.

money that you have to pay in addition to the basic price of something
surcharge on
a 10% surcharge on airline tickets

to pay a surcharge for half-board

Banks claim surcharges are needed to help offset the cost of installation and maintenance.

But congressional investigators said bank claims of confidentiality kept them from
establishing precisely how much profit banks are reaping from the surcharges.

But there may be a surcharge.
It is interesting to note that they come from the same stable that brought us the national
insurance surcharge.

The surcharge will not be applied to representatives' orders or dues supplied as part of a
previous large order.

The price of your holiday is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharges.


ALTERNATIVE – when something is of the same type, but not the same one

the use of the legal system to settle an argument, put right an unfair situation etc

begin/open/take/initiate proceedings/action (against somebody) = to sue smb

She has begun divorce proceedings .

John is taking legal proceedings against his ex-partner.

She threatened to take legal action against the hospital.

But, as Kim Barnes reports, Lexie McConnell's family say it won't stop their legal action for

He is now planning legal action to get compensation.

Quiet diplomacy was out; legal action was in.

That's where legal expenses insurance helps - it protects against the cost of taking legal action.

The authorities considered these cases suitable for civil, not criminal, legal proceedings.

The company expected legal action, and it got it.

The Scheme makes no difference to an employee's rights to take legal action, and the
Company accepts no liability.

This broadly relates to communications between lawyer and client either in relation to the
giving of legal advice or in contemplation of legal proceedings.

something that is regrettable is unpleasant, and you wish things could be different
This was a very regrettable error.
it is regrettable that
It's regrettable that classical music receives so little attention.
Any job losses are regrettable.

It's regrettable that we can't go in June when the weather is best.

For a regrettable number, emotional instability and spiritual confusion remain long after the
physical bruises have faded.

Neither welcomed the presence of the city's poor, the majority of its population, though both
recognised their regrettable necessity.

Shortly after his father died the new Earl said how regrettable it was that he had died alone.

The departure of Richard Wilcock and his staff was equally regrettable.

The latest shortfall, for 1993-94, caused by yet more Republican mischief-making, is

The whole business was regrettable but not beyond redemption.

There was regrettable delay in serving it and it should have been served personally on Mr.
Butler in prison.

to try to find out the truth about a problem, crime etc in order to solve it
Police are looking into the disappearance of two children.


APPROXIMATE = synonym ROUGH ≠opposite EXACT
an approximate number, amount, or time is close to the exact number, amount etc, but could
be a little bit more or less than it
What is the approximate number of students in each class?
These percentages are only approximate.

International Etiquette p.83/190

etiquette - the formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group
strict rules of professional etiquette

Etiquette is especially important on occasions such as weddings and funerals.

It was considered a breach of etiquette to refuse an invitation.

Professional etiquette dictates that judges should not express their opinions about a case in

After dinner the etiquette was very stiff, and we stood for two hours.
Ever a stickler for protocol, he and his wife took umbrage at the democratic etiquette of
President Thomas Jefferson's administration.

She spoke effusively, implying more enthusiasm than etiquette required.

The instructor, who is always addressed as the sensei, instils principles of etiquette into every

The royal family could be relied upon as paragons of etiquette.

They will in this respect resemble our own rules of etiquette.

When it comes to racing etiquette and forthright language, Mario has few equals.

1.[uncountable and countable]the way you position your body when sitting or standing
good/bad etc posture
Poor posture can lead to muscular problems.
her upright posture
2.[singular] the way you behave or think in a particular situation
posture towards
He tends to adopt a defensive posture towards new ideas.

bow /bau/
1.[intransitive] to bend the top part of your body forward in order to show respect for
someone important, or as a way of thanking an audience
She bowed and left the stage. Corbett entered the room, bowing respectfully.
The servant bowed low and handed his master the sealed note.
bow before/to
He bowed before the king.
2. bow your head
to bend your neck so that you are looking at the ground, especially because you want to show
respect for God, or because you are embarrassed or upset
She bowed her head and prayed.
Phil stood there, his head bowed in shame.


                              A rail journey in India p88

COUCHETTE - a narrow bed that folds down from the wall in a train, or a comfortable seat
on a night train or boat
ᅳsee also sleeping car
sleeping car - a railway carriage with beds for passengers to sleep in
ᅳsynonym sleeper
sleeper –
a) a night train with carriages that have beds for passengers to sleep in
b) a sleeping car
+ the piece of wood or concrete that supports the track

*** BERTH - a place for someone to sleep in a ship or on a train
ᅳsynonym bunk
Bedroom with bunk beds for two.
6 to 8 berth Luxury Caravans.

*** BUNK
1. a narrow bed that is attached to the wall, for example on a train or ship
2. also bunk bed
[often plural] one of two beds that are attached together, one on top of the other

PLATFORM - especially British English the raised place beside a railway track where you
get on and off a train in a station
The Edinburgh train will depart from platform six.

a) a place in a railway station, bus station etc where you can buy and eat food or drink

b) buffet car / ‘bʊfeɪ kɑː $ bə’feɪ kɑːr / also buffet [countable] British English
a part of a train where you can buy food and drink

c) a meal at a party or other occasion, in which people serve themselves at a table and then
move away to eat
a cold buffet buffet breakfast/lunch/supper
The price includes morning coffee, buffet lunch, and afternoon tea.

CARRIAGE (train)
[countable] British English one of the parts of a train where passengers sit
American Equivalent: car

1. (TRAIN) - [countable] British English one of the parts of the train in which the passengers
American Equivalent: car
2. (BUS)
[countable] British English a bus with comfortable seats used for long journeys
American Equivalent: bus
by coach
We went to Paris by coach.
on a coach
She's going to Grimsby on a coach.
a coach trip to Scotland The restaurant was full of coach parties (=groups of people travelling
together on a coach) .
[uncountable] American English the cheapest type of seats on a plane or train
We flew coach out to Atlanta.

!!! WAGON also waggon British English /wægən/[countable]
1.a strong vehicle with four wheels, used for carrying heavy loads and usually pulled by
ᅳsee also cart
2. British English a large open container pulled by a train, used for carrying goods
American Equivalent: freight car

COMPARTMENT - one of the separate areas into which a plane, ship, or train is divided:
a first-class compartment

a) the two metal lines along which trains travel
ᅳsynonym railway line
The track was damaged in several places.
b) American English the particular track that a train leaves from or arrives at
The train for Boston is leaving from track 2.

1. refreshments [plural] small amounts of food and drink that are provided at a meeting,
sports event etc
Refreshments will be served after the meeting.
2. [uncountable]food and drink in general
We worked all day without refreshment.

RESTAURANT CAR - a carriage on a train where meals are served
ᅳsynonym dining car
What they did not realize was that the express train had a restaurant car and the slow train did

ENGINE - a vehicle that pulls a railway train

LOCOMOTIVE - a railway engine
Few expect the EU to take over as the locomotive of the world economy.
Railways needed locomotives, rolling stock and signalling equipment, besides rails and
The ego of Arpaio is like the pot-bellied engine of an old steam locomotive.
The visiting locomotives will progressively arrive during the Steam Festival and after a test
run will be used on weekend passenger services.
These have now been carried out and this fine locomotive is back in service on the Centre's

CORRIDOR - a long narrow passage on a train or between rooms in a building, with doors
leading off it
RICKSHAW / ‘rɪkʆɔː/ [countable]- a small vehicle used in South East Asia for carrying one
or two passengers. It is pulled by someone walking or riding a bicycle.
Later she got a second loan, which she used to buy a rickshaw which she rents out to the
Those who are booking enough calls include cabbies and the athletic few who power
pedicabs, a combination bicycle and rickshaw.
Like Dargah Quli Khan's friend Taqi, the figures in the rickshaw were all eunuchs.

[intransitive] to move up and down with very strong movements
Michael's shoulders heaved with silent laughter. The sea heaved up and down beneath the

PULL IN phrasal verb
1. if a driver pulls in, they move to the side of the road and stop
She pulled in to let the ambulance pass.
2. if a train pulls in, it arrives at a station
ᅳopposite pull out

PULL OUT 2. if a train pulls out, it leaves a station
ᅳopposite pull in

1. very pleasant to taste or smell
'The meal was absolutely delicious,' she said politely.
the delicious smell of new-mown grass
2. literary extremely pleasant or enjoyable
ᅳdeliciously adverb
deliciously spicy meat

!!! TASTY comparative tastier superlative tastiest
food that is tasty has a good taste, but is not sweet
a simple but tasty meal

PLAIN n. also plains
[countable] a large area of flat dry land
The grassy plain gave way to an extensive swamp.
the vast plains of central China

CONDUCTOR - American English someone who is in charge of a train and collects
payments from passengers or checks their tickets
British Equivalent: guard

Independent travel Overland
Via Rail Canada
liqueur/ lɪˈkjʊə $ lɪˈkɜːr / [uncountable and countable]a sweet, very strong alcoholic drink,
drunk in small quantities after a meal

Avoid cream liqueurs and take tea and coffee black or with skimmed milk.
Coffee and liqueurs are taken in the library.
Drizzle with the coffee liqueur and then the lime juice, turning to coat.
Even dessert was dispensable, although a choice of liqueurs was on the sideboard.
Excellent lunch with fine wines and liqueurs.

ᅳsee also liquor

liquor / ’lɪkə $ -ər / [uncountable]especially American English a strong alcoholic drink such
as whisky
ᅳsynonym spirit
a liquor store
He got used to drinking hard liquor at an early age.
The man was holding a bottle of liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

decor decor noun
/ ’deɪkɔː $ -kɔːr /.the way that the inside of a building is decorated
The decor is a mix of antique and modern.
It was a comfortable enough room, but I didn't like the decor very much.
The hotel's decor is dark and museum-like.
The restaurant's decor is clean and contemporary.

terrain a particular type of land
rocky terrain
Boots are the best footwear on rough terrain.
The terrain on the island varies quite a bit.
They had to drive very slowly over the difficult terrain.

seaboard the part of a country that is near the sea
eastern/western/Pacific etc
seaboard the eastern seaboard of the US
Along the eastern seaboard, army units were moved from northern states into the South to
prevent suspected insurrection.
She carried with her the values of the eastern seaboard, sought to perpetuate them, and

transcontinental crossing a continent
a transcontinental railway

aboard – preposition:
on or onto a ship, plane, or train
They finally went aboard the plane.
aboard – adverb:
on or onto a ship, plane, or train
The plane crashed, killing all 200 people aboard.
 The boat swayed as he stepped aboard.

blend [intransitive and transitive] to combine different things in a way that produces an
effective or pleasant result, or to become combined in this way
a story that blends fact and legend
blend with/together
Leave the sauce for at least one hour to allow the flavours to blend together.

leisurely adjective - if you do something in a leisurely way, you do it in a slow, relaxed
way, without hurrying
After lunch we went for a leisurely stroll.
working at a leisurely pace
ᅳleisurely adverb
He sipped leisurely at his drink.

sleek a vehicle or other object that is sleek has a smooth attractive shape
the sleek lines of the new Mercedes

superlative excellent
a superlative performance

premier best or most important
one of Dublin's premier hotels

snug a room, building, or space that is snug is small, warm, and comfortable, and makes
you feel protected
ᅳsynonym cosy
She wished she were back in her snug little house.
+ someone who is snug feels comfortable, happy, and warm
The kids were warm and snug in their beds.
+ clothes that are snug fit closely
snug jeans

lounge a public room in a hotel or other building, that is used by many people as a place to
the television lounge
+ a waiting room at an airport
the departure lounge
+ British English a lounge bar

the airport's departure lounge

The origins of the hotel are also apparent in the impressive entrance hall, cocktail bar and
There's no dining room or lounge, but guests can have a self-service breakfast for £2.50.

They brought him magazines from the staff lounge and extra cigarettes.

They oversee the hotels' restaurants, cocktail lounges, and banquet facilities.

What use would it have been if I had gone into the lounge without something like that?

The symbol of the new age is the new Euston, an all-purpose combination of airport lounge
and open-plan public lavatory.

Thus, a group is more than an aimless crowd of people waiting in an airport lounge or at a
There is a comfortable beamed bar lounge where snacks are served.

The pub is like a five-star hotel lounge: huge windows and modern chairs.

Moments before boarding I caught a glimpse of a television set in the departure lounge.

At the restaurant they were ushered into a small, extremely hot cocktail lounge.

The gallery looks so much like a cocktail lounge you may be tempted to ask a guard for a
Built in 1904, there is an intimate, galleried restaurant and elegant lounges where a pianist
plays each evening.

There is an elegant lounge and restaurant, a bar, and live music twice a week.

Piggy-wig was in the kitchen, Dionne opened a bottle of white wine and they sat in the
elegant grey-blue lounge.

There is an elegant lounge and a pianist entertains guests in the piano bar several times a

There is an air of opulent grandeur in the several elegant lounges, a pretty terrace and
restaurant offering a good choice.
Breakfast is taken on a pleasant terrace, or in a large room which doubles as a comfortable
lounge during the evenings.

There are two comfortable lounges with open fires, one with a large collection of books for
guests to read.

She led them down a narrow corridor and into a comfortable lounge.

Public rooms include a spacious reception with comfortable lounge and bar area and a fresh,
spacious breakfast room.
Environmental impacts have been minimised by using local woods and grasses to build the
huts and the comfortable lounge and bar area.

The Lido Palace facilities include comfortable lounges, a breakfast room, a spacious dining-
room and a well-stocked bar.

There is a comfortable beamed bar lounge where snacks are served.

There are three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, a comfortable guest lounge, and a
dining room.

1. British English objects that are made of silver, for example dishes, plates, knives, forks etc
2. American English knives, forks, and spoons that are made of silver or a similar metal

-ware: glassware (=glass bowls, glasses etc)
ovenware (=dishes for use in the oven)
tableware (=plates, glasses, knives etc)
software (=programs)
shareware (=programs which can be shared via the Internet)

!!!wear: footwear, menswear, bridal wear, sportswear ...

linen [uncountable]
1. sheets, tablecloths etc
bed linen
table linen
It was decided in 1983 that students would in future be required to provide their own bed
linen and towels.

Relatives often have to provide non-medical care as well, and patients have to bring in their
own blankets and bed linen.
Good table linen is also essential-to show off the food and add to the atmosphere.

And hautecuisine served amid crisp table linen and sparkling glassware and china.
(*haute cuisine noun / ,əʊt kwɪˈzi:n / [uncountable] cooking of a very high standard, especially French cooking)

You can use this appliqué cotton table linen year after year Full-length tablecloths always
look sumptuous and extravagant.
There was a white linen napkin, and the silverware was of the finest quality.
Add vinegar, salt and pepper, linen napkins and best glasses.

adorn [transitive] formal to decorate something
adorn something with something
church walls adorned with religious paintings
Throughout Obon, prayers are said and repeated; graves are cleaned and adorned with new

Inside the ruined and deserted school building, the classroom walls are still adorned with a
series of moral slogans.

The facades of the buildings were adorned with rich armorial bearings, which Rodrigo Vivero
had described with admiration in 1609.

At this time the old custom of well-dressing takes place, when wells are adorned with flowers.

Her white satin evening gown was adorned with gold scrolls and squiggles of the sort that
usually decorate formal window treatments.

Cavernous, gilded, former ballroom of the Great Eastern hotel, adorned with nudes and

A tall white woman adorned with a towering black bouffant hairdo strolled from pew to pew
welcoming people.
Several of Gemma's paintings adorn the walls.

Fortunately, there's usually groovy soul music playing and eye-catching art adorning the

Vast modem frescoes adorned the walls of old buildings, and everywhere seemed to be filled
with activity and colour.

Large, colorful graphs and charts will adorn the walls of most offices and factories of the
workplace of the future.

Roman art continued to adorn the walls of churches and the sides of sarcophagi.

Their walk advertised a circus whose posters had adorned walls and lampposts for the past

These various ratings adorned the walls.

ample / ’æmpəl /ᅳ sufficient
1. more than enough
ᅳopposite insufficient
ample room/space etc
She found ample room for her things in the wardrobe.
He was given ample opportunity to express his opinion.

The hotel's main dining room has ample room for both dining and dancing.

The program would ensure that Arizona has an ample supply of water for the next 20 years.
These documents provide ample evidence of their guilt.

You will have ample opportunity to express your opinions during the debate.

You will have ample time to complete the test.

After ample reflection, I concluded that the primary cause of my troubles was the farm itself.

Any small dictionary will provide an ample fund for single word technique.

Hard work, ample food and a neat change of clothes into the bargain.

So there is ample reason to study the rebels today.

There is ample freedom to do so.

This was especially the case among the well-to-do, who had ample space for guests and the
means to travel.

This gives ample room for cooking and storage.

Wide lawns provide ample room for blankets and folding chairs.

The front bellend uses an extra hooped pole which extends the flysheet forward giving ample
room for storage.

None the less, there is ample room for improvement.

Ventilation: ample room between inner and flysheet for air to circulate, especially when doors
at either end are open.

This is a very stable tent with ample room.

Such projects require a creative environment and flexible plans with ample room for
unforeseen delays.

She found ample room for her things in the huge oak wardrobe in which Edward's clothes
already hung.
It is to be introduced in the following September which will allow ample time for discussion.

There is also ample time for shopping in the shops of Florence.

He explained that earning a living left little time for photography but holidays left ample time.

Two hours is ample time, but walkers with interests in botany, geology or archaeology will be
sorely tempted to linger.

Always give the caller ample time to explain the reason for the call.
efficient if someone or something is efficient, they work well without wasting time,
money, or energy
ᅳopposite inefficient
a very efficient secretary
an efficient use of land
Lighting is now more energy efficient .

convenient ≠inconvenient

1.useful to you because it saves you time, or does not spoil your plans or cause you problems
Mail-order catalogs are a convenient way to shop. My secretary will call you to arrange a
convenient time to meet.
convenient for
Is three o'clock convenient for you?
convenient to do something
It is simple and convenient to use.
2. close and easy to reach
The bus stop around the corner is probably the most convenient.
convenient for
British English convenient to
American English restaurants convenient for shops and theatres

refurbish / ,ri’fɜːbɪʆ $ -ɜːr- / [transitive] especially British English
1. to decorate and repair something such as a building or office in order to improve its
ᅳsee also renovate
The Grand Hotel has been completely refurbished.

renovate /’renəveɪt / [transitive]
to repair a building or old furniture so that it is in good condition again
The hotel has been renovated and redecorated.

comfy adjective / ’kʌmfi / informal
a comfy chair

picture window noun
[countable] a large window made of a single piece of glass

recline verb / rɪˈklaɪn /
1. [intransitive] formal to lie or lean back in a relaxed way
recline in/on
2.[intransitive a nd transitive]if you recline a seat, or if it reclines, you lower the back of the
seat so that you can lean back in it
reclining seat/chair

applicable adjective / ə’plɪkəbəl, ’æplɪkəbəl / affecting or related to a particular person,
group, or situation
applicable to
The offer is only applicable to bookings for double rooms.
These tax laws are not applicable to foreign companies
applicability / ə’plɪkə,bɪləti / noun [uncountable]

eligible adjective / ’elɪdʒəbəl /
someone who is eligible for something is able or allowed to do it, for example because they
are the right age
eligible for
Students on a part-time course are not eligible for a loan.
eligible to do something
Over 500,000 18-year-olds will become eligible to vote this year.
    HALF- BOARD (HB) = DEMI-PENSION – breakfast and dinner (without lunch)
    FULL-BOARD (FB) = EN PANSION – breakfast, lunch and dinner
   BED AND BREAKFAST (BB) = includes breakfast only
SUPPLEMENT – extra cost or fee; an amount of money that is added to the price of a
service, hotel room etc (but you needn’t pay it)
Single rooms are available at a supplement.

    a hotel guest might have to pay a supplement for using a double room for single
    occupancy, or for having a sea-view or a balcony

    an amount of money that is added to the price of a service, hotel room etc
    Single rooms are available at a supplement.
    Scheduled flights are also available at a supplement.
    Air-conditioning is available at a supplement payable locally.
    Sea view rooms available at a supplement.
    Three-bedded rooms with terrace and twins with sea view and terrace are available at a
    Some twin bedrooms which will have a balcony and sea view are available at a

    Single room supplement: £13 per person per night.
    A single room supplement of £8 per person per night applies at hotels indicated.
    Supplements per person per night: No single room supplement.
    Single room supplement per person per night: £32.
   Windsurfing and non-sailing clients pay a supplement of £18 per week per child.
   David paid a supplement for the sea view and he revelled in it.

SURCHARGE see above 1 noun[countable] / ’sɜːtʆɑːdʒ $ ’sɜːrtʆɑːrdʒ /
  money that you have to pay in addition to the basic price of something
  surcharge on
  a 10% surcharge on airline tickets

DISCOUNT – a reduction in price
   discounts or special offers might be given for booking off-season or on popular dates


terrace / 'terəs /noun [countable]
a flat outdoor area next to a building or on a roof, where you can sit outside to eat, relax etc
British English a row of houses that are joined to each other, or a street with one of these rows
in it
balcony noun [countable]
/’bælkəni / plural balconies
1.a structure that you can stand on, that is attached to the outside wall of a building, above
ground level
Has your flat got a balcony?
2. the seats upstairs at a theatre

dairy noun [countable] /’deəri $ ’deri /; plural dairies
1. a place on a farm where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made
2. a company which sells milk and sometimes makes other things from milk, such as cheese
3. dairy products/produce
milk, butter, cheese etc

floodlit adjective / ’flʌdlɪt /
surrounded by floodlights so that people can see at night
a floodlit football pitch

floodlight noun [countable] / ’flʌdlaɪt /
a very bright light that is used to light the outside of a building or sports ground at night
The church was lit up by floodlights.
under floodlights
The game will be played under floodlights.

Ispitno pitanje VI
                                                                      Bojana Vuckovic 133/2004
                                        Types of message
A Below is a series of different types of message (e- mail, letter, fax, telephone message)
  exchanged between a tour operator, a supplier, and a travel agent. Some of the sentences
  have been removed. Read the texts and then look at B.

                    KOSTAS HOLDING INC
                    FAX MESSAGE

TO: Mediterranean Vacations
ATTN: Terry Harvery
FROM: Constantinos Kostas, Director
DATE:              16January     PAGES: 2
RE: Casa Castella

a I am pleased to inform you that I have decided to accept your terms for the rental of the
      Casa CasteIla for the next two years.
As requested, I have also signed the contract and am faxing this to you.
b I would be grateful if you could contact my secretary to arrange a meeting to discuss the
 outstanding details.
Yours sincerely
  C Kostas

                               Mediterranean Uacations Brochure
                                                                    Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:36:57 + 1.00



Subject: Mediterranean Vacations Brochure
Message: Lee, I have attached a copy of the text and photographs for two extra pages for the
 brochure. Please insert them at the beginning of Section 3, i.e. as pages 23 and 24, and re-number the
 following pages accordingly.
c I apologize for this late change, but it was due to circumstances beyond our control.
Please get back to me if you have any problems.
Best wishes, Jack Jones
>>> Attachment 2 Name: Casa Castella
>>> Type: application/octet-stream
>>> Encoding: base64
                                                                                     112 Evelyn Square
14 January                                                                           London WC12 1LN
Dear Jack
As I mentioned to you when I was last over in England, I have been in negotiation with Mr Kostas
regarding the rental of his villa the Casa Casrella for our clients here in Mallorca and the possibility of
including it in the Mediterranean Vacations brochure for next year.
d I have enclosed photographs of the property and a description of the villa and the area.
   As you will see, it is very desirable, and as it has six bedrooms and a swimming pool, I believe it
would be very popular if we could include it. I have offered him fairly favourable
terms because I believe that he has approached a number of other local tour operators with a view to
renting it out.
I mentioned to Mr Kostas that it was very important to let us have a decision as soon as possible and I
explained that the brochure was going to be printed shortly. As yet, however, I have not heard from
him., but I will contact you as soon as I do.
Best wishes


                                         PHONE MESSAGE

Terry Harvey called while you were out.
He has a firm agreement with Kostas for the Casa Castella,
so we can go ahead and says we can feature it in this
year’s brochure if there is enough time.
e He says you can ring him back if there's anything else you need to know - he'll
      be in the office most of this afternoon.

Ispitno pitanje VII

I’m sorry to trouble you, but there seems to
be a problem.
I was wondering if you could help me – there
appears to be a little difficulty.


B Write a short letter of apology based on the notes below, which you have received from a
colleague. Try and use the words in italics from the sample letter in your answer.

You’ve received a complaint from Judy Elson, a passenger on recent flight BR 354 to
Mallorca. Ordered a vegetarian meal, but didn’t get one. Have looked into this -problem was
that the van with the veggie meals broke down on the way to the airport. Please draft reply,
send apologies, etc.

Dear Mrs Elson,
Thank you for your letter regarding your recent flight BR 354 to Mallorca. I was sorry to hear
you were disappointed by the service you received. I truly apologize for the inconvenience
you experienced.
I investigated your complaint in details. The problem with your vegetarian meal, witch you
didn’t get, was due to circumstances beyond our control. Unfortunately, the van with the
veggie meals broke down on the way to the airport. I can assure you that we will take steps to
ensure that this does not occur again.
Once again I would like to apologize for the unsatisfactory service you received. As a sign of
goodwill I enclose a voucher for 5% off your next flight with our company and also a coupon
for a free meal in our vegetarian restaurant.
Yours sincerely,
Customer Services Manager


22 Bakers Lane
                                                    Bristol BS10 5JJ
                                                    t:0117 067678
                                                    f:0117 067855
30 September

Dear Mrs Lewis,

Thank you for your letter of 18 September, I was sorry to hear that you were disappointed by
the service you received on your holiday.
I have investigated your complaint that the villa was not cleaned by the maid on the last two
days of your holiday. I have spoken to our representative in Corfu, and it seems that the
problems were due to the fact that the maid was ill. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a
replacement at such short notice.
Please accept my sincere apologies. I can assure you that we will take steps to ensure that this
does not occur again. As a sign of goodwill, I enclose a brochure for next year and a voucher
which entitles you to 10% off the advertised price of any holiday booked before 31 January.

Yours sincerely,
P Merson
Customer Services Manager

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