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									                             The Library in Your Office Newsletter
                                                        October 2005

Digital Theses @ ACU                                                Finding book reviews
Since 2000 all research theses completed at Australian              Many of the Library’s databases and other eresources
Catholic University have been deposited in the                      provide access to book reviews. Try the following full
Melbourne campus library. In accordance with the                    text resources:
University’s regulations this includes a bound and an
electronic copy. The paper copy is currently considered             Humanities and social sciences
the archival copy and is held in closed access storage              A+ Education – Australian information from Informit
from which it can not be borrowed. Theses completed                 ABI/Inform – business database from Ebsco
prior to 2000 were usually forwarded to the appropriate             Academic Search Premier – multidisciplinary database
campus library and are available on the open shelves                from Ebsco
                                                                    APAFT – Australian information from Informit
there, but are not for loan.
                                                                    Austlit – Australian literature database
                                                                    Econlit – Ebsco database specialising in economics
In keeping with its policy of making as many of its
                                                                    Expanded Academic – multidisciplinary database
resources available electronically to improve and extend            Factiva – reviews in newspaper from around the world
access, the Library is now making the electronic copy of            Global Books in Print – books in print, out of print and
theses received since 2000 available over the internet.             forthcoming title, many with short reviews
                                                                    IIMPFT – specialises in music
In order to do this the Library has joined the Australian           Professional Development Collection – Ebsco database
Digital Theses Program, This                specialising in education
initiative of the Council of Australian University                  Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection – Ebsco
Librarians is a national collaborative endeavour to                 Sociological Collection – Ebsco
establish a distributed database of digital versions of             Religion and Philosophy Collection - Ebsco
theses produced by postgraduate research students at
Australian universities.                                            Science and technology
                                                                    Academic Search Premier – multidisciplinary database
ACU theses in secure PDF format are being mounted on                from Ebsco
the ACU dlibrary server where they are available                    ACM – specialising in computing
worldwide via the web. Bibliographic details are                    Computer Source – Ebsco
automatically gathered for inclusion in the ADT                     Expanded Academic – multidisciplinary database
database, which can be searched either in its entirety or           Factiva – reviews in newspaper from around the world
by institution. Anyone who is interested can then either            Global Books in Print – books in print, out of print and
read a thesis online or download and print it.                      forthcoming title, many with short reviews

                                                                    The following resources provide citations only. Use
The list of electronically available ACU theses can be
                                                                    SFX or contact your campus library to locate the full
browsed         on      the      Library    website      at
                                                                    article(s): All theses
will appear in the Library catalogue, which will also               Humanities and social sciences
display a link to the electronic copy.                              Arts and Humanities Citation Index – from Web of
A small team of librarians at St Patrick’s is currently             ATLA – religion and theology database from Ebsco
working on assembling, cataloguing, indexing and                    Catholic Periodical and Literature Index – religion and
mounting the electronic theses. Some theses for which               theology database from Ebsco
an electronic copy is not available will need to be                 Current Contents Connect – multidisciplinary database
scanned and these will be sent to an outside contractor.            ERIC – Ovid database specialising in education
Once the theses from 2000 onward have been                          Philosopher’s Index – specialising in philosophy
processed, the aim is to then obtain an electronic copy             PsycINFO – Ovid database specialising in psychology
of pre-2000 theses where available and where not to                 Social Sciences Citation Index – from Web of Science
have them scanned for inclusion in the ADT database.
                                                                    Science and technology
The Library is delighted to be able to provide access to            Current Contents Connect – multidisciplinary database
and promote Australian Catholic University research to              Science Citation Index – from Web of Science
the Australian and international communities.
                      Stuart Whelan, Manager, Victorian Libraries
When searching full text and citation databases for book
reviews, limit your search by choosing book review (or
review) as the document type or add book review to your
search term(s).

Like their print counterparts, many ejournals contain
book reviews. You can browse a list of the Library’s
ejournal titles by going to the Library web page – and clicking on ejournals
under Finding Information. Click on the title of a journal
to view the tables of contents of available issues. You
can browse the book review sections of appropriate

Alternatively, you may access ejournal collections via
the Databases page – then
click on Databases and choose:
                                                               Enter as many details as you remember in the Citation
Blackwell Synergy – full text collection of journals in the    Linker form (pictured above). Click on Go and Citation
humanities, social sciences, science and technology            Linker will attempt to locate and, if possible, link you to
Cambridge Journals Online – full text collection of            the article in one of ACU National’s eresources. For
journals in the humanities and social sciences, science        more information about Citation Linker contact your
and technology                                                 campus library.
JSTOR – fulltext archive of journals from the humanities,
social sciences, science and technology
Oxford Journals - full text collection of journals in the
humanities, social sciences, science and technology            2004 Annual Report now available
Peeters Online Journals – full text of three journals in       The Library’s 2004 Annual Report is now available from
religion and philosophy                                        the Library web page. You can view the report by going
Science Direct – full text from a selection of journals        to and selecting About Us
from the sciences and social sciences                          then 2004 Annual Report.

Accessing the ejournals via collections allows you to
search the collections, rather than browse, for a              neXt Library Technician’s conference
particular book review. Limit your search to book reviews      held in Sydney
by choosing book review as the document type or
                                                               During September 6-9, 2005 the National Library
adding book review to your search term(s).
                                                               Technicians neXt conference was held at Darling
                                                               Harbour.     Janette Telford, from MacKillop Campus
Book review web sites
                                                               library, was on the committee and her main role was in
There are a number of web sites providing access to
                                                               the organising of the volunteers, organising the visits by
book reviews. Try these:
                                                               TAFE students to the trade exhibition and the first
                                                               timer’s dinner. ACU National had delegates from Banyo,
ACQWeb’s Directory of Book Reviews on the Web –
                                                               St Patrick, Aquinas, Mount Saint Mary and MacKillop
                                                               campuses and for many of them it was their first time
Books in Depth –
                                                               attending a conference.        On the Tuesday of the –
                                                               conference 20 delegates visited the MacKillop Campus
H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences
                                                               library on a tour and were very impressed with the
(1993- present) –
                                                               changes to the library. The papers will be placed on the
New         York     Times       Book     Reviews      –
                                                               web at
Reviews          of       Biblical     Literature      –
                                                               Kim Gosling from Aquinas campus presented a paper
                                                               titled, Nursing my ambition to be a Library Technician.
Yahoo arts & Humanities Book Reviews -
                                                               This paper covered topics such as transferable work
                                                               skills, lifelong learning as well as the value of networking
                                                               and volunteer work, whilst following a personal journey
                                                               along Kim’s career path. A summary of Kim’s paper is
Got the citation but can’t find the article?                   available in the October issue of InCite, the newsletter of
Have you ever been frustrated trying to find an article        the Library Association of Australia, which is available in
when you’ve remembered some details about it but               your campus library. The paper will also be available at
forgotten others? Citation Linker can help you locate an       the web address above.
                                                                            Janette Telford (North Sydney) & Kim Gosling (Ballarat)
article when you don’t have the full citation details or you
have all the details but can’t remember which database
                                                               If you have any feedback or suggestions for TLIYO
you found the article in. Simply go to the Library web
                                                               Newsletter, please email
page – and click on the
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