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3-18-02 Minutes by keara


									                                             REGIONAL INVESTMENT BOARD
                                                FULL BOARD MEETING
                                                    March 18, 2002

                                                      Cascades West Center
                                                       1400 Queen Ave SE
                                                         Albany, Oregon


Board Members Present: Linda Modrell, Cindy Weeldreyer, Karen Gerttula, John Lindsey, Don Hampton, Mike Galvin, Rosetta
Venell, Mary Zimmerman, Hal Reed, Lee Corbin, Craig Martin, Don Mann, Jim Nelson, Mary Mansfield, Matt Higgins, and John
Board Members Absent: Van Hunsaker, Bob Adams, James Ramseyer, Greg Morse and Jessie Davis.
Ex-Officio Members Present: Chris Chandler-DiTorrice.
Ex-Officio Members Absent: Doug Sweetland.
Staff: Cynthia Solie, Drew Foster, Milo Mecham and Brenda Mainord.
Guests: Mim Swartz

               Topic                                     Discussion                                Decisions/Conclusions
I. Meeting called to order at 9:20
a.m. by Chair, Don Hampton.

II. Public Comments                  There were no public comments.
III. Review of Minutes from                                                                ACTION: Motion to approve the
previous meeting 01-07-02.                                                                 minutes from 01-07-02 meeting, made
                                                                                           by Mike Galvin, seconded by Cindy
                                                                                           Weeldreyer. Motion carried
IV. Project Updates and Requests     Drew Foster presented an update on the status of
for Extensions                       the Regional and Rural Projects. He also presented    ACTION: Motion to approve an to
                                     two requests from project proponents for extensions   increase the allocation to the Logsden
                                     on their project completion dates:                    Community Club project by $2,500;
                                          • LBCC: On-line Workshops for Rural              and to extend the completion dates to
                                              Entrepreneurs                                June 30th 2002 on the LBCC On-line
                                                                                           Workshops for Rural Entrepreneurs
                                        •   LBCC: Expanded Short Term Skill                and the LBCC Expanded Short Term
                                            Training Project                               Skill Training Project, made by John
                                        •   Logsden: Community Club is requesting a        Pascone, seconded by Rosetta Venell.
                                            $2,500 increase in funds from the RIB.         Motion carried unanimously.

V. Update on Funding Allocations    Drew Foster presented the latest estimate provided
                                   by the Oregon Economic and Community
                                   Development Department for funding levels for the
                                   Regional/Rural Investment Funds (R/RIF) for the
                                   2001-2003 biennium. The initial Legislative
                                   Special Session supported an approximate cut to
                                   the R/RIF of 20%. The second session did not
                                   propose additional cuts to the program. A 20% cut
                                   would mean a cut for our Region from $2.4M to
                                   just under $2.0M.
VI. Review of Projects for the     Drew described the process used to draft the project
2001 – 2003 Biennium               list: on March 7th and 8th the projects were reviewed   ACTION: Hal Reed made a motion to
                                   in four categories listed below. Participating in the   place the bottom four projects from
                                   groups was a board member representing each             the Committee Recommendation List
                                   county.                                                 which total $162,428 on a reserve list,
                                                                                           and if there are additonal funds
                                   Economic Diversity – Linda Modrell, John                remaining or other projects fall
                                   Lindsey, Hal Reed and Karen Gerttula via                through, these four would be funded in
                                   teleconference.                                         order as listed. Seconded by Lee
                                                                                           Corbin. Motion carried unanimously.
                                   Infrastructure – Craig Martin, Rosetta Venell, Jim
                                   Nelson and James Ramseyer.

                                   Training – Matt Higgins, Mary Zimmerman, John
                                   Pascone and Don Hampton.

                                   Rural Facilities & Special Needs – Lee Corbin,
                                   Greg Morse, Van Hunsaker and Mike Galvin.

                                   One person from each of these groups met on
                                   Friday, March 15th to integrate the
                      recommendations of the four groups to the Full
                      Board. On this committee were: Mike Galvin,
                      Mary Zimmerman, Craig Martin and Karen
                      The Recommendations from the projects committee
                      can be found in Attachment I.

                      The Board discussed the recommendations,
                      considering the following questions posed by
                      Chair, Don Hampton:
                         • If the list of recommended projects were
                             adopted, would there be a critical
                             need/project that did not receive funds?
                         • Should all funds be committed to projects at
                             this time or should the Board solicit projects
                             for a second round of funding in the fall?
                         • Should reserve funds be set aside in order to
                             be able to respond to a significant
                             opportunity/need that may arise over the
                             course of the next year?

                      Commissioner Weeldreyer noted two projects that
                      she felt should be included in the list of projects to
                      be funded, the Lane Community College Fiber
                      Optics Project and the U of O Business Incubator

VII. Other Business       A.) Drew Foster shared information on the            The general consensus of opinion was
                              Eugene Area Chamber’s Economic                   that Oregon’s and our Region’s economy
                              Forecast Forum.                                  would begin to rebound in the 3rd or 4th
                                                                               quarter of 2002.
                          B.) Milo Mecham informed the board that the
                              Albany and Corvallis Chambers of
                              Commerce have scheduled April 23rd to
                              hold a meeting on technology transfer,
                              primarily on the biomedical activities at
                                       OSU. On April 25th the Southern
                                       Willamette Research Corridor will be
                                       meeting on the technology transfer process
                                       highlighting specific examples from the
                                       past from OSU and the U of O.

                                   C.) Mim Swartz spoke on the Multi-region          ACTION: Recommendation made by
                                       process for this biennium. She stated there   Cindy Weeldreyer that the BL3
                                       has not been much work done at this point     Regional Investment Board advise
                                       around this process. The Board discussed      OECDD of the need for a process
                                       the previous thoughts and ideas about what    regarding the Multi-region Projects.
                                       a process would look like and would like to   Seconded by Hal Reed.
                                       work with OECDD regarding a centralized       Motion carried.
                                       process. Mim stated there may soon be a
                                       Regional Investment Board newsletter.         A Multi-region Projects Committee was
                                       There is a state form but not a process at    appointed:
                                       this time for multi-region projects.              • Linda Modrell
                                                                                         • Chris Chandler-DiTorrice
                                   D.) Next meeting date is Friday, May 17th,            • Cindy Weeldreyer
                                       2002 from 10:00 am - Noon at the COG              • John Pascone
                                       office in Albany in the downstairs            The committee was asked to develop a
                                       conference room.                              process for soliciting and reviewing
                                                                                     multi-region projects.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 10:45
                                                                                                    ATTACHMENT I

                                               Economic                                 Rural
                                               Diversity   Infrastructure   Training   Facilities

LCOG IRP                                        $75,000
Seal Rock Mainline Repair                                     $40,000
Yachats Sewer                                                 $10,000
Sweet Home SHEDG                                                            $30,000
Lincoln City Industrial Park                                 $100,000
Adair Village Water System and I & I                          $48,000
Florence Hotel Marketing Study                  $30,000
Yachats Monitoring                                             $7,500
S Lincoln Water Consort Interconnection                        $6,600
EDALC Rail Study                                $69,000
Linn Co Loan Program                            $50,000
Albany Mill Site Redevelopment                  $40,000
Blue River Water System Improvements                          $65,544
Blue River Flood Plain                          $5,000
So Beach Community Center Kitchen                                                       $35,000
Midcoast Enterprise Paper Shredding Training                                 $3,600
Oakridge OIP Hardwire Office Bldg                             $15,000
Florence Workforce Report                                                    $7,000
Volunteers in Medicine Traininhg                                            $125,000
LBCC Puentes "Bridges" Healthcare                                           $46,000
CSC Youthbuild                                                              $40,000
Siletz Library                                                                          $5,000
Waldport Sidewalks                              $30,000
Deadwood Creek Fire Hall Grange                                                         $14,030
No Lincoln Co Museum Climate Control                                                    $22,225
Yachats Community Center                                                                $11,500
Alsea Library                                                                         $40,000
OCWCOG Technical Assistance                                     $20,000
Philomath Industrial Park Sewer                                 $13,855
Alsea Livability                                                           $20,000
Sweet Home School Dist JOBS Program                                        $98,265
OCCC Aquarium Tech Degree                                                  $80,000
Linc Co A & D Abuse Workforce Training                                     $24,106
Lincoln City GIS Systems                                         $7,350
Monroe City Hall Roof                                                                 $35,000
Lebanon Cheadle Lake Infrastructure                             $199,750
Goodwill Garden Products Manufacturing                          $94,000
Willamette Valley Rehab Facility Construction                                         $75,000
Logsden Community Center                                                               $8,000
Adair Village Community Center                                                        $44,550
Newport Nye Beach Revitalization                     $39,490

If additional funds become available these four
projects will be funded in the order listed below:

Lane Com College Fiber Optics                                              $50,000
EDALC CoastNet Fiber Optics                                     $51,000
OCCC Campus Design                                                                    $29,000
LBCC Health Care Strategy Group                                            $32,428

TOTALS                                               $338,490   $678,599   $556,399   $319,305   $1,892,793
Projected Contract Mgmt 45 contract                                                               $45,000

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