Part I Listening Comprehension _15minutes_ This part is to test by keara


									            Part I   Listening Comprehension             (15minutes)
This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections.
Section A
Directions: This section is to test your ability to give proper answers
            to questions. There are 5 recorded questions in it. After each
            question, there is a pause. The questions will be spoken two
            times. When you hear a question, you should decide on the
            correct answer from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D) given
            in your test paper. Then you should mark the corresponding
            letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the
    Example:           You will hear:
    You will read:
    A) I’m not sure.
    B) You’re right.
    C) Yes, certainly.
    D) That’s interesting.
From the question we learn that the speaker is asking the listener to leave
          a message. Therefore) yes, certainly is the correct answer. You
          should mark C) on the Answer Sheet. Now the test will begin.
    1. A)       C)
         B)     D) It lasts two hours.
    2. A) C)
         B) D)
    3. A) C)
         B) D)
    4 .A) C)
Section B
Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short
            dialogues. There are 5recorded dialogues in it. After each
            dialogue, there is a recorded question. The dialogues and
            questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question,
            you should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices
            marked A), B), C) and D)given in your test paper. Then you
            should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with
            a single line through the centre.

    Section C
Directions: In this section you will hear a recorded short passage. The
          passage is printed in the test paper, but with some words or
          phrases missing. The passage will beread three times. During
          the second reading, you are required to put the wordsor phrases
          that you hear on the Answer Sheet in order of the numbered
          blanks. The third reading is for you to check your writing.
          Now the passage will begin.

Part II               Structure                                                  (15 minutes)

Directions: This part is to test your ability to construct grammatically
               correct sentences. It consists of 2 sections.
Section A
Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements here, each with a blank.
          You are required to complete each statement by choosing the
          appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and
          D). You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer
          Sheet with a single line through the centre.
Section B
Directions:There are also 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank withthe proper
               form of the word given in the brackets. Write the word or words inthe corresponding
               space on the Answer Sheet.

Part III     Reading Comprehension                                                 (40 minutes)

    Task 1                                Language and culture
      Three foreign gentlemen came up to a bus–stop in London. About five minutes later the bus
which they waited for came along. They prepared to get on it. Suddenly there was a noise behind
them. People rushed on to the bus and tried to push them out of the way. Someone shouted at them.
The three foreign gentlemen looked puzzled(迷惑) and embarrassed(使困惑) no one had told
them about the British custom of waiting for a bus so that the first who arrives at the bus–stop is
the first person to get on the bus.
      Learning the language of a country is not enough. One should know as much as possible
about the manners and customs of different countries. You’ll be surprised how different they can
be from your own. For example, in India, people consider it impolite to use the left hand for
passing food at table. In many places you might see a person shaking his head at another to
express he is disagreeing, but in Bulgaria a shake of the head means “Yes” and a nod “No”. In
Europe it is quite usual to cross your legs when sitting talking to someone, but in Thailand, it is
considered impolite.
      Knowing about the customs of different countries is not only useful but also important to
36. Knowing about the manners and customs of different countries __________.
   A. is as important as learning their nation languages
  B. is as important as learning their languages
  C. is not so important as learning their language
  D. is much more important than learning their language
37. Someone shouted at the three gentlemen just because __________.
  A. they are foreigners
  B. they didn’t line up for their turn
  C. they got the wrong bus
  D. they didn’t buy tickets
38. Passing food at table __________ in India.
  A. with your right hand is impolite
  B. with your both hands is good manners
  C. with your left hand is polite
  D. with your left hand is not a polite way
39. Nodding one’s head at another expresses __________ in Bulgaria.
  A. disagreement         B. agreement       C. politeness D. impoliteness
40. The passage tells us that one should know about __________ of different counties.
  A. either the language or the customs
  B. neither the language nor the customs
  C. not only the language but also the customs
  D. the language on the customs

Task 2
      Last July, my 12-year-old car died on California’s Santa Ana Freeway. It was an hour before
sunset, and I was 25 miles from home. I couldn’t reach anyone to pick me up. So I decided to take
a bus. Not knowing the routes, I figured I’d just head east.
      A bus pulled up, and I asked the driver how far she was going. “Four more lights”, she said.
There was another bus I could take from there. This clearly was going to be a long night.
      She dropped me off at the end of her route and told me which bus to look for. After waiting
for 30 minutes, I began to think about a very expensive taxi ride home. Then a bus pulled up.
There was a lighted number. It was out of service. But the door opened, and I was surprised to find
that it was the same driver. “I just can’t leave you here”, she said. “This isn’t a nice place. I’ll give
you a ride home.” “You’ll drive me home in the bus?” I asked. “No, I’ll take you in my car,” she
      As we drove from the station to her car, she began telling me a story. A few days earlier, her
brother had run out of gas, a good gentleman picked him up, took him to a service station and then
back to his car. “I’m just passing the favor along,” she said.
      When I offered her money as a thank-you, she wouldn’t hear of it. “That wouldn’t make it a
favor,” she said. “Just do something nice for somebody. Pass it along.”
41. Why did the writer say that he would have a long night?
    A. He wondered how long he had to wait for the next bus.
    B. No driver would give him a ride.
    C. He didn’t know the routes.
    D. He perhaps would have to take a taxi.
42. Judging from its context, the place where the writer waited for the second bus was
            A. very quiet and peaceful
            B. dark without street lights
            C. neither clean nor beautiful
            D. a little unsafe
        43. Why did the writer change his mind after waiting for 30 minutes at the end of the routes?
            A. No bus would come at the time.
            B. A taxi ride would be more comfortable.
            C. He became impatient and a bit worried.
            D. He knew the driver would never return.
        44. The bus driver hoped that the writer __________.
            A. would do as she did
            B. would keep her in memory
            C. would give the money to others
            D. would do her a favor

                                                     Task 3

                                   Beijing International Trade Show
Furniture show                                                      March7-11
Electronic Spring Show                                              March 20-24
Bicycle Show                                                        March 20-24
Sporting Goods Show                                                 April 13-16
Gift and Stationery Show                                            April 21-24
Automobile/Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Show                    May 15-18
Computer Show                                                        June 2-6
Food Show                                                           June 11-14
Packaging Industry Show                                             June19-23
Telecommunications Show                                             Sept. 15-18
Textile and Apparel Show                                            Sept. 24-27
Toy Show                                                             Oct.2-5
Electronics Show                                                    Oct. 10-14
Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals                               Nov. 11-14
China External Trade Development Council
Beijing International Convention Center
No.8 Beichen East, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Eleven international trade shows will be held in            46      months during the whole year.
   The Electronics Spring Show will be held at the same time with      47      .
We can find all kinds of    48    on the Bicycle Show.
All the shows will be held at       49           center.
If you want to go to the shows, you can contact the       50      by e-mail or phone.

                                               TASK 4

                    A— light gray
                    B— deep yellow
                    C— dark brown
                    D— rust
                    E— orange
                    F— chinese red
                    G— pink
                    H— rose
                    I— scarlet
                    J— purple
                    K— navy blue
                    L— moss green
                    M— snow white
                    N— mocha
                    O— cream
         Example: (M)雪白                           (O)奶油色
         51. ( ) 深黄色                            ( ) 粉红色
         52. ( ) 海军蓝                            ( ) 橙色
         53( ) 朱红                             ( ) 深灰色
         54. ( ) 紫色                             ( ) 深咖啡色
         55 ( ) 赤褐色                            ( ) 鲜红色

         TASK 5
                        Intelfex, Inc.
                  1655 Sea Harbor Rd.
                   Orlando, FL
         Eastern Bank
         P.O. Box 345

         Intelfex is looking for agents to market and sell its products in Bahrain. Your branch
         in Orlando has told us that you may be able to help us.
         We are a large manufacturer of cellular telephones(无线通讯电话). At present, we
         export only to europe and Latin America, but we would like to start exporting to the
         Gulf countries.
We would appreciate it if you could forward this letter and copies of the enclosed
product literature to any companies you know of in Bahrain that might be interested in
representing us.
Sincerely yours,
Robert J.Winston
Export Division


56. what is intelfex seeking in Bahrain?
                                                       And sell its products.
57. what does intelfex manufacture?

58. In what areas of the world does Intelfex intend to do business?
59. How does Intelfex ask Eastern Bank to help them?
Forward                                       of the enclosed product literature.
60. To whom will the letter be forwarded?
Any companies who may be interested in                                                               .

      Part IV     Translation                                                            (15 minutes)
Directions: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese. There are 4 sentences,
                numbered 61 through 64, and a short paragraph (No. 65) in this part. Write your
                translation in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet.
61.The young people of the present day are beyond my comprehension.
B) 现在的年轻人比我的理解力强。
62. It gives us much pleasure to send you the goods asked for in your letter of September 10.
A)很高兴去贵方 9 月 10 号来函索购的货物。
B) 我们很高兴寄去你们 9 月 10 号来询问的商品。
C)我们十分高兴贵方 9 月 10 号来函询问我们的商品。
D)我们很高兴贵方来售要求我们 9 月 10 号寄出优质产品。
63. Australia, with less than a tenth of America’s population, last year earned $2 billion on foreign
A)澳大利亚以少于美国十分之一的人力,去年在国外办教育赚了 20 亿美元。
B) 澳大利亚,少于美国十分之一的人力,去年在国外办教育赚了 20 亿美元。
C) 澳大利亚的人口尽管不到美国的十分之一,去年的留学生教育上赚了 20 亿美元。
D) 澳大利亚,一个比美国人口少于十分之一的国家,去年在对留学生的教育上赚了 20 亿
64. There’s no right amount of sleep for everyone, and generally sleep requirements decrease with
B) 每个人所需的睡眠时间不尽相同,一般是随着年龄的增长而减少。
D) 一个人没有固定的睡眠时间,一般会缩短寿命。
65.Qanteas has more flights to more places than any other Australian airline. Every week, fly to
104 cities in 31 countries across 5 continents. All this means that whenever and wherever you
want to go in the world, Qantas can take you there safely and comfortably.

Part V            Writing                                                                 (15 minutes)
Directions:This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required towrite a letter
                according to the following instructions given in Chinese.Remember to write the letter on
                the composition/Translation Sheet.
说明:以学生会的名义于 2002 年 6 月 10 日写一张演讲会的通知:
演讲人:著名教授 John Smith 先生
时间:下周五晚上 7 点
主题:世界经济发展与中国加入 WTO 后中国轻工业的未来
报告厅 lecture hall 经济发展 economic development
轻工业 the light industry 中国加入 WTO China’s entering WTO

61 D A B C 62 A B C D 63 C D B A 64 B A C D
航班每周都要飞往遍及五大洲 31 个国家的 104 个城市。这些都意味着无论何时你想去世界
 The famous professor Mr. John Smith will give a talk in the lecture hall at 7:00 P.m. next
Friday.He will lecture on world economic development and the future of China’s light industry
after its entering WTO.You may go to Li Ming in Room 601,Building 5,from 7to 9 every evening
for tickets.

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