44th Annual District Conference - Mid-Atlantic District_ NANBPWC by keara


									                                                  Mid-Atlantic District
                                                       Of the

                National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.

                                    44th Annual District Conference
           Four Points by Sheraton, BWI Airport ~ 7032 Elm Road ~ Baltimore, MD 21240

                                             PLENARY SESSION 1
The 44th Mid-Atlantic District (MAD) Plenary Session was called to order by Governor Sherelle Carper at 9:00 AM.
The Invocation was conducted by Rev. Annlouise Goodner-Brown. A musical selection “We’ve come this far by Faith”
was rendered by Sarah Finley. Jean B. Owens, President of the Baltimore City Club extended welcome greetings to the
members. Carla A. Nelson, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development, City
of Baltimore gave greetings on behalf of Mayor Sheila Dixon. Verna Day Jones, actress and member of the Baltimore
City Club portrayed Sojourner Truth and her famous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech.

Governor Carper called for the adoption of the agenda with the following changes: Theresa Knight, President of the
Baltimore County club will bring welcome greetings tomorrow and Policies and Procedures review will be conducted by
Patricia Randall. It was moved by Jessie Powell and seconded by Mary Spells to accept the amended agenda. Motion
Carried. The NANBPWC Pledge was lead by a Youth Representative.

The first roll call was conducted by Patricia Ackason, Recording Secretary at 9:40 AM.
CLUB NAME                                                         NUMBER OF MEMBERS PRESENT
Atlantic City                                                                      1
Baltimore City                                                                     11
Baltimore County                                                                   8
Business & Professional Women’s League                                             1
Century                                                                            0
Chester                                                                            6
Chester Youth                                                                      0
Columbia                                                                           0

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                 MARCH 27-29, 2009                               Page 1
Frederick                                                                    6
Frederick Youth                                                              0
Hampton                                                                      1
Main Line                                                                    0
Millennium Seat Pleasant of National Capital Area                            5
Newport News                                                                 4
New Port News Youth                                                          0
Northern Neck Middle Peninsula                                               1
Petersburg                                                                   1
Philadelphia & Vicinity                                                      5
Richmond Regal                                                               1
West Point & Vicinity                                                        0
Williamsburg & Vicinity                                                      2
Wilmington Delaware                                                          4
        TOTAL                                                                57

Vice Governor Joan McIver welcomed first time conference attendees. There were 4 from the Baltimore County Club
and 1 from Wilmington Delaware Club. Baltimore City Club committee members were introduced: Darlene Thomas,
Sylvia White, Viola Wallace, Reona Thomas, Nancy Burnett, Irma Davis and Bernice Hardy. The Baltimore County
Committee members were: Flora Johnson, Adrena Warren, Marian Starks, Loretta Wainwright, and Delores Handy.

                                           BUSINESS SESSION 1
The Minutes from the October 2008 meeting were read by recording Secretary Patricia Ackason and approved by the
members with notated additions and corrections.

BOARD MEMBER REPORTS (Refer to Meeting Booklet for details updates only.)
      Governor Carper announced that the Norfolk Club is inactive and that Lynetta Heath has relocated to Alabama.
       New program mandate initiated by the National President “LET Program” may be incorporated into HEED.
       Governor Carper wants to increase membership from 365-400 by July 2009. New ideas for recruiting, training
       new presidents and orientation for new members. It was suggested that perspective new members be allowed
       to be mentored and shadow a member for 6 months. Mad will participate in the fund raising raffle with Roman
       Catholic HS Alumni again this year, would like to give more than one scholarship. Shades of Pink donated an
       afghan to be raffled off at this meeting for $5.00 a chance. Proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund.
      Vice Governor Joan McIver encouraged participation in the following Strategic Plan Committees: Programs;
       Membership; Communications; Budget/Finance; Resources/Grants; and Public Relations/Visibility.
      Delores Alexander, Treasurer’s report October 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2008 highlights indicated Cash
       Balance (10/1/08) $7,539.49, Total Deposits $4,400.00, Withdrawals $4,636.26, Closing Balance as of 12/31/08
       $7,303.23. There was a question as to whether Trinity Sheppard received her scholarship check, it will be
       investigated. It was moved to accept the treasurer’s report for audit, seconded by Geraldine Newsome, motion
       carried. Delores Alexander announced that raffle tickets are available for distribution to club presidents.
      Financial Secretary, Michelle Martin report highlights October 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2008 (2nd Quarter),
       Total Receipts $ 4,423.00, Total Disbursements $4,662.22. It was moved that we get a report that reflects
       current information, seconded by Jessie Powell, motion carried.
      Youth Director, Annlouise Goodner-Brown suggested to meet with Youth Directors at this meeting, have
       monthly follow up reports, have a telephone conference call with all 3rd Vice Presidents, plan a MAD youth

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                MARCH 27-29, 2009                               Page 2
The changes to the Policy and Procedures Manual were reviewed and all recommendations were voted on and carried
by the membership. See attached copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual.

The following persons were elected to the Election Committee:
    1. Faye Phillips                     New Port News Club
    2. Loretta Johnson                   Millennium- Seat Pleasant Club of the National Capital Area
    3. Deborah Correll                   Richmond Regal Club
    4. Reona Thomas                      Baltimore City Club
    5. Gloria Bailey                     Frederick Club
    6. Annie Smith                       Atlantic City Club
    7. Hazel Hickman                     Northern Neck Middle Peninsula
    8. Betty Mitchell                    Wilmington Delaware Club
    9. Geraldine Richardson              Chester Club
It was moved by Patricia Randall to close the nominations, 2nd by Jessie Powell, motion carried to accept the nominees.
The committee will select a chairperson and report to the Governor.

STATE OF THE CLUBS (Refer to Meeting Booklet updates only)
       Atlantic City Club – President Annie Smith was inducted into The Atlantic County Women’s Hall of Fame March
        26, 2009.
       B&P Women’s League – March 2009 Women’s History Educational Presentation.
       Baltimore City – Bus trip and Founders’ Day scheduled in May.
       Chester Club – A LCD projector was presented to the Main Street School. National President Sandra Coleman
        was guest speaker at Annual MLK Jr. Breakfast.
       New Port News Club – Participated in Urban Leagues’ book give away, partnered with Youth Empowerment
        Group to sponsor mock interviews.
       Philadelphia & Vicinity Club – 75th Anniversary Founders’ Day Gala to be held April 18, 2009, Crowne Plaza Main
        Line Hotel Philadelphia PA.

                                               BUSINESS Session II
The second roll call was conducted by Patricia Ackason, Recording Secretary at 1:45 PM.
CLUB NAME                                                       NUMBER OF MEMBERS PRESENT
Atlantic City                                                                   2
Baltimore City                                                                  15
Baltimore County                                                                8
Business & Professional Women’s League                                          1
Century                                                                         0
Chester                                                                         6
Chester Youth                                                                   0
Columbia                                                                        0
Frederick                                                                       7
Frederick Youth                                                                 0
Hampton                                                                         3
Main Line                                                                       0
Millennium Seat Pleasant of National Capital Area                               5
Newport News                                                                    4
44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                   MARCH 27-29, 2009                                Page 3
New Port News Youth                                                              0
Northern Neck Middle Peninsula                                                   1
Petersburg                                                                       1
Philadelphia & Vicinity                                                          6
Richmond Regal                                                                   1
West Point & Vicinity                                                            0
Williamsburg & Vicinity                                                          2
Wilmington Delaware                                                              4
Vendors                                                                          6
        TOTAL                                                                    72

      The Web and You – “Let’s Meet On Line” Norita Mbonisi, Web Master indicated that the Mid Atlantic District’s
       web address is www.mad-nanbpwc.org and her e-mail address is norita123@yaho.com . She stated that
       members can post pictures of club events, it was suggested to post minutes as Read Only on the web site.
      Web Site Objectives: Internal and external audience to: Increase awareness and education; increase retention
       and loyalty; generate online donation revenue (fundraising, sell tickets etc.); interactive update landing page to:
       update information; add e-mail addresses; utilize e-mail lists; fundraising, tributes, memorials; economic
       development to e-mail for appeals; create on line community for membership where members can connect with
       each other, networking and social networking, Face Book ,My space, You Tube, and Twitter.
      Standard Operating Procedures will be mailed to all Presidents.

    Director of Membership – Mayme Robinson, Co-Director of Membership indicated that there are 365 members
     in the Mid-Atlantic District. 83 members registered and 68 are in attendance.
    Vocal Arts - Chairperson, Geraldine Richardson indicated that fundraising goal was $1000.00 and the total raised
     was $1015.00, 4 contestants will perform at 7:30 PM this evening.
    Director of Resources, Annie Smith announced the Roman Catholic HS Alumni Raffle fundraiser.
    Resolutions – No report
    Protocol - Chairperson, Mary Spells announced that Protocol Packets are available for presidents.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM to reconvene on Saturday March 28, 2009.

              VOCAL ARTS COMPETITION – 4 contestants: 1st place, Justin G. Merrick, Baritone, sponsors The
               Peninsula Virginia Clubs (will represent MAD at National Convention competition); 2nd place Shana
               Michelle Powell, Soprano, Baltimore City and Baltimore County Clubs; 3rd place Jasmine Muhammad,
               Soprano, sponsor Millennium Seat Pleasant Club of National Capital Area; 4th place, Jarrod Lee, Bass
               Baritone, sponsor Chester Club.

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                   MARCH 27-29, 2009                                 Page 4

                                               PLENARY SESSION II
Governor Carper called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM. Rev. Annlouise Goodner-Brown offered words of inspiration
and prayer. A musical Selection was offered by Sarah Finney. Theresa Knight President of the Baltimore County Club
gave words of welcome.

First time attendees: Tangita Adams, Interim president of the Columbia Club; Carrie Singleton, Baltimore City Club; Betty
Dildy and Erinn Gales, Youth Members were welcomed.

Recording Secretary Patricia J. Ackason conducted the roll call at 8:50 AM.
CLUB NAME                                                         NUMBER OF MEMBERS PRESENT
Atlantic City                                                                 2
Baltimore City                                                                15
Baltimore County                                                              6
Business & Professional Women’s League                                        0
Century                                                                       0
Chester                                                                       6
Chester Youth                                                                 5
Columbia                                                                      0
Frederick                                                                     8
Frederick Youth                                                               2
Hampton                                                                       2
Main Line                                                                     0
Millennium Seat Pleasant of National Capital Area                             2
Newport News                                                                  5
New Port News Youth                                                           2
Northern Neck Middle Peninsula                                                1
Petersburg                                                                    0
Philadelphia & Vicinity                                                       3
Richmond Regal                                                                1
West Point & Vicinity                                                         0
Williamsburg & Vicinity                                                       3
Wilmington Delaware                                                           3
Vendors                                                                       6
         TOTAL                                                                72

       Hampton Club – Partnered with the Salvation Army to aid fire victims; pancake breakfast at Applebee’s; African
        American History Museum tour.
       Wilmington Club – added four new members; Jazz Luncheon to be held May 2, 2009, 12:00-3:30 $35.00 PP.
       Richmond Regal – Outreach to four new members; establishing a library for Bethel Baptist Church; Richmond
        Regal Club will receive credit for Service time from State Employees (16 hours) .

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                   MARCH 27-29, 2009                                 Page 5
      Northern Neck Middle Peninsula – three new members; Nancy Wormley and Lilly White scholarship fund
       donated $500; $3000.00 in scholarships given.
      Williamsburg & Vicinity – Provided transportation to the polls on Election Day; Assisted Salvation Army and filled
       10 Christmas stockings; bingo with senior citizens; MLK Breakfast.
      Petersburg – four women were honored at Women’s History Program, 110 in attendance.
      Frederick Club –Partnered with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and local attorneys, presented a special program on
       Domestic Violence for 100 women, Yvette Cade was the presenter.

      Life Member Committee – Chairperson, Patricia Randall stated that Bernice Hardy, Jessie Powell, Jean Owens,
       Shirley T. Grier and Hazel Hickman will be inducted into 2009 Life Member at the 74th National Convention.
      Director of Communications – Glo Ivory indicated that a copy of the LINK will be posted on MAD website.
      Awards Committee – Co- Chairpersons Joi Saunders and Dorothy Murray indicated that 4 MAD members will be
       honored; Kristina Alexander, Delores Alexander, Geraldine Richardson and Gwendolyn Harrison.
      Protocol Committee – Protocol Booklets were distributed to new presidents.
      Education – Chairperson Effie Jenkins Smith stated 6 scholarships given, 2 from the MAD. Monies will be sent
       out at the end of the first semester by certified mail. Applications are on website, Elizabeth O’Neill to receive
       2009 Allan Allison Whitby Scholarship Award. 2nd Twyla Whitby, National First Vice President and husband
       James donated $500.00 to the Allan Allison Whitby Scholarship. This Scholarship was established in honor or
       their son.
      National Institute – Graduate Kristina Alexander stated that the Institute is for serious learners, 2009 students
       from MAD are: Michele Florence, Roslyn Prayer, Marilynn Joyner and Sandra Gillette Palmer.
      Corresponding Secretary – Pauline McKesson stated that all club reports are printed free of charge to MAD, the
       paper is donated and this saves MAD a lot of money.
      Nominating Committee – Chairperson Michele Florence presented the slate of officers for the 2009-2011 term:
                Governor                                  Sherelle T. Carper
                Vice Governor                             Joan C. McIver
                Recording Secretary                       Patricia J. Ackason
                Financial Secretary                       Michelle D. Martin
                Treasurer                                 Natasha McFarland
                Youth Director                            Annlouise Goodner-Brown
      Election Process – Loretta Johnson, Chairperson of Election Committee stated that a photo ID will be required,
       members will sign their name and receive a number and a ballot, one can vote or not vote, voting will occur
       between 4:00 and 4:30 PM today in the main meeting room. Club presidents may be needed to certify that
       members are financial. The committee will sort, tally and report results to the body.
      Youth Report – Nicole D. Brown- Clark, Youth Advisor, and 3rd Vice President, of Chester Club (see report) made
       a recommendation to have a MAD Youth Retreat and to implement youth advisor training in order to insure that
       meetings etc. are being conducted properly. Youth present: Chester Club 6; Frederick Club 2; Newport News
       Club 1.
            o LaShun Howard, Newport News Youth Advisor reported: four new members; prepared and gave out
                Thanksgiving baskets; donated peanut butter and jelly to the food bank; Sweets for the Sweet Cooking
                class in February; participated in the Relay for Life Cancer Walk.
            o Betty Dildy, Fredrick Youth Club Advisor reported: participated in the “In the Streets Eat Feast”; dressed
                Teddy Bears for Christmas give away; attended college prep classes and Kwanza Celebration; attended
                domestic violence workshop, Angela Spencer, speaker; will participate in Relay for Life Walk.

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                   MARCH 27-29, 2009                                 Page 6
        Governor Carper stated that the proper attire for members to attend funerals or memorial services of deceased
members is white. MAD will provide a sample copy of a Resolution to be presented to families from the local club.
Guest - Dwayne Basemore, representative from Baltimore County Representative Jim Smith’s office thanked the group
for the work being done in the Baltimore area; he read the mission statement and presented a citation to President
Knight and Governor Carper.

Annlouise Goodner-Brown, Youth Director introduced the contestants and the topic; “How are the agendas of today’s
African American leaders similar to the leaders of the past?” Erinn Gales, Frederick Club (2nd place); Ikea Wilson,
Frederick Youth Club (1st Place) will represent MAD at the National Convention. Judges: Ann Smith, Hazel Hickman and
Deborah Correll.

Vice Governor Joan McIver presided and introduced the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, President of Women’s
Home and Overseas Missionary Society (WH & OMS – AMEZ Church. Dr. Shaw spoke about the Sankofa Bird and
encouraged members to reach back and remember the past as we face the future.
The following awards were given:
        Business Award                        Gwendolyn Mack Harris, Baltimore City Club
        Professional Award                    Judge Videtta A. Brown
        Daring to Make a Difference           Kristina Alexander, Baltimore County Club
        Volunteer Service Award               Delores Alexander
        District Appreciation Award           Geraldine Richardson, Chester Club
        Allan Allison Whitby Scholarship      Elizabeth O’Neill
        Baltimore City Club Scholarship       Kelly Mason

             Youth Workshop # 1 – “Believing In Yourself”, Presenter: Annlouise Goodner-Brown, Youth Director.
             Adult Workshop # 1 – “Women Rock! Their Finances”, Presenters Michelle Hughes & Manuel Espinoza,
               Prudential Insurance/Financial Company of America.
             Youth Workshop # 2 – “Peer Pressure – Bulling” , Presenter, Annlouise Goodner Brown, Youth Director
             Adult Workshop # 2 – “Financial Choices That Matter Most for Women”, Presenters: Michelle Hughes &
               Manuel Espinoza, Prudential Insurance/Financial Company of America.


                                            MEMORIAL CEREMONY
The memorial service and re-dedication ceremony was conducted by Rev. Alverita Mack, Chaplain.

Mary Vanessa Ford          02/04/2009                  Baltimore City Club
Alvira Richardson          03/13/2009                  Baltimore City Club
Doretha M. Galloway        12/24/2008                  Baltimore County Club

44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                  MARCH 27-29, 2009                               Page 7
Emma Holmes Foster               11/26/2008              Chester Club
Dr. Vera J. Wilson               03/05/2009              Columbia Club
Dorothy L. Sullivan              12/21/2008              Wilmington Delaware Club
Naomi Jones                      02/01/2009              Atlantic City Club
Lucille Raynor                   07/01/2008              Frederick Club

                                    REDEDICATION CANDLELIGHT SERVICE

Number of attendees registered – 90; number credentialed to vote – 56; number voted – 54; number of votes needed to
win – 46 (45+1)
                                 MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT OFFICERS FOR 2009-2011
                      Governor                        Sherelle T. Carper            54 votes
                      Vice Governor                  Joan C. McIver                 53 votes
                      Recording Secretary            Patricia J. Ackason            53 votes
                      Financial Secretary            Michelle D. Martin             53 votes
                      Treasurer                      Natasha McFarland              53 votes
                      Youth Director                 Annlouise Goodner-Brown         54 votes

The newly elected officers were installed by Past National Officer Patricia M. Randall.

       Vice Governor Joan McIver presided over the Awards Program. All active MAD clubs were in compliance and
        received certificates. She encouraged clubs to participate in the banner parade and submitting program books
        for evaluation at the National Convention.
       Director of Youth, Annlouise Goodner-Brown presented certificates to youth members: Janeva Collins; Eleanor
        Dorsey; Javai Gibbs; Teena Taylor; Portia West; Erinn Gales; Ikea Wilson; Erin Ponton; Sealina Howard-Tutt
       Governor Carper gave appreciation certificates to Officers: Joan McIver, Patricia Ackason, Michelle Martin,
        Annlouise Goodner-Brown and Delores Alexander: Executive Board: Mary Spells, Kristina Alexander, Patricia
        Dempsey George, Sarah Finney, Rev. Alzada Doss, Pauline McKesson, Patricia Randall, Shirley Snowden, Rev.
        Alverta Mack, Michele Florence, Bernice Hardy, Annie Smith, Mayme Robinson, Glo Ivory and Norita Mbonisi;
        Host Clubs: Theresa Knight, Jean B. Owens; Local Club Coordinators: Darlene Thomas, Adrian Warren and
        Sojourner Truth, Verna Jones.

Rev. Alverita Mack gave Benediction.

The 44th Mid-Atlantic District Conference was adjourned at 10:16 AM Fall General Membership Meeting to reconvene
October 2009 in the Washington, DC area.

Patricia J. Ackason                                                 _Sherelle T. Carper_____
Patricia J. Ackason                                                               Sherelle T. Carper
Recording Secretary                                                               Governor

MINUTES APPROVED ON _______________                  WITH CORRECTIONS/MODIFICATIONS__________________
44th MID-ATLANTIC DISTRICT CONFERENCE                    MARCH 27-29, 2009                             Page 8

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