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					                  Agreement for Compilation CD
This agreement is between Allstarbuzz Entertainment and any participant. The
submitting of this agreement constitutes acceptance of this agreement
Participant agrees to the following conditions:

   1. Participant warrants that participant is authorized to enter into agreements
      connected with the music that participant will be submitting for approval of
      this CD project, and that AllStarBuzz Entertainment will be held harmless
      for any claims by other parties for unauthorized use.
   2. In the event that a claim is made concerning the unauthorized use of the
      music to be submitted, participant will be responsible for all damage
      claims and attorney's fees arising out of such claim.
   3. Participant will submit only master quality songs. However, participant
      understands that songs may be digitally re-mastered for consistent level
      between songs on the same CD.
   4. Upon notification of acceptance of participant's song(s), AllStarBuzz
      Entertainment will email a invoice to participant. Participant agrees to
      make payment within 3 days of the date of the email.
   5. If participant's fee is not paid within 3 days of the email invoice,
      AllStarBuzz Entertainmet reserves the right to move participant's song to
      the next CD project or remove it entirely from the roster. Whichever is in
      the best interest of the project. The participation fee is non-refundable.
   6. Participant will permit AllStarBuzz Entertainment to give away CDs,
      containing participant's song, to other participants and non-participants.
      Participant will not be required to purchase any minimum quantity of the
      completed CD.
   7. Submissions will close no later than 5 days from the time participant's
      participation fee is received by AllStarBuzz Entertainment.
   8. Participants are not required to make any payments other than the initial
      $50 participation fee upon acceptance of participant's song.
   9. Any participant whose music is selected for a CD project, will be given
      priority to participate in the next project of either the same genre of music
      or any genre that participant wants.

I agree to the terms of this agreement and am ready to participate in the
Compilation CD Project.

             717 K Street Ste. 226 Sacramento Ca, 95814(916) 224-7592






STATE:             ZIP:




I certify that the above song is my own work/interpretation and I/We give
permission for inclusion and duplication on the AllStarBuzz Entertainment
compilation CD “Pure Exposure ” To be duplicated for release and promotion by
AllStarBuzz Entertainment. Artist will not receive any money from this
compilation project. These CD’s will be free to the public.




                                  SEND TO:

                          AllStarBuzz Entertainment
                             attn: Michelle Dodd
                           A&R Music Consultant

            717 K Street Ste. 226 Sacramento Ca, 95814(916) 224-7592

717 K Street Ste. 226 Sacramento Ca, 95814(916) 224-7592