In sickness and health by keara


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     In sickness and health
                        Valerie McClain and David Osmond, April 21, 2007

   When David Osmond and Valerie McClain took their wed-                   Unexpected delays
  ding vows on April 21, 2007, they promised to stay committed               By the fall of 2005, David and Valerie were committed
  to each other through sickness and health — hardly a cause for           to one another and on the path to marriage. But before
  concern, considering all they had been through already.                  things could progress to a proposal, David began experi-
                                                                           encing unexplainable physical abnormalities.
  How they met                                                               A numbness in David’s feet that began around Christmas
    When David couldn’t get a flight out of Las Vegas on New               2005 worked its way up his body. By April, the singer
  Year’s Day 2005, he decided to make the best of things. Stuck for

                                                                            Wedding details
  at least 24 hours, David agreed to a night out with friends and
  ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. The establishment was packed
  with New Year’s Day guests, but one stood out from the crowd.
    “I saw this girl and thought, ‘I just have to say hi to her,’” David
  says.                                                                     Theme Hollywood vintage.
    So he confidently crossed the room to start a conversation and
  was left nearly speechless with her response. “I said ‘hi’ and she        Colors Ivory, black and moss green with salmon accents.
  looked at me and said, ‘Are you in my ward?’” David recalls.
    Discovering they shared a mutual religion, the pair chatted for         Priorities Like many brides, Valerie was intent on find-
  a bit before David asked for her number. Again, he was unnerved           ing the perfect dress, so she splurged on a Lazaro gown
  by Valerie’s response.                                                    that she found in Las Vegas. She hired a seamstress from
                                                                            the Bridal Center in Lehi to alter the dress to be LDS
    “I said, ‘I don’t give my number out to guys, especially at a place     temple-ready.
  like this,’” remembers Valerie, a professional make-up artist living
  in Las Vegas at the time.                                                 Ceremony/Reception After flirting with the idea
    Typically cool, calm and collected, David was shocked at her            of being married in the Madrid Spain LDS Temple, David
  refusal. He cut his losses and walked away — until something              and Valerie decided to wed in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
  inside of him insisted that he try again.                                 Because Valerie is the only LDS person in her family, the
                                                                            couple also planned a ring ceremony and luncheon at the
    “Normally, I would just walk away, which would be the unstalk-          Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City. Their reception was at
  er-ish thing to do,” says David, lead singer for The Osmonds:             The Point Restaurant at the Huntsman Institute.
  Second Generation. “But something just said I had to get this
  girl’s number. So I went back, sucked it up and said, ‘Look. I can’t      Music The couple hired string trio Andare Strings to ser-
  leave here without your phone number. Just tell me your number            enade guests with classical music, including the couple’s
  and I’ll memorize it.’”                                                   favorite song, “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.”
    Valerie relented, rattled off her phone number and walked
  away.                                                                     Flowers Valerie gave florist Audrey O’Brien carte
                                                                            blanche for designing flowers for the wedding and was
                                                                            more than pleased with the results. Valerie says the bou-
  First date                                                                quets, which included hydrangeas, steffanotis, calla lilies
    Determined to connect again with Valerie, David tried to                and salmon rhinestones, exceeded her expectations.
  call her several times throughout the next two months. Despite
  numerous unreturned phone calls, David kept at it and on March            Cake In tribute to Valerie’s mother, the couple incorpo-
  2, Valerie finally picked up. David, who was living in Los Angeles        rated butterflies (one of her favorite things) onto their
                                                                            wedding invitations and on the cake.
  at that time, would be passing through Las Vegas and had tickets
  to a Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio. He invited Valerie to
                                                                            Favorite wedding moment Both Valerie and David
  attend. Unfortunately, Valerie had already promised to attend a           performed original songs each had written for the other.
  Bible study class with her sister.                                        “That was just the highlight of my day, aside from the
    “It was such a lame excuse, like you’ve got to wash your                actual ceremony,” Valerie says.
  grandma’s hair,” David says.
    Again, David took her refusal in stride. He tried one last time         Best piece of advice “Your focus should be on the
  to secure a date with the girl of his dreams, and on April 2, Val-        fact that you’re marrying the love of your life,” Valerie
                                                                            says. “That overcomes any little thing that could go
  erie finally said yes.                                                    wrong.”

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